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What do you dream about?

strakerstraker Posts: 1,851
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:41 AM in Sleep Problems
HI ALL i have posted this one because i often dream about three things {sometimes all in the one dream} the main one is swimming pools they are either empty{no water] or no people and i am scared of going in to swim or i am stood on the side of a reservoir looking down on deep water and i can just see the bottom and things like the grids in the water .{i think that this comes from an old school swimming trip ..i was about 7 and i was late for the lesson .all the other kids had gotten changed and were in the small pool but i was on my own and had to get changed and walk passed the very old/ deep }pool and i remember looking down to the bottom and seeing the grids where the water goes to be recycled and i was scared stiff}! and the last swimming dream is ..again i am on my own and i am stood or walking through various small amounts of swimming pools {like the old style foot baths that you had to walk through before you entered the main pool {i think that many pool have done away with them now} but they went on for miles and i never get to go in the main pool.THE NEXT DREAM is the crying in your sleep dream and sometimes i wake with tears rolling down my face .i often dream that i am in pain and sure enough i wake in pain and crying! but i also dream about a sad event where i am comforting someone and i end up crying in the dream too ..the last one is ..flying...last night i dreamt i was flying and its always at night and i could see the tops of the house and tree tops .or i am flying a small aircraft..or i am in a shopping mall flying around that !!i am never scared in my flying dream {but i am scared of normal aircraft flying!}.my dreams are extremely realistic .i have just stopped dreaming about my late grandma i used to have a dream about her nearly every night but she would never talk to me in the dream ..strange...i wonder if because my life is so predictable and boring and i am restricted in my life due to the pain and disability i have wild dreams to escape from the monotony?? i would love to here your interpretations of my dreams and maybe you could put yours down ..this post is not to be taken seriously its just a bit of fun {even though i have been honest about my dreams }


  • I have had crazy, bizarre dreams since as far back as I can remember. Can't post now, have to pick up Phoebe from preschool. Will post later, Lisa
  • Well I have always had very vivid, colorful and dramatic dreams. though usually it was easy for me to find meaning or the source of certain aspects of my dream in my day to day life. I tend to dream a lot about the people and things that are on my mind the most throughout my days. HOWEVER....for pretty much the entire time I was on narcotic pain meds, especially while on Oxycontin....I had the strangest and most intense dreams of my life! Typically they were like crazy scifi and/or horror movies and were always extremely graphic. I also had the most intense emotional dreams during that time, the worst being right after surgery when my homelife was hell on earth, and I would wake up sobbing at all hours of the night.

    But now that I'm all meds....my dreams are back to "normal"...well when I sleep enough to dream!
  • I dream of going up in high buildings and when I get to the top there is nothing there to support you. I find this dream troubling. I think it's about having no control in my situation in life right now. I dream of being in subways deep underground and travelling around. I've heard that being underground or being in the basement doing laundry means you're deep in your subconscious trying to work things out. Also flying too in a plane that makes several stops may mean freeing your mind of things that weigh you down. I also used to dream about my Grandmother too! And when I went to talk to her on the phone I couldn't talk. I don't know what's up with that dream.
    Sometimes I dream I'm working really hard and I seem to be overwhelmed with my job. I think it's the meds that cause such vivid dreams. I don't know but find some dreams I feel should be Stephen king material. I've never had an emotional dream where I wake up crying though. I used to have some scary dreams and dream terrors where I would wake up and couldn't move but after calling out to God and thinking to myself 'peace' those dreams finally left. Interesting topic though. Sweet dreams. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • but i have always had vivid dreams for as long as i can remember .i have had the toilet dream ..you know the one ..where you need to go and the doors missing or you are in a crowded public toilet again where people can see.or even you go to the toilet and there is not one there just a dirty hole in the ground.{i am a very house proud person and i am immaculate in my personal hygiene maybe that has something to do with it?i have been known to shower 4 times a day and change my clothes as many times maybe i am a bit OCD!] another dream i have id my teeth are crumbling of falling out !!! i also have nice teeth and would die if i lost them }and just one more dream ...more a nightwear ...in the dream i no i am dreaming and its normally a room in my home or my other home where my x and i lived .and what happens is i need to scream or just talk and all of a sudden it goes DARK and when i go for the light switch the light will not turn on ...it sounds not very scary,,,,,but it is then i wake and i am normally in pain..when i was a kid i used to dream about stuff that would happen the next day like i would know what a teacher was going to say and how in the class would give the answer ...before they did.there are loads of examples like that but the worse was ..i was 13 and fond of this girl and she was flying away for ever {Singapore} and i had a vision not a dream it was as i was walking her home .i saw her plane crash and begged her not to leave ..i was distraught ..her mum and dad thought i was mad! BUT 2 weeks later she wrote to me {no email then} and her plane from Manchester to London made an emergency landing at Birmingham airport due to engine problems AND the plane from London to Singapore also developed engine problems and they had to do an emergency landing at a military base! thankfully they got to their destination ok but there must have been something in my premonition
  • well,several nights ago I dreamed I had an affair with Russell Crowe-I don't know why-I didn't see a movie with him--I am not cuckoo over him---hopefully this will give yall a laugh
  • i went to sleep for my normal 3 hours ! and every few minits all i could hear was door bells ring !! so after an hour or so i go up and went down stairs!
    o the joy
  • crazy vivid dreams too. The meds just made them almost psychadelic at times, and well the bad ones were REALLY bad....I've never had nightmares...bad dreams sure...but even as a kid I rarely dream anything that disturbed me. Maybe that just means I'm a little goofy haha but boy I sure had nightmares on the Oxy!
  • Falling out teeth, haven't had that one in a while but its one I have had many, many times.

