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leg pain and numbness since myelogram

hotcoffee29hhotcoffee29 Posts: 327
Hi again!!

I am concerned about what is happening to me since my myelogram 5 days ago.

I know alot of folks have had no bother with them and others have had the terrible spinal headache, maybe my symptoms are quite unrelated to this test but its scary to me when my legs don't want to work properly!

I had the myelogram Monday, no probs, had the stinging, head rush, back pain but they gave me pain meds, stayed in recovery for 5 hours and pushed caffeine and I was fine.

Came home, stayed in bed and got up the next day and went to work. I was feeling yucky, headache but not severe, my legs were going into spasms and tingling. Came home and called the hospital, they told me I probably aggrivated my symptoms by going to work, rest and push more caffeine. I stayed in bed until I went to work the next day, was starting to feel more headaches, dizzy and weakness in legs, came home went to bed until I got up again for work yesterday, I ride a school bus and by the time I got to work I was so dizzy, so sick, I couldn't barely feel my legs, I had t be taken into the school in a wheelchair!! I was sent home and I called my doctor and explained what had happened to me, they said I was doing pretty good!! This can last 7 days!!

Advice is to stay flat, bed rest and push thee caffeine. I have stayed in bed and followed doc orders. My headache is much better today and is controlled with excedrin migraine, but my legs is another story!!! I have pins and needles feeling in both legs and feet, non stop, my legs feel weak and if I try to walk I am real shaky. My usual pain down my left side is really bad, worse than ever, they said tht is increased due to the dye irritating my nerves. I just took a shower and my left leg is going into spasms, and the tingly feeling is driving me crazy.

Doc is not concerned, still can't get results of myelogram, called twice so I am not sure if they saw anything or not (had negtive discogram last month) continued scitic pain down left hip/butt/ leg since lami/disc at l5-S1 6 months ago.

Maybe I am just over reacting to this creepy feeling in my legs, doc isn't worried so maybe I shouldn't be either, I just wondered if anyone else suffered from this feeling in their legs, its from my waist down actually and did it pass, I have had to take another day off work as I couldn't go in today again and I hate feeling so unreliable. I am hopeing this passes over the weekend, my regular pain is hard enough to handle every day at work!!

Just seeking thoughts and anyone else who might share a similar experience. Sorry for my long post.




  • Good grief! Not what you needed. I have never had a myelogram so cannot comment from personal experience. I think any time we have something invasive, we run the risk that it can further aggravate our nerve symptoms. I hope you can stay in bed all weekend. That will provide the best chance for recovery.

    I think if you get up and keep pushing yourself, you may go through a cycle where you feel a little better, then a bit worse...and it will just continue to go back and forth.

    I know it is hard for a busy mom to take to her bed...but if you possibly can, I believe it would be best for you. Try icing every hour for ten minutes on your lower back. If that makes you feel too cold, use a heating pad on your upper body just to trick yourself into thinking you are warm!!
  • count on you for good advice!

    I have stayed in bed since I was sent home from work yesterday except for taking a shower today, my daughter did my hair and just brought me coffee, so my kids are taking care of me! LOL

    I was icing yesterday, but i will resume that today because it does help with the low back pain. I was so embarressed yesterday at work, needing my co-workers to help me becauase I couldn't walk!! Just really scared me.

    I plan to stay in bed until I feel better, I was just unsure if this was contributing to my tingling in my legs because I am not moving much, just praying it passes soon.

    Thanks Gwennie,
  • Hi Sandra.

    I'm thinking about you and wondering how your symptoms are doing today. Please let us know how you're doing - I'm concerned about you.

    Hope to see you post soon.
  • I am still on bed rest, my headaches are getting better but my legs are still numb and tingly feeling, with pain and muscle spasms in my left leg, I am hoping it resolves itself within the next few days.

    I am disappointed my doctor did not call me with my results of my myelogram, I know he has the report, his secretary told me they would get back to me, so now I have to wait until Monday.

    Thanks for your concern Cath, its really nice to know people care and I am not alone.

  • Hi Sandra ~

    Depending on what the report shows, I think you may want to have a consultation with another spinal specialist. A new set of eyes may be helpful in trying to determine what is causing all your pain.

    Don't be embarrassed by what happened at work. At least, now your co-workers will realize that your pain is very real.

    How nice to have a daughter to help you. I miss having mine around!!

    Have a good night's rest, and some more tomorrow!! I did some reading on myelograms after seeing your first post. Of course they all say that side effects are very rare...but when they develop it sounds like it can take quite awhile to resolve...

