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things have been sorted out now

strakerstraker Posts: 1,851
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:47 AM in Pain Medications
after being on 4 x80mg oxycontin and 8x 20mg of oxynorm for the last 2 years .my doctor had decided to cut my script down {at the worst possible time ,} he tells me thats its down to cost .so i am now on 2 x80mg oxycontin and 4 times oxynorm a day ..the thing is he has only given me enough to last me a month for the 80 mg and 2 weeks for the oxynorm ..he has increased the 5 mg diazepam from 1x 5mg three a day to 6 times 5 mg 3 times a day ..so to recap i have lost one 56 box of oxycontin a month and one 20mg of oxynorm a month ..i think that's this is madness because i am in the worst pain that i have been in ever ..he blames it all on cost ..but then i took another look at the script and he has only given me 2 weeks supply of the oxynorm ..i can't understand why he has done this .especially when he knows that i have a painful test coming along next week ..i am to say the least pissed off .this means that i will have to order one box of the 80 mg ever 28 days and one box of the 20mg oxynorm every 2 weeks .complex i know .but i suppose that its better in the long run as i was having problems with the total amount number of drug i was having to take every month ..i just hope that things work out for the best .


  • Dear Tony,

    This is an enormous drop in your pain medication.

    Did your doctor give you a titration schedule? This is very important when coming down on the Oxy, which I know you are aware of. You need a very good titration schedule.

    Could your doctor possibly be lowering your dose, due to anticipation of surgery? Perhaps he feels if you lower your dose prior to surgery, you will get better pain relief during your recovery. For instance during recovery, he will increase your Oxy at that time.

    As far as the increase in the Valium... that will help you with withdrawl symptoms and muscle spasms. Valium is often given to people who are coming off of alcohol and I take Valium when I have very painful muscle spasms in my thoracic area. I am prescribed 10mg tablets 3 times a day, however, I will only take that maximum dose if my upper back is in a terrible spasm.

    Please keep us posted. I will be praying for you, my friend.

  • Tony, I don't understand why your doctor would cut your prescription by half all of a sudden. It makes no sense to me, especially as you are obviously in so much pain. Any adjustment of opioid medicine (increase or decrease) needs to be done gradually. Suddenly halving a high dose that has gradually been built up over time just seems absurd to me. How does he expect you to cope?
  • Maybe he is doing the usual- trying to cut your meds back prior to surgery to make post-surgery medication easier?
  • as my wife works with him ..its down to our local PCT being overspent by something crazy like 1.5 million every month!!! so my doctor has been told to cut his drug budget .so people like me that are on very expensive drugs .{a box of 80mg oxycontin is now over 100 pounds for 56} he dose have a point ..but i didn't expect a cut so soon and without any notice and like i said at the worst possible time {next week i anticipate being in MORE pain post discography} my wife is going to see him tomorrow because he has made a mistake and only given me 2 weeks for the 20mg oxynorm ..i suppose i will have to make them last ..i dont want to go onto morphine {that's 10times cheaper} but has loads of problems attached to it ..its a shame that because of the financial state of the uk patients are going to suffer ..please lets not make this any more political than it is because i dont want the post to be stopped ..i would be interested in any other UK patients and have they had there meds cut ..where i live is in deep 54IT! regarding money and the local council has stopped hip replacement/gastric bands /plastic surgery and knee replacements.its wrong people have payed in all there lives and now when they need help they aren't going to be able to get it ..i can see this topic {not this post } being a much talked about subject next year when things are going to go mental regarding health care .as long as i get another box of 20mg tagged on to my script i should be able to manage ..maybe when i see the surgeon next week he may decide to treat me another way??? i must admit i was p1553d off driving home from the doctors tonight ..i am sending my wife in to see the doctor tomorrow !! she normally gets results
  • Tony,

    I understand your explanation of the cost factor but am having trouble reconciling how anyone could justify doing that to a patient. Money is not everything and shouldn't be the ruling factor in patient care. That is not a political statement, just common sense. This will be cutting your pain meds in half, for goodness sake. I think your attitude is amazing considering what this could potentially do to your pain level. As for the discography next week, you already know they will do whatever it takes to keep you as comfortable as possible but that doesn't address the added pain after the procedure. Maybe your doctor can justify giving you additional meds for a few days. Whatever happens, hang in there--there's potentially light at the end of this very dark tunnel!