    Flying!!! When I was in my teens I would be in my bed and actually still be awake and physically felt like I was flying around my bedroom, not gentle flying but more like being whipped around. I was unable to move, or scream, and I would be awake! It was terrifying. These "dreams" may have been due to, ahem, my pharmaceutical experimentation at that time. Just a hypothesis LOL.

    More recently I have been having such bizarre dreams, one crazy thing leading to another. I couldn't describe them to you, it would be too hard. Sometimes I'll tell my husband my dreams and he looks at me like I'm ready for the loony bin! He's one of those people that never remembers his dreams. Sometimes I have such nutty dreams I won't even tell him because I know he'll really start questioning my sanity, if he hasn't allready!

    Does anyone else have dreams where you are asleep but aware you are dreaming? Sometimes I'll laugh at what I'm dreaming, or try to change the way the the dream is headed.

    Sweet dreams everyone, Lisa
  • i do ..they are like being at a pink Floyd concert!sometimes i think that we are in such pain that our brains make stuff up ..just to amuse us ..like flying and other impossible stuff ..WOW MAN !! now wheres dark side of the moon gone???
    sweet dreams
  • I've had the teeth falling out dream far too many times to count. Gosh for a while when I was in my early 20's I was scared of having that dream because 4 times in a row....within a week of having the dream...a family member died. And well being young and impressionable...it scared the crap out of me! Luckily a few years later I had it several times without anyone dying lol so I got over it. But it's still a very creepy dream!

    Oh and I totally have the dream awareness at times...it reminds me of an episode of Jimmy Neutron from yrs ago where Jimmy is in Carl's dream and keeps trying to be rational to prove to Carl that he's dreaming. That's kind of how it feels for me. Like I get this "ok this is too weird to be real" feeling.
  • I was about to start a post about dreams and here one is already!
    Last night I dreamt that I was jogging and it felt fantastic! I dream about that alot, doing exercise and really enjoying it. Pretty funny seeing i'm lucky to go for a walk.
    I also dreamt that we were in Mexico and my girls disappeared, we realised that they'd gone for a swim in the ocean without asking us, woke up shortly after to my 4 year old telling me she had wet the bed LOL.
    I've had very vivid dreams ever since I was little. When I was young it was always about a witch, there were time I could hear her cackle as I was trying to go to sleep! Freaky.
    I dream of the devil, possessed people, ghosts, murderes anything gruesome, I dream it.
    The night before last I dreamt I was in the operating room (I used to be an anaesthetic nurse) and I looked out the window and a crane on top of a high rise exploded, the parts of the crane came crashing through the window and decapitated the surgeon, severely injured three others. I was only slightly hurt as I managed to duck behind the operating table in time. Try and interpret that one!
    I often dream of flying or floating above my body above the bed.
    I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but I dreamt that planes crashed into buildings two days before Sept 11th, I told my husband at the time and he just shrugged it off, I can tell you we were more than a little spooked two days later.
    I've had a few dreams that came true, but not many.
    My dreams are always vivid, in colour and very graphic, worse if i'm nicotine patches.
    Thanks for this thread Tony, it's an interesting topic.
  • i thought it was just me ..with the nicotine patches thingy ..they also make me sick too..so i don't bother any more ..the patches are stronger than the cigarettes that i smoke !
  • i've talked to heaps of people who've had the nicotine patches and have very vivid dreams.
    I just take it off at bed time now.
    Had a swimming dream last night, must have been from reading your post.
  • well,spineys-I dreamed last night I was pregnant and the entire dream was me having a hard time in labor!!!!I will be 60 in a week!No one in my family is pregnant! What the?????????????
  • I used to dream when I was on one med, can't remember which one, but I couldn't wait to see what happened every night! Very vivid. I posted the one where the kid gets run over, that one doesn't count as a good dream at all.

