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i don't feel so good

strakerstraker Posts: 1,851
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:46 AM in Chronic Pain
hi folk
i don't know if any of you feel like this but here goes.living of only 2/3 hours sleep for the last 5 years and taking pain killers and being in pain all the time .really ages you and at the moment i just feel like everything i try to do is a major effort .i am still waiting for my discography and i suppose that i am a bit worried about that .but i just cart get going these days i am tired and in pain all the time and even tho its not the worse pain its constant and i think that's what sucks the life out of you ..anyone one feel the same way ??


  • Well you have commented to me before when I complained of sleep problems. However, mine are not as bad as yours. I am sorry you are having such troubles. I am actually sleeping a little better. I go on weird little jaunts of insomnia or something and then they go away.

    BUT, let me say this..even though I am sleeping longer I still do not sleep soundly..does that make sense? I wake up everytime I turn over..I then look at the clock for some reason. And I turn over almost every 2 hours because my back is stiff and hurting.

    For me it seems doing much of anything is an effort but mine is related to post op recovery and pain.

    So have no fear!!! you are not alone in your chronic pain and sleepless nights.

  • Hi Straker,
    I too get 2-3 hrs at most of sleep at night. Seems as though it catches up with you and you feel as you stated that the life is being sucked right out of you. I can so relate and I feel for you. I think you are also under a great deal of stress right now, with the discography coming up.
    I cannot even remember the last time I slept more than the 2-3 hrs. and I feel wiped out. Do you ever get concerned the due to the lack of sleep you are so run down that your whole immune system is out of whack. I am also dealing with a problem you have spoke of many times (the dreaded constipation issue) I have tried so many things. The dr. prescribed a powder type medication and it doesn't work at all. I am now trying to eat grapes and drink Plum juice. Sorry to get off track.
    Are you taking any type of med. like xanax or muscle relaxers or antidepressants? Of course don't know why I am asking because they don't help me with the sleep problems but thought perhaps it might help you. Obviously what doesn't work for one might help another. I was going through physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy (my vocal cord was paralysed during my cervical operation). Every one of them said my body was so tensed up due to the pain that relaxing is very difficult as my the pain causes me to be tensed all the time. When I do sleep I clench my teeth so bad I have recently had four extractions due to breaking my teeth at night. It does seem like a lack of sleep affects our bodies in so many ways. I was given deep breathing exercises to try to relax. Didn't help. But my dad did tell me one thing that at least helps me fall asleep sometimes. Count backwards by 3's starting at 99. Do it over and over. Apparently when we are counting we are not really thinking of other things. It did help some especially when I felt a panic attack coming on. Sounds silly but anything is worth a try. I truly feel for you. You are going through so much and I find you to be such a kind and helping person. You are having this procedure soon aren't you? I hope after having it, you will at least have one less thing on your mind. Very difficult dealing with all of this especially when you are in so much pain.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and I wish you the best of luck! If you ever want to talk feel free to PM me, I am here for you and I am a good listener. Also since I am up most of the night we can hopefully help each other.
    Take care,
  • I too miss normal sleep. And we know that sleep is the body's time to heal and rest, etc. How can your back ever recover any when you're never sleeping? I can only imagine how badly off I would be with 2-3 hrs of sleep. I am up to 4-6hrs per night, but the stiffness from sleeping 6hrs is not really worth it. Waking every 1.5-2hrs is not very restful anyway. I hope you can get the ball rolling soon Tony. The waiting is torturous.
  • i can get to sleep in about 15 minutes but 2 hours later i wake in pain {and as many of you know i have a very expensive electrical adjustable bed and its so comfy ..so it not the bed} as for constipation ..try movicol its work very well and a tip for taking it .its a powder that you mix with cold water and if you do that you will probably heave! it taste like 54iT ! so what i do is pure contents into a cup then pour some boiling water in it {about a quarter of a cup or just less then add orange cordial than top up with cold tap water so the drink is just above cool .this takes the taste away ...trust me it works
    i do think that lack of sleep combined with constant pain has to hurt your body it must do something negative ..i just get so 91553d off with it all i just want to be fit and pain free !!!!.i thought that i would get to about 70 before all this crap ruined my life ..so much for looking after my self!
  • Hi Tony,

    I'm a little afraid to make suggestions...because it could sound like medical advice. It's not. I'm just sharing my experiences.

