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New Adventure

blazerblazer Posts: 785
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:46 AM in Health Insurance Issues
Started a new adventure today,which was pretty tough because it needed for me to sit to long, and just aggravated the pain levels.
I applied for ssdi online today, reading ss requirements i feel it will go thru but who knows.
Now i get to deal with a work comp. lawyer. a ss lawyer and left message with my divorce lawyer,
I dont think ex is gonna be happy, but she did it to us not me.
Boy this stuff gives you a head ache just trying to deal with it all at once,
But i've been paying into ss for 40 years, so now they can give me my money back, and i've been beating my body up for 38 years between the marine corps and driving a truck, so if i get ssdi, i wont feel guilty at all.
Sorry i'm still trying to convince myself that this is the way to go.
just needed to blow off a little steam.


  • Blazer, don't feel at all guilty about putting in a claim! I know alot of people who have defrauded SS for sooo long! Like you said, we paid into it for all these years so why shouldn't WE take advantage of it if it makes our lives easier when we can no longer physically do what we used to do? Hopefully you will be awarded your SSI as easily as I was. I applied on October 24, 2009, sort of on a fluke, just to see what would happen. I guess I wanted to see if anyone else really thought I was in bad enough shape to call me "legally disabled". I had been reading others experiences here and fully expected to need a lawyer once I was turned down. To my surprise I recieved a call exactly 4 months later, on February 21st telling me I would be awarded SSDI. No lawyer, no hearing, just applied on line and then they sent me to have a breathing test for my COPD. It was about 10 days after that doc's appointment when I recieved the call. I surely don;t recieve as much as someone who worked a high paying job for 20 years, but hey! I had been living on a pension and getting the SSI about doubled my income. If nothing else it enables me to PAY someone to come in and do things for me that I can no longer do for myself. I, also, will never feel guilty. I know so many peoople who truly are disabled and are fighting so hard to collect. I also have known a few who faked it all the way and collected. Well, I hope its easy for you like it was for me. Take care!

  • How's it going darlin? Looks like you are on the right track, getting organized and the like. Good for you! As for the 'ex' oh well for her! (G) Hopefully your claim will go through with little issues if any. Like Pat said - NO guilt, okay? Sending you positive energy. *hug*

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Thank you both,
    Pat i'm very happy for you on how easy your ssdi approval went. yea seeing how people cheat the system is very sad, and a lot of them people just dont get it , meaning they think that their laziness is reason enough to get it and there are people who actually need it but refuse to lie about their condition.
    At least you are getting enough to help make your life easier, and hopefully more enjoyable.

    Brenda i'm still trying to convince myself, i sit here and know its right and i tell other people that they deserve it and are entitled to it, but now when i apply, i'm putting myself on a guilt trip.

    I guess when you work hard all your life, and put in 55 hours every week at work its kinda tough accepting the fact.
    Im almost 55 y/o, i feel like im 45 y/o, except for my back feeling like it 70 y/o.
    Im a viet nam era vet. also, so im gonna give the v.a. a call and see if im eligable for non-service related disability also. I know of people who get it so will give that a try also.

    From my research im reading my ex, can get 1/2 my pension for the years we were married, thats 23.
    And she cant get my ss til she turns 62 y/o, thats 12 years away from now. So if im correct then her alimony will stop, but waiting for the lawyer to call me back on that. the alimony is a lot more then my pension money for her, but she was in someone elses bed when we were married, i was'nt.

    Sorry for the rambling, still trying to convince myself, i know its the right way just need to come to accept it also.

    have a nice day.
  • Or Jim, if she remarries, you are fully free of her financially. Any chance you can play Cupid and hook her up! (G) As to pensions and ex's, yeah sadly they do get part of it unless other arrangements were made during the divorce process.

    In Florida it is a 50/50 thing, unless the parties come to an amicable agreement - and the judge agrees. When I retired my hubby signed a 'non survivor' benefit agreement. So I die, the pension stops vs he gets a percent. If a divorce were to occur, this could also be in my favor, as divorce is the death of a marriage, so I would most likely not have to share my pension. Butttt...I don't plan on getting rid of my guy anytime soon (20 years now.), but it's always good to cover the bases!

