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chonic pain helping find a dr when you let go( wasnt sure if this should be in chromic pain or pain

angelina1982aangelina1982 Posts: 11
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:46 AM in Chronic Pain
sorry if i not in the right group. has anyone ever been let go from a dr when the dr thought you were dr shopping buyt you werent....?????? i been seeing a dr for 14 yrs and i only had 3 pcp dr in the last 20 yrs.

where i sign a contract and then it been 3 yrs since i sig one they made me sigh it when i was half a sleep. i was tired from lack of sleep b/c of my niece having a baby. and i was in so mcuh pain, i really didnt feel good. so he gave me my mscontin, but then he made me resighn a contract when half awake... and didnt even give me a copy.

well no drug test or pea test was done i guess he didnt a state check or pharmacy check, and then he thought io lied.... so without me explaining anything he just said go to your other dr.

in between times in the yrs ourt insurance chage and i found another dr she found my heaptitis and diebetics and whooping cough, well after all that she just keep on my diebetic and liver, and my stomach pain.
well she not a chonic pain dr and dont precibe nothing higher then vicodoin or ultram. so anyway our insurance chg again

then my old docotor was on the list and i went to him, then my back got worst and he did mri and exrays and so on i broken all my ribs but 2 and he help me thru this and then he gave me mscontin and i didnt ask for it.... we try and he decided to give it.

well after anyway anytime they gave me stuff i let him know b/c i saoid they dont really work, I am allergic to codeine!!!!! and anyway he up it some well i broke my ribs and they gave me perocets i told him and he said we get your ER reports anyway. so i didnt tell him no more...

welll 3 yrs i sign a contract and then he made me do it a 2 in half weeks ago and next thing the nurse called me said why are you taking perocets and i said i not, and said why are you seeing this dr and i said he my suregeon and he gave that to me after surgery... so the ultram he tried first didnt work and then 2 perocets....

so i guess i screwed up and forgot to tell him about thAT b/c after my surgery i broke 2 ribs.... so i was in 3 differnt pain situation.

so then she the nurse said why am i taking clospam and i said well that for my stomach and help antianxiety

well she i nevcer told i said yes i did the same time i told about belladonna. then she said why are you seeing her...

i said she found my liver disea hepatitis, and dibetic. so anyway she goes well the dr will not be prescibe pain meds for you he will keep ya as a patience.
i said i be in to talk.

well i did and he didnt give much to explain, he goes you lied to me and your dr shopping, i said what, he said i got a thing from state of ohio which found out a orra ohio reporting system this is where a dr can look up and see what you been on.I would of been willing to let him drug test me b/c i didnt have nothing to hide.

how do you dr shop if you had a suregon for your gallbladder & hernai suregey and ER that not dr shopping b/c they cant be your drs and he knoew i was there for my broekn ribs and again the other dr i had maybe6 yrs.... i dont know how you dr shope of 2 dr... one 14 yrs and one for6 yrs. i wish he be honest with me, i wouldnt want him trouble and lose his job i wouldnt jeopardise that at all, he been good to me.

i dont know

no problme i didnt hide anything to him. he said we found phenobarb in you system which i knew he didnt even take a tesat b/c i didnt do it that day... so either he look over the first test or the system told him.

i said that pheno is from my belladonna and you have it on you list of medications, so this dr must not know much about this medication, but it for my stomach i been on for yrs. tehn second he said clospam i said yes that should be on the list too. i said that for my stoamch and antianiety, i said i been on that for yrs too.

so then he said well who prescibe that i said the other dr and then he said i think youo should see her and not me any more...

i gave him my list of meds and there meds that not even on the paper when we go over it....when you not feeling good you mighth forget, but the point is he prescibe meds he dont even got written down like some of my migraines meds...

then i found out there a cough meds he dont have down either and it has a naroctic and he said you taking narcotic, so of course , i didnt even release it was narotic....

so i confused, i explain she help find the liver diseas my diebetic and before i could say she dont do chronic pain, or that when insurance chages i had to find another dr, he just dismiss me, and im on heavy meds for that last 3 yrs i cant go cold turley and i scared.....

