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screw too long

cybertonycybertony Posts: 30
edited 06/11/2012 - 1:40 PM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Well just had my 3 month post op consult.The doctor let me out of the brace says the facets have healed and the fusion is complete. Now for the bad news one of the screws went right through the vertebra, he says it's sticking though by 2 MM, he did not seem to concerned by it and said if it's not causing any pain to just let it be.However now that I'm home I can't help but think is this the reason I'm having the numbness in the left foot and some weakness in the ankle and sometimes both legs go completely numb when I sleep on my back.Just when I thought the roller coaster was coming to a stop now this. Anyone else have this issue.



  • Isn't that always the way. You wrote "The doctor doesn't seem too concerned...." Well, it's not HIS body, right? I would be concerned and I would be wondering if every little ache and pain might be caused by this screw.... However, I wouldn't think the nerve roots that correspond to the C6 and C7 would be causing numbness in your feet and legs.

    I know when the spinal cord is being compressed it can cause pain in the legs but I am not aware of it causing the full-blown leg symptoms you're having. They sound more like a typical lumbar problem. I assume after your accident, the whole spine was checked out and there wasn't any lumbar damage....??
  • Thanks Gwennie, yes they have done MRI's CT scans of the entire spine and now he wants to repeat the MRI on the lower spine' however I can't help but think could the screw be putting pressure on the spinal cord and could that be causing the numbness in the legs. and of course they did not return my phone call today and now there closed for the weekend. anyone know what material is between the vertebrae and the spinal cord.basically if that screw would have been a little longer he would have paralyzed me, scary thought.
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