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Pillow under legs while sleeping

mjyfgslmjyfgsl Posts: 57
edited 06/11/2012 - 1:45 PM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
My therapist told me today that the worst thing for the spine is lying on a flat surface ,that a pillow should always be under the legs .Opinions ?


  • I sleep mostly on my sides, with a pillow between my legs and "hugging" another pillow to help shoulder/neck problems.

    I can't sleep on my back anymore, but when I did I had to have a pillow under my knees.
  • I agree with your therapist. since my back surgery I always sleep on my back with a pillow under my knee and find it very comfortable. I could not even imagine otherwise.
  • i use a pillow under my legs alot of the time.. whether i am laying on my back or my side i use a pillow under my legs.. it helps relieve some of the stress on my back... i think it is a rather personal thing as to whether it helps or not but of course your doctor knows best! good luck! Jenny :)
  • a hot redhead {my wife]! and a memory foam pillow in between my knees i have done for years .i can't stand my knees touching each other even my feet have to be away from each other .but the pillow {and memory foam is the best for this } is a really good idea
  • I've been sleeping with a softish pillow between my knees when on my side. When I'm sleeping on my back (a lot less often now days) I use this big triangular shaped foam pillow.... it's made for under yours knees when sleeping on your back or behind you if you want/need to sleep with a slight incline or sit up that way.

    I measured the one used during PT, that I was comfortable with, and then ordered it for bed at home. I find it helps. You could ask your PT which one they suggest and then ask to try it while waiting for them to get to you.

    It took a while to get used to the sizes of mine even tho' the angle isn't that great... I started up with a rolled up towel between my knees...

    Hopefully you'll find the position and pillow, if necessary, that will keep you comfy.

  • I always have a pillow between my knees when I am sleeping on my side, and under my knees when I am sleeping on my back.

    Before my surgery, I couldn't sleep on my back, and if ever I lay on my back, I would have to have my knees bent up, or I would be very uncomfortable.

    I think it is recognised about using the pillow. I was told in hospital, to have the pillow either under or between my knees, depending on how I was lying at the time.

  • Yes, this is the norm. If you lay totally flat you are straining the low back. By putting a pillow under the knees you are flattening out the low back.

    Everyone differs in size, shape, type, amount, etc of pillows they use. For me, every night is different. I also always use a pillow between my knees when laying on my side.

    Whenever I'm in the hospital, have an MRI, etc I make sure there are pillows for under my knees. Nurses and nurses aides have been great about that, I get the sense it's a common request.

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  • I slept for 17years with a pillow under my knees that was the only way I could get comfortable, but in the past few weeks I cannot. I started waking up with extreme, pain, numbness and tingling it has gotten better without a pillow....pretty strange. I want to put it back but I don't know what to do about the increased pain.
  • I have been sleeping with a latex pillow under my knees for nearly 4 years but lately I get really restless and also pain start to emerge in my tail bone area and some numbness in my buttocks, so I started to sleep on my side. But as soon as I sleep on my right side, my left pelvic would hurt.

    Does anyone here experience this?

    Please share with me.

    Thank you.

  • i still can't get comfy even on the latest mattress the octaspring and i use the tempur millenium queen pillow for my head and a generic memory foam pillow in between my knees at first i am very comfy but two hours later and the pain grips me in my lower back and legs and feet then i have to get up .{every night for the last ten years}..my back is wrecked i am only 46 many people don't realise that back pain from a car crash and three major operations is not the same as the normal back pain that many adults get at some point in there lives and suffer for a few days .....
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