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c5-c6/c6-c7 herniated discs

autumntaautumnt Posts: 18
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:49 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
I was in an auto accident a year & 1/2 ago-I got rear-ended. My shoulder had seperated so I didn't get my back/neck pain taken care of until recently(I had to have surgery due to a torn rotator cuff, etc. which didn't take place until April of this year, so they thought a lot of the pain I was having was due to that). After my pain didn't go away, they did another MRI of my cervical spine & found 2 herniations at c5/c6 & c6/c7. The first one is mild, but the 2nd one is severe & compressing my spinal cord, causing tingling/pain in my arm/hand, between my shoulder blades & down my back. I saw a neurosurgeon (actually 2) who have recommended surgery & I initially didn't want it, but the pain is getting worse, so I'm reconsidering. I tried ART, decompression at the chiro office, accupuncture (which actually really helps with the pain-I was on Vicodin & muscle relaxers for awhile but didn't want to take them, so this helped some), and recently have been doing massage therapy, which helps as well. I am seeing the neuro surgeon again next week to discuss surgery again. My main reason for that is that I will be 36 in 2 months and haven't had children yet. My boyfriend and I both want children and will be married in the next year or so, so I don't want to put this off much longer. There is NO way that I can physically carry a child in pregnancy or after due to the pain I'm still in. I'm afraid that if I put surgery off, I will miss my time to have kids myself due to my age & I really want to! I am new on here, so any advice is appreciated! Thanks!


  • Welcome to Spine-Health. There's a lot of great information here on having cervical surgeries, recovery and many other valuable articles and videos.

    I don't think anyone on here will tell you to have surgery. Surgery is a very personal decision and only you can make that decision with the help of your loved ones and more importantly, your surgeon. Additionally, having complete confidence in your surgeon is imperative.

    Having said that, if you have something that is touching your spinal cord, that's nothing to mess with, it can become a dangerous situation. I also had bone spurs impinging my spinal cord at three levels and surgery for me was the only option, unless I wanted to risk paralysis. Uh, no thanks.

    I think your timing is a good thing to figure into the equation with regards to having kids. Do you know if the surgeon is wanting to do a one or two-level surgery? I guess it doesn't make much difference, but if I were to have surgery in your situation, I'd ask him to remove that little bone spur at C5/6 while he's in there.

    The only thing I'll tell you with regards to the surgery itself is that it isn't as bad as it seems, assuming, like I said, that you have complete confidence in your surgeon. It's certainly a serious surgery and is definitely a last resort, but if it's needed then it's needed. My biggest concerns for you are the abuttment of the spinal cord and the symptoms down the arms.

    Take care and do some research around the site to make yourself more comfortable with your decision.

  • Thank you Cathie, your advice is very much appreciated! In the beginning I was COMPLETELY against surgery, but since things aren't getting any better & are actually getting worse in some areas, I feel it's my only option now. It's definately a major decision, but I have been seriously discussing this and trying to find out what I can about it. Thanks again!

  • I'm glad that you're doing some serious soul searching with regards to surgery, and sometimes it does lead to it being the only option. I really didn't want surgery either, but at my first appointment with my surgeon after looking at my MRI, he said that it wasn't a matter of if I had surgery but when. So it took me one night of talking with my husband before we decided I'd better have it done, knowing the seriousness of the problem.

    Then he dangled a carrot in front of me by saying if I had the surgery done soon (Oct. 08) that he'd have me back on the golf course by April. He was only off by a month - I was back on the course in May.

    I also had arm symptoms that were progressing and once I scheduled surgery they started getting even worse. By the time I went into surgery, my left arm was so weak I couldn't even pick up a glass of ice water. So I knew that I'd made the right choice.

    Good luck to you and I'm glad you're doing all your homework and due diligence. It sounds like you've made your decision, and we'll be here to support you through your journey, the time leading up to surgery and throughout your recovery.

    Take care and feel free to PM me if I can help you in any way.

  • Thank you so much Cathie! Your letter has made me know I am making the right decision bc our issues are very similar. It's hard to find anyone in your daily life that has been in this situation and understands the pain and frustration, so everyone is very negative. It helps to hear the good things! I haven't had a lot of time to look at everyone's posts on here, so I was just wondering how people are feeling physically after having the surgery 5yrs or longer down the road? That's the most negative thing I've been hearing-that you are in just as much pain years down the road as you are now. The surgeons I've talked to have said I would most likely need surgery again in the future bc of scar tissue, so that worries me a little.
  • Autumn, first let me tell you that what you read on here are posts from people that are usually still having problems, though some stay to help others. But the members that have had successful surgeries rarely come back here because they're out living their lives and no longer need support. They're back to normal, and that's wonderful, but sometimes gives a false sense of what having spine surgery is like.