also in my town little and they will not take chonic pain people. and i dont know what to do...

he3 use to listen and would let ya talk this time nothing...

i did get a word in and said hey you were almost gone b/c he was having problems staying and him and his lawyers werew fighting, but at the end they let him stay one more yr.... and i dont know if he got alot on his plate and what am i suppose to doi if he left this month i had to find another dr.

he the one help me trying for disabity, he gave a handi cap sticker and so on... he wrote letter for me to keep me off work,. so now i am screwed...

i wanted try to retak to him if i could, or write a letter to him, but i scared the nurse wont give it to him to explain even tho i dont know the whole sitauion.

the nurse didnt even give him the mess from my pharmacy that was baxking me on my mscontin that insurance was only paying 60 and not 90 so he wouldnt think i was taking more. when i talk to him bacxk then he said he never got the mess. and then i question the nurse and she said i took the call and i said well dr hawker said you never told him.

she didnt say nothing b.c my pharacy was trying to get him to call and get pre auth fir the 90 so be bo problem.
the pharmacy back me.

now i cant find a pcp tp treat chronic pain until i can we can find pain mgt...

then if i go see a dr i scared b/c if i tell him then he might not take me at all. b/c this dr well known and in a small town. he the cornor that tell when people are dead.

if he showed me and sit down and said hey this is what you did then i could explain. nothing.

any suggestion ??? b/c my dibetic& dr might be upset and dismiss me too, b/c she wont to deal with painmgt and that type of meds.

i dont want to lose her then who will take care of my diebetic and stuff.

i tired and i might forgot to add, any suggetion is apppreciate and the nuese when i left his office they were gossiping. i felt like a fool.

the other thing not sure if i had it, on the list of medication he dont even hve the meds he gave for migraines my nause meds and other,so i get inot trouble and they dr him self forgot to write down what he gave me. like said if he didnt get the extended leave i be searching for another dr.

if i can find one how do i explian what i dont know what in my files without having a copy. we4ll sorry for long one im tired hurt and sad,,,, scares oh yeah he claims that someone told him he should call the cops on me, he said he cant do this to me,and he dont work that way..... thanks for letting me vebt and trying to get help sorry for any mess wwords.

thios nis the list of medications i am on.

1. mscontin
2.neurtin- nerve damage
3.norflex muscle relax
4.copd mediations
5.high presure meds
6.water pills
7.cogh meds
that all i can think of now.

secone dr.
1. clospam-for spam in stommach-antiaxiety

the suregon when i had surgery
1. ultram-didnt work

ER room when broken ribs
1.vivodin didnt work
2.shot morphine

the dr knew b/c he got the report from the Er dept sent to him automatic. any help apprecaite thanks


  • You give each doctor a list of every medication you are on. You don't leave anything off. If you get more meds, you let them know immediately.

    I have to admit, this post is really hard to follow. You sign a contract, it is your job to read it- it is not somebody else's job to make sure you read it. It sounds like these medication contracts keep getting you in trouble, but instead of changing the way you're dealing with your medication, you're just blaming your doctors for messing things up. This is not the doctor's job! It is your job to keep these things straight.

    So you should always have a current list of your medications. If you are on a pain contract, you do not accept any prescription for a controlled substance without prior approval from your pain doctor unless it is an emergency (you didn't mention whether the broken ribs were an emergency or whether they occurred during business hours).

    If it is an emergency, it is YOUR responsibility to notify them immediately of the change and ask them what to do. "They didn't work" is not an appropriate indication of compliance.

    The only thing I can think of is to go back to the doctor with a plan for how you will manage your medications better. Because I think the issue is that you do not think there should be any problem with what you are doing, while in the doctor's mind it is quite clearly against the standard pain contract (in most areas you can not even get long-term vicodin prescriptions without one).

  • Hi, I have a pain doc who gives me meds and a NS. I had surgery on August 3rd for ACDF. My pain doc had me on percocets at that point and he said take this along with what the NS give you for short term post op care.

