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Had to go to ER

TraseeTTrasee Posts: 571
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:40 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
I busted my booty in my slippers, tripping over my little dog in the rain. I immediately felt stabbing pain in lower back and buttocks (rt side). I took my own meds and heating pad. NO good. Had to go to ER at 6am on Thursday morning. They immediately gave me Dilautid and Phenergren, took 4 xrays, 2 side, 2 back. Said my hardware looked intact and were fwding them to my surgeon. I was still nauseaus from the Dilautid, so they gave me a pill that melted under my tongue. When I got home, my sister almost had to roll me in the house, I was messed up. I slept almost 30 hours. I would go to restroom, run dogs out and right back to bed. Now I am soooooooo stiff I can barely move. Called my Dr's office, receptionist said he would look and call me. Of course no call. This is not surprising from this Dr's office. But I am ok just in more pain than I think necessary.

Hope all is with in spiney/necky world, Gimme a shout,


  • Guess I should have read this thread before replying to your other one first.

    That's not fun tripping over our critters after recent surgery. Glad that you are okay, but definitely stay on your docs' office about getting an answer. I can imagine you would be seriously stiff after falling so hard and then sleeping nearly 30 hours. I wouldn't be able to move!

    No more slippers in the rain! Shoes girl, shoes!

  • Hope you are doing better and have no lasting damage from your accident. Big Gentle hugs and take special care - Paula
  • C....they are isotoner rubber bottom slippers. It's all the dogs fault LOL. She is about 14'ish and she cares not where she walks, you just have to get out of her way. Hehe. Poor pooch, she's probably mad that I had the audacity to trip on her. She's Queen here.

    Thanks for the well wishes winkie, I can feel the valium helping the muscle, but interior pain feels pretty sharp still. I am guessing it will for a bit and I am just going to hang out on the Dr's phone until he talks to me Monday. :)

  • So sorry that you have hurt yourself. At least your hardware appears to be intact. Have you been told that bone fusion has started to form yet?

    I hope that your doctor calls you soon. They dont realise that when you call to speak to them, you are counting every minute until they get back to you.

    Hoping that your pain is easing and that your muscles are relaxing. Let us know how things go. No more tripping!
  • You were just telling me in a PM about your greatest fear right now: of falling. I fell too, the other day over one of my kids' toys. Thankfully, my thigh took the brunt of the fall on the edge ot the end table. I've got a bruise the size of a softball but back seams no worse than before.

    Glad your hardware is intact and you hear from your Dr. soon. Take care, Lisa
  • Ice and snow in Iowa caused me to fall last week. Although I am somewhat fused, it still scared the crap out of me. I called my Dr and he did Xrays to make sure. Nothing looked wrong, so he gave me a toradol shot and sent me home to rest for a few days. It eased up and everything is normal.
    Last year during my surgery recovery, it was ice all the time. I hated to go anywhere. Thats the worst of having a winter surgery. I hope if I ever do it again, it will be in the spring. Walking is so much easier to do. Last year my daughter kept telling me to go to the school and walk. They have a time where people can use the halls. But, I couldnt drive for 3 1/2 months, so who was gonna take me. She said oh right. And it was so icey I didnt want to go alone. So hubby took me to hospital after work. They also have a policy for hall walking for recovery.
    Glad to hear from you Lisa. Hope you are both doing well. Love, Robin
  • Traceeeeeeee!geez-I am glad you are ok!I think all of us spineys concur when I say fear of falling is #1.Do you have a walker?I can walk without one,but when I walk around the yard I use it,so my dog doesnt get in front of me.He is big-a Rhodesian Ridgeback-and he usually paces me,but sometimes he gets in front---I just feel safer.I am terrible about wearing sandals and flipflops,so those are worse than the slippers you had on--but I am going to have to rethink this----please let us know how you are doing,and what the dr. says
  • Definitely - fear of falling number 1. Glad that you are ok. I echo haglandc - i would be stiff as a board if I had slept 30 hours. Getting going in the morning is the worst bit. Hope you feel better soon.
  • Oh my gosh, how did I not know about this? I am so sorry you fell... and I am REALLY ANGRY at your stupid doctor for not calling you back! Did he give you a number to contact him in an emergency? I remember you having such an issue with him last time.

    I'm on a rampage lately, give me his address and I'll find him for you and whoop him. :) I hope you are feeling better now after the meds & all that rest.
  • So sorry you fell...good grief; our worst nightmare. Were you able to get in touch with your Dr.? I'm with Noseovertail...

    Your Dr. might not be on call this weekend, but should have another neuro/ortho surgeon covering for him.

