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RF (nerve burn)

milkshake36milkshake36 Posts: 32
edited 06/11/2012 - 1:42 PM in Spinal Injections
I recently had 2 nerve blocks done and they didn't work or at least they didn't work for very long(few days). I then went in to have RF (nerve burn) done. Last Thursday I went in to have it done on left leg to start with. I was told I would be sore for about 5 days after the procedure. Well, that never happened. They prescribed me 10 percocets for the pain. There was never any pain after. I dont know what to think now. Did the doc do it right?...is one thought. My second thought is to have them do it over again before going to the next leg. My x-ray show some bulging at the L4,L5 but they insist on doing the S1 area. I know that the nerves associated with leg pain stems from the S1 area. It's just that everything seems exactly the same before they started all of these procedures. Right now, I just want both nerves to be burned so good I don't feel any pain after healing from the procedure. This has been going on for 3 years now. I'm also a "cash patient", meaning no insurance. I need help and help fast. I know....consult with my doctor. Every doc I have been to wants to do their own thing and I'm searching for the one who does the right thing. I live in the Memphis area.


  • Your post is interesting for a number of reasons. Usually (at least if you were an "insurance patient"), when there is not a positive reaction to a nerve block, they will not go ahead with rhizotomy. Usually, if there is no response to a nerve block, it is because the nerve they are blocking is not the pain generator...so they move on to another possibility.

    Any of the lumbar nerves can cause pain in the lower extremeties. I sent you a link to a dermatome map which will show which nerve refers pain to which area of the leg. With a bulging disc at the L4-5 level, pain is often felt (in most people)running down the front and anterior side of the leg and into the foot and big toe. S1 runs down the back of the leg and into the little toe.

    Have you been able to get a recent MRI? It sounds like you may need to treat the source of the pain rather than try to disrupt the nerve signal.
  • I told them I had some relief which included the first day of the procedure. I was hurting in lower back from the nerve block (not nerve burn). The total relief time was 3 days. The nerve pain radiates from lower center back which is the L4,L5,S1 area.
    My MRI from mid 2007 is what they are going by. The clinic where procedure is done, they have live feed with an x-ray machine. I talked with the head nurse today and told her I had no pain what-so-ever associated with the nerve burn. he told me that was great. The thing is, she told me before I ever had the procedure done, I would be sore for about 5 days. She also told me if the pain in left leg does not go away or feel better by my next RF (on the 16th) to ask for her and she would talk to the doctor about it. Nothing else was said about it.
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