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L2/3 nerves guys!! Ouch!

Aviatrix36440Aviatrix36440 Posts: 5,904
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:48 AM in Lower Back Pain
Hi fellow spineys!! I have disk protruding into my L2 & 3 nerve roots from the L2/3/4 area. Okay, that not withstanding, have any of you had *major* pain on the outer thigh and wrap around to the front of the thigh? I am asking as I've had neuropathic pain since last December, but more annoying than "painful". I took a nap today, and when I awoke, I feel like a huge stick is being pushed into my outer thigh, and as I walk, like a vice grip is on the front of my thigh (almost like the bone is being grabbed!) - very painful, and causing walking issues.

Sitting. If I sit 'jet' straight, not bad, but if I lean to either side that damn stick is right into my leg (outer, just below the hip). This is new, so no mention to my doctor. I am just wondering if I should wait it out (as a flare) or did something change in my sleep? Good grief. Any whoooosss.... thanks for listening. :) Grrrr..

PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.


  • Hiya brenda >:D< Yes to your question.It does cause walking issues, my leg gives way, without warning, its scarry walking up and down stars, i hold on tight just incase it gives on me, also i wake with pain but my leg is a heavy weight, kinda lifeless, if you have this feeling you will understand what i mean. It sounds very agrivated , have you spoken to the orthopedic surgeon or even PM? In the mean time rest as much as possible. >:D<

    Angie :H
  • Never a dull moment, eh? I recall having similar pain before my last fusion. Started at the outer hip and curved down to my knee. It was a deep and intense pain. For me, standing too long is what seemed to set it off. Haven't had it since my fusion last year.

    Maybe call the Dr. if it continues. Although it could be that you slept a bit funny. I can only sleep on my sides and can't tell you how many times I wake up in pain in my hips and have to roll to the other side. Once I am up and moving it slowly goes away. Hope it stops for you soon, you need to feel as good as possible for that upcoming road trip!

    Take care,

  • >:D<

    I am sorry to hear you are suffering with this particular pain.

    I, too, know what this feels like and I very much empathize with you.

    I battle this pain every day on both legs and hips. I have a combination of "waist down" issues, but when I get the kind of pain you are describing... it reminds me of the pain from my IT bands being irritated.

    Do you have any hip pain? Does the pain stop at your knee?

    What helps me with this pain is applying Lidoderm patches to each thigh and cutting another Lidoderm patch in half and placing them on my hips. It also helps to elevate your legs. If you don't have a wedge to elevate your legs, you can take several pillows that you sleep with and tie something around them to keep them from sliding, while elevating your legs.

    I am allowed an extra Neurontin when I have a severe episode like this, as my nerve pain hurts so bad.

    Can you take anti-inflammatories and/or a muscle relaxer? Those help me, as well.

    Again, I'm sorry about this pain Brenda. Please let us know how you are doing, when you can.


    Tammy >:D<
  • Oh Brenda honey I am sorry to hear this....I wish you had NO pain...old or new!!

    But yes unfortunitly I also have that pain....it almost feels like your "bone" is hurting...doesnt it??

    I have not found any relief from mine yet...my Hubby tells me that my walking problems add to my "sway" so he likes it....LOL!!

    I will say a "pain-free" prayer for you...please let us know if it eases up!!!

    GENTLE >:D< FOR YOU!!!
  • I haven't mentioned this to my NS yet as it just started. Unless something goes to high pain levels, I give it a week to see if it settles. I am hoping this is the case. Stairs...yuck! My right leg has failed to "come up" enough a few times and I've tripped on them! I don't have "foot drop" just the heavy feeling most times. Walking "up" stairs or ramps kills me most, going down isn't comfy, but feels more stable.

    I rested up a bunch today, and though a bit better, it hurts more if I put pressure on it, and the weird? If I sit with my feet supported, I have this warm wet feeling across the whole front side of my thigh to my inner knee - nothing below the knee.

    Thanks for your post, as it is making me a bit more comfortable about what might be going on. *HUGZ* Thanks again Angie!! :)

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Lisa,

    You have that right! Always something new. I sleep on a TempurPedic adjustable bed, so I raised the legs last night to see if that helped. It's down a tad, but still there. I'm beginning to feel that things are changing again in those disks. So since this sort of pain isn't normal for me there, I'd see what you all thought.

