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My T spine keeps popping in and out. Painful!

hisbeauty4asheshisbeauty4ashes Posts: 178
edited 06/11/2012 - 1:53 PM in Upper Back Pain, Thoracic
Hi friends having a real major problem...

I have had my T6 T7 T8 degenerate and herniation has taken place in them. Why the heck is it so painful and my doctor does not think it is that bad I do not get it. In fact he through chiropractic would help. Well I have gone four times now and it feels worse every time I go along with my neck. I am not going to go back it is that bad.

I experience where it pops in and out all the time, and it causes really bad chest pain that breathing is hard with this kind of pain. I go to lay in my bed and when I try to lay flat it pops and it causes sever pain to even lay flat.

Can someone please tell me why does my doc feel it is not a problem?

Is there anything that can help with this that is not narcotic?

Thanks signed I do not get it.


  • Are you talking about a general practicipner or primary provider. If that's the case you need to Pronably find a specialist. Neurologist. Neurosurgeon. Orthopedic surgeon. Shoot even a pain manager can order more test while helping you manage your pain

    Feel better soon. - Julie
  • No this is my specialist in which I am talking about. So I am frustrated. I had all the MRI's and tests and stuff.
  • im 99% sure you did not do discography for those damaged levels? am i right?
  • No just an MRI. My doctor does not seemed worried and it is just crazy... I am in pain constantly...
    He checked to see if I had an extra rib and I do not.
  • then u did not do every test and stuff...i give up from surgeons who dont know why i have pain there...no one belives im in pain 24/7...so i will go to discography and possible surgery..
    My suggestion...search for another opinion,every dr have different.
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