    With that said, I can tell you that for me, and I think almost all cervical spine surgery patients, I woke up with all the tingling and numbness gone in my right arm and with full use of my left arm - every one of my arm symptoms were gone. Although I don't remember, my hubby said that when I was wheeled into my room after surgery I was clapping and giggling saying that my arms were back to normal. LOL Guess I was just a little happy, huh?

    I'm over two years past my surgery, and I'm having problems above my fusion. I'm not one to judge by as those levels were bad before surgery, but they're a difficult area to operate on, so it's conservative measures for me for the forseeable future. So that's not to say that you'll have problems in additional areas also.

    I had a "twin" on here when I had surgery who was having the exact same surgery as I was within the same week and we kept in touch almost every day. I haven't heard from her since three months or so post-op and have to assume that she's out and about living a good life or she'd be back here.

    I also think that scar tissue is worse in lumbar patients because usually the scar is so small with an ACDF, generally two inches or shorter. Mine is three inches and vertical, but after the stitches came out, my PA said to put my fingers on it and rotate the skin as much as possible every day to keep the scar tissue from hooking on to anything. So I think that's not something to worry about too much.

    As far as what happens in the future, every spiney wonders about that. We wonder if because we have problems in one part of our spine, will we have problems in other parts, or will we have adjacent disc problems due to fusion...but you have to just take it one step at a time and if you never have problems again, then that's fantastic. If you do, then you deal with it when it comes.

    For the record, I had an accident 30 years ago where we were hit head on by a drunk driver at a high rate of speed, I wasn't wearing a seat belt, and got thrown into the windshield. My head hit the windshield and my jaw hit the metal dashboard - it took 6 months of ultrasound on my jaws for me to open my mouth enough to eat. I tell you that because all my doctors believe that it was that accident that started all my spine problems and they had progressed over the years to the degree where they're now serious, although I never experienced symptoms before 2008. I also did things between then and 2008 that exacerbated the problem, of course, not knowing that my spine was in the process of collapsing.

    So, I'm sorry for the long post, but I just wanted you to know a few things. And you're right, it's very difficult for anyone who hasn't been through this spine stuff to understand it. That's what's so valuable about this forum and Spine-Health in general. I and most others here understand exactly how you're feeling - others have walked in your shoes.

  • Hello
    I have just been reading some of the experiences others are having with their surgical decisions. I was scheduled for cervical disc surgery 1/17 and just cancelled it. I am going to again try medications to see if i can live with this pain. I have 2 herniations at C 5/6 - 6/7 with slight nerve compression. Nothing incringing on the spinal cord yet. Neurosurgeon indicates - if i get in a car accident or fall things will not be good. Not sure if i am ready for surgery. Heard alot of negatives from patients on the internet that have had it and don't want to end up worse than i am right now. Has anyone had this surgery and can they tell me their outcome. I have had low back fusion 7 years ago and it is fine.
  • I had 2 level ACDF surgery on Dec 6th C/5-c/6 and c/6-c/7 - my spinal cord was compressed completely - could not use my right arm by the time I had surgery same as Cath111. Prior to my surgery my NS and my primary DR advised me if I did not have the surgery one fall could paralyze me for life. My NS told me in te hospital after surgery that when they removed the 2 discs my spinal cord was completely dented in and I was just very lucky! I cried! I do not want to scare you at all and again having surgery is every one's personal choice. I only share my story with you as it is similar to yours and to Cath111's. The moment I woke up from surgery the severe pain was gone (could not believe it) - had other surgery and muscle pain that goes away during the recovery process with therapy.
    I can also understand your desire to have children and scared about timing and age. I am now 41 and had twin boys at the age of 37 so you have plenty of time. My advice and please it is just that "advice" to take or leave - make sure you are in the best health you can be before having kids because as soon as they arrive you will put your needs last as there will never be the right time. I have been very fortunate as my surgery was my only option and I have a very supportive husband who has done everything needed for my kids as I am recovering!

