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today is my SCS trial

backpainzzbbackpainzz Posts: 116
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:47 AM in Chronic Pain
Well, its been a long road for me I've been to several PM had several epirdural including a bi laterial (both sides of the tailbone) My new PM called it something diferant... andy way the first words out of his mouth was SCS, I almost fell over, everyone else said not until I was fussed, Fusing would only give me about 50% pain reliefe, I wasnt comfortable having a 3 level fusion. and still in pain and unable to ben or move to get away from the pain. He set me up with the req, psych eval, it was about 2 hours I did the test T/f then he spoke with me, finished the 3rd test and left. IN in less than 1 week she calld and said we have you scheduled for surgery 10/19/10,wow its here and Im a little nervous, SO I will be heading out in a couple of hours to hopefully a smooth and easy scs trial. keep me in you thoughts thanks Rosemary. L4/5 lamnectomy several years ago I take 4 10/325 hydrocodone for pain ice pack 24/7...man I hope this works :S


  • Well I wish you great luck in your trial....PLEASE let us know how it goes!! You are in my thoughts!!
  • I am here wishing you to be pain free. My prayer are with you.

  • Good luck with your trial. Don't fret too much, it is a relatively easy out patient procedure. I found the most difficult thing was making certain I didn't drop the external remote when using the bathroom. Or not snagging the external wires when doing things around the house. I wore oversized shirts to keep the wires from being exposed which help to keep from catching the wires on things.

  • I am looking forward to hearing how the procedure went for you, and then on to how the trial is going.
    I will be thinking of you
  • Best of luck to you. I do hope this works for you. Remember the trial is very posetionalm just turning your head can change the stimulation.
    Cheers :H
    Patsy W
  • OH everybody thankyou for posting, I had the spinal cord stimulator and also the PNS percantainous lead stem, It kinda funny haglandc said, about the remote being dropped in the bathroom. Well needed to pee b4 leaving the hospital and I had the control in my pocket...and darn if I didnt unplug it, to make matters worse my husband had the remote in the van with him, lol, so as soon as I got in the van I plugged that baby in. I havent laughed nor smiled for over a cuple fo years because of pain and pain make anger, we went shopping at Sams club and our daughter did something I silly and I just burst out with laughter...HOW, but I feel so good and I wont turn the PNS on until tomorrow when the Medronic rep calles me. but for now Im one happy camper, just a couple of ouchy moments , but basicly a walk in the park. I asked about in/out bed di I have to log roll, how restricted ws I and they said no restrictions exept bend lift twist, but a gallon of milk was my weight limit, I can roll and move in bed just besure the lcord didnt get caught or tangled, I have it tucked well up into my bra, (thats where I had to put my picc line so I wouldnt get caught up. thank you again I will post tomorrow and I hope Jackieo has a pleasnt and easy surgery today also. I think I will go lay down and rest...but I dont really want to. my thanks and love to all. Rosemary
  • Sorry I didnt mean to yell up there but this is very exciting!!!! I think that is some of the best news I have heard for a long time Rosemary!!! I cant put into words how happy I am that you found relief!!!

    <:P :D
  • Great news :))) let us know how it goes.

    Feeling better is an exciting thought =D>

  • Rosemary,

    So glad to hear you are "seeing and feeling" good and positive changes. Fingers crossed that it continues. :)

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • That's excellent news. It is such a treat to be able to laugh and really feel it and mean it. How awesome! It's funny how we think we have something secured and then go to use the bathroom and find out we didn't have as slick of a solution as we thought. When I was active duty, for the longest time we had to tuck our hats into the back of our pants. Well some times when you gotta go, you gotta go and guess what you tend to forget about ... yup ... plop goes the hat into the toilet and if you're lucky, you grab it before you "go". Then the real trick is not to be grossed out by having to wear a "wet" hat when you leave the building.

    Anyway, sorry to get into story telling, but you reminded me of something I hadn't thought about in many years!

    I hope that tomorrow brings even better times. You may find that you are a bit more sore and stiff where the leads were inserted in the morning, but that will go away in no time.

    Have fun!