    I hear ya on wanting it to stop. The trip starts in 2 weeks!! :)

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Tammy,

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I've been reading more and more on these Lidoderm patches. I haven't tried them yet - guess I'll run that by my doctor to try. Me and NSAIDs don't get along, so kind of out of luck there.

    Sorry to hear you too go through this. What bites is when you can't "point" to what caused it! I did a lot of things around the house in the last couple of days - dunno maybe too much bending got me this time!!

    Heat and ice didn't help, so I guess I'm gonna get my trust ole TENS out and see if that helps. So far, yes the pain only goes to the inner side of my knee and not below. It's also fairly steady state with only a "slight" buzz feel in it. Just weird for me... *HUGZ*


    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Polly,

    That's funny! It slows my walk speed even more - not that I was walking fast before! (G) Thanks so much for the thoughts, HUGZ and wishes. :) *HUGZ* back to ya!!

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Brenda you are so welcome >:D< , When you have this heavy feeling do you get pain aswell?

    Polly.....Sway lol =)) =))

    Angie :H
  • Howdy Angie,

    Actually no, no pain when my leg does that. In an odd way, I think that is one of the negatives too it, as I don't know when the leg will not respond fully, so I trip - then yep pain! (G) I do know that if I walk a lot with the hubby (with a cane now), I "sort" of know to guard that it might not come up enough on steps, so I am more cautious, but otherwise, it's unpredictable.

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Thanks my fellow spineys... I am finally getting a break from this (now I feel) flare! I have a bit of tightness left, but the original pain has finally backed off. I see my doctor (GP) this coming Wednesday, so I am back to the (cough) doctor appointments for my retired job!!! I so much appreciate your thoughts and support as always! Thanks guys!!! Ps....... I HATE flares! :) Group *HUGZ*

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • My fusion is L2/3/4 with that being said, let me tell you, you can have the most severe pain that can start anywhere from your lower back,around waist to groin area(with numbness too!) that goes down thigh area anywhere from outer thigh, middle thigh to inside thigh and then go as far down as your foot with time! Yes, I've had the pain just like you are describing and the warm/wet feeling. Yes, when I push on it it hurts where I do that.

    Before I knew all my symptoms were related due to my back I thought I had RA like my mom and our family. Then prior to and reason for mri/diagnoses,the pain was unrelenting/excruciating like nothing I had ever felt before. I was certain I had bone cancer deep inside my bones the way it hurt/burned or that I had torn all my muscles. I can't describe it~maybe like you are stuck between a wall and an 18 wheeler? Does that sound like what you feel when it hurts worse? Does your leg(s) feel swollen and tight sometimes too?

    Brenda, from my experience I wouldn't wait a week. I'd casually give my dr a call Monday because you don't want to wait too long if things have changed and hitting the nerves differently. Only my advice because I waited too long, too late, and by then suffered more and longer than I should have had to. I don't think it's an emergency but that you should let the dr know, it might be time to see what is going on. Just my opinion from experience with those nerves at L2/3/4. My pain levels had been increasing along with ability to do less and less then one night I got up to use BR...bang, no return....had I gone in a week or two earlier I could have had surgery before that point, pain and maybe less pain/damage now.

    I think I read you prefer ice but the heating pad around my legs for long periods of time seems to get the heat going and help sometimes. Hot showers help if you can "stand" standing or sitting.

    I only lay on my back w/pillow under my legs per dr advice and works best for me, but we all have to try what is best for us. You know all the tricks of the trade, so try them to find what works for you. Try to keep as comfortable as you can.

    I know this is long, sorry. I just re-read posts and see you have a dr. appt. Wed. That makes me feel better! Take it easy until then! Good luck!


  • I have used lidoderm patches like Tammy. I would cut them to place on front or sides of thigh, lower back, where I felt the pain the most that day. I also used the tens unit, meds, heat, ice, and everything we spineys try for comfort. I buy those heat patches at the store to wear them everywhere too.

    I'm thankful I'm better since my fusion. I still use some of the tricks and trades above plus others. I still have problems and pain but I'd do it over again in a heartbeat. Now the pain and pain levels are different for the most part. I can walk, stand, sit better and my quality of life is better because I can walk better. I didn't say far or fast....LOL...but better. As spineys, any improvement of pain levels and/or ability to be better in any way is progress we want, right?

