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I lost my job due to my neck. Well am put on unpaid leave

PeppermintPPeppermint Posts: 34
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:49 AM in Depression and Coping
I was called into my bosses office Tuesday. I had my surgery ADCF c4-6 and plate removed and replaced at 6-7. I work at a desk/ computer all day. So I have been having terrible spasams and pain. My neuro had me working only half days. Well my boss was not happy when the pt and the trigger point shots were not working and I could not come back full time monday. SO she said I was put on leave without pay till the 11th of january. That is my apt with my neuro. Then she will re eval. it. Yea well we know what that means. She said I don't have a part time position. And are you doing everything you can to get better? DO YOU WANT TO GET BETTER.... OH MY I LOST IT.. HOW dare she say something like that. She said I know someone who had her neck done and she did just fine and was back in 6 weeks but I am sure yours is the worse one ever done. she was HATEFUL.... SO I was so furious and could not stop crying.... I might post too that all but one coworker has been so hateful to me. Following me in the store reporting in the office I was seen here or I went to walmart and bent over and picked up some pony tails hahahhah O WOW so heavy. I am still not totally fused. I am just soooo mad so anyway after the way everyone had been treating me when it was time to go I walked out and did not touch the gifts I had been given. They said aren't you getting your gifts I SAID NO!!!!! and kept walking I could not stop crying. I know it was silly but I was so upset. I have not even felt like shopping for my family for christmas (doing that online ) I tried to go shopping big mistake. Can't stand the car rides. So to be asked if I was faking it basicly hurt me soooo much. GOod note I finally slept well last night. I had cried my self exhausted. hahhaha
Love to all that are dealing with co workers/bosses that are not informed.... Or have no compassion.


  • How long have you been at that job? Do you have short-term disability available to you? If you do, I would ask your surgeon to fill out the paperwork for that. Its not right they put you on unpaid leave, so wrong to treat you like that.

    Best wishes to you,

  • Oh Pepper I am SOOO sorry that they are treating you this way!! Specially right before the holidays...its not right!!!

    I have to inform my Boss today that I have to quit...should be fun!! NOT!!
  • Oh Pepper - how HORRIBLE :( I am so so very sorry this happened :hug:
    L1 - S2 "gone" useless in 1 way or another. DDD. RA. Bone Spurs. Tons of nerve damage/issues. Stenosis. Both knees replaced. 50 yrs old. I had a great fall (hence my user name) at age 41 and it has been a domino effect every since.
  • I have been at this job 7 yrs. and well all our office went to heck in one week. my surg oct 4, my coworker preg at 5 months lost baby on nov 18th still not back at work, The Sunday before THanksgiving my boss's husband died suddenly. So she is not herself but her new self is MEAN now. And I had notes stating I could only work half days. So no on the short term disability. And I can tell you from the way she treated me I can't possibly go back in there and work without much un needed stress. Yes it sucks more about it being the Holidays. But she had no right to basiclly say I was faking it or wanted to stay like this. I said NOBODY wants to be in this shape !!!
  • ooops posted 2 times sorry
  • HUGS POLLY Sooo sorry it hurts your heart so much praying for you..
  • I would be filing for unemployment pronto..Im sorry you were treated that way...There is no excuse for that. Sounds like your boss needs some time off to deal with her grief instead of unloading on her co-workers unfairly.
  • Hi, and i agree with Tonya.

    Also maybe get a free consulation with a lawyer, to see if they are in violation of the federal disability act.
    I dont remember what it is called, but someone should come along who does remember.

    It's sad that your boss losing her husband but she still has no right taking it out on the employees.
    If she cant handle it, then she should stay home until she can.

    Best of luck to ya.
  • Well she has not FIRED me as of yet it is leave without pay till my Dr's apt Jan 11th if I can't go back to full time I have no job. So I guess you could say I know what will happen. My insurance is being slow about pre cert. these last two procedures so I can get them in while I am at 100% paid. But to be a rude and say I had a friend who had it done and she was fine in 6 weeks. I said really how many levels. She said I don't know but I am sure YOURS IS THE WORSE CASE EVER!! I should have said what I felt I said come on you know there are folks worse off but I can't help how my body does...
  • Jim I am lucky hubby is an attorney.. ;-) He keeps telling me to just calm down it will be fine. I still can't help but be HURT beyond words. and pour out tons of tears..
  • Pepper, I had a boss also that tried to pull this. I had a C5-6 ACDF but before the surgery I had to have time off (nursing/EMT) and she tried to tell me if I wasn't back to work by July (blank) that they would replace me. Well I went to the main guy that owned the company and told him. First off if you have a note from the doctor they can not fire you or threaten to take your job away. If you didn't have the notes from the doctor that's a different story. If there is someone over her that's the way to go and let them know she is threating your job. Good luck hun, on your recovery.
  • Howdy Ms. Peppermint,

    Having not seen you on here for a while, I was hoping that meant you were a 'success' story. Sorry to hear you are going through this, and it is all too common it seems! Okay, that out...