    I can say even though I am not years out and still recovering I would do it all over again in a heartbeat and nothing compared to the pain I was in prior to the surgery - not even giving birth to twins! LOL!

    I have 2 cousins who also had the same surgery - one four years ago and the other one year ago and both have no regrets and back to full activity. The trick I think which is hardest for me is being patient with the slow recovery for the 1st 4-6 weeks .. gets pretty boring- still some pain and can't do much..

    Here for you if you need anything and best wishes your way - let me know if you want anymore details - hope I did not drone on and never intending to push surgery on you at all ..

    Mary from painfree at last
  • I forgot to mention some positive things I have experienced as well as this site has alot of the tough stories and those that do well most likely dont come back as Cath111 pointed out (understandable as life goes on) .. this site has helped me tremendously not just talking and making new friends with others in the same situation but also with support to kick my horrible smoking vice so stay on this site as much as you can for support ..I plan to pay it forward and come back for years to come as long as I can!
    Also I had my 1st Xray and follow up and have bone growth and all screws and plates etc are solid in place - no complications .. so even though early for me I am feeling pretty good about this surgery and just want to share - I was scared to death to have this surgery and now am a Raving Fan!
    Thanks - just had to add that!
  • Thank you all! Mary, I am glad to hear you are doing well & had the same kind of surgery I would be having. It really helps to hear these stories! I, too, have a very supportive man in my life-I don't know how I'd be right now if it weren't for my boyfriend-he has been incredible. We had gotten together almost a year after my accident & about 2 weeks before my rotator cuff surgery and he has been here for me more than anyone. He tries to understand the pain I'm constantly in and has had to deal with me not being able to do much without complaining. We are both normally very active people, so for him to love me the way he does means so much! He puts off doing things like kayaking, biking, etc. just to be with me, so I am very fortunate to have him in my life!
    4-6 weeks of not being able to do anything isn't much worse than what I had to deal with when I had my shoulder surgery, and if it takes away even most of my other pain, it will be worth it! I know it won't be easy, but it isn't easy living like this either, as you know. Thank you all very much!
  • to you Autumnt and keep us posted on how you are doing. Also just want to make sure I did not mis-represent anything - everyone's recovery is different and the 4 -6 weeks timeframe is really the timeframe most Doctors restrict you from any real activity after this surgery - your Doctor may be totally different and from what I have been told it does take months to really feel normal again. For me the fact that the severe pain is gone is the best thing ever ... once that pain is gone is when you can really focus on doing everything to get back your normal life ...
  • Don't worry Mary, I know everyone's different, but I agree that if the rest of the pain is gone, it's a big relief. When I went for a contrast MRI of my shoulder about 3 or 4 months after my accident they told me how uncomfortable it would be, but it actually felt 100% better bc it was numb & I couldn't feel anything at all! I am just going to focus on the positive bc if I focus on the negative, it will bring negative & I can't take anymore of that! lol This year has GOT to be better! Thanks again girls!
  • Surgery is a very personal choice. You have to weigh all of the pros / cons and have complete faith in the surgeon who will be performing the surgery. I know that I saw a spine specialist more than 5 years ago. He described all of the issues in my cervical spine and recommend surgery when I felt it was the right time for me. I was lucky to find someone who was not knife happy, but also knew when the time would be right even if I didn't. He stated that due to the condition of my C 3-7 there were a few areas that will worsen in time due to DDD, arthritis, herniation. I tried conservative measures for about 5 years until a pinched nerve was added to the picture. Even when I knew I needed the surgery he realized I wasn't ready so I tried epidurals and selective nerve root blocks. They all postponed the surgery, but since I was not as far as I knew concerned about paralysis the surgeon was very understanding. When I was finally ready emotionally I went for a 2nd and 3rd opinion to make sure everyone agreed and to see what all of the treatment for surgery and post care was going to be. There is a huge difference in post care as far as type of collar and PT. I am please that I had the surgery, like everyone else the tingling and numbness were gone. I am still early in my recovery 6 weeks on Thursday. Hope all goes well and keep us posted.
  • autumnt said:
    I was in an auto accident a year & 1/2 ago-I got rear-ended. My shoulder had seperated so I didn't get my back/neck pain taken care of until recently(I had to have surgery due to a torn rotator cuff, etc. which didn't take place until April of this year, so they thought a lot of the pain I was having was due to that). After my pain didn't go away, they did another MRI of my cervical spine & found 2 herniations at c5/c6 & c6/c7. The first one is mild, but the 2nd one is severe & compressing my spinal cord, causing tingling/pain in my arm/hand, between my shoulder blades & down my back. I saw a neurosurgeon (actually 2) who have recommended surgery & I initially didn't want it, but the pain is getting worse, so I'm reconsidering. I tried ART, decompression at the chiro office, accupuncture (which actually really helps with the pain-I was on Vicodin & muscle relaxers for awhile but didn't want to take them, so this helped some), and recently have been doing massage therapy, which helps as well. I am seeing the neuro surgeon again next week to discuss surgery again. My main reason for that is that I will be 36 in 2 months and haven't had children yet. My boyfriend and I both want children and will be married in the next year or so, so I don't want to put this off much longer. There is NO way that I can physically carry a child in pregnancy or after due to the pain I'm still in. I'm afraid that if I put surgery off, I will miss my time to have kids myself due to my age & I really want to! I am new on here, so any advice is appreciated! Thanks!
  • Hi Autumn,
    I have a very similar story to yours. I'm a 30 year old female,in a car accident in August of 2010 and living with a lot of pain in my neck shoulders, back, and numbness and tingling in my arm. I have a HMO for insurance so my doctor wouldn't order MRIs or xrays right away. I tried physical therapy, acupunture, massage therapy, and a lot of pain meds with no relief. I finally got an MRI and the results last Friday and was told that my C5,C6 are herniated and slightly poking my spinal canal and deforming my spinal cord. I was told I should have disc replacement surgery but can try cortisone shot first to see if that will help. I also was told that if I had another collision or head trauma that I could have my disc rupture my spinal cord. I don't think I can live with a temporary fix anymore and I'm going to get a second opinion to see if surgery would be the best possibility.