    I share the sleep issue. Also, pertaining to one of your other posts, I don't normally sweat a lot, but I often wake up in a sweat and in pain.

    Here is my observation. When I was taking 900mg of Neurontin at bedtime (as prescribed by my NS), not only did I sleep the night like a baby, but I could hardly get out of bed in the morning. I'm no longer on Neurontin due to some side effects. I'm now on Lyrica (150mg per day -- a baby dose). Guess what, I wake up at 2:30 or 3:00 for the day again.

    I also wonder if it's partly withdrawal. I take Hydrocodone at about 8:00 PM, so by 3:00AM, that's about 7 hours and maybe my body is saying it's time for some more? I usually take it every 4 hours, so that wouldn't surprise me.

    Last night I tried Melatonin (with Dr's permission) and I made it until 5:30AM. Woo hoo! So, I'm going to try it again and see if it was more than just a coincidence.

    As much as I didn't like the nausea and foggy feelings I experienced from Neurontin, I do miss that great sleep.

    Best wishes in your journey. I really hope that you find relief through tweaking your meds. If you are definitely getting ready for a multi-level fusion, my prayers are with you -- that it will be a complete success and that you get the relief that you deserve.

    Take Care,
  • I didn't get the Spine-Health decoder ring. So, I'm not quite sure what these words mean. I have an idea, though. :)
    straker said:
    it taste like 54iT !

    i just get so 91553d off with it all i just want to be fit and pain free !!!!.
  • Lack of sleep was really disturbing my life last year. My wife complained to my PM Doctor that I was becoming a pain to live with cause I was so grouchy from lack of sleep. He prescribed Trazadone as a sleep aid. Its an anti-depressant that occasionally, healthcare providers may recommend as a sleep aid to help people with insomnia. Drowsiness is a common side effect of the medication. I tried Ambien a couple of years ago, but I was unable to function the following day after taking it. I've been on Trazadone for almost a year and a half now. It's not perfect. I still wake up several times a night but I fall right back to sleep with no ill effects from waking up. Try discussing this with your doctor to see if this is an option for you.

  • To echo what Dave (Authority) just posted...My daughter has terrible RSD pain, and the only thing that helps her get to sleep at night when she is having a bad flare-up is Trazadone. She needs to take it early in the evening, though, because the next morning she has great difficulty thinking.

    One thing we have learned in her 3-year journey with RSD (a disease which makes our pain seem trivial), is that sleep is the #1 priority. Without it, her pain level continues to escalate.

    Trazadone has been a blessing for her.

    Take Care,
    Another Dave
  • This is how one doctor explained to me how chronic pain beats you down over time. When you experience bad pain your body naturally goes into "fight or flight" mode. This is built into your body to help you survive a traumatic injury or attack. Your body and muscles tense up, heart rate increases, sweating, hormones and adrenaline are released.

    This works well for an emergency but when you are in fight or flight mode for years it wears you down and of course screws up your sleep.

    It seems to take a lot now for me to get a little adrenaline pumping but when it does happen I can move much faster and more freely than "normal".

    Do a search on fight or flight and chronic pain and you will find lots of reading.
  • Oh yeah. This has been a heck of a year for me, and pain is taking its toll on my body for sure. It's really amazing how much, really.

    Hugs. Hang in there, buddy.
  • I'm sorry to hear about you're not sleeping still. I take oxazepam 30 mg and it's so strong I've fallen asleep in the desk chair. I'm not sure what sleep aid you're using but this is a great med to help relax you to sleep, well for me anyways. Take naps through the day when you can. Have you ever had a sleep study done?

    I know the constant pain is a struggle and praying you get your discogram soon. I think of you often and praying you get some relief even a decent nights sleep you deserve it! Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • have said that i have one of the worst spines on record and its no wonder that i am in so much pain .all my family doctor can do is keep me supplied with pain killers and sleeping meds its the surgeons job to try to make my back a nicer place to be .he has had plenty of experience with bad backs and even though mine is one of the worst he has seen he still thinks that he can help .i have been through so many so called systems to help with sleep and pain but nothing works .my surgeon has told me that i am in as much pain as a terminally ill person due to the damage to the spine and he also said that its a testament to me that i can still manage to get through the day with a spine as bad as mine he added that many don't ! something happened on the last operation and i have been ill ever since all i have been able to find out is that i had a major bleed and i found that out by accident
  • I'm so sorry that you're having such a time. My sleep patterns are improving since my surgery, but I still can't stay in the bed more than 3 hours without having to get up and walk. I sometimes feel like the walking dead, but if I don't get up I'll be stuck, literally lol.