    My feeling is someone should call you within the hour, especially after traumatic event...just my opinion.

  • WoW!!!! So glad you are OK.
    Falling is darn scarey!!! My neck brace prevents me from seeing my feet or where I step.
    I'm so glad you are OK and sorry the darn Doc has not responded. I could not imagine having to tolerate that. When you see him, let 'em have it!

    Hope ya' feel better!!!

  • Hey everyone,

    I'm still sore but not nearly as bad as I was yesterday, I think the sleep hurt more than the fall. And of course I have yet to talk to my Dr. I am unfortunately going to finish this portion of required treatment with this physician and start looking for another. I need one I can reach or at least has someone on call, and a receptionist that never seems to pass on my msgs or he ignores them. None of those are acceptable. Any way, AFC AND NFC games tomorrow so something to look forward to.

    p.s. Andrea no way was I going to lay that on you when you were having a good time last night and prior to that I was passed out.
  • Not sure if you posted at 2am before going to bed but the games are on now. Colts are barely winning right now. It's been a good game.
  • Just wondering how you are feeling, let me know when you get a chance. No more tripping over dogs, OK?
    Take care, Lisa
  • SpineAZSpineAZ WiscPosts: 1,084
    I have a cat that tends to sneak up on us from the back and even now I've come close to tripping over him. So when I get home after surgery I'm going to have to be very careful!
    2 ACDFs, 2 PCDF, 3 LIFs; Rt TKR; Rt thumb fusion ; Lt thumb arthroplasty; Ehlers Danlos 
  • Girl....I know your pain and drama! I've had too many accidents since my surgery. The pain is outrageous isn't it? Then after the first fall, the fear of falling or in my case hitting my head again makes me extra careful.

    How are you feeling now???? I've had 3 serious head bangs since surgery 11 weeks go. It at least sounds like the ER gave you enough meds to take the pain away intially. I was given Morphine and when that didn't work Percocet. That didn't work either but they sent me home anyway!

    If you dr hasn't called you...girl, pick up the phone and call him! It'll give you peace of mind and that's so super important as you recover!

    Take care of yourself and tell your critter that if it trips you again, you're gonna velcro him to the wall. LOL just kidding
  • I am so tired of complaining about the same things with this Dr's office. Yesterday I arrived at his office at 3pm and sat there until all patients were seen before his nurse would see me.

    I got my prescriptions, my work note to extend my leave and a huge apology. I spoke to her about the lack of response causing me such stress when I am already stressed and in addditional pain after fall. She said they are so short staffed that they get very behind. I asked why so short staffed, she stated that is my physicians decision. So to keep overhead lower he had minimum staff when he is the only spiney ortho within 35 miles. That just smacks of greed to me, and I know maybe I shouldn't judge, but he is doing harm. And I really hate this because I LIKE him.

    I am kinda at a loss at where to go once my fusion has become somewhat stable. Any advice?
  • I can understand your frustration, however, why so quick to judge the surgeon? Medical professionals have bills and financial issues that would make your head spin. Many are going into a self preservation posture in light of the current uncertainty surrounding health care in the US. Sometimes we forget that surgeons are people too.

  • Trasee...I'm sorry this is the case with your surgeon. Its at least good that you like him...imagine if you didn't!!!!!

    A lot of drs have had to cut back on staff because the insurance that they need to carry just to practice medicine is sometimes more than the practice can handle with additional staff. I used to work for a doctor who had to let staff go. I was then office manager, medical assistant and front desk person. All of that being said, having recently been in the ER, you should have been seen early with other directly post op patients.

    but at least you got the prescription you needed and hopefully there will be no more accidents and you will heal well and only need to see your dr for follow up visits! That will super good.....

    Heal well girl...and stay positive. Hopefully your doctor's office will figure out a way to ensure that all his patient's get the best of his service without making hurting folks wait as long as you had to.....

    Feel better, get some good rest!
  • C....believe me when I said I hate to judge him. But when you have already paid out thousands of dollars yourself, rely on him because the federal govt requires a ridiculous amount of information to have mandated leave, I can never get a call back, prescription refills take forever, and I end up sitting in his office for 4 hours I tend to judge harshly because I am in pain.

    I certainly keep up with the healthcare debate in this country because I have had to deal with it so extensively the last few years. I live in a conservative bible belt state that had made a failure of it's own "universal healthcare for the uninsured". I also know working in the medical field previously, that malpractice insurance is through the roof. So I am positive his overhead it amazingly high.