    Brenda, I hope if you need a fusion at L2/3/4 that you have as much success or more than I have had.


    Oh yea, like you know from our talk about my inability to get into my van,rv's,etc. my right leg won't go as high as my left, which is funny because my left leg has more nerve damage and hurts more. Also, when I walk the treadmill we notice my right leg drags more too. My wonderful PT explained to me it's because I favor my right leg trying to take the pressure off of the leg that bothers me more. Crazy, huh? But it made sense when she showed me what I do.
  • Kathy,

    Greetings! Thanks very much for your *much welcomed long* and informative reply. Not a lot of folks on here have issues in the upper lumbar, so as you have probably run into, you wonder if this or that is related to those levels! The L2 nerve is more so annoyed by protruding disks to the right side, but the L3 nerve is bilateral and aft on the thecal sac. I bought a TempurPedic adjustable bed just over a month ago (humm..maybe almost 2 now!), and I find I do best when I sleep with my head and legs elevated. :) Soft and comfy too!

    I call that bed "my nest" because when I am in that position, a LOT of the direct back pain knocks off a lot. I also have discovered that if I point my feet outward, the constant buzz or tingles back down a bit. Aaaahh my nest! (G) The massage feature is funny in that sometimes I hit the wrong program and it throws my legs into super spasm mode!

    Ice and my back get along great, but for my thoracic and especially the front of my legs - a hot, hot, hot shower is heaven! Kathy question? If you had the deep buzz action in your front thighs, did you notice that when you are sitting and straighten your legs out in front of you, toes pointed and you like "stretch" them in that fashion that your thighs would settle down a bit? Once I put my feet back on the floor, of course the feelings come back. Sigh..

    I haven't had any pain or numbness in the groin yet - hope to skip that part! (G) But now (TMI coming) I leak if I sneeze or cough even after going to the bathroom. If I let my bladder get full, I can initially "start" going fine, but not long. Then I have to push as though a bowel movement to squeeze the rest out. I can't "feel" if I fully empty or not. One trick I have been doing when I have the "stop stream" issues is I wiggle around on the seat. Yeah, sounds weird, but I've read somewhere (maybe even here?) that moving around allows more urine to go lower in the bladder? Not sure if it was true, but it seems to be working a bit better! A visit to void (I think) all of it can take 15-20 minutes! The butt sure doesn't like a toilet seat that long! (G)

    My hubby and I are heading out Friday morning for our 17 day trip for a family reunion, so the MRI's won't happen till I get back. Short of an all out emergency in South Florida, positional MRI's take an average of 1-3 weeks to be scheduled. I am however going to see if she will let me get my cervical and lumbar ext./flex x-rays. Our local hospital uses digital x-rays, and take walk ins. I could do a walk in for an MRI too - but the kicker is theirs is the recumbent ones. I want them to see my neck and back "under load" for the best view of me!

    One more question for ya! Did you find that while you could sit for a while, you had to frequently arch your back and too 'curl' your mid back forward to take some of the pain out? My more painful issues are standing (washing dishes, loading the dish washer, laundry, and of late sweeping!!), mild to moderate bending, stairs (almost can't do), walking. I have more tolerance in sitting, or laying down *if* I elevate my upper body and legs. Sound familiar with your levels? E.g., am I wired right? (G)

    Thanks again for popping in! I hate to say this, but you know what I mean ..I think. It's great to find someone with the same levels - we are rare short of trauma. *HUGZ*

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Kathy,

    Nodding. After all of what I've been reading about these patches, I'm gonna see if my GP will let me try them. I love that they are analgesic and not narcotic. The side effects seem rare and minimal, so hopefully. And where you suggest putting them (whew!) that is pretty much what I was thinking! I have a dual TENS/EMS which is great. I also have a lumbar belt with 4 electrodes fixed to it, so I can put it on by myself, snug it up and buzz away happily! Love TENS/EMS - whoohoo!!

    My right leg Kathy is the bugger that several times has not come up enough to negotiate the RV stairs! I also limp off my left leg! Now with my left leg, my foot points straight and not slightly "out" when I walk. The leg doesn't hurt to cause the limp, the foot mechanics is what I think is causing my gait. Before I retired, several descriptions by co-workers were:

    You look like you're walking guarded - like you might fall.
    You walk really stiff.
    Your foot looks funny when you walk.

