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Is the Doc trying to kill me, or sommin?

Charlottes WebCCharlottes Web Posts: 44
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:55 AM in Chronic Pain
Three years ago I was in an auto accident. This was my first day driving after having screws put in my right shoulder 2 weeks earlier. I'm not superstitious, but just for fun, it was also Friday the 13th. It was later found that my spinal cord was torn and a cyst had developed, T-2 - T-3, now it's T-6, after bubbling last year. I'm quickly losing the use of my legs and the numbness and weakness has moved into my core muscles. I'm now using a walker or cane but this has caused more pain in my shoulders, arms, and hands. I am also looking into a motorized chair. I have constant pain in my shoulders/arms, and pain and spasms from the chest down. I've been lucky and able to tolerate the symptoms with minimal meds. (Hydrocodone 7.5/500, no more than 6 - 8 a day)

Well, like other States, if you need pain meds in TN you go to a pain clinic. So, I started one last December. Each visit I see a different doc, one visit there was a fire drill and the nurse handed me my prescription in the waiting room and I didn't see a medical professional, AND each visit, they write my prescription different, giving just enough medicine until the next refill or visit. No room for error! Important to me since I live in an area the flooded last summer and we could not get out for days, and if it snows, there's no getting out!

OK, I make an appointment to talk to a doc this past Tuesday. I just wanted to know why they are changing my prescriptions each visit and could they please get it like it was when I started coming. No big deal, right?....WRONG! I was put on some type of pill counting probation, he wanted to put a pump in my spine, until I mention my lumbar issues, next, how about Morphine. I asked him to please read my drug allergies and medication history (I do not tolerate meds well and have a lot of allergies). He then said he would change me to Hydrocodone 10mg/325. I agreed as long as the pills weren't yellow since I had a allergic reaction to the yellow dye in the yellow 5 mg once. Well the prescription was filled, no warning from the pharmacist, but the pills were yellow. I took them thinking, ok no yellow dye, I guess, sigh, and ta da, can't breath by morning.

Three days of calling their office, which closed at 1:00 today. They finally call me back to tell me the MA is NOT going to call me in anything...go to the ER! I no more than hang up and the MA calls and says she will call me in 20, 7.5, white tablets to last until Monday, BUT she didn't want to!

Is this the norm for pain clinics or do I need to make a change? I'm a bit puzzled why a Doctor or MA doesn't want to help a person in pain but rather make them feel like an inconvenience and/or criminal! :??

So, that's my question. Sorry this is so long, it's actually the short version! In any event, thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to your replies!

Wishing everyone here a great day! >:D<


  • Hi Charlotte,

    Wow. I don't know if I'm right in thinking this, but I think it's kind of weird that you don't have a specific doctor assigned to you at a pain clinic. I don't think I've ever heard of anyone else who has not had the same doctor, unless their's is on holiday or something.

    Is there another pain clinic that you can switch to? That's what I would do, myself. Hope you get it all sorted out on Monday! Take care, and if anything else happens, I would go to the ER, especially if your breathing is affected.
    APROUD CANADIANveteranButNOTa doctor, my thoughts are my own
  • Sorry to hear of your issues...

    I'm not quite sure of your lumbar or other issues...but have you had any surgeries for your spine like a laminotomy, disectomy or fusion?

    Even though those are last resorts...if you are having recurring nerve issues and having to use a cane or walker...then I would think you are a canidate for surgery.

    If you hold off too long...it can cause permanent nerve loss and paralysis in feet, legs, etc.

    So I would be getting both 1st and 2nd opinions from two different Board Certified Orthopedic or Neurosurgeons.

    On the pain clinic issue...it sounds like they run more of a 'mill' type office then other places that take time to really work with you, and your Surgeon/other Dr. on finding the best treatments to help manage your pain.

    As I'm sure you know...just relying on a narcotic is not what true Pain Management is about.

    Unfortunately though...most PM's around the country do 30/31 day prescriptions and unless there is some type of emergency...or vacation taken and need for a bit of extra medicine...then they stick to that prescribing time frame..

    Most of the time..I will take one less pill here and there on better days (telling my Dr.)so that you can have an extra day or two saved up for an emergency if they aren't willing to help you when the time comes..Obviously it's not good to do anything without letting your Dr. know.

