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Does anyone have bone moving/shifting in their back?

texastigertexastiger Posts: 48
edited 06/11/2012 - 1:42 PM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Several times a day, I have bone movement in my vertebrae above my fusion. Its not like when you "crack/pop your fingers," its the actual bone shifting. Anyone else ever have this problem? Does anyone know what this is about? Thanks!!


  • It was a few weeks ago on a Thursday morning I was sitting at my desk. I am 8 months post-op from cervical fusion of c4 thru c7 with corpectomy of c5 and c6, cage and plate used for stability when i felt something shift in my neck. I know exactly what you are talking about. I went straight to the e.r. when this happened, I was scared to death. 2 weeks later I had to have posterior cervical surgery with redo of fusion and rods added for more stability. Surgeons exact words were that my neck was collapsing. Not to scare you but have you had this checked? Keep me updated on what you find out. Good luck
  • are you better?

    I've had lots done and checked--not that specifically. I am just buying time for a surgery in June since that is the time that is most convenient for my family. It feels like the vertebra slips back and forth. ugh! I am waiting for a second opinion appt and will definitely discuss this with the dr.
  • For years (and it's worse now; I'm due for a laminectomy in April) I've had a popping sensation in my back that feels like a vertabrae moving. It's not painful. If I've been doing something bad, like lots of bending over, the popping will increase in frequency. It is NOT like the back cracking at a chiropractor. It's softer like a vertabrae shifting. I've mentioned this to every doc and pt I've been to (including the neurosurgeon) and no one has ever offered an explanation for this -- which I think is odd.
  • I had surgery in May 2009 and have had that popping for the past few months. Nothing painful just popping which is gross. Doc keeps telling me that its the bones above the ADR ajusting and x-rays look great.Dont know if its the same but talk to your doc and see what he says. I know its frustrating because I tend to panic when something new shows up. Docs always telling me to relax.
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