    Well, you get the point. (G) Walking causes my thighs especially to get really tired and weak feeling. At first I would just stop, bend over and put my hands mid thigh and just apply pressure for them to settle down, walk a bit more, same thing. Now I am using a cane, and I don't get that feeling nearly as bad! How odd is that? Ahhh, the great human machine, oops body!!!

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Hi Brenda,

    Yes to your question! I have had that pain for 2 years!! It feels like someone is holding on to my thigh and had not let go. I feel it in my hip aswell. I would have to sleep with a pillow in between my legs. I also have that problem with my urine that I have to squeeze to feel it being empty. My surgeon thinks that I had a conus tear in my bladder "what ever that means" I had a burst fracture of my L2, when it first happend my left hip was numb. The pain has gotten better the more I walk and keep active.

    I'm so sorry that your in pain :''( Are bodies are all different. I found it worse walking with a cane.

    Yes, to the great Human Machine :)
  • Brenda,
    I can relate to the walking and standing being quite a problem. Sitting was ok sometimes for awhile. I was spending more and more time prone on the bed. I was always (still do at times) rubbing the front of my thighs as if to rub the pain away! LOL! I don't know why but it if you apply the right amount of pressure it does seem to calm the pain some. Oh, I consider my bed most helpful to calm my nerves/pain down. My fav place and I go there often for a break to keep going longer, go to bed early to read,computer,tv,etc.(never sit long unless I am forced to!), comforts of home! Oh my gosh, yes, my feet must point outwards. Here's a strange one for you to consider: My toes(left foot)are big toe and toe next to it lean slightly to the right with about 1/2" gap between my other 3 toes since my disc imploded the 1st time. I can not force them together because it hurts the nerve all the way up my leg to inside upper thigh and same goes if I try to curl my toes. Painful when my husband is taking care of my toenails for me. Sorry, can't answer you about legs straight out when sitting as I can't lift my legs up and out in front of me when I'm sitting, but yes when I'm in bed I can and it helps. My feet must always touch the floor or the nerves go wacky.If they get wacky while I'm sitting I get up to walk, change positions. Yesterday I was like a jack-in-the box while at the eye dr. with my husband! LOL!

    TMI, well here goes, who cares here, right? Just a quick side note~Before my disk imploded the 1st time to the point where I needed treatment asap I was having lots of different symptoms but myself nor drs seemed to get the "AHA" moment that they were related until it was too late. Tha being said, I did leak more often before my fusion. I decided to mention it to my dr which then treated me for weak bladder(menopause/childbirth/excuses)with meds., which by the way, did not work and now we know why! LOL! Then I started going to the opposite like you do too with straining, going a drop then can't get it out, then had a few accidents right before fusion. The good news post fusion is I don't leak when I cough,laugh, or no reason at all! The bad news is I do still have some cauda issues with numbness,tingly down in that area and I have that opposite affect like you where I go a drop or bit and know there is more if I just drank lots of water so I strain to release it. Also, this is embarrassing and probably TMI, I still have problems with bowels too. They won't work regardless what I do so I'm like a rabbit that way. After going through having no control with messy accidents I'm glad my problem is what it is! I agree, toilets are not made for sitting on too long! It sounds to me like those L/2/3 issues are beginning to get their way so you will need to get your mri's up to date after your trip. I almost forgot, I don't think I ever arched or curled my back for relief, not that I can think of, but my mind gets foggy. Lay down, always had to lay down to find relief. But you know, I would wiggle my legs around.

    Brenda, I don't think I'd go to a hospital for any x-rays,mri right now with the nasty germs there! Especially since you don't want anything to aggravate your back/nerves and you are looking forward to your rv trip! But if you need the tests you better do it then get the germ-x out, run home change and wash clothes...LOL!

    Central Florida(Orlando) takes forever to get into the dr if you don't have an appt. or emergency. Luckily,my ortho has all the technology w/in his access. X-rays in his office and mri imaging ran by another business but in his building. Sometimes they can work me in while I'm there or get me in quicker than here in town.

    One last suggestion. If I could go back I know I should not have been sweeping the floor,loading the dishwasher, laundry, or cleaning that required any bending or twisting as much as I was. It hurts and every time you do it you are stressing those bad/broken areas! Give them up until you get home from your trip! You think I'm only going to do this, then you do that and before you know it you crawl into bed to rest and realize you twisted,stretched and bent more than you meant to today. You pormise you won't do as much tomorrow but you do unless you are still in too much pain to do it! Then one day, you get to the point of no return and it's too late.I don't want you to get to that point now as you have prepared and looked forward to this trip far to long to miss it!! I know because I've been there and done that!