    I say the next part gently..and I'm not trying to blame you...but I think you made a few errors on the last prescription that may give them a red flag about you..

    The first part is that if you know that you can't do a yellow pill. Then speaking with the Pharmacist when you drop off the prescription and showing him what it is for..and what your issue is...and whether they have a different generic that doesn't contain the dye...or...if he only has that one maker on hand...You could have him call the Dr.s office..(along with you)..right that minute and ask if they can change the order or fax over another prescription (or pick another one at the office)...

    By accepting the prescription and getting home and then taking it...this is showing the Dr.s it's not that big of a deal...And then since it's not a 'life threatening' allergy...or else I assume you wouldn't take the chance to take it...or would have called 911 immediately...by calling them for 3 days to get a new prescription 'after' you filled your other...It looks like you are trying to double up..

    Now...PLEASE know I don't think you were trying to do this at all...I'm just saying what it may look like to them as they unfortunately see so many addicts along with pain patients...that we have to do everything on our end to 'prove' ourselves..I know it's not 'right'..but it's that way unless you are seeing the same Dr. every time and build up a relationship/trust with them..

    What you can do is bring the entire bottle (minus the few you took) to your next appt. (tell them you are happy to do this to show you aren't taking both or diverting them)...This will help build up trust...

    Are there any other PM Dr.s or clinics in the area that you could make an appt. to go see? Obviously not accept any medication from them...but just to see if they might be a better fit for you?

    Since you have nerve issues...are you also on any nerve pain medication like Lyrica, Neurontin or Cymbalta?

    As well as a Ortho or Neurosurgeon to look into surgery to keep you from getting worse or further nerve damage..

    Because the bad part is that instead of trying this...and then getting Physical therapy and other treatments...your other muscles are going to atrophy by lack of use. Aqua therapy is very helpful with those with lumbar/walking issues..

    I've had 3 cervical fusions...and even though I am on opiates...I don't rely soley on those at all for my pm...I do daily exercise 30-45 minutes daily...I do yoga/stretching, aqua therapy, massage, acupuncture, injections when needed...a muscle relaxer when needed...a sleep med to get the needed rest for both my pain levels and immune system..I eat all Organic...don't smoke...etc..

    The list goes on..I live with a 5-7 pain level each day even with doing many modalities each day..But that is what is considered good by PM standards with chronic pain..

    Sorry for rambling...LOL

    I just hope that you can find some more options with getting opinions on surgery as well as another PM if possible..

    Keep us posted..
  • Sorry, I forgot to sign my post, my name is Tina. Charlotte is the name I gave my injury, because the tear is in the arachnoid layer of my spinal cord. 8} Thanks so much for your reply and suggestions! I agree with you and think it's weird not seeing the same doc every visit. The first two Dr.'s I saw were of the opinion that what I was doing was working and they saw no reason to change it. Considering that my injury is rare and dangerous to mess with, and with my quirky drug allergies and reactions, I think you are also correct, and I need to research a alternative pain clinic. I've done some research on the web, and made some phone calls, but so far, I haven't found a place where you see the same Dr. each visit. However, I finally, (after 2 weeks of leaving messages), got a call back from my Neurosurgeon's office today and have an appointment to see him soon and will have my MRI on Monday, (I have an MRI every 6 months to watch for any changes). So, I can discuss the Pain Clinic Issues with him then. I also have another referral to check into. Finger's crossed! BTW, I've dealt with medication allergies all my life, and they have gotten worse as I've gotten older, so I keep Benadryl close at hand, even in my car, and purse. Anyway, thanks again for your reply! Being a newbie to the Pain Clinic experience, I'm eager to learn how they work for others. Have a great evening!
  • Wow - that sounds totally weird to me. You'd think they'd find something that works for you and just leave it at that instead of changing things up all the time. In Oregon, you can't call in a prescription for narcotic pain meds. You have to obtain a written prescription straight from the doctor. I go to my internist for my pain meds. I went to the pain clinic once -- they offered me no medication, just a spinal cord stimulator. No thanks - I don't want a pacemaker implanted in my butt! Anyway, my Internist listens to me and is very caring, so I'm in good hands.
    3 level spinal fusion, L3/4, L4/5, L5/S1, November 2008. Stiff, but I can walk.
  • What you're describing sounds very much like what "pill mills" do down here in Florida - and it is getting them popped and shut down!!

