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blazerblazer Posts: 785
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:54 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Well i think i'm in for a major setback!

In 3/10 had a 2 level tlif at l4l5/l5s1, with 2 rods and 6 screws.
In 8/10 had a CTscan, and showed no progress.
In 1/11 had a CTscan and showed complete fusion at l4l5, but non-fusion at l5s1.
So today i had another CTscan w/contrast, and from what i'm seeing a non-fusion again.
And i compared it to my disc from 1/11, and they look the same.
So on 7/6/11 go see my NS, and he already told me as did my PM that if this CTscan showed a non-fusion i will need another surgery.
That will be an ALIF, with a plate to stabilize my spine.

For numerous financial reasons i did not need to see this.
If i had fused i would be able to start the settlement process with work comp. and bought a different house for my daughter and me before the bank forecloses on this one.
But if i'm correct and i did'nt fuse thats all gonna be put on the back-burner, and i'm looking at another surgery, knowing at any time i could get a letter from the bank giving me the 30 day notice to get out.

So now been paying alimony for 3 1/2 years, and gonna go talk to another lawyer to see if i can get the alimony stopped finally.

O well my kids love me, thats what counts.

But not gonna get to upset until i see my NS, and he confirms whats on the CTscan, the bad, or good.
But i believe it will go toward the bad.

Sorry for ramblin.


  • So sorry to hear that once again, fusion isn't happening for you. I too did the "eye roll" when I saw my cervical MRI, and could see the separation in my C6 vertebra, and knowing what is coming.

    I hope your lawyer can work things out for you. Please let us know how it goes. I see my Neurologist next week. Fingers crossed for you darlin! *HUGZ*

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • So sorry Jim that your fusion is not progressing, that really bites, I know, believe me! I hope that perhaps there are some signs of fusion that you are not seeing, optimistic, I know, but you never know. I think your attitude is in a good place, try not to worry till you have to.

    I'm not a wc case but I know they won't settle till your medical issues are somewhat resolved, I believe you have to sign a release, so just worry about them paying for your medical care and getting you stabilized & well.

    Take care,

  • Brenda; yup after we see these disc's several times, we are able to point out the obvicous(sp).
    Best of luck to you with your neurogolist appt., and be sure to let us know how it goes.

    Sara; thanks and i just will deal with the situation when it arrises. I've always provided for my family, so i'm not gonna let this stop me now. Just have to figure a few things out, to keep us going. My daughter said she would rather live with me, instead of living with her mom, so i wont let this set-back change that.

    V; Thanks and i know you also are looking at a revision surgery, so you know how the feeling is.
    When i see my NS, gonna ask him if he does have to put a plate on my spine, if i'll be good to go and start the settlement process. Considering i wont be going back to work, as i'm already approved for SSD.

    Sorry it took so long for me to respond, just kinda bummed out.

    Thank you again.
  • Sorry to hear you didn't fuse in that one area and you'll need more surgery. I wish there was a better way to have benefits for surgery covered by your insurance and hope everything will work out with your money situation. Praying it will all work for you. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • My NS office called today.
    Told me they had an open slot for Thursday 6/30, and asked if i wanted it.
    Of course "yes" so i will find out in a couple of days, the NS opinion on my CTscan.
  • Just two days out! That's great, please let us know what NS says.

    Your a good man and you deserve some good to come your way.
    I think its great you have your daughter beside you. Try not to get bummed out, its hard, I struggle with it daily as do most of us.

  • Jim,

    Glad to see they got you in so fast. I know that is a stress reliever for sure! I see my Neuro on July 1st. Fingers crossed for you my friend. *HUGZ*

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Sorry to hear that you'll be needing more surgery. I hope everything gets well!

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  • That is great that you are able to get in to your NS so quickly.The wait and unknown is so hard. Soon you will have some answers.

    Please let us know how you make out.

    >:D< Karen
    >:D< >:-D< : Karen
    L3-S1 herniation and bulges, stenosis, mod facet,ddd,impinged nerves,coccydinia
    discectomy/lami July 2011-unsuccessful
    adr L5-S1 Feb 2012
  • to hear that news Jim:( We are in the same boat and I fear it is taking on water! See my NS today for the results of my CT after the MRI showed a nerve is again compressed to my leg. I will send you good thoughts tomorrow!
  • MetalneckMetalneck Island of Misfit toysPosts: 1,364
    You probably know this already ... but just in case .. Your SSD benefits extend to your natural children under the age of 18 or still in full time school - I beleive the same applies to step children.