    Pink Floyd, in concert, oh if only. Recently on the HiDef music channel they were showing a Pinkfloyd video shot in the royal alpert, or prince albert, something hall. It was "Pigs" they were playing, I sat enthralled and watched that video for the 20 minutes or so it took to get thru it all. I have searched and searched since then trying to find that stupid video.
    I can't find that one, I can find a lot but not the one I want. It had the big ring of lighting truss in a circle and the inflatable pig with glowing red eyes, awesome. Someone has since told me it might be the Australian Pink Floyd. I don't much care who it is, I want that video!!!
  • The other night I dreamed that I was at my cousins house with the kids at her house in Long Island. For some reason she had to drive us home to NJ, along with a ton of clothes, and get this: 2 circus elephants!!! We had to figure out how to get all of us (and the elephants) in the big RV without flattening the tires, then I woke up. In one word: Crazy.
  • They usually involve me doing some activity and feeling sore during the dream. When I wake up, it's always time for my Oxycontin dose.

    Sometimes I will have dreams to where I'm stranded someplace and my cell phone won't work. I try to walk to a nearby convenience store to use their phone and it feels like my legs weigh a ton. It's like I can't lift my legs to walk and when I do, it is agony. (I don't like those dreams... lol).

    When I was prescribed Ambien CR for sleep, all of my dreams were exaggerated to my real life situations. I would sleep walk and "fax" paperwork through the refrigerator. I didn't have any paperwork in hand, but when Mike would follow me and ask what I was doing... it was all work related. I also would eat a lot, two hours after taking the stuff. I talked in my sleep constantly and would wake up sometimes in a panic mode. I don't take Ambien CR anymore.

    I've been taking Trazadone for about 2 months now and I'm finally getting a bit of sound sleep. Sometimes even 6 hours at a time, now. It completely stopped my panic mode dreams, which is great. (I'm knocking on wood right now, so I don't jinx anything!).


  • Tammy-I have taken Trazadone on and off for years,it works really well for me.I hope it works well for you!
  • It's great to hear that the Trazadone has been working well for you, too.

    When I was at my counseling appointment last week, I told my doctor that the Trazadone she prescribed not only helps me sleep sound... it also seems to prolong any need for my break-thru medication during the night. Since I've been taking it, I can always count on 3 1/2 hours of sound sleep with no pain interruptions. Lately, I've been averaging 5 hours of sound sleep and wow... what a difference it makes for the day. I feel a lot more energized.

    What I like about Trazadone, is the dream part. I don't have the panic dreams any more.

    Hope you have a great day today! :)

    Wishing everyone peaceful dreams...

  • I've had dreams every night since I turned 16. I even remember the first two dreams that started my constant dreaming: The first one was a red ship came to my house and I had to go on there and there were bodies everywhere and blood everywhere. Yuck. The second one was much more fun: I was in a red convertable with Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin, driving up a mountain side and these fists kept coming out of the sky and punching us, then I'd see a starburst with the words "Pow" and "Bang" like in the old batman series. Odd, but fun.

    It's a very rare night that I don't have some dream, but luckly they're mostly benign. I've had occasions where my dream was so real that I really thought it happened in real life until days or weeks later I find that it never happened at all and I dreamt it. One time I had a dream I believed for two years until I found out it was just a dream.

    Sometimes, I'll wake up and remember what I dreamt then forget it a few minutes later until something happens during the day that reminds me of the dream i had the following night.

    The other night I dreamt that I was in a big room with a bunch of people and there were some people running around breaking everyone's necks so that the doctors could operate on them. I kept screaming, "I've already done that, I already had my neck broken..." It was so bizarre.
  • I found myself wandering to this thread and laughing.

    Straker - I hate that 'bathroom dream'...gosh, that's the worst! I admit, yes had it...why in the world would I not be able to find a clean, private, uninterupted place to take care of business.

    I have also had recurring flying dreams.

    My dreams are generally always vivid and yes, I've waken up crying..at least 3 times I remember, it was more than tears rolling down my face, it was crying and even when I woke up, I was so sad about the dream, I believe I cried 5 more mins.

    Luckily my dreams are balanced good and bad.

    The only ones I hate are the work dreams. I clearly "stew" about things at work and find that I bring work into my dreams and it's quite frustrating b/c I am annoyed 12+ hours a day with work, I don't need it in my sleep. I just started working 4-5 hours/day last week...already in my dreams.

    Here's something funny
    1 - my older sister until her 20's only dreamed in black and white; rarely in color. Yet she's the artistic one of the family

    2 - a friend (who passed away several years ago) used to dream mostly in stick figures!

