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Sciatica/Piriformis Pain after sleeping all night

mollymmolly Posts: 1
Since just before Christmas have had what is diagnosed as piriformis syndrome along with sciatica. Had sciatica last year (not piriformis) when the pain shot all over my left leg (thigh) eventually numbing my calf. I had it for four weeks and took physio and recovered.

This time the pain is in my left buttock and radiates down into my left thigh and down into my calf and sometimes ankle bone. The pain upon wakening makes me unable to walk and I have to hold on to things to make it to the bathroom. The pain is unreal. It sometimes wakes me up. I have the pain all through the night while lying down. I can feel the pain in my bones in my buttock. The pain in my thigh is a throbbing pain and the pain in my calf is a tingling heavy feeling like a muscle pain.

I have been to physio but stopped awaiting a Cat Scan in a few weeks. I have neuropathy in my feet. My arthritis doctor has diagnosed: RA, osteo and degenerative disc disease.

I am taking Tylenol #3 only in a.m. and sometimes at night. I was on Diladid which did nothing. I take lyrica 300 mg per day along with arthritis meds and Celebrex.

I am joining this forum to appeal to others to answer questions regarding: is this ever going to go away? I exercise everyday (physio gave me exercises) and am trying to walk but it's hard this time of year with ice.

My day goes well once the pain subsides, about an hour to an hour and a half after I first get up. I know I shouldn't be complaining but i can't visit my grandchildren as their house has stairs and I don't want to scare them in the morning with my pain and hobbling around!

So I am glad I found this site and will be reading the posts as time passes and perhaps some will answer my question or at least relay to me that they experience similar symptoms.




  • hi Molly, i had sciatica for 18 months before my op and it was the worst pain ever. Do you have a wheelchair to perhaps help you get around? I found none of my painkillers helped me, i was on morphine and lyrica and various others too.
    what does your doctor say?
    Hope it eases for you soon
    best wishes
  • your symptoms sounds a lot like mine right now... when i get out of bed in the morning i cannot put any weight on my left leg or it feels like i'm going to collapse. once i start moving around and get out of the shower i can at least walk.... it slowly lets up throughout the day and worsens come night time. went to a neuro for the first time yesterday and he thinks it is being caused by my l5-s1 disc as he noticed nerve/reflex issues.

    my advice would be to get it checked out by a specialist, this new doctor has been a god send thus far. good luck!
  • Hi Molly, welcome to the forum!

    I had a pretty awful round of pitiformis a couple o years ago... I too went through all the pt and felt like it didn't help me much... until after I stopped. For me, they had me doing the bridge position which actually helped with the pitiformis pain... didn't do anything for the rest of me, but it did help the pitiformis pain.

    I've been pretty lucky in that while it has come back for brief episodes, doing the bridge seems to loosen it up. I actually do it IN bed as I'm not able to handle the floor... perhaps you could talk with your doc or PT person to see if it's something that could help you as well?

    I found that nothing really helped with that pain, so I was glad that doing the PT position helped!

    I hope you're able to get some relief soon and hopefully someone else can give you some better ideas that will help you :)
  • i can sympathize with you! there are some good stretches you can do that are simple, and they may give you a little more relief. i try to do my stretches before i get out of bed, if possible.

    i have also had acupuncture and trigger point injections into the piriformis area, but the doc got a little too close to the sciatic nerve with the trp injection last time. a tennis ball in a sock is also a useful "tool" for doing some acupressure in that area, as painful as it can be.

    thankfully, my piriformis pain comes and goes. take care, and let us know how you make out!

  • Tennis ball? You mean i am not the only one that uses the tennis ball to lay on it and hellp put pressure on the nerve to break up the pain? I am not crazy after all then. Many times puting tennis ball yes does help break up the pain going in to my left leg also, Now only if the dog would stop chewing up the tennis ball i be in business. Alex"
    Flexicore ADR 2004 resulting nerve damage l4l5 Fusion 2006 same level, 2009 hardware removal with lami !
    2012 scs implant ,
  • This sounds absurd but, it seems the deeper and longer my sleep is, the more intense the pain is in the morning. This leads me to beleive that it's not related to inactivity because sitting for long periods of time doesn't aggravate my back, butt, leg. If I sleep in a strange, but comfortable bed, I don't get the pain either. I only get it when my sleep is very deep. When I have switched mattresses, I'm ok for a couple of months and after that the back, butt,leg pain will occur in the mornings. This has been going on for 20 years.
  • ....have you tried switching positions/pillows, etc? I have found in the past that if I sleep on my side with a pillow between my knees I wouldn't wake up with the same back pain, especially if my knees were up and keeping my low back stretched through the night.