    But once word spreads,as it often does, that you can't get rx refills, you can't get call backs, there is no back up on call, er or 911 are the only emergency options, and your patients have complained to you repeatedly, then your base of patients starts to fall off. Then he is really going to be in trouble if he isn't making it now with a skeleton crew.

    Why not sit with 10-12 patients and his staff and actually listen to what we are saying. Spending 30k on an aditional office worker might not look so bad. The insurance payment from my surgery alone would just about cover that. Even a part timer that just talks to Dr and returns calls. This would not be as expensive in the long run as it may become bc he loses a patient simply due to not calling them or doesn't address a prescription issue.

    And I do say this because he is a great Dr and his bedside manner cannot be taught.

    Fortunately, I have a real appt with him on Tueday 2/2/10 and plan to discuss this with him.
  • I get your frustration. Although my GP always has a covering Doctor, he is always behind schedule, sometimes 2-3 hours and its frustrating. However, because he is such a good GP and takes as much time with his patients as needed, he's behind. So I get annoyed with all the waiting but have stayed with him for many years.

    In your case, that there is no back-up etc., I would be concerned. Because you like him so much makes it all the more difficult. Hopefully you can get somewhere with him at your next appointment.

    Take care, Lisa
  • Traci, I am so sorry you are dealing with such garbage. Was it a pain prescription that you needed? I'm glad you are going to bring it up to your surgeon instead of just being frustrated but keeping it inside. Them being so short staffed & far behind can have dangerous effects on the patients, as you noticed when you were suffering from a fever and now severe pain. :(

    Sorry I haven't been around online to chat with you about anything, I'm actually posting this from the waiting area in the hospital waiting for my dad to get outta surgery. I will be available more tonight and part of tomorrow, send me a text if u need to vent. *hugs* sorry you are dealing with this BS.
  • Arrrggghhhh! Ah, sorry had to get that out! My Orthopedic Surgeon is like that. If you have a 1pm appointment, best to bring your iPod, Sudoku puzzles etc! Like you guys, I like this doctor/surgeon for many reasons, - listens, understands, actually gives excellent exams for diagnosis, and excellent surgeon. So, aaarrrggghhhh I too wait many hours past my scheduled time.

    This particular doctor by the way services 2 different offices, and does most of his surgeries on Tuesdays and Fridays - 2 days in my town, 1 day in another for seeing patients.... Sounds like it is getting more common! Additionally I've had most of my doctors drop malpractice insurance as well! Scary for them if something goes wrong. Take care ladies!! *HUG*

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • I love my dr too and yet most times I have to wait at least an hour past my appt time to see him. I think only the last time I saw him did he put me ahead of all his other patients.

    I think the worst wait was my first post op because I had to wait and hour and fifteen minutes. That's a typical wait to see him but I wasn't yet accustomed to sitting that long after surgery.

    I am glad that you got your meds and that you get to see him again soon, so that you'll be able to share your concerns with him. You like him and that's so good. Too many patients don't have that kind of connection with their dr's and I think that's a shame. A good dr/patient relationship is super important in order for the patient to share exactly what they're feeling.

    Feel better Trasee and I hope that the weekend is good for you!

  • Thanks for the replies my spiney/necky friends. (even tho necky always makes me think naked) I am glad others understand and I am sorry you go through this waiting game too. This also happens often with my PC but he has an excellent FNP that I trust. Or I am with you there Lisa.

    My main concerns when it comes to this situation is my job, that requires the paperwork, that is impossible to get back from them , but if i lose my job because of that, then I am out my insurance because the cobra rates are approx $400 PER month. That would be devestating for me right now. Just in medication costs alone. Also If I am in enough pain to sit in that office for almost 4 hours, which I cannot do, I have to sit and stand and go walk the hallway a bit. Then there is a problem.

    His staff knows, they talk to me, but its not like I am going to walk in Tues and say well Diana and Geni said this is because of your overhead. I'm not going to be a narc, but I am going to discuss the fact that at this point there has to be better measures and strategy to deal with pts who have to recently had such dramatic procedures.

    Stepping gingerly off soapbox again, Just waiting for Cash Cab to come on the Discovery Channel. I just love that show! and I kick butt at useless trivia!!


    p.s. Andrea I hope your dad's surgery went well, text or email me when you have a min. Or we can set up chat again.
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,842
    situation somewhat under control. No question about the frustrations in doctor waits, getting the right prescriptions on time, and as I have read in some of your other threads, the need for going to the Emergency Room.

    When pain levels start reaching the 8 number, thats the time you do need to consider going to the ER.
    Pain levels beyond that, you really become incapable of taking care of yourself and doing the right things.

