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I am tired of getting passed around.

hisbeauty4asheshhisbeauty4ashes Posts: 182
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:41 AM in Upper Back Pain, Thoracic
Hi friends,

I can not tell you how many tears I have cried over the last few weeks. I am not one who can handle so many specialist and how much I feel passed around with no results.The doctors ask me maybe five questions then go well maybe you need to see this specialist or that specialist with out even doing any types of tests on me and some of them say there is no hope the nerve damage is all done because of your neck surgeries so lets just do physical therapy. X(

I went and had a MRI on my Thoracic spine because I keep feeling like my chest is being crushed and I can not breath and I have chest pains and back pain in between my shoulder blades. The doctor tells me my T7 T8 T9 and T10 are herniated but we do not think it is pressing against your spinal cord. I got so angry because it is touching something to trigger the restriction of my breathing and chest pain and back pain it is as if they are not listening I leave frustrated and in tears. :''(

I am going in to see him again today and I will demand some more tests and if he will not do anything I will ask to see another doctor. I live daily with this feeling like I am having an heart attack and I am not sleeping because I wake up with this problem all night long. It is like when I move my head it triggers pain in my spine and then the rest of the symptoms start.

Oh I pray today things will get set into motion and this doctor will listen.



  • My Rib is out of place in my sternum, it pushes back and everything is out of whack, the pain from the Thoracic area is the worst of all the others. I wass passed around and all anyone could say was,"its not supposed to injure like that"...whatever...
    You hang in there and demand answers of these guys, they are there to help, and in the rush of the day, they may forget themselves,
    Lokk them strait in the eye and tell them it hurts, look deep into them and make them see..."you" not as a number, as patient so and so, YOU!
    Hang in there and keep fighting for your due!!!
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • Hi Jeanie---I am with Ranchhand-stick to your guns and make them listen to you.Drs are there for a service----I know it is frustrating to have test after test,dr.after dr.---we are here for you! Jeannie
  • I understand what your going through, i've been to many doctors as well and they ask me why i'm in pain instead of telling why i'm in pain.Insist on them doing more tests on you.Its not write that there just passing you around like that.Sounds like you haven't found a doctor that is interested enough in your case.If they try and pass you off demand that there is something wrong and you need tests done to fine out why your having the pain.
  • Thank you guys so much. I went to my appointment today to only be passed around again to a pain expert.I told the doctor I wanted more tests and he is like uh yeah well I well send you to this pain specialist. I am like is he going to do more tests? The doc uh yeah I think so. I was like you think so!! :SS I drove over an hour to be in the office five minutes so you can tell me you will send me to a pin specialist! :| The herniated disc's are on my spinal cord and you are going to send me to a pain specialist. I was angry when I left the office I wept all the way home. I got online tonight and googled specific Thoracic specialist in Oregon area. There is a University that specializes in this field and first thing tomorrow morning I am going to call them and see if I can get in to see them.

    Lets get real here. I have Degenerate disc disease, I have had a total of six disc's fused and end up with TOS, then only a few months after my last neck fusion I end up with a bulging disc in my neck above the four they just fused, then only a few months after that I end up in the ER thinking I am having a heart attack and it was because a Thoracic disc herniated and pushed against my spinal cord. Then I try to get in to see a surgeon but had to wait five months to see him and the whole time I am waiting I feel like I am having chest pains all the time and feel like my chest is being crushed and I can not breath. Then I move and I have to fight again to be seen then I end up in the ER again with the same symptoms only worse and I get an MRI that shows less then six months I now have two herniated disc's! :jawdrop: Hello there is a problem here! The doctor tells me gee I do not think your pain is coming from the herniated disc's Hello that is what has put me in the ER twice and causes me not to sleep at night.

    I mean do we see a pattern here that needs to be looked into?

    They want to put a band aid in it and throw drugs at me so the government can continue pouring out money and I can live in pain all the time. Yes guys I am a bit Po'd.

    I need help and I need it now. So I am going to take steps and pray to God to send me to the right place for help.

    You all are such a blessing please keep in touch with me I need you.

    DID I mention I saw the Vascular surgeon yesterday for my TOS and he too is sending me to a Nero specialist. Again passed around.

  • If i were you i'd be PO'd too.Doesn't sound like you've found the right doc. yet at all.Maybe all your problems that you have has scared doctors off,they don't want to have to deal with everything so they send you onto someone else who may.I'm in the same situation,i have so many problems with my spine that they just don't want to have anything to do with it. i'm so sorry for what's been happening to you,i really feel your pain.
  • What a bummer...

    I am so sorry to hear you are being tossed back and forth like this.

    Have you been able to make any appointments? Did the Vascular surgeon's office make the appointment for you, to see another Neuro?

    Keep your chin up. I know there is someone out there who will be able to help you.

    Please keep us posted with your progress.

    Thinking of you,


    P.S. I've been having a lot of that chest pain today for some reason. Does your pain ever start behind your ear and travel down your jaw line, before it reaches the chest area? I see my Neurosurgeon on February 4th and I can't wait to ask him about these chest pains. Maybe he can give us some idea of where these stem from? My chest just feels so tight and the pain is incredibly sharp. My spells only last about 2 or 3 minutes, but they are so intense. I don't know how you handle these pains all day long and there has to be a reason for this.