    Your boss is obviously still suffering the loss of her husband, due to a friend who had another neck, another body, another surgery, "she" thinks that is a benchmark to use on you. Nope, sorry, doesn't work that way! She is NOT qualified to make medical determinations on you. Okay.. ADA = Americans with Disabilities Act - isn't just for permanent disability. It covers both, acute - recovering from surgery, and yes sadly, permanent.

    Listen to your hubby. He is probably saying to calm down and relax because you still have NOT been released by your surgeon for full duty, and HE has the proper training to make that assessment. As to paid or unpaid leave, I can't comment on that as I was a federal employee and had to retire thanks to my lovely (NOT) neck and now back as well.

    Ps... the gifts, I probably would have done the VERY same thing as you did! It's hypocritical that all but one of your co-workers were nice, yet then they give gifts? Blah! Good move on your part! *HUGZ*

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Brenda, that should have been only one coworker was truly nice and caring (she is a lumbar spiny from long ago) I did not leave her gift hahahhah We gave gifts away from work. The others were so fake. And one even gave a scent that she knew flared my asthma. ( years past she always sent vanilla for me she gets bath and body and this year she did one that she knew really bothered me) that was RUDE!!!
  • Where do people like this come from?? I just don't understand such lack of empathy some people have. It reminds me of a lady I worked with long ago. She had schleroderma (a hideous painful disease) and the same co-workers that she had worked with for 10 years treated her terribly, but in a passive-aggressive way. It broke my heart. I'm sorry you were treated so callously by such cretins. Maybe this is for the best and something better will come along. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  • Peppermint,

    Mind had a brain fart. I meant to say it was a bummer only 1 co-worker was nice! Lyrica moment strikes again! (G) As to the *cough* co-worker trying to give you something she knew bothered you, and could kick you into an Asthma attack...wow, what a piece of work! What motivates people to be so cruel amazes me!

    What's that phrase? "With friends like that, who needs enemies?" Shaking head... Oh, and the evil child in me Peppermint? I would have poured that lovely scent all over her work space! (EG)

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • hiya
    I sure know how ya feel..it hurts like hell being treated like that...
    I was a retail manager..asst manager and last job was sales clerk..
    I was very hurt that my company put my on family medical leave...which i do understand they were trying to keep my job...anyway but what they dont get its no pain and i need my wkly pay cks..all the jobs i did were very very physical...so there was no lite duty available...
    my last job did the same 6-8 wks not pain family medical leave or i had the choice to work the full time hours or resign...so after the medical leave which i had wkly notes from docs..
    i had to be in full physical health to work which i was very far from doing...so i didnt return to work..
    my boss at the time tried to keep me being a store greeter or maybe doing one 4 hrs shift just to keep me..but the company said no over n over...
    I do unstand they dont want to be liable for my getting hurt..and for me was a choice cause my co-workers were already climbing the high ladders for me and as i miss my job was the best for me not to work there...was my fav. job cause i love home decor and i was great at helping ppl spend ther money...
    i got a very nice letter from the company that i am missed and if my health improves i will have a position at anytime...but i will never be healthy enough to do all that lifting at all..
    i wish you the best...and i so agree with others fill out the papers get ready and let them fire you..make sure you get the letter ....i got a very cautionally worded letter i took to a friend attny in other words they said have to let me go unless i get a docs release...
    different states have diff laws..
    no way that lady had the right to speak to you that way...i would email word for word your conversation with her and send to her boss and that bosses boss...

    dont ever work for anyone treats you like that...
    take care
    keep us posted
    neck,bone spurs pain started 04, back issues and fusion l4,l5 06~hardware removed.
    good few yrs. 09 pain sharp, numbness feet,legs, diagnosed fibro, neurop. legs.lung issues.
    daily goal do good thing for someone.
  • Yes something good will come of this. I will not let it break my spirit. As to the coworker that gave the strong scent I sure hope it was a mistake because that would be terrrrrrible of someone. But she has been one of the main ones to give me grief...
  • DiehardbikerDDiehardbiker Posts: 1
    edited 09/01/2012 - 3:26 PM
    Curious what is your updates? I have very similar experience, done with ACDF, and pain comes back. This isn't first time for me, but after third time, I was terminated from the company.
    I personally don't understand why my pain always starts at work, Before ACDF surgery I was not able to sit for a long period of time. Standing and doing other things I was just fine. After surgery, and an incident at work had pain for about a week. Back to normal until August 10th I have neck pain almost continuously from that day until few days ago, Now pain is on and off, and now Im without any insurance, no nothing and heavy medical bills that no one gives damn including stupid United Health Care Insurance themselves.They don't care that I have to pay way way way over the limit, and I am in totally shock and don't know what I should do. I seems unable to do normal daily living, and my career is shot down, when I wish it would never happen. Yes, I was terminated and I am not sure if Unemployment Insurance would cover due to the fact that I am required to look for job, and I can't look for job due to pain.
    Your very lucky to have husband that is attorney. No attorney is willing to help me! Short term and long term disability insurance decided to cut me off, and Workman comp denied. This is truly a fucked up corporation society that we have to live up with.

    back dealing with neck pain.
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