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Scott in the UKSScott in the UK Posts: 136
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:42 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hi there,
I was just wondering if there's anyone on here who's ever had it and if so what the results were like.
I had my surgery on L4/L5 on February 9th 2010 here in the U.K and apart from trying to wean off the morphine I think I may be fixed but with these meds presumably masking some of the pain I would normally be feeling 4 weeks after surgery-it's difficult to tell.
I'm certainly able to walk now without too much discomfort and have even been into town shopping on foot without having to hire a 'sit down mobility scooter'.I'm playing pool again and the follow up after the surgery is with the surgeon on the 15th March.
I eagerly await any replies so thanks in advance.



  • Sorry does anyone know what I have to do to get notifications if there are any replies to my posts?
  • I had the same procedure done on March 8. I had 4 screws placed and I feel pretty good. I see you are in the UK and I know that is where Percudyn started the clinical trials but they entered the US a few months ago. How are you feeling now? I was off meds for 3 days but had to take some Vicodin last night but I think that was because I walked a little too much around the neighborhood.

    I know that you can set up your account to email you notifications. I think it's under the "my account" tab.
  • Hi Warnerk,
    I did set up the e-mail notification and here I am replying to your post.I have been on MST Morphine since June 2009 at a rate of upto 200mgs every 12 hours following the surgery and because of that I've had to wean off it very slowly to avoid bad withdrawl.I'm now down to 40mgs 12 hourly and hope to be free of it within a couple more weeks.To start with the drops were quite large and I noticed no ill effects and my back felt great.Now I'm having to do it by 5mgs every 4 or 5 days as my body is really telling me it wants more.Not through back pain but through excess sweating and stomach cramps. Yesterday I walked 5 miles without any problem and even shot 5 or 6 games of pool last night.I hope to return to work on reduced hours to start with in the near future.
    I hope your recovery is as pain free as mine seems to be.Just remember-a little exercise-and often.

    All the best,
  • Hey Scott. Wow, 5 miles. That is awesome. I have been taking my walks too but nothing that far. I guess like anything, I have good days and bad days. I had to go to work yesterday and sit for about 6 1/2 hours and that was tough. My boss has been great and lets me work from home but I had no choice yesterday. I am certainly paying for it today. Good luck with the meds. I tried to avoid narcotics, except when I had procedures done, but I have been on Ultram for 3 years and was up to 200mg a day. I know it is not as hard core withdrawals but it was not fun coming off of that drug. I am taking anti inflammatories now and Vicodin when the pain gets tough. I will keep in touch and please do the same since we are both had something pretty ground breaking done. Good luck.
  • Hi Warnerk,
    Watch out for those anti inflammatories buddy.Long term use of them can really mess up your organs so I've heard. For that reason I spoke to my doctor and he prescribed something called OMEPRAZOLE once a day which just helps protect your stomach and helps with the withdrawl stomach cramps associated with coming off morphine.I'm now down to 40mgs-12 hourly.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks Scott. I take the same medicaiton for my stomcah. I hate taking anit inflammatories but he wants me on them for a couple of weeks. Did you ever get an swelling around your incision holes. Yesterday one of my holes was sore and my wife looked at it and said it was really inflammed. It is a little sore but no redness. I am going to call the dr today and will let you know. Just courious if this ever happened to you.
  • Hi again Warnerk(is that your christain name?)

    I am lucky as I only have the 2 incision holes but one of them is a little more enflamed than the other.My wife said at first that she thought I'd developed a spot on the scar.This became a little itchy but eventually settled down and gave me no further trouble thankfully.My next appointment related to the op' is for a follow up to see a physio therapist on the 31st and she'll decide whether or not to give me any other exercises or discharge me for good.The surgeon wants to see me next in June with an x ray so he can see how things will have hopefully settled down.

    All the best,
  • Hey Scott. My name is Kevin. Thanks for the feedback. My doctor has been in surgery all day so I have not heard back yet but I am a little concerned. Since this morning, the swelling has gotten a little bigger and it is now hard. Not sure what is going on but hoping it is not big deal.
  • Hi Kevin,
    What happened with the swelling ?
    No big deal I hope.
  • Hey Scott. Thanks for touching base. My surgeon was not concerned and did not need me to come in. He said there are no documented cases of infection with this surgery and he said it is most likely scar tissue. If there is no improvement then he wants to see me next week. How are you feeling?
  • I'm good thanks mate.
    It's 07:55am here and I've had to get up with our 2½ year old son.
    IN the States I guess you call them daipers and this one was full to overflowing so not the ideal start to the day.
    I dropped my Morphine down to 25mgs last night and I'm not noticing any ill effects apart from the usual guts ache first thing in the morning.

    Anyway,I hope you continue to improve.All the best,
  • Been there, done that. I have a 3 and 5 year old so I feel your pain. Glad to hear pain is doing well as you are coming off the meds. Best of luck
  • Hi to everyone that knows me.
    I had the surgery in February as previously stated and I managed to get totally off the morphine and start back to work on May 4th. Sadly after 3 weeks the pain started to return and intensify so I had to stop work again on May 28th.
    I saw my surgeon yesterday and after having some x rays taken he thinks that one of my implants has worked itself lose.
    I'm now signed off work again for 8 weeks and I'm waiting for appointments for a CT Scan and a Bone Scan to confirm his diagnosis.It's beginning to look like I may have to be opened up again and retightened.

