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One week until surgery!! I have "girl" questions!!

NaptownGirlNNaptownGirl Posts: 56
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:42 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
I'm freaking out and really nervous. For the last few days I've been having mini-panic attacks- UGH! I'm also worrying about completely random things. For example:

How/when were you able to "landscape" again? The leg shaving is hard enough, but not being able to bend your lower back and trying to take of business is going to tough.

When can I have sexy-time with the hubby again?

Lumbar 4-Sacral 1 PLIF; and thoracolumbar release w/posterior instrumentation


  • Great question! I still have issues "landscaping". But I am not too concerned about it. Leg shaving is a lil tough still but getting better. And the whole sex thing? LOL I based that on how I felt. It was all good about 6 weeks, but took it easy image:)" alt=">:)" height="20" />

  • I've not had surgery yet, so can't give much advice there.

    My surgery is in 2 weeks, and I have had several times when I have felt overwelmed about minor things and just burst into tears. It is not like me at all.

    This is a great place to ask all your questions. There are so many lovely people who will share their experiences with you (even personal ones!) and support you through a very emotional time.

    There is a thread called 'March Surgeries', with several of us who have either just had, or are still waiting for our surgeries. Why not come and join us?

    It looks like you are having a L4/S1 two level PLIF. What is a thoracolumbar release? Never heard of that.
  • Hi there...I have not had a fusion but even with microdiscectomy "landscaping" is a challenge the first 2 weeks b/c no bending. I think they should make an extra long handled razor or perhaps if I thought my gripper could hold is safely, I would try it.

    As for sexy time...the first surgery we never thought to ask...so figuring 2-week appointment was there for a reason, we assumed that just before it was fine.

    Since I'm on a revision and I have to be extra careful, and we are silly and still forgot to ask, my husband is actually the one that is wanting to hold off...he doesn't want to do anything to cause re-herniation. But I told him we are not waiting 6 weeks.

    YOu could ask your doctor though.
  • Well in my case, I shaved my legs the first time I showered 24 hrs after being released from the hospital. It was easier than before surgery lol but I didn't bend to do it obviously. I sat on my shower chair and propped m foot on the edge of the tub. As for landscaping do yourself a favor and get an electric trimmer! It saved my sanity and no worries of cuts because I couldn't bend to see what I was doing.
  • Honestly, I don't know what a thoracolumbar release is, I just copied it off of the doctor's sheet. Ha! I think it is when the doc is going to go through the front to release disk pressure. I'm getting more details Tuesday morning.
  • :) We need to come up with a "landscaping" device for people who can't bend very well. It could be the next Snuggie!! LOL
  • That's a great idea!

    One more question I forgot to ask, any tips on how to deal with your period? Were there any unusual issues? I have a fear that it is going to really suck.
  • Not to be too graphic, but by taking it easy...how can I ask this...did you have to use one position over another for a while?

    Sorry if these seem obvious and silly! (If you have any tips and would rather send a message, I will keep an eye on my inbox.)

  • what is a 2 level, etc? I feel like I have learned a lot, but still don't know anything!

  • Hi Naptown,

    I had a full leg wax about 2 days before my surgery, this lasted a good 3 weeks before I got stubbly. After I used depilatory that has a plastic 'razor' you use to remove the cream once it sits long enough, sat on the shower chair to do this and then used warm water from the handheld shower to get the rest off.

    Hope this helps,
  • Usually I have to shave everyday, so I'm not sure it would last that long but it is worth a try! At this point I had decided that I'm just going to end up looking like teen wolf and that it was OK. :))(
  • Hey - with the anti embolism stockings you look so "sexy" that I just let my leg hair grow! Mind I am not very hairy so maybe I can just get away with it. Plus it was the winter so trousers on all the time.

    As far as sexy goes - hmmm. I must be honest and say I have been too sore by bedtime most of the time. I guess I have been trying to get better in other ways and that has taken the toll. I guess as well, because I was in so much pain pre op for so long we sort of got out of the habit! We did wait quite a while, but I had a wound infection (leakage for nearly 4 weeks) so we had to wait till that had cleared up which was at about 6 weeks. Hey what a fun life I have - maybe that's why I am so fed up!!!! Maybe I should try a little lovin' see if that cheers me up. Trouble is I am sooo scared of doing too much that I am reluctant to try!
    I think the docs normally say "when you are ready"!
  • Hi back Naptown,

    I have dark brown hair & like you need to shave often - I had my surgery in the Summer so I decided to 'splurge' w/ the leg wax since my post surgery wardrobe was mostly sundresses. The waxing worked well enough that I may do it this Summer as well, it was nice not having to shave so frequently.


  • Sounds like me, too. I have lots of dark brown hair. The leg waxing sounds like the way to go, I'm gonna have to try it! My mom is taking out for a pedi on Monday, so I'm going to just make it a spa day.
  • I hope you are feeling better. I totally understand about the pain part. For me, the pain did lead to some depression. It is very frustrating to want to do things, but my body won't cooperate.