    2009 Foraminotomy C6-72010 PLIF L4-S1Multi RFA's, cervical inj, lumbar injLaminectomy L3-4 and fusion w/internal fixation T10-L4 July 17Fusion C2-C5 yet to be scheduled
  • Sadly I guess that is a similarity between our countries...the bloody power/control of money over our lives! Still keeping my fingers crossed for your upcoming test. Maybe your doctor can give you a replacement medication to help ease the drop in medications? Keeping you in my thoughts Tony. *HUGZ*

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • This is exactly why no one in the US should complain about their healthcare if they have insurance (I understand the whole uninsured issue). Doesn't matter what the doc thinks if I have enough money to pay for my meds then I can get whatever I want to pay for. UNBELIEVABLE that they can make that choice for you!

  • if i wanted to make a point .and i will if i need to .if i am in pain and i can't get my pain killers i will call 999 and get out an ambulance .i think if he needed to cut his drug budget he could have done it with some other drugs ..not mine ..he knows the pain i am in and he has said on many occasions if you are in pain ..then take more pain killers ..i have praised him {on the forum for being so good about my pain killers} but now he is being a arse .about it .what it is ..if the surgery goes over there drugs budget and i cost the surgery 12 thousand pound a year yes i know its a lot ..they are now getting punished by local government ..i just thought i was {because i am married to kath } one of them so to speak you know what i mean ...we look after out own a husband of a fellow medic ..you would have thought that i would have gotten preferential treatment ...i have in the past ..but things are a changing over here and next year things are going to be SO HARD for so many ..i can barley think about it
  • As I mentioned earlier, I am hoping your doctor can come up with another medication that at least prevents you from spiraling into major pain levels again as the drugs you're on now reduce. You're right too, in that others may suffer a similar fate soon too. Sorry Tony. *HUG*

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Tony, that's just awful. Huge hugs.

    Yes, I do think that he's being an arse. I think he could have spread out the pain a little bit (no pun intended), rather than put so much burden on you. This is a major medical issue for you.