    I to this day refuse to go to a pill / pain clinic. I have my scripts through my GP presently, but might get a true pain management doctor - but not a clinic for me!

    Is there any chance you can get to a regular "this is my daily job to threat pain patients" doctor in your area? Also too, have you mentioned these issues to your spine specialist or GP?

    I know for me, if each time I had a new doctor looking at me, and prescribing, I would be a cloud of dust with that office...

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Tina: you most likely are allergic to tartrazine (its yellow #5); its probably the single most common dye allergy. Its also in a lot of orange-looking medications, even some brown ones, including multi-vitamins and supplements. You have a legitimate complaint to file with you State's board of pharmacy if you told them of the yellow dye allergy ahead of time; its a shame because not only was it a potentially severe reaction, but created hassles for both you & your doctor.

    Regarding the issue with replacing a controlled substance medication; yes, there are potentially two "flags" that come up when a pain doc essentially tries to replace one drug with another before the month is up - one can be from the insurance company/Rx plan, and the other from the DEA. Its not a "personal" or trust issue with you as the patient; and yes its because of drug-seekers & doctor-shoppers that these rules are in place. Still, the doctors do have to "play along" - its not meant to be personal. Twice I had to bring in "new" meds for replacement - one time I just gave the bottle back to my pain doc, the second time I had to return it to the pharmacy. The pharmacist had to call my insurance, verify return of meds and reason for return, did a count in front of me, and then added hot water to them (and told me to take the label off & throw away in trash at home).

    Final comment:you mention taking 6-8 of the hydrocodone 7.5/500's - that's pushing the liver toxicity limits of tylenol (acetominophen or APAP); and may be one of the reason they changed your meds to one with just 325...iust a heads up even one more of those pills w/500 on a bad day or "flare" day can be real serious to the liver...
  • Thanks for taking your time to comment, I so appreciate it. When my PM Dr. moved away, my PCP said she would be happy to take care of my meds. She thought with my condition it was crazy to see so many different Dr.'s. I was doing the happy dance when I left!!! However, by my next visit, 3 months later, she was under investigation for writing pain meds. She told me she felt bad but could no longer write my prescriptions for Lortab, but she would continue providing the Valium and Xanax. OK, I guess? That has me seeing her and the Pain Clinic every 3 months. Ugg!!! My goal is to get it under one roof.

    Believe it or not, this ping pong game with my pain meds has been going on since the shoulder surgery and then accident in 2008. At one point, my long time, and now former PCP, was yelling at ME, because my Orthopedic doc wanted him to write my pain meds. I left in tears. The only smooth sailing I've had was seeing the PM doc that left town. Not sure if I've mentioned this, but I called him yesterday, and he is NO longer writing pain prescriptions at his new location!!!

    Whew, I don't have any butt left to implant anything into and don't want that either!!! You are lucky to have such a great Dr.!!!

    Thanks again for sharing! :)))
  • ...AND, I can't wait to leave that place like a cloud of dust!!! Whoot, whoot! But, I need to be smart, hold my tongue Monday, so I leave with pills in hand! I learned that here! ;)) However, I bet you, he's going to make me come in every 2 weeks. To enter a new clinic, I will need a Dr.'s referral, and at the turtle pace my Neurosurgeon's office runs, I may be better off to ride this Pain Clinic out until I see my Neurosurgeon on Sept 1, and discuss the situation with him. After all, he sent me there, but to a specific Doctor.

    Oh, how I wish I had the option of avoiding the pain clinics "here", but it's not looking good! ~X(

    However, I'm jumping for joy (haha, not really jumping), to have found this forum, you, and the others! Great attitudes and good company here!!!

    I wish you a pain free day!!! Nice to meet you!
  • That's what I thought to, BUT the day the reaction started, I called the pharmacy, but was told it did NOT contain Tartrazine, it just contained yellow dye, and hung up! I called another pharmacy (same company, different location, not as busy) to compare the yellow 5 mg and 10 mg ingredients and was told they don't make the yellow 5 mg any longer and did not know the yellow dye ingredient in the 10 mg.