    But I also was also in pretty severe pain and about where you are with walking, sitting, need to get prone and hurt no matter what I did when I said, "I'm going to Hawaii if it kills me!" I went!! It killed me, not really, but almost! LOL! It was less than a month after we returned I woke up to go to the BR and found myself at the point of no return: fusion time! Thank goodness I made that trip with my family to see my Navy son and thank goodness I made it home before I went all the way down! Moral of my story: Quit working so hard around the house, let it go and let your husband help for now....take that trip and enjoy it! Be extra cautious and think before every move when with the family! Do what you can, when you can, enjoy all the memories! Go for it and have fun! So what if you face surgery/fusion when you get home? You can rest up then!

    Do you know what my BIG goal is? Yep, now I say,"I want to go to Hawaii! It almost killed me but I made it before! I want to go even if it kills me! I can do it! If I need surgery when I get back I'll have good memories!" Yes, our son is going to be in Pensacola soon(YEA) and we'll get to see him a few times then.But I want to go to Hawaii to see where he's living now. A mom likes to have things in perspective, how far/drive to the bases, stores, beach,see his place,friends,etc. Then I can imagine his daily routine except when he's out to sea. Of course, I want to enjoy the weather, it's paradise! Maybe when I go I won't have to take as many breaks on the couch/bed while there to enjoy all the things Hawaii has to offer, even if I'm just looking instead of experiencing them. Let the guys do that!

    Well, enough babbling on. Take care tonight!

  • Sorry about your new pain. :(

    I have similar pain in my right outer thigh, but its really deep,like you said to the bone! Like its in a vice. I know TTLC mentioned the lidoderm patch, but I did actually use one on my right outer tight last night and slept with heating pad, I actually had it wrapped around my thigh on & off all night.
    I woke up & it was gone!

    Now as I'm laying on my heating pad, I am having spasms in the right outer thigh.... the kind that is up to top level where you can watch the spasms, you know what I mean?

    You've been through a lot Brenda, I hate to hear you having new onset of issues, hopefully it will settle down, if not you know what to do.
    You should really look into the patches, I told you sometimes I want to wrap myself in them like a mummy!

    Hope you feel better in the morning!

  • Thanks Lisa! :)

    I'm glad that for now "me and a cane" works, as I had gotten to where I couldn't shop more than 15 or so minutes so basically my hubby had to shop solo. Now I can 'shop' if we don't do a lot of real slow methodical type walking, or much idle standing! Of course the cane doesn't help much on standing. (G)

    I guess as far as the urinary issues, I guess for "outside of the house activities", difficulties going is far better than, low or no control! Eeeeshh! It never ends..ah life! Thanks Lisa!! *HUG*

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Kathy,

    I think what got me to where I had to post this thread, I did too much in the day of and before in the sweeping, laundry, dishes etc. And yep, my body bit back! A good amount of that "new" pain is finally gone, but I took it as a warning of not overdue! Basically aside from crashing the helicopter, just 30 years of flying (and when in the helicopter, I sat curled forward) is catching up with me. Each area that are going now, are the same marked as "sprained and or strained" after I crashed!

    Whats creepy is I reread my last lumbar EMG report and was shocked (no pun intended there!!) to see I had 50-75% diminished recruitment! Another area showed the same percents in "interference patterns?" The *only* level that was deemed normal? L5/S1!!! If there is interference at the other levels, I guess that explains a few other things. They're conclusion for chronic neuropathy was due to the increased numbers of Polyphasics - whatever those are!

    Toes, gotta love our tootsies! I found I can't spread mine anymore - not sure what's up with that. I can wiggle them fine, make little toe fists; no pain or numbness in them, just weird. With yours it might have come from the change (lack of) of nerve information getting to them maybe? As for walking and feet, most people when they walk, their feet point a tad outward. My right one does, but the left jet straight ahead! When sitting I can raise my legs straight about 1 foot off the floor, but if I am laying down - ain't happening as they say!