  • Hi Tony,
    I was just off to bed when I saw your post.
    It sounds amazing to me that your doctor can do this.
    If I were you I would go to your nearest hospital and insist on seeing a specialist on Pain Management.
    Tell them what you're on and what your doctor has tried to reduce your meds to.
    Surely he or she will insist that your meds being adjusted so dramatically could have a serious effect on your health by way of withdrawl symptoms from such a drastic cut.
    Rather than get your meds through a local PCT go to a large hospital where their budget is a lot higher and therefore your meds would be a drop in the ocean.
    If it's so 'cost ineffective' for them to be supplying you with the high dosages you're on then surely they need to look at other options(different treatments and/or surgeries).
    Good luck Tony.
  • i have sent in the big guns to day my wife !! she went nuts when she saw what he had done ..and he had made a mistake in his calculations anyway and given me a box of 20mg short !{he has only given me enough to last for 14 days } so hopefully i should be getting one 56 box of 80mg and 2 56 box of 20mg to last a month ..its not much compared to what i was getting {i am 4 boxes of the 20mg down and 1 box of 80 down ..but he has increased the diazepam from 28 to 56 .i am hoping that when i get to the hospital next week that the surgeon keeps me in {some chance} ! or he decides to change my meds to something else ..if he is unable to operate we are going to have to find a long term pain relief solution anyway ..to be honest with you kind people ,i am at the stage of i could not give a flying fork !
  • sunny1966ssunny1966 VIRGINIAPosts: 1,385
    I'm so sorry for what you're having to go through Tony. I've never taken such potent pain meds but I can imagine that decreasing by that much all at one time won't be an easy thing. I hope that after your discogram you have some better long term solutions for your pain. Hopefully you won't need to be on these meds much longer...fingers crossed for you my friend.
    I know it's not funny at all Tony but I've got to tell you that your last statement about not giving a "flying fork" made me smile! And I thought I'd heard it all. :D
    I hope you have a tolerable day my friend.
  • Tony,
    since joining this forum you have been one of the kindest members to me and right now I could just cry knowing how much pain you have been in and feeling somewhat angry as to what you may have to go through. I have one question and this goes out to anyone, I know we just give advice and none of us are doctors but am I wrong. I thought when lowering someones meds drastically it must be under very close observation by a dr or actually in a hospital setting. Tony I know you research everything so this won't scare you but can't this change, basically half throw your body into not only withdrawal but it can affect ones heart along with other problems. And I know sometimes they make cuts prior to surgeries but from your post that has nothing to do with it. It sounds as though funds were tight so they just did a cut across the board with no regard to the actual needs of the patient.
    I am glad you posted you will have no problem calling an ambulance or whatever is necessary. Tapering is one thing but this is certainly not a taper. I hope the increase in your valium will help some but I don't believe it will help your pain. I think more time should have been spent on making these cuts. Looking at patients that are not in such terrible situations and perhaps making cuts in those areas before taking a patient which your dr has even said "the worst case he has ever seen for spines". I know the 23rd is soon approaching but I wish they could get you in now as an emergency.
    I feel just awful for you and can't imagine what you were thinking on that drive home from your dr.'s visit. I will say extra prayers for you Tony and you go through yet another hurdle. I just feel in this day and age and with the proof they have of your condition that no one should have to live in such pain. It's also scary for all of us, if it can happen to you than it can happen to any of us no matter where we reside.
    Good Luck my friend and always here if you need a friend.
  • i am hoping that when i go in hospital next week that i will be kept in {its unlikely but it may happen} and when my consultant hears about the cut in pain killers i know he wont be pleased .i am hoping that he just puts it back up again ,many thing could happen in the next 7 days .anything from just have the discography and come home and manage on less than half the pain killers .to me being kept in and operated on ..i really don't know whats going to happen ..its in the lap of the gods at the moment .i understand that there is a need to cut down on things and where i live is spending far too much on mediation every month and they are canceling many operations .tyring to not get political but the uk is in a mess and 2011 it going to be extremely hard for everyone .i have never seen my doctor so uncaring as he was yesterday ..it was as if he did not know me ! {he has been treating me for nearly 30 years } and with kath working with him sometimes i felt like i was a bit special and got a little better treatment than just some jo that hardly see the doctor ..i have been very fair with my doctor and always been honest with him regarding how many pain killers i take and everytime i have been to see the consultant i have always written to him and given him my point of view {this he told me was a valuable tool } so i thought i was doing the right thing ..hopefully Kath will bring another box of 20mg home tonight because the doctor had made a mistake and only given me enough tablets to last 14 days not 28 ....like i said i have too many things on my mind at the moment to start a third world war with my family doctor
  • because my doctor has now realised that he had made a mistake and now i am back to my normal amount of medication .so i am happy ,
  • Great news! It must be a huge relief for you. I'm glad you've got that discogram behind you now as well.
  • I'm so happy for you...how did you get him to get it thru his head?? I was so worried about that drastic cut in meds along with your discogram and upcoming surgery. Did Kath give her 2 cents worth, or did he just wake up and realize he had made a huge error in your disfavor?? I'm so glad to hear it's sorted out! I really pray your surgery will decrease your pain quite a bit...even more than you can imagine!

    We are all thinking about you!
  • Tony,

    Good things come in 3's! Discogram confirmed the surgery is still a go, meds are now fixed...the 3rd, surgery! I am taking that as a good omen. It looks like it is all coming together for you man. *HUG* Whoohooo!! So happy for you that it is now worked out with the medications. :)

