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I just had an Epidural and in severe pain.

hisbeauty4asheshhisbeauty4ashes Posts: 183
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:44 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
Hi friends it has been awhile since I posted.

On June 3,2010 I went in for a cervical Epidural because after having three neck surgeries the pain had been so bad in my neck,shoulders around my arm pits, and arms.The pain is like major burning that shoots down my arms.it is the worst kind of pain anyone can experience, Headaches etc. Well I went in for the Epidural last Thursday and have been in worse pain since the Epidural.

Today is now fourth day. Can anyone tell me have they experienced worse pain after the Epidural and why my nerves are screaming out and burning in this area of my body?

Thanks for any response.


  • Not sure b/c I never had one but I would think this many days past with worsening symptoms would warrant a call to the doctor.

    I hope you start feeling better soon.
  • I haven't had an ESI yet. But what you are describing might be a thoracic problem. I have a T1/2 herniation and now issues with the bone pressing on the nerve. My pain before I went on the neurontin was just like you describe over the shoulder and around under my arm pit and into the side of my breast.

    I would ask for a MRI of the upper thoracic spine. Doctors often over look this because it is so rarely injured. If you have any questions PM me.
  • Yes I am suppose to see him on the 16th but it seems each day is getting worse. I will see how I do tomorrow and if it has gotten even worse then I will give him a ring.

    I tell you this pain is the kind where you just want to die, and I did remember when I had them before feeling this much pain in my nerves.

    I was wondering if others have experienced this before.

    Thanks sweetie.
  • I had an MRI and I have two Thoracic spine herniation's. I was told not to worry about them because I do not have an extra rib. I have this kind of pain for three years now and I just can not handle it. Surgery is out of the question they told me there was no hope and with the surgeries I had just messed me up and I do not want to go through that again. UGH.

    Thanks hon and may you have a wonderful day.
  • Which levels have herniations? Mine was done posterior and was pretty easy. I would look into that some more.
  • They are in T3/4 and T5/6 I have been to I do not know how many doctors to see what they can do and have exhausted all possibilities. The doctors tell me they wont touch it.

    I looked at my post epidural paper and it says it could take 2 to three days to work and in some cases it may be delayed up to 10 to 14 days but rarely does pain increase in the arms after two days and let me tell you every day it the pain has gotten worse.

    The doctor did tell me if it does not take it is server nerve damage problems well I think that is what it is.

    When they were dong the Epidural it took him along time to get to the space because there was way to much scare tissue.

    Thanks have a good afternoon or evening depending where you are.

  • I have had three lumbar ESI's and yes for me the first two took three to four days for them to give me any relief and I did have increased pain until the steriods kicked in. My third ESI cause a very sharp increase in pain and this lasted about five weeks for me. I was pretty much bed bound for this entire time and in constant severe pain. I don't know what happened, maybe the doctor hit a nerve or maybe it hit a spot that actually caused inflamation?? BUT this pain did finally get back to my baseline pain after about the six week mark.

    I don't know if this is very encouraging to you, but even though the doctors make it sound like this is very very rare to have happen, it does happen. During this time I had significant increase in leg and foot pains and burning also.

    I would write down all your symptoms and give your doctor a call soon and give them this information. It is possible that the shot caused a tear in your dural sac and if this is the case they can go back in and patch this up. The headache is the reason I say this could be the case, but because this is your in your neck, it could just be due to the location.

    Whatever this may be, I would just run all this by your doctor to see what they have to say. Good luck and keep us posted.......Mitch
  • Before my first surgery, I had one injection and exactly what you are saying happened. The pain only continued to increase. At the time I had no idea what injections meant or anything as I just wanted the pain to stop from the original injury. I called the doc everyday saying you have to be able to get this out or deactivate it or something. I did learn you just have to wait it out. About a week later I returned to the normal base line pain. But it sure hurt like the dickens during the time. The final answer was the med couldn't pass in the space and is what caused the horrific pain.
  • for the post, hisbeauty - as well as all of the responses. I've never had this treatment though I've learned enough that I know I'm a candidate for it - and soon. I'll make sure I can care for myself in case that kind of pain reaction happens to me.

    I hope you're feeling better by now. Would you keep this post updated please? I've learned so much from everyone's personal experiences!

  • Hi all and thanks for all the responses here.

    I did call my doctor today it turned out when he did the Epidural I had so much scar tissue from all the neck surgeries he had to cut through scare tissue to inject the medicine. So He tore things and that is why it is so bad with burning and soarness and all above pain. Ugh so we will see what happens. I am having a muscular massage this Wednesdays I cannot wait it is a gift from my Birthday.

    take care all
  • I have severe advanced DDD C-7/8 and radiculopathy with intense knife-like pain down into mid-thoracic over to scapula, shoulder joint, down arm neuralgia, deep aching, hands numbness and tingling; diagnosed with positional compression of nerves at those two levels with multiple osteophytes in April. First week of May had my first ESI nerve block at C-8 bilaterally, right nerve root junction and left as well.