  • My chest Pain started first from in between my shoulders and it shot straight into my chest and I felt like my chest was being crushed which made me feel when like I was having a massive heart attack, that was why I ended up in the ER, and that is when they found the herniated disc at my T9 T10 level and it was pushing against my spinal cord ,so I stayed in the hospital for a week. Since that episode I constantly have this kind of back pain that shots straight through my chest and I feel like my chest is being crushed and I can not breath with massive chest pain. It happens when I move my neck or back in a certain way. I wake up all night because I will turn a certain way and it sets it off. Well then when I moved to Oregon,I had another massive episode again and end up in the ER, then they do another MRI and with in the six month of the last episode they find I have a second herniated disc

    I hope you feel better as well and find some answers as I know for me personally I can not keep living this way.
  • I was wondering if you were on Workers Compensation, for your injuries? I am currently on it and get the run around.
  • I totally and wholeheartedly agree with you, hear you, and get it. OMG! These doctors are so aggravating! I haven't met a great one yet in my area. I have had the same upper back, between the blades sharp pain when breathing experiences and my NS keeps repeating that it's so rare that the T-spine ever has problems. I've also been through 2 lumbar and 2 neck surgeries in the last year and a half...and he's wanting to do a posterior revision on my neck now...but I'm holding out to try and see another surgeon. I've asked to be referred to two different ones from my GP in the past 3 months and still haven't gotten that done. I keep calling and leaving messages. No one's in a hurry. No one seems to want to take up our case and fight for us to get us some relief.....

    I keep asking my current surgeon if I'm falling apart or why has all of this happened and he keeps saying that there's nothing unique about me...like everyone he knows has to have revisions done two months after the original surgery. I have DDD and my surrounding disc around my fusions, lumbar and cspine are all bulging. As the months go by, some of them have gotten worse, but he keeps saying "no problem since they aren't pressing on a nerve root"....Doesn't matter if I'm dying in pain or whatever. ARGH!

    On my upper back pain, I have had rib cramps and it hurts bad when I sneeze, like I'm stabbed. I get my husband to squeeze me sometimes just lightly and it seems to help some. That makes me wonder if I have a rib out or if the squeezing puts the disc back in a little??? I feel for you, girl. Sounds like you are having it terribly rough! Although, surgery on the T-spine sounds like a horrible surgery to have too...but I know you just want some confirmation of your diagnosis and what can be done, not just tossed aside and practically lied to.

  • I am on SSD and SSI and I know this is part of the problem in the health care department. Thanks to you know who! Anyway I am hoping to be able to be seen at the medical university and get some answers.

    Where do you live? I hope you do not mind me asking that question.

  • I am on SSD and SSI and I know this is part of the problem in the health care department. Thanks to you know who! Anyway I am hoping to be able to be seen at the medical university and get some answers.

    Where do you live? I hope you do not mind me asking that question.

  • Oh sorry some how I posted twice.lol :|

    HI Candle, Thanks for sharing your struggle as well. Yes I had three neck surgeries and two lumbar surgeries within a fourteen month period. Right after the neck surgery I had a disc bulge above the four levels fused and you are like what! :T What up with that? Then I was also told I had now gotten TOS. Again I was like what the heck is TOS :jawdrop: Then a few months after all that I have one disc herniate and I land in the hospital thinking it was a heart attack. Then less then six months latter another disc herniates and I ended up in the ER again and find out it is another disc above it that herniated. It is like what part Doc, don't you understand there is a problem here affecting my breathing, pain in my chest yada yada... I was diagnosed with DDD in my early twenties and I must say all these discs are herniating like domino's to me this is insane. X(

    They are so afraid to touch you when you have Thoracic problems.

    They would rather send you to a pain specialists to deal with the symptoms and not deal with finding an answer or solution to your problem. In other words lets just put a bandaid on it and keep charging the insurance people and keep the people from having a normal life and put them on the shelf some where strung out on drugs and forget about them. I see this every where let alone with my life.

    Hello my friends on this forum, you were born for a purpose and have a destiny and you being strung out on drugs and living as if life has no meaning or purpose is not the way to live.I would encourage you to fight for the right to a solution for your Physical issues so can lead some what of a normal life you were meant to live.

    I really pray you find the right doctors and get the answers that are out there besides medication and drugs and injections, etc yada yada.

    Hugs :*
  • Keep pushing the Doctors as I know how they like to pass you around,I have offended quite a few but thats ok cause this is my body and my health and I live in pain everyday,My Doctor thought I was depressed,I went into his office and stated since they have done the Lumber and Cervical and they only found a lil and he is saying I shouldnt be in that much pain I said then do a Thoracic MRI,he did but I believe it was to shut me up,then 2 days later he made me an appointment to see a shrink,Well the MRI came back and now I have proved him wrong and found out why I am in pain everyday,If you dont get the answers or the treatments you need get a 2nd or even a 3rd opinion,I have found this out as I have had to push thru the medical field since I was young,9 yrs old the Doctors thought I was crazy and sent me to a Shrink,the Shrink said I wasnt and I was really sick,we went to Madison I was diagnosed with the symptoms of Migraine Headaches,medicine helped and I outgrew it.I have had alot of OBGYN problems,Found only 1 Doctor in the area that knew what was going on Diagnosed with Endrometriosis,Cyst on Ovaries,and Fibroyeds at 11 yrs. old has had 13 Laproscopys since to help control the issues,after my son was born in 08,they left placenta in my uterus,never did a DNC,The Doctor swore up and down that wasnt what the pain was from,lived with that pain for over 8 months finally got a second opinion sure enough I had a severe Uterine infection,was hospitalized and was near death from the severity of the infection...Now 5 months ago was in a car accident and the same thing,I have had to push to get treatments and find answers to why I am in pain everyday,I have been told that I have gotten farther then most people do at this stage,and that the findings on the MRI was not what they expected to find,Keep pushing thru and find a Doctor that will listne to you,I ahve learned you have to stand up for yourself especially when it comes to medical issues and getting the treatments you need..
    ~Hugs~ Keep your chin up:)
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