    I also made sure the NS would fax him progress notes including what post op pain meds he was giving me. I saw my pain doc 9 days ago and said I was having alot of pain so he added a different pain med to the percocet. I also called the NS and ask for a stronger muscle relaxer for the neck issues and sleep difficulties. He decided that it was the pain which was severe given the procedure and what he found so he prescribed an even stronger pain ned and told me to stop the others for now.

    With all the problems with docs and pain meds in my area this made me nervous as I didn't want to frustrate my pain doc and get discharged. So I immediately called his office and left a message about the med change, I also called the NS's office and had them fax the lastest notes so he could perhaps see the NS's reasoning.

    I know this maty sound over the top, but you have to sure this stuff is cummunicated or you could lose your pain doc by violating your contract. Pain Docs are very strict about these meds now because of all the heat from the DEA and drug seekers. Maybe i'm paranoid but better to give too much information then not enough if you want to continue to get meds for your pain.

    Hope this helped in some way to explain the issues as I see them.
    AL S
  • Someone made an excellent comment on another thread. "Keep it legal or risk a painful future."

    Very true. Taking pain meds from any source other than your pain management doctor is taking too big of a risk. Better to decline them and call your PM doctor the next day and ask for extra meds.
  • hi, thanks for coment, not blaing my dr for the all. it just if i give the nurse what i take and she dont wtite it down and the dr dont write down what he has prescibe for me,,,,, what i talking about is that the ER dept he and the nuse said they always get copies sent to them. so i stop saying. also it just my suregeons was the one that gave that to me...

    hey i not good at contract and english is my worst subject, no one ask me if i understand so if a perosn with specail needs didnt understand then you saying well it there fault and they repsonsibity...

    it ben 3- yrs since last cobtract and they suppose to be one yr after yr, so that long time, to try to remeber everything. when you dont understand and then you hjave specail needs kids and alot of stress on you life is little harder...

    i just wish i could give the time to explin and know what i did wrong and then i can say what i did wrong say sorry , i not one to like taking bunch meds unless i am really in pain and you have surgery and then have all your ribs broekn except 2 on top of back issue and life in general, things can by pass ya.....

    well sorry if i caused people not to understand me... i never said i blame the whow thing just the thing he didnt write down he put me on.....
  • OK, now I understand, thank you for pointing it out. Yes, please tell your doctors when they give you the contract that you have dyslexia and need overnight to review it. These days most doctors will e-mail paperwork several days before the appointment.

    What I am saying is that you are your only advocate. I know you have difficulties, but you're going to have to compensate for them by being sure to get copies of all of your paperwork and read them when you get home, and ask questions if you have any.

    The doctors will probably be helpful if you explain that it's hard for you to remember the contracts, but you have to tell them that.

    I am not sure what you might be able to do to get back in with the old practice. Is there someone you got along with especially well that you could call and talk to? Or could you discuss it with the doctor? Do you still have the full jar of Percocet? That would go a long way.
  • thanks, i scared to call him after he got up and left me, then the nurse said you may go.... do you think a letter send it and see if he replys back??? ot is that stuoid??? i cant keep waiyinhg the ER will not give refills and i dont want to go cold turkey..

    do you know how to find pain mgh without a referalllll??? the other dr i had that not chromic pain migt get mad and stop seeing me too, thanks for yout help im so thanks .. amg
  • Can you talk to your primary care doctor about it? He also would be a lot less likely to get angry if you still have the full bottle of percoset from the emergency room.

    I actually started seeing my pain management doctor without a referral. I just started researching local doctors and picked this one and called them. But they will not give you a refill right away without records from your old PM doctor, which will include that you were released. I think it's better to try to work this out.