    I remember when this latest herniation with my spine happened, I didn't sleep for a week. That alone seems to intensify pain.

    I really wish we could grant each other the gift of health, but since we can't I'll wish you the best of luck on your journey to find relief.

    Best wishes! :)
  • from others ..because its so easy to say ;i have a bad back ; it sounds like a nothing illness but its anything but .its wrecked my life .i am not the man i once was ,.i am moody /have no real interest in anything because i can't do anything without being drenched in sweat and /or in terrible pain .to day i collected my mother from liverpool airport i was on the road for 3 hours and when i got home i just cried i was in so much pain and i just felt so ill ..i hate being like this ..ever since that last operation my health has suffered big time .i just hope that my new surgeon can do something good for me ..i am still waiting for the discography
  • I had an answer for you Tony, I take Pamelor at bedtime now and it works pretty well. I have used Benedryl with it and even Ambien, The Ambien is now a waste of my co-pay as it no longer works at all.
    So I am done with it, not getting anymore refills.

  • Straker, sorry to hear your not doing well.

    Wish I could tell you that I go to sleep in 15 min and sleep straight through. It does not happen for me either. I do get want I need, but I would enjoy more.

    Takes me a couple hours to get to sleep. And after that, someone walking by my room and I am awake. I hear the fridge open, 2 rooms away, I sleep very lightly. Years of trying to get enough rest to keep working and because my pattern of rest was to get a short nap, and then work another 10 hours. So -it is ingrained to sleep short and lightly.

    I only use a couple of meds for sleep - and honestly - I have not had them filled for almost a year, since I last had my facet joints lock -and never slept for a couple months, until I got the pain dropped off again.

    I read - I worked with computer games - mapping and other things that interested myself. 3D mapping an the like - after awhile - I got tired and drifted off.

    Today - I read a chapter or 2 - of something I wish to read up on and then I pop in one of my relaxation tapes. I have many favorites -

    Find your own suggestions - I know it makes no sense - and I felt exactly as frustrated as yourself. I wanted the Dr to fix the stuff, and everytime I talked to him, he just ignored stuff. Around here - if you got a Dr, you have to keep him, otherwise - you get someone assigned to you from the Hosp- and then you have irregular checks and NO-ONE will give you pain management - in that situation.

    Take care - C45
  • i have a very kind and understanding family doctor and i keep in touch with him via phone/letter and in person .and my new surgeon is also a fantastic man i just hope that he can help me after i have had the discography...i am still waiting for it by the way!.unfortunately chronic pain can flare up with a vengeance and when you think you were in pain a week ago then a flare up comes along ..you wish for last week if that makes any sense ...about 3 weeks ago i had almost pain free days !! and even though i was not sleeping i felt so much better but now i am having an almighty flare up and i think its the worst i have ever had ....until the next time!{just a point on previous treatments ..over the last 15 years i have been through the pain management system i have been to back classes /aqua back club/private physio/state physio.chiropractors/ acupuncturist.no one can help me now apart from this new surgeon and that depends on the results of the discography.meanwhile i use oxycontin /an acticare unit {TENS} and a massage chair to help with pain ,but even with rest and pain medication i am feeling very bad with pain
  • Some days it would be easy to just suck down the whole bottle of pain meds and a bottle of Jack. Done deal - end of story...
    It is SO frustrating, so discouraging and it just wears on you and gets so damn old... Then I guess you think about how it's not ever, ever, going to get any better - most likely worse.
    That is a lot to look forward too. Nobody else see's, nobody else understands, but you are judged constantly. I get so sick of all of it.
    Isn't it enough the pain we feel that is real pain, let alone the emotional pain of just dealing with "it" and then the pain of seeing everything we will never do again. I could frickin' bawl everyday.
  • Tony, I couldn't agree with you more. I felt the same way for the last (4) years before my recent PLIF L4/L5 fusion. I am out of pain and feeling light and happy most days. I'll pray for you that you're surgery, when you have it, will take you out of the pain-realm. God Bless, mel v. :|
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