    I'm afraid you just did too much too soon, even though you were told you could go back to work the following day. Your body thought otherwise. You may have had a nasty reaction to the dye or it may be that the dye aggravated the nerve somehow.

    Try not to worry. You'll get this resolved....It may just take longer than planned....

    Good night.
  • Wow, that doesn't sound fun at all. I have to agree with everyone, it sounds like you overdid things. Hey, but the key is, to get things to calm down now. The spasms could easily be caused by the nerve being irritated, I know that's happens to me. Do you have the feeling of pressure at all in your lower back? From the point where you feel the weakness? Just curious.

    Just take care of yourself and don't try to be mom of the year just yet. It's okay to let everyone else pamper you once in a while. If things for some weird reason get worse, don't hesitate to go to the ER and have them contact your doc.

    Hope to hear better news soon.

  • I hope you had a good night's sleep and are feeling a tad better today.

    It is damp and cold today...the kind that cuts right through you...not what you have too often where you live!!

    Just checking in to see how you're doing ....

    xx Gwennie
  • sunny1966ssunny1966 VIRGINIAPosts: 1,385
    I hope you're feeling better. I just wanted to let you know that I had a myelogram that caused me to have lbp/tailbone/leg weakness and pain. My pain started as soon as the dye was injected. They said it had irritated a nerve and should improve. I still have the same problem now. One year and 3 days later. I had the myelogram on my cervical spine. I really hope that your symptoms don't last long and that you are completely over it soon. Good luck.

  • Thanks to all who posted with your concern, I have had another rough day, just dizzy and back and leg pain, slept through most of it!! I am up now and I have a friend coming to visit so I am going to attempt to sit up this evening and see how that goes!

    I feel my legs are getting better, tingly but not so weak, low back pain is like i am being stabbed with a knife and the spasms continue on my left side, headaches still being managed with excedrin, but I feel so sick to my stomach, I am trying to eat but it could be from all the meds I am taking versus anything else going on.

    "C" - I don't feel pressure in my low back, just pain, but the tingling starts from the waist down which feels strange to me. I don't want to over analyze all my symptoms so I am staying positive this will pass. I do have some hesitancy when using the restroom but I am sure thats normal for me becauae I had all that post-op.

    I'll keep you posted, I am not getting worse so I think that is good sign, tomorrow I told my husband that I would like to go a walk and get some fresh air and see how that feels, as I have work on Monday!!!

    Sorry your weather is not so good Gwennie, hope Spring arrives early! Yes its a little muggy here in Florida!

    Debbie, I am sorry to hear of your on going symptoms, thats not good, where do you go from here? I wish you the best also.

    I really appreciate all the concern, it means a whole lot to me, wishing us all well!!!

  • Hello...

    Just wanted to update, last night got really bad, I was unable to sit up, my legs just turn to jelly and don't work with painful spasms. I am unable to walk very far.

    Its a week tomorrow since the test, I should be feeling somewhat back to normal by now, I have followed all my doctors recommendations.

    I am considering going to the ER, I believe now I need to get some treatment and some answers.

    I'll keep you posted,
  • I was just logging on to see how you were doing when I saw that you had posted. I would go to the hospital where you had the myelogram (if it was done at a hospital)but I'm not sure what they are going to be able to do for you.

    Doesn't your doctor have someone who covers for him? Actually I don't know what my surgeon does on weekends...guess I better find out before I need him. I would have your husband get on the phone and call your doctor's emergency number and tell him you are getting worse and worse.

    What do you mean that you couldn't sit up? While your husband is home today I think you better do something! It would seem your choices are the ER or calling your doctor and really making it sound serious...in which case he'd tell you to go to the ER, so I'm convinced....I think you should go to the ER. Let them get in touch with your doctor!!

    Good luck, my friend, and let us know what happens. I'm so sorry you are going through this.

  • I hope your Doctor has returned your call by now. I agree with Gwennie and you should go to the ER where your Dr. has services. Did the Dr. know about the leg weakness? I hope you're feeling better soon. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • sunny1966ssunny1966 VIRGINIAPosts: 1,385
    Sorry you're getting worse. I hope when you go to the ER they can do something to help you. Please let us know how you are.

  • Thanks all.....
    I did go to the ER, but they were unable to help me or give me any explanations other than follow up with my doctor.

    The ER made it clear that they cannot treat you for your chronic pain condition, but thats not why I went, so that was disappointing to me.

    I did get a script for a medrol pack which I have started and he gave me a note for my work and told me I needed to be evaluated by my own doctor, he checked my reflexes etc, but that was it.

    So I will call my doc in the a.m. and hopefully the steroids will help this feeling in my legs.

    I really appreciate all the concern, I wish everyone a good eveing.