    Oh wow, you got me there! I've never had to pour hot water on pills! I've always taken my bottles back to the pharmacy, but they wouldn't take them back. Luckily, I've only had early refill issues once, just my luck, while going to this clinic, and that was a convenience thing for me (I had pills), was one day too early to refill, and instead of telling me to wait one day, well, I don't have to tell you the ending. But, funny story, my insurance company (bless there hearts, as we say in the South), told me to tell the Dr. and pharmacy that I can have 248 (Lortab)pills every 24 day, and to do a "therapeutic override" for my pain medicine in the future. I don't have to tell you how that ended either! =))

    I don't think I've even been handed a scrip that I didn't ask about my liver, and have been told "the benefits out weight the risk", same response by the other 2 doc at this PC! But, yes, this was the concern of the new Dr, and I am all for 325's, if they're not yellow. BTW, I had blood work done recently, and all is good with my liver, and I don't drink. But, I think when liver damage shows up in blood work, it's too late?

    Speaking of, what is the limit for liver toxicity? I know it was recently changed, and it says 4000 mg on my bottle, this Dr. said 2000? Also, it's a rare occasion that I take 8 in a day, but I do usually take 6. When I started this medicine, I could only tolerate, 2.5 mg, twice a day, and was not happy when I was bumped up to 7 mg. I'm told they do not make a 7/325... pity! I'm afraid of the 10 mg, if I have to go through another surgery, there will be no place to go if I need stronger medicine.

    I also want to mention, I have just recently learned, maybe on this forum, that the DEA is involved. Interesting! But, I DO get the concept.

    Anyway, sorry to have yakked on so long! Thank you for your time and post. You have been helpful, and I hope to yak with you again! I'm hope you're one of the few here without pain, but in any event, I hope you're having a great day!

  • I hear ya on "holding your tongue" for your next appointment. Nodding, I would for sure bring this up with your Neurologist. When you do, please make sure he knows the doctors keep changing, *and* that there is no constancy in your pain medications.

    Also too I would bring up as an example (a strong one in my mind) your allergy [the yellow dye] and these yahoos keep prescribing it to you! How caring for your health isn't the case at this clinic obviously. Please let us know how it goes. Gentle *HUGZ* to you.

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Ok, I have another question if anyone has a minute to reply...

    Are the Dr.'s in your Pain Management Clinic's Anesthesiologist??? That is the norm here.

    Although, my former Dr specialized in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.

    BTW, I found a site called, Vitals, and the Dr. I;m working with NOW apparently is the owner of the clinics. He has a 2.2 out of 4 star rating. Sigh...I'm not finding a clinic with good reviews! :S

    Thanks again for your time! I'll give you guys a rest with the questions and ranting now, my arm is about to fall off from all the computer work!!! LOL

    Wishing a happy evening to all!!!
  • I will talk to him about those issues, and why my condition is deteriorating so rapidly!

    I found a Lady's post on this forum that has the same spinal injury as I and would love to talk with her. The last post I can find from her was 3 weeks ago, and it sounded like she was going to have surgery. I've sent her a PM, and hope to hear back that she is doing well. She is the only person I've found on the WWW in three years with this injury. Her post brought me to this site, and I hope I get the chance to thank her too!!!

    Gentle Hugs Back-at-cha! >:D<
  • I hope your Neurologist can send you to "A" doctor vs that 'pool' of a clinic you're at now. Nodding, I have lots of issues too, and hopefully will have a game plan this coming week - or be real close to one!

    I hope she PM's you back too. I've only found one other on here that has a similar "wing" like me. She never answered the PM, so I am not even sure if she still comes on here. Another woman (should be having surgery soon?) said she was getting a wing for her fusion. I hope they plate her, and don't give her this dang wing - it's more trouble than its worth! (G)

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Well, I don't see a Neurologist, I see a Neurosurgeon. I started seeing him in 84 after injuring my neck (and left shoulder) in a car accident. He was the Dr. of Dr's. So, I returned to him with "Charlotte". Totally love him! However, he is busy! So, it takes forrrrrever to get anything done through his office staff! Same story with my Orthopedic Surgeon. Oh, the stories I could tell you! LOLing just thinking about it! (I can LOL now.)

    I searched again last night for the Lady with a spinal arachnoid cyst, and (small world/forum), you have posted to her several times. Maybe you know what's going on with her? The search says she was here 3 weeks ago, but I didn't find a post that recent. Is it OK to post her screen name here... maybe you know how she's doing?