  • no i dont take vicodine b/c it maeks me sick and i allregic to codeine... and perocets i might have a scrip for.. from when i broke my ribs.... i scared to get them if they send it to the state, also i might haVE SOME ULTRAM, from suregery.. sorry

    how can i talk to another dr if i can get inot him?? i want be honest, the thing is if he want my records what if he decided not to take me b.c of it, i scared...... thanks

    ps i found my thing he had me sign, and this is what it says and i never did blood or unire test. if i did i must be out of it.....

    general i responsibtty for my medications, i dont know what narotics are not.

    after reviewing mri xrays- medical records medical nessity you are eligible to enter in contract....

    ok if i eligible that mean they check me out first... that what i gather am i wrong, why even have that sentence if you didnt.

    you are request tyo make appt to get you meds every month.

    the onething i did wrong is i forgot to give this to walgreens they said i need to take this to walgreens., again i was half a sleep.

    cant refil earily on this medication and none has done this only when in the ER they gave me a shot but they knew i was on morphine.

    filling differnt pharmacy i never did that.
    radom drug testing they never did that.
    or pill count they never did that.

    pattern of miss appointments, i only did that once when i was sick nausea couldnt get out of ned.

    miss use never did share it never did.

    youmust use you insurance i have to i cant afford it.

    now they only one i have to pay cash for b.c my insurance wont pay for it, that belladonna and it has phenobarb. it cost me 10.00 month i need it for my stomach. maybe that one of the thing that ohio saw... hell what are you suppose to do when you insurance dont pay for it.

    what does this mean???? i sorry if i sound stupid...
    obtaining prescit from multiple physcian voids contratract??????? does this mean on morphine
    or does this mean on any medications.?? confused???

    then at the end it says contract has been reviewed with me and it wasnt!!!!! all question answered that not true?????? and any violations can result in summary dismissal

    medical recoreds are forward upon request of a properly excuted released of medical records to the health care provider of choice.....

    so what did i do wrong besised forgetting to the pharmacy.... and not sure what some of that ment...

    can somone in the socail worker dept of the hsopital help me....

    i found out i can go to columbus and get thios records that he claim that was sent to him by the stste and they told me i can review it all i need to do isget that paper notirised and then i know what i did wrong or what????

    but the thing is why wait a week and call me and tell, me i did somehting wrong.

    when i went to one pain mg dr he automatic sent me down stair and do a pea test if i was truful, then he see me, this man did help me at all i did the shots.... so i just stoip seeing him., i doint know if he take me since he in the same dept and next door to him...

    i dont know i oin pain and i skipping meds to try to get thru...... thanks ang

    sorry if i cant type good and understaning...
  • that why i scared i dont know if he willing, do i calle and ask for his nurse to call back and see if he willing.....that why i ask if i wrote a letter would that help maybe if he sat and read it he might see me... dont know. also like said i like to work it out b.c he the one helping me with my disability,

    also i willing to write up a letter stament saying i will not see another dr unless ER and that lady that does my diebetics, tell him he can take over her meds and i be willing to give her up to see him and go by his rules.

    also the sad part is he leaving in a yr and i dont know who will take me over.... also he was almost gone here a month ago him and his attroney faught and he get to stay one more yr....

    so that why i said to him you were leaving who am i suppose get.that when he said go see her only, yeah if she did pain pgh or chonic pain she dont...

    i thanks for your comments... i sadden...

    i go infront of my work retirement and see one of they drs it a physical med dr and not sure what they going to do..... should i be worried what will they do it differnt then the state... my retirement disabity going to send me to a psc dr too

    im on oxgen mostly at night when it hot or too cold i get exbaturation then i use during the day, should i take my oxgen to show i on it... b/c they way this retirement disbaity works is if you not able to do the job you at now...... whihd is cook and picking up heaving things and carry heavy things and standing long periods of time... now if i get to hot i get where i cant breath and start couging how am i supppose to beable to prepare school food if i cant stand long and have coughing spelled from copd and have to use the oxgen....

    but if i lose this dr then another might not think it has bad... dont know... i worried.

    sorry sop long i am scared they go and check on yr by yr.. the sad thing is i cant take out my retirement they use that later when they use that age 60 then after my retirement rusn out then they use they money again. i hate yr thing the stste not that bad..... thanks for you listen to a stupid perosn like me....
  • I am assuming you are an adult, and in the US, adults with learning disabilities are allowed to sign contracts and are expected to take responsibility for reading those contracts. Just a point to take with you in the future- when you sign your name to it, you are implying that you understand it.