    Thigh rubbing. I laughed as I read what you wrote because where were my hands as I started reading...yep both squeezing and rubbing my thighs! In a car, it is almost constant. I do find a bit of relief in doing it too. I also rub and press on the hip portion at the very tops of my thighs - that area just below the fold of your leg when you sit. This might be of help Kathy, another 'massage' I give the thighs is I slowly 'walk' the heels of my hands the length of my thigh - that usually feels the best! :) Give it a try.

    Thanks to emergency surgery in '02', I was tossed into the perimenopause side of the house. Since "it" is now transforming towards menopause, one of the things on my list of tests I am going to request Wednesday is a thyroid and hormones level check. That stage of life did give me some thought for the bathroom issues, but it seems to be more difficult when my back is acting up, and better when I am on a good day - so not sure, but gonna ask her - can't hurt! Is there anything they are going to be able to do for your bowel/bladder issues?

    Gotta do some measure of "control" cleaning around here or the hubby will have this house looking like "hoarders" 101!! Yeah, he buys things and just drops them in the living room and walks off! If I don't go behind him and put the things away, they will stay. Trust me, I did an experiment, and didn't touch his shopping for a week. Shudder!! It's funny, in the RV, he helps clean and is fairly neat. I asked him why he couldn't do the same in the house. He shrugged and said "I don't know." At least he was honest. Grrr...

    My game plan is to get the scripts for the imaging. Call the facilities to have them set up for when I get back in town, and too set up my follow up for a week after those tests so all is in hand. The Neurologist I use to go to down here (I liked a lot), got a partner who I can't stand. I actually gave him some very choice words after he verbally attacked me and my surgeon for *me* having a Latex allergy that *he* didn't know about! I ended up threatening to hurt him, and told him to get the F*** out of the exam room. So until that *cough* partner leaves, I am going to find another Neurologist. I am hoping my GP knows a good and caring one.

    If surgery ends up back on the table (and I will be big time surprised if it isn't) I will probably get with another surgeon. When my issues started to cascade, and I was no longer the "go in, fixed you're done" type patient, he basically pushed me away. He didn't even have me get my 12 month follow up! I felt very let down. Until the silent treatment, my hubby was supportive for me to stay with NS "a", after the follow up was dropped, he agreed. "I think you need to find a new surgeon." I've got 3 in mind now, but going to leave those cards face down until I see what is going on. :)

    Hawaii!! I've always wanted to visit there. For some reason my hubby doesn't want to?!? I know now I am not going to fly for a couple of reasons. The first of course my sitting/moving limitations, and the second, TSA and "full" hands on body searches if you op out of the scanner! I was so mad last night on the news where a Male TSA screener was searching a mother and her two daughters. When I was working, a suspect with weapons, opposite sexes could do a "safety search", but otherwise male on male, female on female suspects. If I had a kid and this TSA guy touched my kids in their privates, well HE would have been in the ER. I can't believe that is now allowed. Remember the rule just changed...no longer the backs of their hands. They search like we in law enforcement did - palms, fingers etc. Sorry, got off my own topic there. (G) Another place *I* would love to go Kathy, Australia! Those are my two favorite places on the wish list! You have to let us know how it goes!!! *HUGZ*

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Fortunately this flare is finally backing down. Lesson learned I guess! (G) Thanks for your kind words. :)

    You're comment on wishing you could wrap yourself in the patches had me roaring! I needed a good laugh, and to picture a person totally covered was soooo funny! Thanks, I needed a good laugh that day! Last night I read up a lot on these patches, and they look like something very promising for me if my GP is a go for it. I don't see why she wouldn't, but you never know. If I even get half the relief I am seeing you guys get, I will be in patch heaven!!! :) Keep your fingers crossed she lets me try them please? *HUGZ*

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Yes, I hope you get an rx for them.
    You can use up to 3 at a time! So not really a mummy. But you got a laugh :))( , and that is great!
    There are some recent threads on them, they do cut the edge on specific targeted areas!
  • Ditto! My GP is pretty good, so hopefully it will be a thumbs up. She knows I am not big on drugs, so this shouldn't be a problem.

    It *is* all the discussions of late about them that peeked my interest. Comments like yours (the mummy), and Kris with how pleased she was with them, and a few others made me research these "wonder patches." Fentanyl patches scare me. So these sound super!! Yes, I needed that laugh, I was right in the beginnings of this flare, so it was a great boost that day! *HUGZ* :)

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
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