    Ugg, Brenda, I have no idea what a wing is? But, it doesn't good! I assume it's cervical? From looking at your profile, and accident, you must be in a lot of pain! OMG, I'm glad that crash didn't kill you! Please keep me posted on your game plan, and I'll be sending good thoughts your way!

    Very gentle hugs to you, Sweet Girl!

  • Tina,

    Yeah, the 'wing' is the C6/7 hardware my surgeon (same surgeon as my C5/6) used. It is below my plate in my avatar. There was another member on here with a 'wing', but the hinge was different. She only had one level, but no real problems with it, and then I got a PM from another on here that like me, has a cracked vertebra....and a wing like mine!

    I've not heard back from her, so not sure what is going on. My hubby wants me to get a lawyer if she writes back (she was waiting on x-rays) and is cracked. Not to go after my surgeon, but the manufacturer!

    I'm still not sure who you are referring too. Yes you can post her member name here, no rules are broken there. Maybe then I might know, as several on here I talk with voice off the boards.

    Me, pain? It varies. I try to roll with it, and having a hubby that understands helps tons! My bad in the last two weeks is I've gotten tired of how out of control my house has gotten - I got a bit pissy about it. Here's the shock, my hubby is now actually helping on cleaning! So, now of course I am inspired again, and yep, hehehe, overdoing it in spiney land, and paying for it! (G) My house is looking better though. :)

    I too hope your pain is on the low to none scale today!! *HUGZ*

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • It seems now a days that most doctors dont want to prescribe narcotics to their patients & forget about ever sounding smarter than the doctor themselves because then they think you are a drug addict to know so much about pain meds.

    I had a doctor once question why I knew so much about hydrocodone & I told him, did you ever hear about the invention called the internet? LoL, non the less, the doctor was a friend of mine so it was no big deal but it seems they are worried about the patient also getting addicted to the pain meds.

    I understand where they are coming from but they should care more about the patient living free of pain instead of the other b.s.

    Every doctor should have their patients sign a form stating the doctor cant be held liable for any wrong doing by the patient, that way if the patient really does have pain & of course the xrays/mri's show this, then there shouldnt be a problem prescribing them.
  • OMG Brenda, I thought your Avatar was a truck tire, in snow, with chains on it!!! NO joke! Ugg, you poor thing! Have you checked to see if there may already be a class action case open against the manufacturer? I feel for you, I had screws put into my right shoulder just before the car accident in 2008....unbelievable pain! The screws were removed in 2009...wrapped in scar tissue. I hope you hear from her soon. More importantly, I hope they get your neck fixed and get you out of pain!

    The Lady I found is BlackBerryBunny. You know her? If I had seen her post with her symptoms, and before she saw the doc, I would had guessed she had a "Charlotte". I just hope she's doing well! :S

    I'm glad your husband is on board! My husband is really helpful and has been doing a pretty darn good job at the housekeeping! I love it, but I hate it at the same time! I'm too independent for my own good, and one of those weirdos that loves house cleaning!

    LOL, Spiney Land, is that what everyone calls it? Whatever it's called, I'm glad I found it! I'll try to post an update later (it took 3 hours off and on to type this), I have yet another not funny/funny story. I'll keep it on this thread since it's just for fun!

    Hope you've had a good day!!! >:D<
  • Truck tire? You're kidding right? Truck tire - lol that's my forward flexing x-ray! I have no curve in my neck. (G)

    I've hunted all over the Internet to find this hardware and can't find it anywhere! Without knowing who made it, or what it's called, it makes it hard to find out if there are any actions against the manufacturer. In my surgical notes it is just referred to as a vertebral anchoring device!

    Wednesday I get my third opinion; an Orthopedic spine surgeon this time. The first two pretty much echoed each other on what should be done on my neck and back, so we'll see as they say. So far this surgeon seems really nice, caring and good. He specializes in reconstruction and revisions! How cool is that?

    BBB, yes I remember BlackBerryBunny. She hasn't been on in a long time, and she was having some rough, rough periods. I remember she was trying to get surgery, but insurance or something got in the way. A part of me thinks that might have gotten resolved, but I can't for the life of me remember now. Hopes and prayers she does return soon.

