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Arthritis pain what is yours like?

MagnumtagemMMagnumtagem Posts: 76
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:41 AM in Arthritis, Osteoarthritis
Ok im 36 yrs old had a micro l5-s1 recovered very well but no im hit with psoriatic arthritis in my knees. Ive had pain in them for ever but not every day like they are now. Some days pain is a level 8 most days 3-5. But i feel like im being a wimp or have lost some pain tolerance. For example when i ruptured my l5s1 disk i worked for 3 months before i went to doc in pain every day but i thought it was a pulled torn muscle. I got lortabs to help sleep and doc said if not feeling alot better in 2 weeks mri well i made it a week and had to go to hostpital for the pain my blood preasure was 140 over 112. I did not no arthrits hurt so bad and i feel for all who have it. IM goping to get steriod shots in both knees soon, DOc said ive probly had this since i was a kid beings ive had so much knee pain all my life with doc ever finding an answer for why. THe doc Rheumatalogist was a great doc one of the first to act like i wasnt a wimp. Ive litterally had docs tell me when i was younger that my back shouldnt have bothered me and so on so it is great to get some answers. For those looking for answers i hope you get them and can find a good doc like i seem to have. To my wife i describe the pain at its worst like a nail being driven in my knee cap splitting in two and coming out the back. IM sure others hurt as much but right now i feel alone in the pain, im going to try fish oil next doc warned me about phenocane wich i just started to try. thanks for listening and for your description of pain. Oh and not to be misunderstood my wife is very suportive. I know she wont read this but without her suport over the last 2 yrs with surgery and all i dont htink i would be doing as well as i am so i also wanna think all those husbands and wives that help and suport their partner. Have a good one


  • RangerRRanger on da rangePosts: 805
    hey magnum,
    I know exactly what you are going thru magnum. My symptoms first appeared in my early 20's and I was not properly diagnosed until my mid 30's when a nurse for another Dr I had seen begged a rheumy who was not taking any more patients to "just take in one more", me. Unfortunately I never got that nurses name or ever saw her again but I could never thank her enough for referring me to who is now my rheumatologist. She has been my advocate, seeking out, and finding the proper medical care that works for me.
    My osteoarthritis is genetically related, I do have rheumatoid symptoms but my blood work does not indicate RA. Yes, arthritis can be very painful and even debilitating. Some days are better than others and there are meds that can help you cope. The only prescription med I take now is for Raynauds disease which is a result of OA. I quit all my nerve pain and other meds due to some side effects I wasn't good with. I take glucosamine/chondroitin and omega 3 fish oil supplements. Do they help? I don't know but they sure can't hurt.
    Like you I have a wonderful supportive wife, we have to remind ourselves that although this pain can really beat us up some days it is hard for our loved ones to see what we endure and it will wear them. So now more than ever I put on my game face and suck up the pain because this is one long never ending road. There is no cure for arthritis.
  • Good luck with the injections for your knees. My husband had a knee injection and one year later he had to wait to get arthroscopic surgery after the MRI and his knee is better. He even got a picture of the scar tissue that the Dr. removed at the knee. He still has to put ice after excercise but less pain than before the surgery.

    My Father had to get surgery on both his knees at seperate times also and he feels great now in his 75th year still playing golf and just joined the gym. But he stays away from cycling but hubby likes to use the excercise bike. The pain is really gnawing I hope you get some relief soon. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • and no, you're not a wimp.....arthritis can and is very painful. Some people are lucky enough to just have it flare up when they overdo things. A guy I work with told me "arthritis is nothing." I told him just wait until you suffer from it and then get back to me. I have it from my neck/shoulder area down to my knees. My husband is only 54 and had 2 hip replacements.

    Have you tried Celebrex? It seems to really help me most days, and then other days nothing helps. Good luck with getting your pain under control. Many of us suffer from this condition.
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,839
    about 5 years ago (I am now 59 1/3)
    I knew I had arthritis for a much longer period of time only because of the multiple spinal surgeries I have had and the associated MRIs

    The biggest problem (which was first detected by a bone scan) is in my shoulders. I always know its there, and then when I start to lift my arms and the pain increases, I generally go in for cortisone injections. I've had that done about 5 times in the past two years, which is not really good due to the negative impacts of cortisone.

    More recently (past 6 months), the shoulder pain has been increasing. Latest MRIs and X-RAYS have determined that I will need both total shoulder replacements. The culprit has been the arthritis that is advancing so rapidly. Problem so far is that no doctor has been able to figure why it has advance so quickly.

    We've tried so many different treatments to slow down the pace the way the arthritis has spread.
    Painful - Yep, bad part as I was slowly coming down with the dosage of pain medications for the rest of my spine, this has just started to increase those doses.