  • sunny1966ssunny1966 VIRGINIAPosts: 1,385
    Sorry you had a disappointing ER visit. It seems like everytime I've ever been to the ER that was the result I got too. (Not that I've been very many times over the years...to expensive)
    I hope you can get in touch with your doctor's office today and get some answers. That is what made me so mad about the side effects of that test. The fact that no one seemed to believe me or even care what it had done. They still don't for that matter. It would be different if they would try to find the reason and a solution for it. I know that for me another myelogram would be a last resort how about you?
    I hope you get to doing better real soon. Have the spasms eased?
    Take care and keep us posted.
  • I'm eager to hear you how are feeling now that you have some steroid in the body....and what the doctor had to say....
  • Hi, I really wanted to post some good news but I am still in tremendous amounts of pain in my low back and down my legs, I do not feel improvement from the steroids as yet and I am assuming they are causing the horrible stomach cramps I am experiencing!!

    I called my doctor this morning and I have an appointment tomorrow fternoon at 4:15pm, she told me that he said my symptoms were normal so she was surprised when I told her I went to the ER, she said that the doctor has not yet read or seen my myelogram report and he will look at it today. No one seems to take my symptoms very seriously but to me (the patient) it does not feel right!

    I was wondering if between the myelogram and the CT, when they laid me on the stretcher on my stomach with my head raised, which was soooo painful, if that contributed to what I am experiencing, because that was not a good position to be in right after a spinal tap.

    My tingling and numbness hs decreased in my legs, I can definately walk further, however my legs are extremely painful and the low back pain is way worse than it was before this test, so this has been a hugely disappointing experience for me, from the test, to the doc to the ER visit!!!

    However, I am thinking of trying to go into work tomorrow, I have already missed 3 days, my ER note says to wait until after my re-eval with my doctor, but I feel I have to try.

    I am hopeing to understand the report of my myelogram, I am not sure if a prolapse of the thecal sac at L5-S1 could be the cause of my symptoms, I am curious what he thinks. I'll keep you posted, as always thanks to everyone for checking in with me, its very much appreciated. I am still going to remain hopeful and positive that I will over come this.

    Take care....Sandra
  • What can I do to talk you into staying home from work tomorrow? I think you are in a vicious cycle where you start to get a tiny bit better and then you return to work and that is enough movement to cause a flare. In this case, you were so ill that you felt you needed to go to the ER. Surely they would understand if you took one more day off.

    You need to be prepared to lay everything out to your doctor to make sure he understands that you aren't talking about being in a bit more pain from the myelogram, but you need to describe to him how you couldn't sit up, how your legs buckled, how your legs felt much more weak than usual, etc....whatever your reaction was that made you feel so ill you must try to describe to him.

    The cauda equina, which is the bundle of spinal nerves that get all twisted together below the L2 level, run through the thecal sac. I think what you have is a prolapse of the disc at L5-S1 which is pressing on the thecal sac, and yes, that could be a reason for the pain you are feeling. Prolapsed disc is also called a slipped disc by laymen and a herniated disc by most doctors...

    At your appointment tomorrow be sure to quiz the doctor about the disc at L5-S1 and whether it is the pain generator. I imagine your doctor did his surgery on the right side. It could be that there is a free-floating fragment that is still giving you problems, or that there is now another herniation on the remaining part of the disc. Something is causing all this pain. Tell him you cannot continue to work like this and ask him what he recommends doing about it. You not not have neural impingement but you do have something pressing into the thecal sac which could result in the same type of symptoms as having an impinged nerve.

    Talk to you later...G
  • Hi Gwennie, I really wanted to try for fear of my security ay my work place and having had so many days off already, they are constantly looking at ways to reduce the numbers in staff, prolonged absence will put me on the chopping block and my husband has been really upset with me because despite my good efforts to return to work today, the pain has overwhelmed me that I just couldn't!!

    I feel like I have been getting worse, last night I hurt so bad, the worst pain I have ever had, it was relentless and my pain meds didn't even touch it, I slept for 12 hours!! I got up this morning and feel a bit if relief in my pain, I woke up in a sweat, I hope last night I made progress in my sleep, I had no energy, I have never felt so sickly, so strange!

    My husband is coming with me to see the doctor today and I will explain all of it to him, he has to have some answers for me besides telling me everything is normal. My husband is mad because since surgery and all these tests I appear worse and now I am missing work! I feel so guilty. I will post later and let you know what my doctor says.

    Thanks for all your help,
  • I'll be waiting to hear what happens. I really hope you can get some answers, if he has any.

    I'm glad you're not stressing things further by trying to work today. Doesn't sound like the Medrol Pack is helping any.