    This additional SSD income should be able to "take the place" for the child support payments and they are entitled to "back pay" just as you are back to the date of onset of disability. I am not sure how the workmans comp plays into the SSD entitlements and payments - that is one for your attny.

    My minor son just got a chunk of money and it was a blessing for him and my beloved ex-wife.

    Hope they will track your situation closely and treat you with the most appropriate medical treatment(s)- intervention - in a timely fashion.


    Spine-health Moderator
    Welcome to Spine-Health  Please read the linked guidelines!!

  • V; i know everyone here has gone thru it; the agony of the unknown, until you see the doctor.
    I showed the CTscan to my kids and my daughter said to me "dad i dont know what we are gonna do if your back"s not fused"..lil sweetheart, i just told her dont worry i'll take care of it.

    Brenda; yup i'm very glad i'm getting in sooner. Be sure to let us know what your doctor say's Friday.

    Karen; thank you, and the best of luck with your surgery on the 19th. Hoping that takes care of your problems.

    Patti; Thank you and sorry you also are still having problems. Thinking of ya today and hoping your NS see's what the problem is and can relieve your pain. Let us know what they say.

    Metalneck; thanks, and my daughter was eligable for a few months of pay from SS, cause she was still in high school. But SS told us due to me getting work comp pay she would not be getting a check from them. Problem is SS did'nt care that alimony was be taken out of my w/c check and i was'nt getting near what i should be getting. I talked to a SS lawyer and he told me we could appeal it, but would probably lose, and then risk losing everything. So i chose the safe way and accepted what they offered.

    Fused or not fused, that is the question. Find out tomorrow. And i hope i'm wrong.
  • Told me this morning after looking at the CTscan, I do need another surgery, as the l5s1 did not fuse.

    He said the nerves looked good, from when he did the TLIF, he took the pressure off the nerves.

    So now gonna send me to a OS, for a 2nd opinion, and to see a vascular surgeon who also will be assisting in the surgery.
    Will be doing a ALIF with more cages and a plate, then if it dont fuse again, the plate will be there to stabilize the spine and there is nothing else that can be done.
    I also told him "wishing and hoping wont get nothing done" so to put it on the fast track.
    Has to get done, so lets do it, but i'm expecting a fight from work comp. W/c is gonna be pissed. o well.

    Maybe if these companies kept their equipment maintained properly i would'nt be costing them all this money, and it's not over til they settle.
    I work with 150 other city truckdrivers at my location and everyone one of them would sign a statement, stating the company does not properly maintain their equipment. Thats how i got hurt!!

    welp just waiting for phone calls now, and hoping this happens soon.

    Thanks for your responces, and my best to everyone.

  • If the bank does contact you tell them you are scheduled for surgery. I doubt they can evict you under these circumstances. Also if you tell them you plan to sell and move once this surgery is over and you are able to settle they may work with you. Many people are doing this because the banks don't want empty houses and if they can wait a while longer to sell they have a change at getting a better price.
  • Jim I just now read your post and I see it does look like your headed down the path for n ALIF, but if it's similar to the surgery I just had you may just be fine and recover fairly quickly.

    I had a very good vascular surgeon work with my spine surgeon and I met with both of them before and after surgery. Do some more research but hopefully this might do the trick and get you back to where you need to be. Stay positive!

    Your kids sound real gems and they will help you through this. I am keeping you all I'n my prayers and just a thought about your house. I know things are always changing but my husband and I have had a house that we have tried to sell for years. We rented it out for a while and that was a nightmare, the house was ruined!

    Anyway, we did what we could for as long as we could and we stopped making payments over 2 years ago. The house has sat empty all this time, we have listed it as a short sale and the bank has rejected every offer we have ever got on the house, now, we just want the bank to just take it........but they haven't yet. The bank has done nothing, we have had some letters and then nothing for months so if you are I'n this situation, I would advise you stay put......as long as you are living there you are maintaining the property which is better than it being neglected with no occupants. I believe it will take them a long time to get to that point of putting you out, so between now and then, save what you can......I know this might sound like inappropriate advice but someone could have been living in my house for almost 3 years rent free and could still be there! So don't rush out of your home........and of course there are things that the bank might work with you on down the road.

    Keep us posted how you make out with everything but please know you are not alone, we will take this journey with you.

    God bless,
    Good luck with everything,
  • Jim,

    Sorry to hear that surgery is now on the 'fast track' mode, but glad to see your doctors are being very pro-active, to include a second opinion.

    As for the house, unless or until they kick you out, stay there! On the nightly news the other day, a guy and his family have not paid their mortgage in over 6 years, and yup, still living there! The banks are so overloaded, a lot of them will take years to catch up! (G)

    My *cough* Friday appointment got canceled. I started a thread about it, and what I did when they canceled me. (G) Sorry, my devil side came out.