  • :H :D :X I am in disbelief of how much this has made a differance. TOday is the 2ed day in which I did'nt have to lay down, take an ambian cr and hydrocone 10/325 to take a nap to get out of pain. Well I didnt sleep well last night, so I turned the unite low thinking it might help, alittle later, I had a charlie horse on the front of my shin (thats where I usualy get them)so I got back up for the umptenth time, turned it back up and put bio freeze on shin and went back to bed, took a hydro and ativan, and finally fell to sleep, when I finally got up I DID NOT feel stifness or pain!!! WOW no pain, got dressed went to walmart 1/2 hr drive 3 hours in walmart, came home did lite load of clothes, lite house cleaning and walked around in my back yard and now Im on here...AMAZING :D ITs going to be bad giving this up on FRI, but I would imagine, the longer would be like a with draw. NOw I wait for INs approval to get my permanate one, I dont want to giveanyone false hopes but this has been a God send for me, I havn't heard from itsjackieoh I hope she is having as good as luck as I am. "C" got the visual on dtopping the hat in the pot. Thanks everyone, Rosemary
  • Befor my stem, I was constintaly in a rage, nobody had to do or say anything, it was just the pain comming out of my mouth,I guess my body trying to relieve it. I have known this and appoligized many times to my family, there were even times, I coulndt stand myself, so how could others? It makes me sick to think the past 3 or so years to all the differant PM andNS "FUSE FIRST" The steroid inj sent my blood sugar very high and they only lasted 1 month or so. and after the last PM I saw gave me 2 by latteral inj W/O and versaid , valum, noting. And oh mg did it hurt I cried for 3 hours for him hurting me, the pain ws tremendous. his nurse and my hubby said she only get 1 sni at L4, he said nOnono, she had two last time you just dont rmemeber. Well after the inj given he checked his records and appologized "you were right" I wont bill you insurance or you for today. Well good darn thing, but I just put my ice pack back there and took an extra pain pill and went home. I saw my Pc and told her about what happned she said where was his head "I SAID UP HIS ASS" send me to someone new, and thus she did. My GOD SEND my new pm the first wordsout of his mouth scs WOW and the rest is going to be wonderful life. My friend came over yesterday and said boy I can tell when her hubby is hurting...hes like a bear just down right hateful. SO I fell many people maynot realize they agressiveness (probably pain meds) causing such hostility and rage. ITS THE PAIN ESCAPING THE BODY. MY excuse the language B*&^H ometer has been at 0, on a bad day 100 plus. I just still cant believe what this trial has done for myself and family. Maybe everyone should have one,lol, no pain no hate, maybe, Rose Just my 2 cents I hope I havnt offended anyone this is only mythought.
  • Rosemary,

    I am so happy for you =D>

    I hope to goodness that your approval comes through fast and you get your implant in quickly.

    Now I really want to get one. Not sure if I am a candidate- tricky Thoracic spine.

    I can relate to the pain and the rage. I used to be alot like that with my first spinal problem before I gave in to serenity. Now it only happens once in a blue moon. Usually if I feel like I am being cornered or trapped then it comes out and I have a hard time getting it back under control. I call it my pain monster. I try to keep it leashed B) If I get around negative people it strains against the leash like a wild beast ... lol

    Congrats on the Positive SCS Trial >:D<


  • For me there is no serinity, for 3 years, it just kept getting worse, at one of the pm i saw , he had done 8eacet blocks,4 each sibe, said i should hav ha my gastric bypass done sooner, when i eturned for the follow up Iwas sitting in my normal position (like i was tiying my shoes, he laughed at me so hard, he broke my spirit, i and my husband said here read her mri reports and sleep study can you PLEASEhelp me, just laughed, and said , if you choose to fuse go back to NS if no dony waste his time. what an ass. 2 pm later, this man has a smile, excellant personality, and most important, he started me with a scs trial, he is my GOD send, and with the pain relief this has given me, I finally think now I may be able to find serinity too. it's jackieoh, that was to have a thoratic trial, but you can read her post under scs under the chronic pain. thankyou so much for sharing about serenity, Rosemary
  • Oh Rosemary, I am sitting here in tears at the thought of you being out of pain!!! I can tell by your posts that this is real!!! WOW a possible light at the end of the tunnel???? That would be amazing!!!