    I'll be thinking about you today.

  • to see my doctor....

    However, after a really bad evening and alot of sleep, I actually havealot less pain today and finally my legs feel normal!! As the day has gone by and I have anticipated this horrible feeling and pain to strike, it has not, yeah!! I am feeling better, I think the medro pak is finally working because today I have a huge improvement, however I know I need to let my doc know exactly how the last week has felt even though today I am on the mend, but wht a relief, thank goodness!

    Funny enough my doc office just called me and said my doc needs to see me right away for a follow up (he viewed my myeolgram yesterday) I reminded them that I have appointment this afternoon, she said oh good, I was trying to find a cancelation to get you in, so maybe he did see something on the report that is worth addressing or aanswers the questions as to where and why I have my pain.

    I will post later and let you know what I learn but I just wanted you to know I was feeling better.

    Thank you my friend,
  • Isn't that always the way. It's interesting the doctor's office doesn't seem to know what who was coming in today...but I suppose it was a different type of person calling you than normally makes the appointments.

    I am eager to hear what the news is.
  • Well maybe I am crazy but I put myself through another procedure today!!!

    I'll back up, apparently all my suffering this past week has been a reaction to the myelogram, he said he got the message I had a headache but didn't realize it was my legs bothering me so much!! He said his concern about my reaction to the myelogram is why my nerves acted the way they did because all my nerves looked great on the myelogram.

    He said nothing much showed up except for one part that he saw that he and the radiologist could not agree on, he said there is a piece on the bone at L5-S1 that he is not sure what it is, it could just be calcium or plaque but it could be what is causing my pain as I move it touches the nerve, but thats about all he could see.

    He agreed that something is going on, something is not normal and that perhaps we have to do an MRI of the brain to rule out MS!! He also said he might want to go in and look at what it is on the spine, because the tests arn't showing exactly what it could be nd we might need to do exploratory surery to look at it. He recommended today to do the nerve root block injection, and he would add extr meds to numb the nerve and I should have zero pain in my butt and back of my leg for the next 24 hours, I have to push it, do my exercises and call him tomorrow morning and tell him exactly what I feel, and we will go from there.

    So off I went and he gave me a nerve root block injection, I do have relief from the pain in the back of my leg but I still have some low back pain from the injection site and my foot feels numb?????

    I asked him to release me back to work, he offered to keep me home for the next few days if I wanted to but I said No I had to get back and truth is I am feeling so much better, big difference!!

    I am getting a cold and loosing my voice but atleast I can walk and not crippled with pain!!!

    Its alot to take in on one visit, just curious about any thoughts out there, Gwennie, what do you think?????

    He told me he won't give up on me until we find out what wrong even if he has to look inside my head!!! He also told me the reaso I was feeling better was due to time and the steroids since I had the myelogram but found the whole experience I had as concerning!!

    So here we go, try back working and see how my pain continues and what his next recommendation will be.

    Sorry for the long posts, thanks for listening.

    Hope all is well,
  • Well, that IS interesting....

    Did the surgeon say anything about the thecal sac being indented? He doesn't think the nerve is still compressed at L5-S1 and that is causing your nerve pain?

    I'll look forward to hearing how the nerve block goes and what the doctor proposes next.

    Please be really careful tomorrow at work!! And get a good night's sleep if you can.


  • ....just updating if anyone was following. I have now recovered from my reaction to the myelogram as we now know thats what caused all my pain and crazy symptoms. The combination of the medrol pack and time has aided in my healing.

    I am glad to say that no lingering symptoms seem to have remained, I am back to my usual pain which was helped by my nerve root block injection....

    Still hoping for answers and a cure,
    Thanks to all who helped me through this,
  • That is very good news!

    How did work go? How are you feeling by today, and another day's work?
  • This is my first post, so I hope I am doing it right. I am sorry to hear about the pain so many people experience after the nerve test, but am also glad to learn it is not just my imagination. I had the test done 8 days ago, and have had problems with my back and leg ever since then. I cannot walk without the aid of a walker, and every time I do get up and try to move around, I cry out in pain on a regular basis. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband, and since we are both retired, he can and does help me every day. I really hope this is only temporary, because I cannot imagine would it would be like to have this pain the rest of my life. Another problem I have now, is that I cannot sleep more than 2 1/2 hours a night. I try to take a nap during the day, but I just cannot sleep. I have not gone back to see my doctor, because I just don't have the money for another office visit at this time. If the pain hasn't gone away in two more weeks, I will go see him. 
    Thanks for listening, Just knowing someone else understands what I am experiencing does help. 
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