    Please keep us posted on how things come along for you darlin. Support *HUGZ* for ya!!

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Kris, Sandra, and Brenda.

    I was sent to hospital today for some blood work lab tests. They are checking my vitamin-d levels, but i take a multi vitamin, and i have been taking a calcium with vit.-d supplement, to attempt to assist the fusion.
    The OS called me this morning and they are gonna try to squeeze me in on 7/7, so waiting for them to confrim that.

    As far as the house even if and when they try to kick us out if it dont sell 1st, i would probably need to get a court order to postpone it.
    And i know the banks dont want another empty house sitting around. I havent made a house payment in 8 months, but since my ex screwed my credit up, if they foreclose it will go against her credit. (long story).
    Like you Sandra i am trying for a short sale, but you have been through much more so far then i have.
    I have also applied for a "deed in lieu of foreclosure", and the bank says they are looking into it.
    So my daughter and me will stay here until, we have a short sale, bank forecloses, or just takes the house over.

    On a brighter note my son and his fiance also live with me, until next week when they will be closing on a house they are buying. They both said for my daughter and me to move in with them if the bank takes this house before i settle with work comp.
    So we wont be in tent city.

    But i obviciously didnt heal from my 1st surgery with 3 of them living with me to help, i dont even wanna think about how i'm gonna heal from this upcoming surgery with just my daughter here.

    The bank dont even send statements in the mail anymore, quess they figured it was a waste of a postage stamp.
    So it will be up to my daughter to take care of me after surgery, and if the banks takes the house, up to my son and future DIL to keep a roof over our heads until i get to MMI, and settle with w/c.

    Just do what we can.
    My best to everyone.
  • to you with both the surgeon and the WC people and banks!

    I have often thought that my need for surgery was probably due to a work injury since they trace it to an old compression fracture, but since I had private disability insurance and was so close to retiring, we decided it wasn't worth trying to prove it and fight.

    I feel horrible for all the people like you that have to go up against those folks, whose only mission seems to be trying NOT to pay instead of trying to help the people who need it.

  • Thinking of you and hope you get into surgery on July 7. I hope you'll be able to stay in your house and get the deed and heal completely from your surgery. It's good you will have your son's home to stay but hopefully that won't happen. Saying a prayer for you. I'm moving from my house to a rental and it's a tough thing to go through. Hugs and all the best for you and your daughter. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • Patti; for your kind words. I hope everything with your compression fracture worked out to your satisfaction. Yups w/c is not the easiest people to get along with, but i know you need to watch your "p's and q's", when dealing with them.

    Charry; and for your kind words. I know the day will come when my daughter and me will have to get out of this house. But i'm hoping it's on my timetable and not the banks. On your going from owning to renting is that your choice or something you are forced to do? hopefully it works for you.

    Sorry i took so long to respond, but my son and future DIL, will be moving into their new house tomorrow, so they will be leaving my nest and i wanted to spend time with them relaxing and just enjoying their company. I'm bummed about them moving out, but it's time for them to start their own lives together.

    I get my 2nd opinion on 7/7, with an OS, and i'll post what he has to say. But i already know how it's gonna go.
  • Seen OS for my 2nd opinion today. And in a nut shell his report states;

    Impression; I think at this time it's unlikely that he will go on to heal. Patients vitamin D level is normal.

    Recommendation; I think a revision l5s1 ALIF is reasonable to consider.

    So now i see my NS, on 7/13, and find out how we should go, but he already recommended surgery.
    Then wait to see if w/c will approve an ALIF.

    I also asked OS, the long term effects if w/c will not approve this.
    OS stated i could live with it but be miserable and in increased pain levels.
    So now i guess it will be whether w/c considers this a "medical necessity"

    Now i wait and see.
  • Jim,

    From what I saw of the "approvals" of my employees when I was working, a *big* part of whether WC approves surgery - is how the surgeon words his surgery request/needs to them. Hopefully your NS can give you an idea of the likely results on the side of WC.

    Sorry to hear of your results. Gonna try and get in with an Orthopedic spine surgeon this week - he will be my second opinion. I was going to get a (second or third depending who hit the finish line first! (G)) through eCleveland Clinic, but their opinion isn't covered by insurance, and I am not about to pop almost $600 for a guy who never sees me to give an opinion. Sigh... If they took insurance, I would have done it.

