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Are you weather sensitive?

retiredbosnrretiredbosn Posts: 71
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:40 AM in Chronic Pain
I was just wondering how many of my fellow chronic pain sufferers are weather sensitive? I am very weather sensitive, I know when it is going to rain, snow, or when a low front is coming in. Cold weather is miserable, I live in WV and am considering moving to a warmer more stable climate. I am going to go spend time in the areas I'm considering, no sense going through all the expense if I am no better once we get there. Just checking in to see if anyone has experience with this weather phenomena, and to see if there is anyone who has moved from a colder climate to a warmer one with success. Thanks.


  • I am form NYC and it gets cold here like in your area. I am not really sure if I am weather sensitive but I did notice that I felt better when I visit Las Vegas. The heat does something wonderful for my back.

    It could be cause it is Vegas also but I am not sure.

  • so you are weather sensitive as well. :? when it is going to rain i feel as if i am coming down with the flu. :SS body aches and all. we don't get snow so i don't know what my body would do about that but i do know it does react to cold, rain, and humidity!!! none of it feels very good at all!! i have always lived in a warmer climate because of these body reactions... it definitely makes things better. :D good luck! Jenny :)
  • a week of single-digit weather -- average of about 7 degrees. I swear I could feel the rods and screws in my back. It was so painful. I resorted to wearing one of those Therma-care packs on my back. The heat felt wonderful. I may re-consider some day, but I live in Oregon, which is a tremendously beautiful state and I don't think I could leave.


    3 level spinal fusion, L3/4, L4/5, L5/S1, November 2008. Stiff, but I can walk.
  • i like the sun as i have arthritis and the sun makes me feel better because it means the pressure is high. i dont care about the cold. when the sun shines theres a smile on my face!!!

  • Cold weather is killing me right this moment, not to mention the fatigue that accompanies the pain as well.
  • Hi Retiredbosn,

    I think this was one of the first questions I also asked, when I joined Spine-Health. I have never had a problem with weather, until my surgery.

    I live in Arizona, down in the valley, where we experience the really hot summer days. You wouldn't think a person would feel much discomfort in the valley, but when the barometric pressure is falling... these are my bad days. We also have our Monsoon season which generally begins in mid-July and lasts through September. We get a lot of dust storms, lightning, high winds and some rain during this season. It's really cool to watch and the sunsets are gorgeous. The barometric pressure goes berzerk during this time. On the plus side, we do have great weather days and when the pressure is rising... my back and joints feel fantastic. The sun shines most of the year and there's nothing better than feeling that heat penetrate into your body.

    Arizona is very diverse in our climate. There are days you can snow ski and water ski... the very same day. We have the high mountains, lower lying areas and plenty of lakes.

    We have a cabin up in the mountains, which is about 2 1/2 hours from the valley. It's about 7,500 feet in elevation. Up there, we get a lot of snow during the winter months. I haven't been up there since my surgery, but everytime I see a good snowfall reported on the news... I have dreams about skiing again. (The ski resort close to the cabin is 10,300 feet in elevation). I am anxious to see what the mountain weather feels like, so one of these days we are going to take a weekend trip up there.

    There have been numerous times at my pain management appointments, to where the doctor asks me about my pain levels during a "bad" weather week. She will confirm that her other patients report feeling the same as I do.

    It's interesting being a weather vane and I don't know if the intensity subsides over time, or if we will always feel what the weather is doing?

    Take care,

  • I've had CMP, OA and other knee issues since I was a kid and the weather bothered me then. Now I have RA in my knees, hands, hips and shoulders, so the weather definitely affects that! And now, about 3 mo after my fusion, the weather makes my lower back a bit achy. Not a ton of pain, just enough to know something's different. I'm thankful to live in dry, (mostly) warm New Mexico as most other places would probably wreak havoc on my body!
  • I live in upstate NY and I do feel a difference with a change in weather. When it's damp and rainy I also feel achy almost like the flu that someone mentioned above.

    We have a cold front and it's been snowing everyday for almost a week. I've been in agony, pain-wise, since the weather has been in the single digits. I stay out in the living room near the fireplace wrapped in a blanket but I am still so sore.

    I too would love to move down south where it is warmer year round. The area I live in is mostly gloomy all year long. Last summer was terrible with rain and lower than normal temps.
  • Oh man last summer was the pits here too. Cold and damp almost all year. Pain, pain, pain. :(
  • Yes I am very sensitive to the weather. The colder and wetter it is, the worse my pain is. When winter first started showing it's self I was miserable. I am getting acclimated somewhat. There was a whole week that I was at my worst because of the colder tempertures and the cold wet precipatation. I hate winter. Can't wait for summer again. I have thought about moving down southward but I am held here in Ohio because of my grandchildren. I think I can bear anything to be near them.
  • I'm in Houston, TX. Last winter was my first winter with screws and rods in my back and I didn’t think it that bad. But this winter it seems colder and I can feel the HW more. I wonder if having it remove would help? but my Doc does not want to remove it. Still wonder.
  • We're having a cold wave here -- in the 40's during the day and 32 at night. I know everyone who lives up north is laughing right now as it's in the single digits up north.

    I move a lot slower in the cold weather -- feel like an old car that takes longer to warm up in the mornings. I have more issues with the change in barometric pressure -- that really gets to me -- especially as I wait for it to rain -- as soon as it rains I feel better.

    Well, I just go to my "happy place" where the island I live on has perfect weather (LOL!)