    When I filed for SSDI, I think the hard part wasn't so much of 'guilt' Jim, it was me finally admitting outside of my personal circle, I have disabilities! That was like a smack in the head! Also retiring from a job you love and worked for years and years at, yeah, it is hard to give it up - especially if your body made the decision, and not you! *HUGZ*

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Yup her lawyer wanted that 50/50 about my pension put in the papers, and the judge gave it to her.
    so we were married 23 years, and she gets half of my pension for that. I have 28 years in the teamster union.
    But my union gave those papers they got from the court, to some labor lawyers and they refused to put her name on it. So i need to call them up in chicago and see if they can help me,(forgot about them thanks for reminding me)That was all because the day of the divorce i called all my ins. companys and took her name off, and put my kids down as my beneficaries.
    If i died before i started getting my pension, it pays out as a life ins. policy worth 50,000$ and her lawyer wanted to make sure she got it and not my kids.
    I think all those nites her sitting in a bar, killed some of her brain cells. =)).
    O well know thats another lawyer i need to call.

    Yups filing for ssdi, is kinda like "buyers remorse" just takes time to accept it.
    You know rest of my body feels good, but my back keeps reminding me that he has some input in this also. :T

    have a nice day and thanks!
  • Jim,

    If you work for the federal government and are married for 10 years in there, divorce, and bing automatic 50/50 on the pension! Unless you retire at a high GS (grade level), your pension (not counting the TSP & SS supplement) averages around 32-40% of your high three (years) salary. Then you would have to add the rest in. It's not bad, but 32% cut in half? Eckkkk!!

    Let me ask you a question, if she retires, do you get half of hers? Also in Florida, normally the one with the higher salary pays the other. Before I retired, $$ would go to him. By the time my hubby retires, his salary should be higher than my present retirement annuity, so $$ would go my way? (G) Funny how that works! lol!!

    What's sad is neck/mid/back are constantly yelling at me, but my back of late is the loud child! In an odd way, it is blocking or nullifying the other pain? Weird bodies...weird! (G) I hope you're feeling better soon Jim. *HUGZ*

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • and saw whole generations of families who knew how to get assistance for just about anything and thought that working for a living vs being taken care of by the government was idiotic. And then there is someone like you who has worked hard, paid taxes and fought for their country and you feel guilty for taking what you have earned. Why- you have more than paid your dues and you deserve some help.
  • Brenda,they have the same rules here the good ole 10 year mark, and everything is 50/50 for the years you were married.
    If she retires, TO all the young people here get a "prenup", i'm old school she didnt want to work but she did start working part time in 1997, and that was fine by me. I told her if we need more money, i would work more overtime, no prob. just make sure the kids are raised right, and fed, and get their homework done. I didnt want latch key children.
    So now im getting paid back for trying to do the right thing (i thought) and making sure my kids were raised properly, by me working longer hours so she could be there for them.
    No she has no pension, and her ss would be small.
    I took our marriage vows seriously, i guess she didnt.

    Beaver, thank you for your kind words, i have told other people on here to take the ssdi, they deserved it, and i know i do, but it took me 4 weeks to convince myself to apply, because i've always earned everything my family and i have and then after you apply your sitting there beating yourself up asking what in the hell did i just do.

    O well, just have to sort it out in my head.

    thank you again, and my best.

    p.s. my daughter get's her 2nd eye surgery next friday, so if this stuff goes thru for me, i will make sure i'm paying for cobra coverage for her.
  • So she really doesn't have a pension in the real sense when she retires. Bummer. Do you have to pay for life? Wow!!

    Please keep us posted on how her surgery goes. This should be the last one, right Jim?

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • I guess it dont look good for me, Ya try to be a good husband and dad, by providing for your family and then this and you get shit on for life!

    This surgery they are cutting daughter's eye muscles so they can re-position her eye to the position it is suppose to be in.

    She might need 1 more because when her eye got injured now the pupil is like a tear-drop shape instead of being round. and she has a slight double vision because of that. so wait and see what the doctor has to say after this surgery heals.

    take care and thanks.
  • Jim,

    When I was like 6 I underwent surgery for a lazy eye. I don't remember much of it, but I thought I remembered my parents saying a muscle in my eye was 'fixed'..? Is that what she's going through - for lazy eye fix?

    As to being a good dad and trying to keep your family comfortable, this for the end reward, yeah, it bites for sure! Sorry man. *HUG*

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • j.howiejj.howie Brentwood, Ca., USAPosts: 1,730
    Most, don't get their SSDI the first go around. I tried 2 times and then got a attorney and he made it work. Most of the people that I know of that are on work comp ussually get the help from work comp. As they want to get rid of you.
    Good luck, Jim
    Click my name to see my Medical history
    You get what you get, not what you deserve......I stole that from Susan (rip)
    Today is yours to embrace........ for tomorrow, who knows what might be starring you in the face!
  • No its not lazy eye.
    When jackie was 12 y/o in the garage with her brother, he was working on her bike so they could go do some riding at the BMX track, well she wears eyeglasses and she didnt have them on at the time.