    The work situation I am sure is very frustrating. That is your source of income and without it, you know what you would be facing. I am not sure what your profession is, but is it possible to do some of the work from home? Is any of it computer based?
    Do you have a long commute to work?

    Manytimes the work situation causes so much stress, that your body begins to cause fits to other parts of your body. Even with all the proper treatments, medications, etc, Stress can add to any problem.

    Maintaining a positive attitude and a never say no approach is just one way in beating down what is trying to take away from you.

    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • Most of my doctors are not like this - thank goodness!! My ortho who I have been with for 15 yrs now has you in and out in 45 minutes. If you have an emergency you are seen that day no matter what. All of this is due to the doctor and how he manages his time. I have seen him do this with an excellent staff and now with a very poor staff. If you call he calls back that day personally even if it is 10 at night. If you have surgery with him he calls you that night to check up on you. Now his current partner I wouldn't go to for anything. He is the exact opposite in all ways.

    My neuro surgeon and neurologist are the same pretty much. I don't like the PA in the surgeons office but then I don't think he likes her much either - lol.

    I think the key is a doctor who is organized and efficient and has a staff that works with him. Then everything is possible. But the key is the doctor.
  • Hi dilauro,

    I do have a comute to work, about 40mins, so that sitting time is too long right now. I am hoping amping up the pt will be the answer to getting me back to work. That is my biggest stressor right now. Lack of sleep is not helping that, nor is ambien helping that LOL.

    I have been with my company a long time and think they are treating me as such because I have seen employees run out of FMLA and they are terminated immediately. So, just having Dr keeping them informed it of utmost importance. I do not want to job search in this economy. I am having a valium attitude right now, which means it will all work out how it is meant to work out.

    On to Cash Cab :)
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,842
    offer any STD (Short Time Disability) programs? With the multiple surgeries and down time I have had over the years, I went on STD several times. For me, it was a form to fill out, the doctor to provide the details and the company HR department to approve.
    Going on STD (max of 3 months) provided full time pay, guarantee job when I returned and some other things.
    Without that, I do not think I would have every made the 35 years I did with the company.

    I can understand how you feel with your commute. That amount of time in the car (both ways added) and additional days during the week just add up to a lot of discomfort. Then when you do arrive at work, you are far from your best, and when you come home after the day, you are basically down and out.

    While you are under this stress, I doubt if many medications will help you to relax. When I found that conventional medications didnt help to relax me, I tried many Alternative medicine treatments
    (Relaxing Music, Aroma Therapy, Personal Meditation,etc) They did seem to help

    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • ha! Trasee...I had a valium...I'd be crying over cash cab! LOL.....it really is a tear jerker for me (the valium...not cash cab).

    I have a long wait for my primary dr too. But she's' worth it. She's going into private practice which means no more quadruple (is that a word?) booking of time slots for visit. AT that office, thats what makes the wait.

    for my ortho surgeon...he's part of a co-op of drs. They offer PT, pain management and surgical specialist for any sports/or bone injury, deformities, etc.... My first wait to see him was over 2 hours. LIttle did I know that as he walked his new patient's up, he was watching me to see if I was wincing and how I was moving. He already knew about me because the pain management dr took my file directly to him (which was a blessing...I'd have had to wait 2 months for the appt). Now, when I see him, I'm still at 11 weeks considered post-op, so we get first "dibs" at our dr. Last visit he had a free scoliosis visit for patients with medicaid or no insurance at all....for free. That made the wait kind of long. He shows me all my test results, walks me over to the computer and explains the MRI or xray. He's excellent that way. He also called me back I think within 10 minutes when I had my first accident. He called the ER in advance to be expecting me...so I had no wait at all in the ER. NYC emergency room visits - the wait can be over 6 hours....just to get into the ER...then forget about how long bloodwork or CT scans and such take!!!!! You could spend your whole day there.

    I hope you can resolve this paperwork issue with your dr THIS VISIT so that at least that stress is off you. Because I agree with Ron....stress makes healing so much harder!!!!!!

    And how fortunate is Kris-NY??????? 45 minutes???? That's awesome...shoot. The only dr I see in less than 45 is my dentist! LOL

    Feel better Trasee (yeah...I'm a necky but don't feel nakey ok?). Veg in bed or on the couch/recliner and rest.

    Have a great day all!!!!! Its snowing and I'm off to my hubby's procedure! He's having a colonoscopy today and can't eat or drink now and woke up with sciatic pain. SERIOUSLY????? What are the odds? Poor thing.

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