    Let us know what the verdict is Jim. Again, sorry man. *HUGZ*

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Hi; and thank you.
    Yups getting authorization for surgery has a lot to do with the wording of the doctors report.
    And i know my NS and OS, already are capable of requesting it in the needed manner.
    But w/c people are a different animal, as they are always on the defensive.

    I truly wish you the best with getting your 2nd opinion, and hoping that your OS, agrees with your present surgeon, so everyone is on the same page, and there are no conflicting opinions.
    As that would just make your ultimate decision tougher.

    Sorry i didnt respond sooner, but i've been at my son's house doing what i can to help. which unfortunally was not much, but just be there with them, and giving fatherly advice.
    I was really amazed at how much that got accomplished in his new house in 4 days.

    Well have a nice day, and best of luck with your 2nd opinion this week and let us know the outcome.

  • I have only just read this post, and am so sorry to hear of all your problems.

    Not long until you see your surgeon to find out what he will be doing. I really hope that w/c will pass this other surgery if that is what the surgeon is proposing. It seems ridiculous for them to argue with his advice. If you are not fused at the second level, then something needs to be done about it. Living your life with an unstable spine is going to prove painful as some point if not already. Also, I would imagine that the hardware at that level will eventually give up and break.

    Hopefully your housing problems will wait until all this with your spine has been sorted out. At least you have the option of living with your son and fiancee if needed.

    Don't give up hope Jim. I really hope that the solutions are not far off.

  • Yeah, you nailed that right...WC administration folks are definitely a different breed for sure!! Scary, huh?

    I will keep my fingers crossed that all will go through smoothly? I remember when I slammed my knee - gave a full narrative of what happened and they wanted more clarification! I decided to ignore that request, and they approved the MRI and subsequent treatment! (G)

    Thanks for your comments of my OS second opinion. If it is like the last time, it will result in very similar recommendations. I guess part of me is just trying to avoid the ole knife yet again. :)

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • to see how this all plays out.
    Brenda; Thanks and i guess we all wanta avoid the ole knife, but as you know, sometimes that is not a good option.

    Jelly; hi and thanks.
    Sorry but i havent been keeping up lately with too many topics here, between going to doctors and being with my son while he was moving.
    But i do know you were waiting to see your doctor, but couldnt get in until October.
    Hoping your doctors have some answers for your questions, and have a plan for your thoracic(sp) pain you are having.

    So anyway i'll just make do with the situation at hand and deal with each as they come along.

    Thanks again, and my best to ya's.
  • this is gonna make or break me!

    Had 2 doctors appt. yesterday.
    So now my NS, and OS, and PM/Spine Specialist, are saying i need surgery.
    So my NS submitted to w/c for authorization for another surgery today.

    Then this morning in the mail, a letter from my w/c lawyer states w/c wants to do a vocational evaluation on me at my lawyers office on 7/28.
    They're hoping to send me to school so my settlement will be lower, but i know that wont work out for them.

    Then this afternoon, my ex calls my daughter up, and my daughter gives me the phone, and my daughter is crying. Well the bank contacted my ex. and said they are taking the house! I believe i get a 30 day grace period to get out, but i'm not sure, and if i do i dont know when that starts.
    My daughter asked me "where are we gonna go", naturally i just told her i'll take care of it, dont worry.

    Otherwise i havent been here much, at my son's new house tho i cant do much i'm tutoring him while he does repairs and remodeling.
    New faucets, and an over the range microwave, among other things.
    So that part is good as thats how these kid's learn.

    Sorry i havent responded to other topics on here, but you can see i've been kinda busy.

    My best to everyone.
  • Wow what a tough couple of days. I am so sorry to hear about your house, and you and your daughter having to leave. I don't have any advice for that as I don't understand how it all works, but do you have a lawyer or someone to help you with it all?

    As far as your upcoming surgery, I will be wishing all the best for you, that this time around you will be on your way to a great solid fusion and recovery.

    You sound like you have wonderful, loving, kids and together you will make it through!

    Thinking of you >:D<
    >:D< >:-D< : Karen
    L3-S1 herniation and bulges, stenosis, mod facet,ddd,impinged nerves,coccydinia
    discectomy/lami July 2011-unsuccessful
    adr L5-S1 Feb 2012
  • For both your health and the problems it created.


  • It never rains but it pours. Either of these things would be big in themself, but both together, wow!

    I hope that all the w/c issues will be resolved smoothly and that there will be a successful surgery that will set you on your way, fusing and dealing with all the pain.

    As for the house issues. I will pray that there is a solution to that, and that you will find it soon, so that you don't have too much worry for too long (or your daughter!).

    You make me feel like my issues are very small in comparrison.

    Take good care >:D<
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