    The screw driver slipped and she got stabbed in her right eye. The wife stayed home with our son and i took jackie to the emergency clinic.
    They called in a eye specialist after he checked her,he told me i can go home to get wife and jackie's pajamas and take her to hospital, 25 miles away was the nearest one that had the facilities to do eye surgeries.
    Doctor called hospital to tell them we were on the way, he also called another surgeon so she had 2 surgeons working on her , and she is still being operated on by the same 2 surgeons.

    She had 2 surgeries in 3 weeks time. Just to be able to prevent any more damage. But they couldnt do the surgeries until she grew up to fix the condition.
    Now she is 17 y/o and we are doing every thing we can to get her eye to as close to the way it should be.

    Ironic but my son is now 24 y/o and a union auto mechanic. Go figure.
    O well i love my kids and they know it!
  • Yup im meeting with a ss lawyer next week that my work comp. lawyer set me up with.

    Especially if i get ssdi i know comp. is gonna want to get rid of me. Sad i like the company and i like the people i work with. Some of them still stay in touch with me.

    Being a back injury i am now damaged goods and another claim waiting to happen.
    So before they can get rid of me it's gonna cost them big time$$$
    Not counting my medical bills.
    But thats what the comp. lawyer is gonna get paid for. the more i get the more he gets.

    thanks jim I can relate to your signature phrase.
  • Meant to tell ya, I would go and fly with you anytime. All those years i trust ya. ;)
  • Jim,

    What a freak accident! Wow. Screwdriver, thank God it wasn't worse! I will keep sending thoughts and prayers for your daughters upcoming surgery. *HUG*

    As for flying, thanks Jim! Can't use my right arm to fly a helicopter anymore, so I'll fly you around town vicariously through the Internet! (G)

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Hi Jim. Another thing you might want to prepare for is WHEN you are awarded your SSDI all of a sudden you realize that you are "disabled"! REALLY disabled. Not "might be". I worked in a school office for 20 years and retired 3 years ago because of all the budget cuts going on, but then I always planned to work a little part time here and there.
    Well, in over 3 years I haven't worked one day because god forbid I should have to sit with a class of kids - I can only sit for so long, about 15-20 minutes. And what if, god forbid, they should have a fire drill! When theres a fire drill the classes have to be walked far away from the school building. Well, I can only stand/walk for a short distance/time, too. Sooo, without ever really admitting to myself that I may NEVER be able to do those simple tasks again, I applied for SSDI and was awarded it. Jim, immediately after realizing my good fortune at getting my award, came the realization that the docs at the SS Admin must agree that I am DISABLED! That was very depressing for me. People who are "disabled" are blind, they have wheelchairs, they are missing a leg, etc. I just have a backache!!!!! Oh, then I got the bright idea to get a parking placard for my car, mainly because I wanted to be able to be closer to the store entrances in the dead of winter when I would have to walk on ice. Well, wouldn;t you know that the very first time I put that thing in my car window and got out of my car, some nasty man gave me just the dirtiest look!!! Like I was a freeloader or liar or something. Before I could feel too demoralized, about a week later a young man saw my placard and asked me if he could help me by taking my shopping cart back for me. HE made up for the nasty guy, lol! Being "disabled" takes some adjusting to, thats for sure!
  • Brenda'i enjoy reading your posts, you always see the good thru the bad.

    Patriley, thank you fore your insight, i also got the handicap parking placard after my surgery.
    But i have only used it 2 times,When i would go to store and see a elderly woman or man driving thru the parking lot looking for a spot, i knew right away that there are people who need these close parking spots alot more then i did.
    I hear ya on people staring a ya, when you use them spots, I guess it is something you need to expect.
    For all of us here having these injuries can also be mentally as painful as the physical part of it.
    People look at us funny because they dont see the pain, or feel it.
    One day you feel good and you think i can be the same as before, but that dont last long, and then reality shows its ugly head, and we are back to the crippling pain and faced with the truth, that our bodies will not be the same and whether we want to accept that or not, that is a fact that we have to accept.
    Whether it be illness or injury, this is the hand we were dealt, and either you throw in the chips and fold, or you play the hand the best you can.
    I havent seen any body folding here,We are all playing our hand to the best we can.
    There are a lot of brave people here, and i know i'm pleased to be here and happy that i've met so many good people.
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