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backpainishellbbackpainishell Posts: 969
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:50 AM in Arthritis, Osteoarthritis
I saw my rheumotology doctor on monday :? He had all the results of the tests he had reffered me for :? Ive had bloods tests, scans and x-rays done! The test show i have osteoarthritis in my right knee (i have constant pain from this), i have psoratic arthritis in my right hand, (its dis-figured and swollen very painfull) also in my left foot! I am 43, the doctor said my bones are like a woman who have these kind of problems, whose in her 60s. I am gutted i can tell you, i cryed when i came away from the hospital. He has started me on a drug which hopefully will slow the arthritis . This drug does not start working for about 12 weeks, but he said i may experience the side affects straight away. I have to go for monthly blood tests as the drug can hit my liver. I was just wondering if anyone has different types of arthritis or is in a simular situation to me.

Angie xx


  • <<<Hugs>>> Angie :)

    I am sorry that you got bad news. Hopefully the meds will slow the progression and get you feeling better.

    I was supposed to go an see a RA doctor last year and never did. I think that you may have inspired me to get that one scheduled finally. One of my ankles has been swollen for a couple years and my knee still hurts (had the arthoscopic menisuc surgery last July).

    Feel Better,

  • Hi Angie~long time!! Yes, I too have OA. Last fall my Dr ordered a full body bone scan because I have an autoimmune disorder, a lot of bone pain, thyroid disease, and other issues. Two weeks later I went into his office for my appt., and he told me that my OA had spread. It used to be that along with the DDD, the OA was in my neck and feet. Now,it is in my feet, ankles, knees, hips, c-spine, shoulders, hands, & elbows. I knew something was wrong, but this came as a surprise.. I only just turned 50--lol. To be honest, I don't feel it in my elbows or ankles at all, so that surprised me, and this might sound weird, but I was a little relieved to hear that this was OA. I was scared I had something else because seriously---it hurts pretty bad, and I'm sooo stiff all the time. I'm most shocked at how fast it progressed and seemed to get worse in the past year.

    I do not have any psoratic arthritis so I have no idea how that feels, but my heart does go out to you. I'm glad your Drs found it now and that you are starting treatment. I always research those treatments and weigh the risks vs benefit ratio, because some can have serious side effects, but of course I'm sure you are aware of that as you are pretty pro-active. I hope you feel better and remember to take it easy. Angie, hot showers help the OA a lot, but only for an hour or two. I always find a hot shower with some new bath soaps and fresh powder, then new or old cozy PJ's to be my best source of comfort..along with my pain meds, a nive blanket and a good movie. That's sometimes the best & only thing I can do for myself. I wish you well.
  • It's a very crippling and painful disease, and it's cause seems to be still unknown.
    As with a lot of medical conditions, diet is sure to play a role, yet does your doctor even acknowledge this?
    You could have the worst diet going and he probably wouldn't know or suspect.
    My daughter suggested very high doses of Vitamin C for my arthritis.
    Been on it for about 2 months and I'm sure it is having a very beneficial effect.
    Naturally, what we do or don't do during the day affects how we are, so we will have our good and bad times.
    Have a look at what is available on line, under Vitamin C for arthritis.
    Why not try a natural alternative rather than problematic drugs?
    It may or may not work for you, but that is the same for most treatments.
    Good luck.
  • Sorry to hear about the advanced OA and I hope the drug stops it in it's tracks. I hope you get some pain relief. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • I have severe OA and rheumatoid arthritis as well, so I can definitely empathize with you.

    I am now on intravenous Remicade. What medication have they started you on?

    Best wishes,

  • I do not mean this in a bad sense, but i am kinda relieved to know there are others like me, its a kind of comfort, do not mean to offend anyone.

    Julie A...Please do get it sorted , do not ignore arthritic problems, as i did, let me know if you get an appointment, and how you get on.

    Robin...WoW..long time no speak! its good to hear from you ! i had no idea you had arthritis, you are right the progression can go fast! This runs in families, my dad has the same as me he was diagnosed when he was 55 and hes 76 now, you can see the pain in his face when he walks as he has it pretty bad in his feet, but he keeps active which is a good thing. I admire him so much, i do not know how he has coped with the pain all these years! Keep intouch x

    Peter B I do take vitamin c and have done now for about 12 months. As for my diet i am careful what i eat and do have a balanced diet, i do this because of the psoriasis and the underactive thyroid. Thankyou for your reply.

    Charry..Hiya long time no chat, please keep intouch and thankyou for your message x

    Marirlpn...sorry to hear you have OA too. yes the pain is bad. I do have DDD and spondilitis too. I am on a cocktail of medication for my back , neck, and legs pain(nerves). The medication i have been given to slow down the arthritis is...SULFASALAZINE. since starting the drug i have more stiffness and swelling in my knee , hand...I am stuggling to function daily with this.

    Thankyou you all again, chat soon

    Angie >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D<

  • Bless your heart Angie ♥ And your dad too. I imagine my feet are going to get worse because of all the operations I've had on them, that is what started the arthritis in the first place when I was in my early 20's. It was called "early arthritis" and of course brought on from the bone surgeries. I feel for your dad, and try not to worry about what my own pain will be like.