    The prescriptions clause is the issue. The problem is taking a narcotic prescription from a physician other than the physician you are under contract with. You're not allowed to do that. Now you see it was on your contract that you're not allowed to get prescriptions from other doctors. You broke the contract by getting a prescription for Percoset from the emergency room doctor when you broke your ribs.

    Narcotics are very addictive, and they need to monitor you very carefully.

    Do you have a family member who can help you with this?
  • when you sxaid you went thr before you got a pain mg without referal.... did you have to find a pcp you mean??? also how many did you go thru before you found one without a referal????? what state are you in??? i live in ohio i called 7 and all said they have to have a referal....

    even for mental health they want a referal this stste looney...
  • no i dont have no family my own kids are special needs 18 bipolr and 15 and he specail in classes.
    but the dr knew i told him what they gavew me, i said usualy they give me vicodin and percoets and he and his nurse said we all way get the reorts from the ER autmaticly. so i didnt say no more since he said we get you records auto..

    also the thing is in the hospital when i had surgery am i suppose to have them call the dr before they have surefgey and if they give you meds while in the hospital and then they send ya home??? i still have some of the meds in the bottle, i could show hiom i didnt finsh it all.

    and plus i have the scrip i never filled and was going to show the scrip he said well you filled it once. hey how do i understand in a surgery settling.

    the main thing is they never did any of ther agreement i never pea test just they got from the state... if i can get that then i kknow where he comming from.

    but why would a nurse get you to sign agreement when half sleep in pain and they didnt do they duties on a yr basic and been 3 yrs since i sign one,,,,

    that why i ask did it mean narotic or any medications...

    he upset that i had another dr as back up when i get the cold flu and cant get in b/c dr here they like 3=6 weeks getting in go to urgebt care. the only reason why i had her b/c my insurance changed and then when it changed then i went back to him... 2 dr is not dr shopping correct???
  • Can your PCP refer you then? I just went in without a referral, getting my films from my ortho. It was no sweat.

    I'm in California.
  • The surgery doctor should have called your PM doctor regarding medications, and gotten his OK before he gave you any. In the absence of that, you should have contacted your PM office before you took any medicine at all.

    I broke my foot recently and did not take any extra pain medication at all due to my contract. I made do with what I had.

    Any time you get a narcotic prescription from more than one doctor, that is against your contract and can be considered doctor shopping The fact that you filled the prescription and started taking them means you didn't understand the seriousness of the issue. The question is, are there any other marks on your record that could label you as a drug seeker? Or is this just a simple mistake that turned into big trouble?
  • Do you have a social worker for your children, or one of your own? If so, do you feel comfortable with them ? You might want to consider asking them if they can refer you to an Adult Protective Service worker as you have run into some problems and need some help.

    I am not aware of the situation in Ohio, it may not be a service they offer. If they do, you would have an interview with a service worker who could/would assist you with problems you might be having with daily living, and this might include doctor visits, explanations and compliance.

    If this is not something that is available to you or you would rather not get involved with them, you might want to look into your local Office for the Aged or Office for the Disabled if there is one- same thing, you will need to explain to them the problem you are having with and see if they have someone that could advocate for you. You want to make sure that whoever you are talking to Understands whatever disability it is you have that makes the contracts etc. difficult for you.

    Whatever you decide to do, you will need to ask someone you know and trust if they could go with you to appointments and so on to make sure this type of situation does not happen again.