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • write to him i told the truth about the amount i need to keep the pain at a manageable level i also explained that even tho he knows that i am in pain maybe he had forgotten just what that entailed .in day to day life .like no social life no sex life unable to wear normal clothing {due to permanent damage to the L5 nerve root } i even told him that because i can't sit in a barber's chair i have had to shave my hair off ..this is true by the way ..i have never lied to him and maybe in life i have only told a hand full of white lies ! .so he believed me and reinstated my medication and when he get the letter from my 5 from the hospital to confirm that i can have the multilevel fusion he will know that he has done the correct thing ..i am on a large amount of pain killers but i need them and post op i will need more or different ones {but will cross that bridge when we come to it}
  • I'm so glad you took that approach...what a smart thing to do. He just wasn't thinking...was just thinking of how to fit the budget. I've just been upped to the 80mg oxy's and they are really helping so much better than the 60's were. The thing is, there is no dose higher, so that frightens me. Hopefully after your recovery period from surgery, you will be able to come down on some of the meds you are on...well, hopefully, huh? My doctor said there is a big push here in the US for pain management docs to prescribe more methadone. I just give him a look every time he suggests it to me...but he says that just about all his patients give him that same look. It's just the stigma attached to the med. But, evidently, it's supposed to really be good for pain. I told him if I hit another brick wall with my meds, then I'll "think" about it. he he.. Do you hear of much methadone prescribed over there where you are? I think a few people on this site take it...I'd like to know what they think about it.
  • Tony,
    I can only begin to imagine how you must have felt. Bless your heart!!
    Very glad that you & your doctor were able to straighten things out. What a mistake to make! Wow!!
  • prescribe for low too moderate pain something like kapake /tylex {30/500 codeine and paracetamol} then if that's not enough you get tramadol or DF118 .then its a low dose of oxycontin and if that wont do the trick its morphine doctors tend to keep away from mahone and morphine if they can unless you are terminal ..my doctor printed my off the notes for doctor on prescribing in none cancer /terminal patients morphine is reserved for the terminally ill but you can get it if oxycontin wont work but its not the done thing and oxycontin and oxynorm are not liked by many doctors and the upper limit is what i am on for none terminal pain .so i am lucky in that way ..he has gone out of his way to accommodate my request .the government have clamped down on opiates .{the daft thing is if i wanted strong drugs my step son could get me anything within an hour from cannabis to heroine! scary ,please note that neither me or my step son are on any illegal drugs and would never take them i was just making a point !!
  • Tony, as far as pain medications go, that's the route the doctors took with me, when I was back in the UK for my laminectomy, I was on epidural heroin (diamorphine) for the first two days post-op, then pethidine (meperidine, aka Demerol, in the US) for two weeks, then tramadol, then Tylex (codeine 30mg/APAP 500mg). Then, when my pain got worse instead of getting better, they switched me to DF118 (dihydrocodeine), then when that wasn't enough they put me on Temgesic (buprenorphine). They didn't have OxyContin in the UK back then, and my doc said she was uncomfortable putting me on morphine due to my age, and because it's typically reserved for cancer patients.

    Over here in Taiwan it's way stricter - I'm lucky to be getting tramadol and Temgesic, most people here with non-cancer chronic pain only get NSAIDs and muscle relaxants, no matter how much pain they have. Forget C-II drugs like oxycodone, morphine or fentanyl. They don't even have oral oxycodone over here! My doctor admits my pain isn't being treated adequately but says his hands are tied by government rules. There are many good things about the medical system here, but pain control isn't one of them. You guys on both sides of the Atlantic don't know how good you've got it... ;-)
  • I'm so sorry about that. I do think a lot of us take it for granted what we do get prescribed and are able to get.

    Funny, morphine isn't reserved just for terminally cancer patients here...it's used a lot in chronic pain. I think docs had rather prescribe that than oxycontin due to abuse. But, now they are making oxy in a new form that is "waxy", so it can't be chewed or crushed...don't know if the UK is getting this type now. but, apparently the abusers are very upset and are going back to heroin. so sad.
  • Last year before my percudyn surgery I was on Morphine(MST) which was a slow release 12 hour dose but bizarrely I was told by my GP to set my own levels and just prior to the surgery I was on 180mgs 12 hourly and the day after I was on 200mgs.
    It took me nearly 2 months to wean off it which is why I'm doing my damndest to try and stay off it.

    At present I'm on diclofenac-sodium(NSAID),cyclizine,lyrica,omeprazole and oxycontin which is proving to be ok providing I don't want to do anything at all.
    My GP also prescribed a small bottle of liquid oxycontin to take 5ml at a time if I need it.
    I cooked a roast dinner earlier and I think I'm going to need some in order to sleep tonight.
  • of liquid oxy...I've heard coming off oxy is very hard too. I dread the day I have to do it.
  • it comes in 5 ml and 10 ml form but 1 ml is equivalent to either 5 mg /10mg of tablet oxycontin ,they give you an oral syringe to take it with i had it once in hospital after my last operation and the nurse misread the dose she thought the ten ml of liquid oxycontin ment i was getting the same as a 10 mg tablet ..wrong..its ten time stronger each 1 ml is equivalent to 5or 10 mg of oxycontin so beware if you are on the liquid you could very easily OD .they dont like giving it over here they tend to use it in hospices for the terminally ill.strange stuff liquid oxycontin and very expensive too
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