  • It doesn't matter how I start out. On the days when I end up flat on my back (and don't know how that happened) is when I end up with the really bad morning pain. I just end up on my back, no matter how I start out. That's why I call it a really deep sleeep.
  • I, too, suffer from piriformis/sciatica pain after sleeping. It can be all night or just a nap. I've been in therapy for the past month and have some good exercises to do. 1) before you get out of bed, lie on your back and wiggle you ankles back and forth a few times. 2) bend your knees and move them side to side every so slightly, not far to the left or right. 3) when you get out of bed, it should be like a seesaw. As your feet are heading to the floor, your upper body sits up. This helps me although I don't always remember to do it. If I forget and try to get up, I can't take the pain and I have a cane nearby that helps to get me to the bathroom. The other way I can walk without a cane after sleeping is to bend forward. Then, do not sit down for one hour no matter what you have to do. Keegle exercises are supposed to help. You can do that while driving. Also pelvic exercises. It's a lot but the 3rd week in December, I woke up with this pain when I tried to get out of bed. I haven't been the same since. MRI shows 2 cysts in the S area and one in the L. I pray for complete relief. The pain is really unbearable. I sympathize with all of you.
  • Can someone explain how to do that? I never heard of it. I'd like to try it. Thanks.
  • Well Folks - Im Back---Its been quite the ordeal with this Sciatica and Chronic Pain.. THERE IS HOPE----- I have been reading with intense hope that we all find a solution to this problem.It isnt fun at all. The last time i was here -3 weeks ago - i was in pain so bad that i could have and wanted to rip a pillow in 1/2. I was totally out of my mind with pain. It has been 12 days pain free. - Here is what helped. -1st off you have to cover the LOWER back with a towell or long underwear -t shirt or something then cover the CALF of the leg that bothers you (to find that pain spot -use finger and press and you will know- u do this to pinpoint the area because pain and heat from it radiates)- Then you lay on the ICE PACK and make sure it is at the base of the spine or back area where the pain starts.2nd - put and ice pack on the CALF and lay on your back. - do not move your leg Just lay there and let it work. What will happen is that the area will get cold and you will fall to sleep.(it numbs it out-do not let it freeze the area - When you wake up it will feel warm.This is ok for a while. My backpain was so bad that when i put ICE on it -it felt warm. and sometimes hot. same with the calf. The thing here to remember is that COLD slows down the blood flow.( DO-NOT let this happen----3RD DEGREE ICE BURNS_--I went thru this also. I have the scars and the skin hurts when stretched after healing . YES IT HURTS. However it was a learning curve that went straight up . . Once you get the idea of how to set the ice you will probably get a few good hours of sleep and sleep you need. I took MS CONTIN -LYRICA -and a breakthru pain pill and it helped but it couldnt get the SHARP pain and the DEEP PAIN and the leg and small of the back(at the bottom of the spine ) but the ice did this. IF you use HEAT this will SPEED up blood flow and will POUND you out with pain.You want to slow the rush down so you can think straight.This will not gel your blood as ive heard some say over the years. Mine was due to scar tissue from an operation where my other leg had the same pain. All due to an injury years ago- I had that sciatica problem for 13 years and then got an operation and it worked for a long time and then out of the blue wham the other leg . So Sleep -ice- and keep on it---WORD TO THE SPOUSES =-- If your spouse is in this much pain there will be words said. It is not the person who is saying it- It is THE PAIN ... IT IS THE PAIN and sometimes what makes matters worse the MED,s.. This being said - I say this with auhtority because i know of families split over this and my own also. I have talked to many people with pain and most say the same thing and the one that stands out the most is----We do not want to be this way in pain -but it cant be helped sometimes- If your that hard with pain you still cannot let sanity escape the door. If you are this person you cant let the pain drive family out. So we still have to be aware and TRY to get along - Pain does not give one the right to get crazy and act out.CONTROL is the key to all pain.If one lets this get away then all moral compass goes out the window and pain will then also increase. I heard this years ago from one who lived pain so hard that some would think he is going to blow or do himself in. He done neither .One day He was better But with many lessons learned. On the other hand some spouses leave because they cant stand what they see and this could be someone who is contorted.Life is hard without this pain Harder with it. I am free of pain right now -This doesnt mean i am free from thinking it will happen again -I hope not but SCIATICA will raise its ugly head again someday and the prossess will start over again.I had this for 10 months this time. My wife left and i had to raise a pup.This kept me moving and my mind on life. Im getting things together now but PAIN is still in the back of my mind. I Pray that all here will recover. These are the thing i learned and i also learned that GOD will never give you anything you cant handle. On the other hand you will be better in the end. You wont see it now but you will and then like me i woke up that morning scared to move and felt scared to move even tho it felt good -wonderful and found out it was gone. ... This will happen for you also. I read forums and thot ya - these guys do not know- Well they do and now i can say they were right.The ones who have gone on before were right-One morning you will wake up and be Free. BLESSINGS TO ALL and feel free to get back to me and if i can help i will -well at least i will try and comfort those who are still afflicted. - I know believe me i know and truely understand---EGW
  • EGWEEGW Posts: 5
    edited 03/20/2014 - 9:38 PM
    Please if this is in the wrong forum Im Sorry but i know a SMILE will help pain for a milli-second and sometimes that is all one needs- Thankyou EGW Seduction

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