    Sexy time just might cheer you up! LOL. It might cheer up your significant other, too. You know what they say, you never know until you try." :)))
  • I hope you have a good day getting things taken care of before your surgery. That will be one less thing to worry about so you can concentrate on your healing. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • I'm trying to get everything situated. The last thing to tackle is my deposit with the surgeon. UGH!

    Thanks for the kind words! I'm starting to relax a little bit now. Have a great day!

  • Not2Happy...your post just made me laugh!
    I told my hubby my birthday is coming up and we are NOT waiting 6-weeks despite his fear of hurting me during recovery.

    I told him we just need to have "gentle lovin's"
    So your approach just cracked me up!
  • I love this thread! It makes me smile and gives me hope! I am exactly one week post op 360 L4-5 and I don't want my husband to look at me! I look like I'm 7-8 months prego.my belly looks like I swallowed a watermellon, slightly shifted to the left. My skin is horrible from all the tape, etc. Yesterday, he changed my abdominal incison, and in about an hour he will change the 2 on by back/butt. I can't see it, but from how my belly looks, I don't think it resembles anything human! I can't imagine him wanting to see me naked! I wish I could change my own dressings!

    As far as landscaping, I can't see over my belly! Keep giving me hope girls! That or, I'll have to make hhim some really strong drinks!
  • Shari...your husband loves YOU! I know you are worried but trust me, he loves you.

    My first surgery my husband told me my back was very swollen. I had him hold up a mirror. It wasn't pretty. This time, just the incision is ugly.

    I have gained weight in the last 6 months and have a pudgey belly that I have never had. It's killing me. He has assured me that I am beautiful every day and just wants me to feel better.

    I'm sure your hubby feels the same!
  • wow- I think I must be a freak cos I am really not that bothered about the lovin'!!! That's not to say I don't like it just that at the moment I can't imagine enjoying it. You know - "hang on let me just roll over", "oh no that hurts" and so on!! On the other hand it might make me feel better. I think I am just so scared cos the littlest thing seesm to be too much for me and I hate the week of getting over it!

    As far as the leg waxing - I just didn't fancy the pain, but I guess all those meds might help with that!!
  • awe D, you are so sweet! Thank you so much!

    The dreaded dressing change has past and it wasn't so bad! He felt so bad when he saw my back/butt. I kept appologizing and he kept telling me how sorry he was. I stopped apologizing and let him comfort me. He was good able to descripe it to me.

    in the hospital, I kept telling the nurses that me skin was on fire. They just told me it was nerve pain. In actuality, it was from the tape. there are parts that are now bleeding from them putting tape over the same spots.

    maybe some romance will be in the (distant) future! ha! take care Shari
  • Well I didn't have to worry about any lovin' - that DH was in Iraq until 9 mo. post-op.

    I did buy Nair as well - but never ended up using it - why go to the bother when no-one but me saw it ;)

    On the other hand - I DID get a pedi in the week prior and it was great! My toes looked awesome for a long long time! It was summer and the french manicure lasted great. You'll want someone else doing your toes for a while - I STILL have trouble with that one.

    As for that time of the month - I know someone in the last few months had her visitor arrive while she was in the hospital - I can't imagine! But nurses are human too, I'm sure they've seen it all before.

  • This is an awesome girl thread!!! I have to tell ya's, I went into surgery on my period. IT WAS AWFUL. I was almost more freaked about that than the surgery. I mean you get knocked out on your back then they are flipping you over and ughhhhh it just added more stress. Mine are never regular now.

    But position wise. Missionary very carefully and slowly had been good. We had been a little more adventurous. But you all know where my relationship went. Down the toilet. So, I don't have any updates on how it would be at 4 months.

    Good luck to all with upcoming surgeries. Get those pedis. If that doesn't relax you, nothing will :)
  • I think you'll find this post helpful, somewhere in there (I think it was Tamtam) was an ingenious way of shaving the legs.

    Hope this helps
  • Like Trasee I went into surgery with my period also. It had started the day before (2 days early). It magically was done after surgery. I don't know if it was the shock of surgery, but nothing after I woke up. I kept telling the nurses and they thought I was crazy. But I wouldn't worry about it, they are used to it.

    As for sexy time, my husband and I haven't been cleared yet. I did check at my 4 week follow-up and was told no. My top 2 screws looked as if they may have moved and bone has not grown as well as on the bottom 2. They have put me in the dreaded brace for the next 4 weeks and we'll see after that.
  • I started having sex about 10 days after my surgery. The position we use was to have me lyiing on my back and him on his side with my butt and stuff pressed up against his pelvis...Im trying not to be TOO graphic here..you get the idea. Just go slow and easy.
    As for shaving legs, I did that usually on the bed. lying on my back. My hubby also helped me at times depending on how badly my back ached.

    Good luck.
  • That is my fear, having it during my hospital stay. As you mentioned, I figured the nurses have seen it all before. Still, I wonder how the heck would I deal with that and a cath, etc?? ICK. No need to worry about something I can't control though.

    My mom is getting me a pedi tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it!
  • Thanks for the tip. 10 days- wow girl! You are a super woman!! LOL.

    I will let my hubby help with the leg shaving. I bet the back of my legs will look better than they have in years! LOL

    Seriously, all of the information you ladies are sharing is awesome! Thanks so much!
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