  • I think we should consider a career change to meteorology due to our being able to predict cetain weather patterns! I could never do this before my back surgeries. I can do it blinfolded even. So yes, I am "weather sensitive"! :)))
  • I think we should consider a career change to meteorology due to our being able to predict certain weather patterns! I could never do this before my back surgeries. I can do it blinfolded even. So yes, I am "weather sensitive"! :)))

  • I'm in Jacksonville Beach and BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE! Yes - I hurt everywhere. Can't wait for it to warm up a little. Get out the snuggies!

  • I too live in WV and all this snow and cold we have been having is causing a spike in my pain levels.
    Don't even get me started on how it is for me to try and walk in this snow!! My balance is very bad and I fear even stepping off the porch!!
    It's cold in Florida right now so no need to head south with the snow bunnies. Just have to grit our teeth and take it I guess.
    Thank goodnrss I have someone that comes in and does my shopping for me. Right now I can't even make it to my mailbox out next to the street!! This years garden seed catalogs are coming in and I can't go out and get them. SOB I can no longer put out a garden but I do enjoy them when the snow is flying.
    Hurry up Spring!!
    Cheers :H
    Patsy W
  • I moved to Florida from Pennsylvania (Pgh area) almost 7 years ago and it was the best move I could have made. Yes, it is cold here right now, but it won't last long and we almost always have sunshine. I'm noticing a spike in my pain levels due to the colder weather, also, but like I said, it won't last long.
  • I'm weather sensitive, too. Raised in Michigan, I moved to Ohio about 10 years ago. It's not a lot different here, but we have a bit calmer winters. Still, whenever the barometric pressure changes, I can feel it, both with my neck/back issues, and with my fibromyalgia pain too.
  • jlrfryejjlrfrye ohioPosts: 1,110
    YES>>>YES>>>YES. I can tell when it is going to rain and snow, when its going to get cold which by the way here in Ohio we are having a heat wave. It is 13 degrees at the moment. lol.Along with about 6 inches of snow on the ground. Needless to say I have been miserable all week. I say we all move to Florida and start a community for all spineys! Doctors within 10 minutes of every home that make house calls!
  • I am 6 months post op spinal fusion of L5-S1 and due to hardware issues discomfort and pain is daily.
    I don't notice pain increases when it rains but when its single digit temps and snowing it has been agony.
    So I absolutely believe I am sensitive to weather!

    Wish you all well
    12/3/08: Injured at work lifting dog for surgery.
    Diagnosis of spondylolithesis,DDD,herniated disc. I also have refractory RLS and PLMD
    6/3/09:Spinal fusion abdominal and ventrodorsal
    Pain meds currently is percocet and naproxen which does not manage my pain.
    Still unable to work or even ponder it.
  • I am having a particularly bad day today and in a great deal of pain depsite lots of pain meds. I was interested to see this thread as it is really very cold here in the UK at the moment and has been for several days. What interests me about this thread is the question, how are your pain levels normally?
    I am still in a lot of pain and discomfort now 8 months post op and I can't get any answers from my surgeon as to why. I am getting over two operations really I suppose one in April 2008 and another in April 2009, but I'm no better (probably worse than before the 2nd surgery)My next step seems to be Pain Management Clinic which to me seems to offer help in how to deal with pain rather than finding out the cause and fixing it. Just wonderd if it might be worse today due to the temperature drop. Any thoughts please?
  • You really have been through a lot over the last year and some. Have you showed any fusion taking place after your revision surgery in 4/2009? Did fusing the SIJ releive the pain in that area at all?

    I'm curious because that is where a good portion of my pain is coming from. I haven't talked to any surgeons regarding fusing the SIJ or facets but I've read casing where it was done. This may be my next step if the ESI don't work. I had my second one today.

    We have had record lows and below average lows for about 3-4wks and I have noticed an increase in my pain. It did seem to be around the same time as my 1st ESI so it's hard to tell if it's that or the cold weather or a combo of the both.

    Maybe you could PM me with your answers so I don't hijack this post.

    Thanks in advance for the advice and I wish I had some advice to offer you. I may be dealing with pseudoarthrosis of L5/S1 fusion as well so I know the pain you are dealing with as well as SIJ pain and sciatic nerve pain.

  • Hi, Isteller,
    Don't mean to get off the subject, but what was it like for you to get off the patches? I have been on them for years; I am up to 75 mcg, which I have been on that dosage for quite a long time and trying to hold to it as long as possible. I am terrified, however, that with the new health care stuff, something may happen that would cause insurance not to cover the patch. I had a bad reaction to one generic brand and had to go a full day without anything and was going into pretty bad withdrawal by then; I can't imagine having to be weaned off of them completely, pain wise and also the inevitable physical dependence. Hope you don't mind my asking. Also, in reply to the actual subject matter, I think cold weather affects almost all chronic pain. I know it does for me, as does the rain.
  • I had my fusion C4 to C6 in April 2010. This is my first winter post-op. The last 3 days have been AGONY. Weather changed in anticipation of a blizzard we received today. The pain was so bad, I could barely move my neck and it triggered headaches on the verge of migraine.

    The staff at the docs office joked I would be able to predict the weather post op and boy they weren't kidding. I'm glad to see I"m not alone.

    We live in Massachusetts and are considering moving to Florida this year. I don't think I could tolerate another winter.
  • for some hot weather! My lord my muscles are tight from this stupid cold weather right now. I also work in a manufacturing facility and my desk is right next to the shop, so it is cooooold all the time.

    I have noticed I can tell when it is going to rain or get cold cuz my body just aches. I literally have to put my hand under running hot water just to loosen it up. My husband want to move somewhere that has seasons, but I just don't think I could handle the cold.

    and Texas has at least 2 seasons, Summer and Spring :)
  • We are frigid, 6 last night and I'm with you on the running hot water over your hands in the bathroom. Ridiculous ain't it!
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