    I'm sorry your new medication isn't helping, but those arthritis meds can be tricky... I don't take any because I'm more concerned with the side effects, but don't blame you for trying a few to help your pain. I just wish they would help!!
    I have a little bug so I'm not staying on here long..this is the first time I have been sick (really sick with a bug) in a long time, so I had better take it easy.. not getting any younger~lol.
    Will Talk soon.
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,833
    In some ways, I've become so familiar with Arthritis.
    I fist started having the problem in my shoulders (around 2004) For the most part I dealt with it because it was only a hindrance.

    But slowly over a period of years, it progressed.
    First was a bone scan that showed clusters of arthritis in my shoulders and hips.

    My shoulders really started to fail me. I could not lift them up and could never put my arm behind my back.

    I was referred to an Orthopedic Shoulder person who started treating me with Steroid injections directly into the shoulder. I did get pain relief for almost 6 months. After a while, I was getting these injections every six months. After looking at X-rays from the start till current, the Arthritis really spread and started to wear down my shoulders.

    After about 2 years and a number of X-rays, the doctor said my only option was a complete shoulder replacement. The arthritis worn down the bone, started to fray my Rotators cuff and other tendons

    Finally last year, I had the first of my two total shoulder replacements. Its a bit of a complicated procedure, since there are several implants. 3 months after surgery, my one shoulder felt pretty good. Eventually, I had the other shoulder completion replace. So now, I have a really good amount of titanium in my upper body.

    My doctors could not completely explain how rapidly the deterioration destroyed my shoulders. Some of the explanation came from the number of prior spinal surgeries I had.

    Angie, First hand I can tell you how quickly my shoulders went south and that surgery was the answer.

    It is a very smart thing to do, is have your doctors work up a blood test to identify if you also have any Rheumatoid arthritis.

    Hang in there Angie, you have already been through a lot Just make sure you stay on top of the way your arthritis is spreading and causing pain

    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • Robin....Wishing you better..Having a sickness bug is awful, my baby grandson and daughter and I all had the sickness bug before christmas, my daughter was rushed to hospital as she was severly dehydrated, and i was sick so much i went into withdrawel from my meds, my grandson was ok (thank god). Robin thats along time to suffer arthritis, my heart goes out to you.

    PAPA...The one thing about arthritis is i can not believe how much pain comes from it. My dad does not take pain relief, he has thin blood and everytime the doctors have tried him on any drug, his stomach just can not take it. The hospital gave him some soluble tablets that was this orange drink to help strengthen his bones, he has brittle bones too and has to be very careful, his bones have broken in the past as easy as chalk breaks.
    PAPA...you have been through so much, i have to admire you. Has it passed down through your family?
    I am a lttle confused about DDD, I know its degeneration, but is it arthritis?

    Angie xx
  • PAPA...Last monday when i was at the hospital, the doctor wanted to give me the steroid injections in my knee , hand, foot...but he could not give them me, because i have psoriasis and he was concerned about infection, as at the moment the psoriasis is flarred up . Some years back i watched as my dad had them in the arch of is feet.

    Angie x
  • sorry to read the news angie! but you always have such a good spirit!! i hope your pain is minimized! L, Jenny
  • Angie, I have osteo in several areas, but was also diagnosed with some type of spondyloarthritis; we just haven't been able to pinpoint it, but he rheumatologist is leaning towards psoriatic arthritis, even though I don't have psoriasis (it does run in my family, though). I've been on Flurbiprofen for almost three years now (NSAID), then they tried Sulfasalazine, but I had a terrible reaction to it (vomiting and constant nausea), so we moved on to Methotrexate for a couple of years. The effects of that wore off, so I have now been approved for Enbrel, and we're just determining whether it's going to be a good option (because of side effects, of course).

    One thing to remember about arthritis is that it's really important to stay on top of the inflammation, otherwise that will cause further damage. The meds are all horrible...but what it comes down to for me is quality of life. It can be a tough choice sometimes when the side effects can be much, much worse than the disease itself!

    Take care, and good luck.


    P.S. Have you ever had UV treatments for your psoriasis? My SIL has them regularly, and that seems to be the only thing that helps her...
  • Hiya Tracy, Thankyou for your reply! The doctor started me on salfasalazine and 3 weeks after i had a terrible reaction itching and the rash i got was like burns on my skin. Last friday i stopped the drug, my skin has calmed down and the itching has stopped. got to wait until i see the doctor again to know what he wants to do. Yes i have tried uvb and uva treatments, intense treatments like topical steriods and UVA work very well but it does not last long. If i remember correctly the methatrexate tablet is used for psoriasis too...I have had this since i was 2 years old so i have tried quite a few treatments throughout my life, including herbal ones too. Does your sister have psoriasis badly?

    angie x
  • My sister-in-law has terrible psoriasis...I have never seen anything like it. When she has a flare (we recently went through a very stressful time with family issues), it gets completely out of hand; she had huge, purple patches from head to toe, including on the bottom of her feet. She was on methotrexate for a while, but it didn't seem to improve anything for her. She goes for UVA/UVB treatments at the local hospital once a week, I think, and that seems to be helpful. She can only go until May, I think, then they stop for the summer months.

    I was on injectable Methotrexate, which definitely gave me improvement for over a year, but then the symptoms started to worsen.

    Hope you get some relief.

  • I wish.
    Mine just said my neck is worn out so get used to it.
    Offered ant-inflammatories and pain meds.
    I tried the anti-inflams for many years but have stopped taking them because I didn't find any benefit, and there are serious concerns about side effects.
    There is no known cure for arthritis, and in fact no known cause either.
    Usually the body repairs damaged areas, but not with arthritis.
    Very curious.
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