  • So sorry to hear that things have taken a turn for the worse! :-(

    I hope that you won't have to stay in pain for too long while you wait to confirm what the problem is.
    What does he propose to do?
    Just retighten up the implants?
    What type of implant is it?

    Let's hope that they can sort things out without too much trouble and that you can get back to your recovery without further problems.

    Take good care of yourself,
    Jelly in the UK! :D
  • Sorry to hear about the implants becoming loose. I hope somehow your Surgeon can fix this through minor surgery? What would cause this I wonder? Weight loss or over use? That was good to hear you were able to get off the MST though you must be taking something now for the pain? I hope you can recover quickly. TC. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • Hi Jelly,
    Thanks for your best wishes.
    I need the scans to confirm that there is an implant lose and if so I guess it'll just mean they re-open and re-tighten.
    I really ought to ask what the chances of it happening again are.
    So far I'm managing with anti inflammatories and mild over the counter pain relief. I guess my pain threshold has increased over the years.
    This website shows a bit of info on the procedure.


  • It's over a week now since I had a CT scan and a Bone Scan done but I've still had no results. I've been e0mailing my sirgeons secretary every two days and it's getting pretty frustrating now.
    I hope everyone is well.
    I'm determined to stay off the morphine this time but I've succumbed to diclofenac sodium(NSIADS) and co-codomol and omeprazole to stop the NSAIDS eating away at my guts.
  • Hi everyone,

    Well after putting in a formal complaint about the amount of time it took to get my scan results I eventually got a dictated letter from my surgeon which basically stated that looking at scan results and x ray results he thinks that one of my implants appears to have withdrawn from it's original position.
    He is now suggesting removal of both implants and fusion of the L4/5 disc level.
    I have an appointment to see him on September 9th to discuss this option and in the meantime he has placed me on the NHS(British Health Service) waiting list.

  • What a wait just to get the results from a scan!

    At least you will be moving up the waiting list for surgery, while you wait for your appointment to see the surgeon on 9th September.

    Hopefully fusion surgery won't be necessary, but if it is, it will be worth it to eventually get rid of the pain.

    How do you feel about it?

    Take care :-)
  • Hi Jelly',

    Hmm . . how do I feel about it ?
    Good question. I guess I'd jump at the chance if I could get some guarantees but with spinal surgery there aren't any-sadly.

    I'll listen to what the surgeon has to say and then make a decision but in the meantime I'll do some research to see what's involved and see what the recovery time usually is.
  • Hi Jelly',

    Hmm . . how do I feel about it ?
    Good question. I guess I'd jump at the chance if I could get some guarantees but with spinal surgery there aren't any-sadly.

    I'll listen to what the surgeon has to say and then make a decision but in the meantime I'll do some research to see what's involved and see what the recovery time usually is.
  • I've just been reading right through your thread. So very disappointing for you that one of the implants has moved and the surgeon is recommending removal of both.

    Keep an open mind about your appointment with the surgeon next month, and you're right there aren't any guarantees with spinal surgery.

    Recovery from fusion takes a long time and lots of patience and keeping to the no bending-lifting-twisting rules until the surgeon gives you the ok. I had an uncomplicated recovery, but it's worked for me.

    Let us know how you go with the surgeon.


    XLIF L2-4 20.8.15
    ALIF L4/5 2009
    Laminectomy/discectomy L4/5 2008
  • Thanks for your post Trish.
    I'm aware thanks mainly to this site that the recovery time can vary and be a long haul for some.I've been off work(but for a month) since February 2009 and I'm expecting to be dismissed or retired very soon. I don't think for a minute that's it's going to be an overnight fix(but it would be nice)so I guess I'm in the surgeons hands.

    I'll keep you informed.

  • I had a micro lamectomy in January, I am not sure it worked as I still have lot of pain & I am thinking about a fusion L-4-L-5 or this new procedure percudyn stabilization surgery. What would you do? I am professional drummer and at this point I am Done playing.....Help. Thanks

  • I'm in no position to advise you about what you should do.
    I've had the Percudyn and I've had the L4/5 fusion and I'm still struggling.
    My physiotherapist has just referred me to Pain Management here as they don't think they can help me anymore.

    I wish you the best of luck though.

  • Thanks so much for responding Scott, so sorry about your situation.. This back thing is no slam dunk.. I have been a very active person for many many years 4th degree Black Blet (that's how it started) I competed at the Nat'l level for several years and state and local levels for many years, and worked as a gym instructor for many years, played drums just about all my life etc etc.. I prolonged my surgery for about the last 15 years with epidurals and other means of treatment but my back got to the point that I almost couldn't walk, I can take a lot of pain and was trained to do so but this was to much... so I did the first round which was a micro-laminectomy, I am presently going to see a Dr in L.A. that has a new way of seeing the nerves which is called neurography.. He is a neuro surgeon so he knows the story,,, he did research at UCLA, he studied in London and does his work at Cedars Sinai in Santa Monica California.. He has I think a 1/2 dozen patents so he is very bright and my ex surgeon (neuro Dr too)also knew his work and commented on him in a positive manner... The key is all his procedures are not covered by insurance totally because it is cutting edge new technology so I am hoping when I see him I feel he knows what he is doing because I don't want to make mistake # 2... The 3rd option is to go with a fusion which I have been fighting since the beginning... We will see what we see...

    Man I do hope you find some relief as I hate to see anyone suffer with this type of pain...

    Blessings to you Scott and thanks again for taking the time to respond

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