    So, yes, arthritis can really be painful and it can spread quickly....
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • Knees take the blunt of your weight in every step you take. IF you have arthritis in the knee joints it only gets worse with age. Injury can add to this. I had shattered my left patella at the age of 14 , waited to 21 to have surgery. Picked a surgeon that was know of repairing broken knee caps . He did a lot of work in Ireland. They would lye someone on the street place his anlkle on the curb and swing a club across the knee.I thought this was the the doctor for me. WEnt into surgery 1981 for knee replacemnt came out with a totla different surgery. Knee has never been the same . My leg feels like it sings on an elastic band. No strenght after cutting the quadersep muscle , many months of PT. 29 years later and it's a mess,right knee worn out from doing all the owrk the left one couldnot all these years. The bones crunch like if you had a hand full of marbles. The femur bome falls behind the tibia , arthritis like you read about but I pluggled along day after day . Walking like a weeble wobble popping advil, motrin percocet, cortisone shots. The pain prevents you from doing basic daily things, bending your legs to get into a back seat of a car, climbing up on to a high curb, I am sure you all know what I am talking about. I all so know on this site most suffer with othe things , backs, nerve problems . Put them all together and it is soooo bad some days. If it's not your back , it's the knees , or maybe both. You wonder how you even manage to get out of bed some days . I just wish we could find some relief to be able to perform daily tasks without pain , to take a long shower woud be nice, even clean my house would make me feel great. Good luck to all yu sufferes my heart and thoughts are with you all
  • So the pain got to me went in before my 23 apointment and got my left knee drained and injected feels better now. Not 100 percent but alot bettter. The doc is realy pushing me to get on metho (something) ive loked it up it is a very light form of kemo therapy. My wife wants me to get a second opinion. Iam considering this the doc does ask soem question cause i dont have alot of signs of psoriatic arthritis just the knees hurt and psoriasis on one knee not the sausage fingers or toes. My finger nail are fine not like the ones ive seen in pictures. But all blood work was good and psoriatic arthritis has no test to tell difinatvely that you dod oe dont have it.So the pain is better but still looking for some answers. Does anyone take the metho stuff if so how does it help or afect you. I would rather wait a few yrs if i can to take this as long as im not causing joint damage but how do you measure pain ans soft tissue damage. Well have a good one all.
  • This med helps suppress the immune system. With psoriasiatic arthritis, the immune system is working against your own tissues. The skin signs can even be negative and you only have joint issues, although this is rare. Methotrexate does work but you are right to take your time and consider all options. The longer you are on it, the higher your risk for long term side effects and in some people these can be bad. Also if you choose to take it, you absolutely have to protect yourself from infection and see a doctor at the first sign of infection or fever. I've not taken this but I have treated a lot of patients who take it and weigh the pro's and cons of using it and its side effects. If you have an questions I would be happy to get you some info from work. The hospital I work at has a wonderful patient library and the material is fairly easy to understand even without a medical background. Just let me know. (as I've mentioned before, I am a nurse not a doctor but I will only give information from the same sources I would give a patient at work)
  • Boy can I ever chime in on how awful knee pain is. I've had knee pain since I was young (around7 yrs old) because of CMP (basically my kneecap is not aligned properly the joint) but unlike most cases it isn't because of weak muscles, etc., so PT doesn't help and surgery is my only option. However I didn't know about the condition until almost 20 yrs after my first problems. So far I've managed to avoid surgery, but after 25 yrs of playing sports, I have severe OA in my knees (almost bone on bone) but luckily I can handle the pain. But when I started having other issues with other joints (hands, ankles, shoulders etc) I went back to my PCP who sent me for blood work, and then to a Rheumatologist because it turns out I also have Rheumatoid arthritis.

    To answer the initial question in the post - mine feels like someone has smacked me with a hammer! My hands tend to feel like I slammed them in the car door or something...definitely no fun.

    A second opinion might not be a bad idea...and even another round of blood work as it can be hit or miss sometimes.

  • Hello,

    I have OA of my spine (cervical and lumbar) as well as my hips; I have either OA or some other arthritis in my ankles - my right ankle has become destroyed, is collapsed and bone on bone now. My ankles first started bothering me just out of the blue when I was around 19 or 20 yrs old and it started with severe swelling. The pain was awful and it felt so pressurized. I likened it to an overfilled balloon about to pop. The pain in my right ankle has been so bad at times that I've told doctors I wanted it amputated. I had times where I could put no pressure on it at all and hopped on my left foot. Actually even my spine feels "pressurized" at times. I've always said when a joint or my spine was hurting so much that I feel like if I could pop the area, that maybe it would relieve the pressure and pain. I know that's not possible, but it was always a metaphor I've used, especially when describing it to doctors.
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