    From what I've read about other people here with contracts, they are quite specific about NOT taking meds from Any other doctor, and yes, this includes the ER doc, the dentist, the doc down the street... Any and all of them. The general consensus seeems to be that if something comes up, you tell That doctor that you have a pain management contract (if you do) and ask them to call your pain management doctor, preferably while you are there. With so many people out there abusing prescription drugs, most of the doctors you will deal with will err on the side of caution and think that you've done this deliberately, and, pardon me for saying this, but you do not come across in the best way in your posts-of course, it could just be typing on a cell phone...no one but you can answer that. This is why I suggest having someone that can speak for you and explain to you what is being asked/said. I edited this because the way I said something was not the way I meant it... see, it can happen to all of us!

    I hope you are able to find a way to resolve this in a way that will be helpful and healthy for you.
  • i am going to the state of ohio aitomatio rx and get a copy of my recored,,,, i talk to my pharmisit and ehs howed me what was on the list. and the only narcotic he sees is the one that was done almmost yr ago. he cant understand why the dr complaing now the pharmasist siad that he should of said something yr ago, pls the contract are what a yr thing????? and i havent sign on in 3 yrs.

    the pharmacist sid if they feel like i was one seeking he sias we flag ya, and i dont seen anything wrong and we have to go by rules.

    he feel the dr little off b/c he had them called and say why did you refill this one 2 weeks earlier and he pharmacy said well you should give thme a head of time and you should have a date except, thta you want them to get it...

    so that was dr fault so the dr must be on the edge and scared and he cracjing dowbn..

    the pharmacist siad have him call us we explain to him you not gave any narcotics since then.

    he siad you havent done nothing wrong....

    he said we look at people that go and get the same meds like my morphine and then go to another dr and get another morphine from aqnother dr and pay cash...

    that dr shopping to the pharmsit and he siad he dont see that with me...

    he showed me the oarr from the state he said i just cant give ya a copy, he said they run inot this dr and doing stuff,

    maybe it time for new dr i hate loose him. i wanted to share
  • But if you didn't get the percocet at the pharmacy, that wouldn't have shown up on his list.

    Which is another issue, you are supposed to always fill your medicine at the same pharmacy.

    But, wait. You aren't even on narcotics through your pain care doctor? I don't understand. What prescriptions need to be refilled?
  • i be honest with ya i guess i need to reloo at waht i wrtote and since it been over a month and i not good at this can you direct me where iposted it i know wby you time line it been over a month, what i can say right off sorry it just i been sick and my niece at a baby so she been living with me and then my bipolar child i been having at of things...

    the one dr gave me perocets when i had gall bladder surgery, and the n few time i had my ribs broken b/c having back pain and browk ribs on top thtat one pain meds dont help it all of my pain. anyway like said i had surgery the pharmacy said that was over yr ago. gor the one and then other i have the script to prove it to show him., then i found the perocets i didnt even finish. to show but this was after he said i should see the other perosn, whibh is my diebetic dr.. so, i cant remeber what i ask, besides trying to findsing a dr that will take me when i already on these meds???? how to i explain why my reg dr let me go, i dont know without it...

    the weriods thing is he told to go to my other dr that did dibetic and she dont do chronic pain, well

    i had something in the works on my incontient pads and anyway a month after him dismiss me he authorized or sent in mt presciptiptions for that... it was in the works maybe, why did he do that he said he didnt want to see me... i wonder if i shuld try to talk to his nurse and see if he still will see me but maybe find me a pain dr that will prescibe my meds...

    i dont know i getting low i usung only on worst days,,, i guess i can use the perocets, i trying to keep them to prove i not using them... which pain mg didnt have toi have a referall., anyone from ohio???? thanks
  • Angelina I think you should call the office. Tell them you need their help. If they don't have the staff to do this then ask them if they know of a state agency that can.

    Someone before asked if you have a case worker for your children. That person should be able to help you find help to understand what is going on. If you can't find someone this way call the hospital and ask for their social worker.

    From all that you have written it sounds like your doctor has suddenly become very careful and you just happened to be in the middle. Lots of doctors are doing this since the state and federal government is watching more carefully.

    No matter what you deserve to get the care you need and to understand what is going on. Make a few calls today and hopefully you will get some answers and help.
  • Angelina, wasn't your regular doctor prescribing you narcotics? This is the part I don't understand.
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