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Butt spasms

Kris-NYKris-NY Posts: 2,207
OK if I was intending to do this it would be considered exercise...but...

For the past week I have noticed that when I am sitting for a while that I am getting twitching spasms in my left butt/upper leg. It can last from a minute to a few minutes. Almost feels like a stim unit is hooked up ... if that makes sense.

I've never had lower back issues although my lumbar mri after the accident showed some minor problems. SInce I had no symptoms they said it was normal aging. Now I'm wondering if this is a sign of something.

Any thoughts?


  • I have had that for some time but in the right cheek/leg.

    I've been describing it as a kind of a tapping or vibrating feeling like someone is drumming their fingers there and I feel it inside.

    I don't know what it is.....I figured it was just another side issue of the nerve problems back there.

  • I have had funky twitches happen on and off for years. Its like my muscle in a certain spot (usually legs or belly) is having mini spasms, lasts just a few minutes. I have no clue what it is.

    More recently, last year or so, I get what I call "the Tinglies". This happens while I am sitting or laying in bed. Its just like the stim tinglies you get. When I move to a different position it usually stops. A while back I read up on stenosis and I said "aha", that sounds like it! Typically it starts at my lower butt and travels down to my knees.

    Hope something I wrote was helpful.

    Take care,
  • You know, you're probably going to be dealing with changing patterns of muscle use in your back due to your injury, if nothing else.

    Don't forget to use physical therapy now and then to keep your back strong and the muscles stretched.
  • I figured it can't be good. Hopefully it will stay at this level for a long time. It's more funny than anything.

    I really need to think about a new neurologist. I'm tired of asking questions and not getting answers. Today I told him that the finger cramp/freeze is happening more often and he tells me to eat more fruit....

    Thanks for your answers guys. I didn't think it was a big deal but was curious to see if it was a spiney type thing.
  • I have stenosis issues and other low back "stuff" happening. Right now, I have terrible low buttock pain and the spasms right where my hamstring attaches. The "stim-like" feeling is a little further down my leg and into my calf.
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