    Well, at 4:30am NY time...I think I'll try to see if I can unwind an dream for 2 hours before it's time to wake up.
  • i dreamt i was back with me ex wife {it was so real} and up to date .she was saying things like don't worry we will sort things out .kath will be ok and other stuff like that my daughter was there too ..it was so real ..i am in the dream saying to myself what the hell have i done ..then i am back in the swimming pool!! this time i am going down a water slide {i hate water slides} then i woke up to find kath fast asleep beside me and my back screaming for pain relief ....nothing new there then ...i have spent the day on my recliner again as i am too knackered to do anything with the day ..now its bed time and i know that in about 3 hours i will be down here again and the whole cycle begins again ..
  • Okay, gotta stick my 2 cents in here, lol!
    I have always had vivid, in-color dreams. I have PTSD so some were really frightening over the years. Last year, however, when I started using Chantix, my dreams got REALLY amusing! I have dreamed:
    I was writng a book about woodpeckers (never seen one)
    I was growing bottles of Aquafina water out of a bag of Miracle Gro (on top of looong stems)
    Had an affair with Michael Jordan (really tall!)
    The authorities took my sister's adult children away (HUH???)
    Thats just an example but with Chantix every night is an adventure. And curiously, since starting the Chantix I have had NO scary dreams. And no more insomnia, either.

  • like i said i would be here 3 hours later with my back screaming for pain killers !! and it is
    tony what i would give for a good night sleep
  • My dreams of late have been about people that I haven't seen or talked to in a few years. Every night it is someone different but for sure someone I haven't had any contact with in at least a couple of years or more. I just recently had a change in medication and I am sure that is why I am having such strange and vivid dreams.

    Tony - I too have had the teeth falling out or crumbling away dream. I used to have that dream quite frequently but not as often lately. I am so sorry that you are not able to get more than 3 hours sleep at time, nobody should have to deal with that much pain, you have my sympathy. >:D<
  • j.howiejj.howie Brentwood, Ca., USAPosts: 1,730
    Bad dreams, very vivid,and they make no scents at all! They're borderline night mares. And most of the time I have to get up for a while. Then go back to bed and hope they don't continue.
    Click my name to see my Medical history
    You get what you get, not what you deserve......I stole that from Susan (rip)
    Today is yours to embrace........ for tomorrow, who knows what might be starring you in the face!
  • I know, I know, but I swear!!!
    Last night was the first night on 10mg of Nortryptaline/ Pamelor (SP?)

    I don't remember all of it at this point but I was chasing Jesse James trying to rescue some "girl" and it wasn't Sandra Bullock :''( Although I must admit I lost a lot of respect for her when she married him...

    Just a bunch of actors anyway L)

    Anyway, I kept waking up the whole time and trying to redirect the dream to save the girl. But hey, he was Jesse James and I've been screwed up for almost 4 years now, what chance did I have! :?

    So, I guess whoever the dream girl was, I apologize for not saving you from Jesse =))
  • My waking dreams are usually vivid in the viceral sense, as the pain wakes me, my mind goes into a moe where i am running, the wind roars in my ears, the scenery rushes by and Ime going as fast as I want., The best was one about the creeper, you know, that low slung wheeled thingawooger that you use to get around under cars, except the one I had went REALLY fast...It was such a RUSH! ZX14 powered too. like i said, my dreams are technical....
    freedom is what that was about,
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • I know the meds are to blame but this was a really wild dream. I rented the new Alice in Wunderland yesterday. Since my neck was spasming all day and I had the house to myself when I got home from work I popped it in and sat back on the couch.

    Well my dreams last night were wild. Don't remember much but I think my mind got lots of exercise. I do remember that my little kitty, mouse, was the cheshire cat. She stayed with the hurt animals until the end. I remember begging her not to leave me.
  • Wow, this is an awesome thread!!

    I have also long had vivid epic dreams...especially when I was taking Wellbutrin for awhile.

    Lately, with all the pain meds, etc, I know I'm having them but my dream recall is poor.

    I've been writing down my dreams for years. Even if I only remember a "fragment." A few years ago, I started compiling them all into one file on the computer (they are interspersed through my journals) and found there were several "symbols" that obviously have some meaning to me.

    Stairs are often prominently featured in my dreams...and going up the stairs is more likely in a positive dream, while going down the stairs usually means something horrible awaits me.

    Childbirth with a twist...once I dreamed I gave birth to my cat; once that my baby was taken away immediately because I was unfit; once I gave birth to myself!

    Driving/in a moving vehicle of some sort. When I'm the driver, that usually is a more positive dream. The dreams where I'm a passenger usually end badly unless my dad is driving in the dream. He passed away a few years ago and I was HIS girl. I was 25 when he died, still a kid in a lot of ways, and he was just someone I totally trusted.
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