    I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! =D> =D> =D>
  • Polly, is your pm going to try to get you a scs trial? as I said be4 I went threw several all said NO Fuse first. In my mind if you fuse 1or2 levels, then they say well ist causes problems for the next verterbret up and then the next on, so you have to keep getting refused at differant levals. I absolutly DIDNOT want to be fused, Id rather live in this pain, and be able to bend over, use an ice pac than be fused, thats why when this new pm said scs, and being diabetic the steroids really raised my blood sugar to 500, I was so scared I stayed up all night worried Id go into a comma, how stupid of me, but the doc should have rx a low dose slidding scale instead of leaving me hanging, and it made my heart race, what a few wid rides I'v been on. I dont know your circumstances, but it doesnt hurt to ask or get 2,3,4,5 oppenions It makes me sick to think doctors have wasted 10 years of my life, it was evan sugested after my lamnectomy, but htere were lalways excuses. I hope and pray for you that soon you can be as free as Im , like b4 stem i took 4/5 10/325 hydro, so far with the stem 2 pills a day and thats because my body says we need it. When the perm is in I will gradualy wean off the hydro, since this seeems to cover it from a constant 8 down to amanagable3/4 or less. since Ive had it I havent needed to take a nap with and ambian to get out of pain, usualy up at 9;00 am 130pm nap time until 4 or 5 then bed 730, I was always so fatigued I couldnt go shopping I couldnt visit our daughter 100 miles away, and not have to go to bed for a few hours bc I had so much pain. Now I am so exausted from being up at 7am, lite house work, 30 mile trip into walmart home get supper watched a movie and spent time with my husband...I think im going to get my life back, I know my wonderful husband wants the old me backand so does oour daughters, and evan my oldest and best friend Rocky. SHe stopped by today and said she stay away until I got the perm in so I wouldnt be a Grouch,lol she was kidding I hope, but she said she has noticed the BIG differance in me, and I have too. keep me posted by pm or how ever I got my fingers crossed for you . ROsemary BYW Im 51 years young again.
  • this is working for you. There are, however, different strokes for different folks. I was sent to a PM early on in my back problem saga. They offered me an SCS and I told them there was no way in hell I was allowing them to implant what amounts to a pacemaker in my butt. I'm much more willing to put up with some stiffness than to deal with an electronic device in my rear sending jolts to electrodes very close to my spinal cord. I'm really glad it works for you, but I couldn't do it.
    3 level spinal fusion, L3/4, L4/5, L5/S1, November 2008. Stiff, but I can walk.
  • and so do the insurance co thats why many or most insist on psych eval, to ensure your willing to have a forgien body in yours. For me this has been 10 years comming, and on the Medtronic site "If youve been suffering chronic pain more than 6 months" Ive seen 3 NS and 5 Pm and this is the 1st to finally sugest it, before this the pain being so bad I would say to my husband what is this going to be like in 10 years I dont know how 4 pills a day is going to cut it. BUT things are looking up the leads were removed today , and I am scheduled to see the NS in a week or two and get final approval, opeefullly b4 my pm goes on Vacation Dec 18. I miss my stem already, but help and goog feelling are just around the corner. Rose
  • Well, I truly miss the stem, the pain has made its presance known, I feall lathargic, but thats probably because them stem by taking away the pain I xould focos on other things ans maybe the buzz gives you that little umph. I mill meet with the NS as soon as they can get me in, then Proceeed away. I will keep everyone posted. I'll will have the pns too, for the total of 16(cant think of the word) what the medtronic unite can handle-there, wasant any clearer to me either. goodluck too all. Rosemary
  • Oh Rosemary, You got me crying again...HAPPY tears for you!! I cant put into words how blissfully happy I am for you!!! You have been through HELL and this is finally real for you!!! >:D< =D>

    Sadley my Hubby and I had to drop our insurance...so the only Dr I get to see is my GP that perscribes my Vicodine and some Perc's for the BAD days..... ~X( I am really hoping that when we move to California on Jan 7th that my new job will have some kind of Insurance so I can go in!!! I have found 2 medical universities close to where we are going and they both do the SCS and the Pain Pumps!!

    I cant handle another fusion but I really really need some kind of release!! Like today and yesterday are 9-10 scale and my perc's are NOT workin....:(

    If I didnt hurt right now I would be doing the HAPPY JIG for you right now!!! I am doing it inside!!
  • lsteller said:
    this is working for you. There are, however, different strokes for different folks. I was sent to a PM early on in my back problem saga. They offered me an SCS and I told them there was no way in hell I was allowing them to implant what amounts to a pacemaker in my butt. I'm much more willing to put up with some stiffness than to deal with an electronic device in my rear sending jolts to electrodes very close to my spinal cord. I'm really glad it works for you, but I couldn't do it.

    If stiffness is all you have to contend with on a daily basis, then of course it is not worth the risk and hassle of an SCS, not to mention that the SCS is for pain control and not stiffness.

    As for it sending jolts of electricity, Sorry that you have not been given more accurate information in regards to SCS technology. Programming and fine tuning provide a stimulation that is comfortable and does not jolt a person. The SCS merely inserts a signal that blocks the brain from feeling the pain signal coming through on the same nerve pathways. It is closer to inserting white noise to block out the sounds of the city vs someone grabbing the ends of a set of jumper cables attached to a battery.

  • The emphasis in this case was all my imagination -- just not something I was willing to let anyone do to me. Fortunately, for me, I made the right choice. My spine problems went beyond pain -- scoliosis, DDD, spondy, arthritis, etc. Just killing the pain and leaving the crumbling spine would not have been a wise decision for me.
    3 level spinal fusion, L3/4, L4/5, L5/S1, November 2008. Stiff, but I can walk.
  • That is so fantastic that you had such a great trial, I hope the permanent SCS works just as well for you, and you can enjoy those deep belly laughs more often!! They say laughter is the best medicine, but sometimes you need help to laugh! Hope they get you set up quickly!!
    APROUD CANADIANveteranButNOTa doctor, my thoughts are my own
  • you rosemary. i so hope you dont need too wait too long for the permanant one . wow what a difference this is gonna make for you, how very wonderfull reading your post and you having a good ol laugh , and being more active
    fantastic news
    flower :)
  • and IM tired, my back hurts,oh how nicie it was to feel reliefe. I hope the NS cn get me in this weeek so we can get it rolling. The PM said he's already started on his end and everything he needs for the insurance, he doesnt foresee any problems, since I'm and excellant candidate, all the pain, all the tests, all the dr.s and all the years, and the fackt SCS worked. cant wait to be on the smilinmg side again. Rosemary
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