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dislocated lumbar vertebra

marilynjanemarilynjane Posts: 1
Have a dislocated vertebra in my lumbar spine, the neuro surgeon want to use the rod and screws, the ortho surgeon wants to use grafting from bone taken from back, I don't know which is the best


  • Welcome to Spine Health. It sounds like both docs are recommending fusion and that when they talked to you about it one focused harder on one portion and the other another portion. Here's a really good article that explains modern lumbar fusion surgery. It may help clear up some of the confusion for you. http://www.spine-health.com/treatment/spinal-fusion/modern-lumbar-spine-fusion-surgery

    In a nutshell think of the rods and screws as being a splint and the bone graft being the cement mixed together to fill things in.

    Most doctors offices I have been to, have handouts on the different procedures that they are recommending. Maybe if you call their offices you can find out a bit more information and possibly get a handout on the procedure being recommended.

  • I had both procedures in the same surgery. Bone was taken from my hip and placed in the appropriate place, then everything was screwed into place and a couple of rods thrown in there for good luck! :D
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