    Did you try the cortisone shot before you agreed to surgery? I was so active before the car accident and have only been able to concentrate on the pain I'm having. Im not sure if I should postphone the surgery any longer.
  • Hi guys! I have not tried the cortisone shots for my neck-I did have 1 for my shoulder & it didn't help. They really aren't that great for you anyway, they've had to limit how many per year you are allowed to have bc of it & it's a temporary fix, so I'd rather not do that.
    I saw the 1st neurosugeon I saw again last week and they are sending me for another MRI next Tues. so we can see what has or has not changed since August. I have heard a lot of great things about him and really like him (especially compared to the other one I saw!). I feel better trusting him since my orthopedic surgeon (who I've had for years & has done 2 surgeries on me, so I trust him completely) has told me what a great surgeon & person he is outside of being a surgeon. I am ready to have it if I need it. I can't take not living a normal life anymore! I am so thankful for the feedback I have gotten on here. I know there are risks with this, or any surgery, but the positives that usually end up happening outway the risks to me. I was very opposed to it until I read up on it & heard all of your stories. My ortho told me this type of surgery is a very common procedure for the neuro, much like knee surgery is for him, so he definately knows what he's doing. That also made me feel better! I will keep you all posted-the MRI is next week & I see the neuro again on Feb 4th. Thanks again for sharing your stories & good luck!
  • Hi Autumn:
    I think Im in the "same boat" as you.
    I have spinal cord compression from disc herniation and the wanted to do immediate surgery. I just had carotid surgery the year before and it was pure hell.
    I seem to get sick really easily.
    So I was quite concerned about another surgery and the fact that my NS gave me no information about the post op and home recovery. I also have a totally ruined lumbar region and a hip that needs replaced too.
    So if they had me incapacitated from my upper body I could not be mobile at all, I use my arms to get out of chair and upstairs, I would be as good as paralyzed. ( Until recovery)
    SO I have postponed. Now I wonder if i made a grave mistake, The ER doc assured me there were no Spinal Cord changes and that it was inflammation.( and he provide immediate relief with steroids and Valium. I felt great for about almost a week.
    I did have the Cervical epidural injection and It was great I actually went out and did a siding job. Bu after 3 weeks the pain crept back in.
    The second epidural went wrong, I felt it during the procedure. It was crazy painful and provided no relief. In fact Now 1 month later I have gotten worse.
    I too am considering the surgery but I have seen 50/50 pros and cons. So again I am scared to death about it.
    I wish you luck in your choice.. I understand how hard it is. If mine were anterior or anything but the front of my throat, I would have jumped right in and had it done. But after they damaged nervs on the carotid I am too fearful to get it done and will try any alternative.
    Good luck
  • Logged into the site today for the first time in months. I am one of the lucky ones who no longer need to post due to an extremely successful outcome.