    The injections were off-the-chart painful, compared to any other injections I have ever had; had typical 2-3 day total relief BUT on 4-5 day pain was back as before ESI, by 7th day, I was experiencing:

    Intense symptoms ended up going off-the-charts (nerve pain/burning pain NEVER experienced ever) I am not foreign to chronic intense pain - - this was the worst I ever experienced.

    In detail:
    Intense nerve electrical spasms constant;
    Deep aching ulnar side of upper arm down past elbow;
    Intense burning pain with numbness in my hand and down into fingers constant;
    Periods of deep aching numbness in fingers little finger to the thumb in intensity, prompted me to rub and scratch each finger because of intensity of tingling/numbness

    Duration: 3-1/2 weeks - Intense Tortuous Pain

    Meds: Hydrocodone (dose doubled wk 2)
    Neurontin, 100 mg up to 300 mg (allergic reaction itching) stopped
    Meloxicam, anti-inflammatory, double dose ? mg
    Seroquel 75 mg (to sleep)

    Neurontin 100 mg at night re-started on wk 3

    By Wk 4-5 pain easing off; as pain lessened drastic loss of movement/strength/dexterity in wrist/hand/fingers/thumb

    By Wk 6 tingling not intense but continuous, pain relieved!!! and some strength returning

    I still have loss of dexterity and movement

    NO MORE ESI'S for my C-Spine

    I believe I am fortunate to have this improve - - I've read everything I could and these procedures are done and risks are stated on documents, BUT in my opinion, a detailed disclosure should be provided to the patient. I found documented medical studies and alot of information from anethesiologist pain specialists sharing with other colleagues, about risks and some cases experience adverse reactions and worsened symptoms.

    This is not well documented/studied but there are people who are reporting adverse effects like I had and I know from experience I will never do ESI's in my cervical spine.

    I came across warning reports on-line of gathered information of high risk and permanent damage to nerves evidently from angle of needle procedural issues, retracting if difficult to have proper placement of needle, and drug substances used some resulting in toxity damage to the nerves.

    I am soooo glad that I was evidently short-term adverse effects - - but I can tell you this it was torture!

    I can't say that the ending result and the level of loss of dexterity/movement/strength is because of the adverse reaction from the EDI injections or a deterioration of radiculopathy symptoms because of C-7/8; that I guess I will never know.

    Re: ESI - Lumbar vs Cervical

    I never experienced any adverse reactions to my lumbar with facet joint injections over 5-6 yr period, nor 2 rhizotomies past 2 yrs.; and in fact I'm functioning very well 14 months from last ESI, rhizotomy.

    I hope in somehow you are able to get some treatment and relief and the nerve symptoms are on some level resolved.

    My heart goes out to you and knowing what just six weeks ago I was experiencing - - no one should have to have that kind of pain!
  • Hi, saw your last post and that's great that you were able to get an explanation and understand why you had the pain and complications.

    Noticed your last post last week and so HOPE that by now you are seeing your pain and intense discomfort is lessening.

    That's great to hear you're having that muscular massage and what a nice gift to you for your Birthday! That was a perfect gift for you - - and I would imagine that massage could shift things for you, I sure hope so!

    And know you can have some extra days of celebrating that Birthday - - especially when you feel much better :)!

  • Hi, saw your last post and that's great that you were able to get an explanation and understand why you had the pain and complications.

    Noticed your last post last week and so HOPE that by now you are seeing your pain and intense discomfort is lessening.

    That's great to hear you're having that muscular massage and what a nice gift to you for your Birthday! That was a perfect gift for you - - and I would imagine that massage could shift things for you, I sure hope so!

    And know you can have some extra days of celebrating that Birthday - - especially when you feel much better :)!

  • Thought it'd be a good idea to clarify some things from my previous post regarding things I had read re: risks, adverse effects and complications with having epidural spine injections (ESI).

    Specifically, Re: procedures of ESI's and substances used and what I shared and understood from information being provided by anethesiologists, neurologists and pain management physicians. I failed to mention it was also reported new procedures, injection approaches and substances were being suggested, modified and changed because of adverse effects being experienced by some of their clients.

    And that's important and good to know!

    Re: Lumbar ESI's

    Like to re-state I had very good experiences with ESI's for my lumbar spine; facet joint injections, nerve blocks, and rhizotomies have been relieving me of dysfunctional symptoms, with no adverse reactions.

    I have been relieved of chronic dysfunction pain I had for a long period of time and because of epidural lumbar injections, I am able to be active and almost free of pain because of those injections with progressive degenerative disc disease!

    I wish I had the same experience of the ESI's in my Cervical Spine. It is not clear as to why I was not able to have that experience.

    I am not a medical professional nor attempting to divulge information or draw conclusions in sharing and reporting of publications and reports I have read regarding ESI's and the risks and adverse affects being reported.

    I encourage you to read information is available from many sources and to discern for yourself drawing your own perspective and conclusions with regard to the risks, reported adverse effects and your own decision in considering ESI's as a safe and effective option for treatment.

  • Hi, i was just wondering the same exact thing!! I had a epideral in my next oct 17th, 8 days later it seems the pain is getting worse daily... pinching and burning but different then the burning and pinching before the shot. 1st few days it felt like it may be working. Now im getting concerned. Honestly now i just feel a different and more dicomfort and a knot in my neck now.
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