    Had 2 level ACDF 16 months back. Was 36 and hurt neck falling awkwardly playing basketball. Both discs ruptured.

    Saw two surgeons. Both recommended surgery. No other reasonable treatment available. Was battling extreme pain and taking high levels of pain meds daily for 6 months. Was concerned about my ability to raise my children.

    Surgery lasted 5 hours. Was in hospital two nights. Woke up pain free.

    Missed two weeks of work. Wore collar for 1 month. After 6 months almost completely fused. After 9 months given full clearence to resume all activity. Have been playing hoops regularly for almost a year with no issues.

    Occassional headaches and neck will get sore after a long day in front of computer. Slight ROM loss looking left but only noticible when looking over shoulder backwards while driving.

    Days go by without thinking about how bad I was (or so I thought before I read about the challenges others on this site deal with) and how lucky I am now.

    In retrospect worrying about the surgery was far worse than the actual operation and recovery.

    Good luck to all who are facing similar challenges.
  • I'm new to the site but have suffered from herniated discs/arthritis at 5,6,& 7 in my neck for the past 17 years but decided against surgery. I also have pain that runs down my arm to my hand and saw over 40+ doctors, you name it, but I don't feel any of the pain every day. The reason I decided against the surgery was so many of my friends had surgery and then ended up later on taking medication like I was doing and sometimes they even had surgery several times and ended up in pain. So I am now 57 and am pain free every day but have to take pills. Don't know if I made the right decision but until I finally found the right combination and the right dr., I too was in lots of pain. I would suggest to first try neurontin which tricks your brain and you feel no pain. Some people take thousands as their dosage but that in combination with a pain pill cut in half and then taken as needed throughout the day should get you through the day. I would suggest percocet or oxycodone. I went to physical therapy so I know how to do neck exercises every day and when to use hot/cold. I also have a tens unit which helps and I sleep without a pillow on an air bed. Every little tip you get is helpful but if I were you, I would wait and don't rush to do surgery. You can always do that and at least give this new medication a try. If your initial dosage doesn't work, call your dr. and have him increase the dosage until you are pain free. If the neurontin doesn't help, then you can try topamax or a combination of the two together. You also need to find yourself a good neurologist who knows about these medications. Take it from someone who didn't have a website to go to. I had to read up on my condition and find my own way. Massages are also great but are costly and wear off quickly. I also bought a board that you can strap yourself into and then hang upside down on. Two more things. When you answer the phone, try to use it on a speaker phone and don't tilt your head & very important is to watch your posture.
  • AaronC - thanks so much for coming back to share your success! I had the same surgery on 12/6 and sounds similar - injured myself in September and tried meds and PT and nothing took pain away and got a point where I could do nothing so finally went for MRI and my Spinal Cord was then compromised so had to have surgery. Severe pain is gone and now in PT again to rebuild strength I lost in my arms and shoulders but all going well! I hope to have the same success as you .. I agree the surgery and even the recovery is nothing compared to trying to live with the pain prior to the surgery. Thanks again!
  • Glad to hear that you are doing so well. We should all be at the same point some time in the future. Had same surgery 12/9/2010 only 2 1/2 - 3 hours surgery, boy was your long. It is nice to hear the success stories instead of the difficult ones. Enjoy the day.
  • Hi all! I haven't been on in awhile-I finally got my 2nd set of MRI's done last month & see neurosurgeon 2moro to find out about surgery. I will let ya'll know what he says-wish me luck that it can be fixed!
  • And make a list of all questions you want to ask - you will forget .. hope it works out and you can now have the answers you need to start your road to the best course of action! Keep us posted!
  • Thanks Mary! I have been writing down questions all night tonight. Are there any besides pros/cons and time healing that I should ask? I have a few basic ones, etc. but any extra ones may help! Once you start trying to think of them, your mind goes blank! lol
  • Good luck with your appointment. What is the procedure? Why did you choose that one? WHich levels? How long is the surgery? Can you describe the surgery and the recovery? How long in the hospital?What type of a collar will I wear and how long? What type of pain medications or muscle relaxers might I need? Do you believe in Physical Therapy after surgery? When will you see me after discharge? 2 weeks, 6 weeks, 2 months, how long will you follow my case? Keep us posted. We will be thinking about you
  • Some questions - questions if you have the surgery would be - Do you have to wear a Hard or Soft Collar and how long for both? Will they use your bone or donor bone? Will you have to wear a Bone Stimulator - what kind do they use? How do they schedule their follow up appointments - mine were scheduled at 10 days post-op then 1 month then 3 months then 6 months etc .. What restrictions will you have and for how long? Will you get a script for Physical Therapy (I highly recommend) - I got mine at 1 month appt becauze Xray should all hardware solidly in place and some bone growth .... FYI - I asked my NS how long I would be out of work and she said max of 12 weeks but on average 6 weeks. Well I am at 8 weeks out of work and not releasing me to work until my next appt March 10th .. I told my boss I expected to be out 6 weeks and should have told them the max time ... don't want to scare you - I have no regrets on my surgery as I was in extreme pain and was at risk for serious damage to spinal cord ..
    Hope you get this in time - good luck! Let us know how you make out!
  • Thanks to both of you! They are good questions. I got a call from my Dr.'s office today saying they needed to reschedule my appt til next Friday, so I will keep you posted! Thanks again!
  • PS What type of collar is better, hard or soft? I don't know much about any of this!
  • My surgeon didn't have me wear a collar at all so you never know what you're going to hear. I know everyone's situation is different so you might get other advice. I guess my titanium plate and screws were considered enough to keep me stable while the bones fused, which they did within 6 months of my surgery.
  • As honeysmom said the titanium plate and screws were the stability part for her. My OSS also said that the plate and screws are keeping everything in place and secure. I felt I wanted a hard collar and was given a Philadelphia (pink foam) hard collar which I wore for 2-3 days and then in the shower for the first 3-4 weeks. After a few days I switched to the soft collar, much more comfortable. I wrapped a scarf or bandanna around it for style when I wear it out of the house. I find the collar gave me support and comfort along with the psychological feeling of comfort. every doctor is different and there is a huge range. Hard collar 4-6 weeks and then the same in a soft collar, to only a soft collar 4 weeks down to no collar at all. You have to have faith in your doctor and do what ever they say. It may also depend on the condition of your neck and the number of levels. I kept a spiral notebook so that I could always jot down question in the same place. This way there was room for answers. I just dated the top of each appointment. I also kept that for post op. As far as fusing: I am still waiting. I went for a 6 week a few weeks ago and no growth in the x rays. Tired of being home and went to get cleared for work. Not sure if it was the right decision or not. Time will tell. Good luck and let us know if you have any other questions.
  • I found a list of questions that I had on an email for pre surgery questions. Hope this helps.

    What does the new MRI show?
    How is it different from the last one?
    Does it change the plan for the surgery?
    2 or 3 levels of fusion?
    Plate? screws? cages? BMP? donor bone?
    Can I see any of the hardware that you may be using?
    Is the hardware rep in the surgery for a part of it?
    Do you perform entire procedure, if not who else and what portion?
    Who will be in the operating room when I am having the surgery done?
    Who will be administering the anesthesia (general anesthesia?)
    Concerns with throwing up after surgery or being nauseous?
    What time will the surgery be?
    How long will the surgery be?
    What should I expect as far as my recovery?
    Who tells my husband when the surgery is over and I made out?
    When will I see you again after the surgery?
    Do I also see you the next day and how does being discharged occur?
    How long should I have someone at home with me and
    when can I just recuperate by myself?
    Swallowing / food / medication -
    What should I expect? muscle relaxer, pain meds, sleep aid?
    Type of pillow / sleeping (best positions?)
    Limitations and when can I safely participate in:
    Stairs / being in car / driving / lifting


    Hard collar

    Soft collar
    Bone stimulator
    Physical therapy
    How often

    Stretching or rotation to get range of motion?
    When would I be able to shower?
    Changing of the bandage?
    Removal of stitches?
    Vitamin E to reduce the scar or something else?
    Do’s and don’ts?
    When would I be able to start the anti inflammatory again?
    When would I go back to see you as a follow up (2 weeks)?
    When would I be able to go back to work?
    How long does it take for the symptoms to subside?
    Tingling, numbness, pain in shoulder, neck
    How long does it take for the bone to fuse?
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