    You and my sister would get along great. She loves cleaning her house, she even cleaned a bit in my old apartment when she came to visit! I hate cleaning *but* I do like the satisfaction of the cleaned result!

    Terms.. You'll see on here - Spiney, spiney road, spiney land, neckie, backie etc. A small way of humor amongst us spiney types! :) =))

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • :H Brenda! Just wanted to jump on and wish you good luck with the new doc today! I hope he gives you some answers. Sending good thoughts your way! Also some to BBB!

    I have blown out my body the last few days, and don't want to get my arms tuned up this early, so keeping this short.... :)

    Hope to see you back in spiney land later!

    T >:D<
  • Hi Secret Agent!

    Sorry it had taken me so long to say Hi!!! I didn't see your post earlier... a little more time here, (as my body allows), and I'll get the hang of the boards!

    You make a good point! In my situation the uncaring, rude staff is inexcusable too!

    Hopefully you have great Dr.'s taking care of you!

    Hope to see around again! Have a great day!

    T :)))
  • Hey Love, thanks you too for your kind words and helpful advice. I'm usually in the up, just spinning today from this ordeal! LOL, without pulling my medical records, I couldn't tell you the exact issues with my lumbar and cervical, I know it's not good, but my Dr.'s don't talk about it. They have said it is low priority compared to the spinal cord issue. However, I plan on updating my medical condition with more detail as soon as I talk myself into climbing the steps where I keep my medical records...lol!

    First, let me say, I am so sorry to read about your injuries and pain level. I admire your determination and glad you have found a treatment plan that's working for you! It sounds like you have a great spirit, and I believe that can be more powerful than pain meds! Good for you!!!

    Surgery was not an option unless the cyst changed, which it did sometime between my MRI last May and the one in Nov. My Neurosurgeon said the surgery would take place inside my spine, and from what I understand, he would punch holes in the cyst, with the hope it will drain (?), or something like that. The odds of any improvement are 50/50, and no chance of reversing the damage already done or those symptoms. He also explained that it's a horrific surgery and recovery to go through, and thought it was low odds considering the risk. I've had the same opinion from 3 other Dr's. I'm having another MRI Monday and will see him again, to talk more about surgery, in a couple weeks.

    Because the symptoms vary with my spinal cord pressure, PT is not an option. The straining involved in lifting my leg would set off a volcano in my body. Although I wanted to keep trying, the PT pulled the plug and said it was to risky and causing more irreversible nerve damage than good. So, the Rx has been the only treatment recommended. I swell up like a blimp on NSAIDS, including the creams...bummer, because I LOVE them! Yes, I have tried all the drugs you mentioned and then some with every reaction you can imagine. I've also asked about yoga, and told no go! Charlotte is a fickle little injury!

    LOL, you can say it loud, say it proud with me! I am always open to others opinions and suggestions. AND, I totally agree, I made a lot of mistakes, with the little yellow pill! I was so upset over the ordeal of being put on "probation", and to make matters worse, my pharmacy has a new Dr. with very poor bed side manner, that the thought of calling him, well, I was more willing to take the risk, sad but true. With the "yellow dye" allergy, I get tightening and soreness in the chest, no swelling of the tongue, or I would NOT have taken the risk. But, I asked my husband if they said anything about the yellow dye when he picked it up and they didn't, so I figured maybe it didn't contain the same dye. BTW, yellow dye was listed right on the receipt under allergies! I didn't have an immediate reaction when I took it, it was the next day, guess it had built up enough for me to notice, and I immediately called the Dr and Pharmacy…. although the Dr.'s office nor the Pharmacy mentioned it, I started Benadrly. In any event, you're correct, I should have been more attentive. Seems I've been easily intimidated by the medical professional lately! Thanks for the gentle butt kicking, please feel free to hand them to me as needed! :) Also, the reason I ran short on pills was a change in the rules at this PC, they changed from writing a 30 day supply to a 24 or 28 day supply (I've been told two different stories). I didn't know because I didn't see the doc or MA (fire drill). Hmmm, my calculator says that gets you in more often and more $'s in their pockets annually. Yes it does sound like a "mill" type clinic! I'm on task shopping a new PM, and will keep you posted!

    Please, ramble on anytime, I thank you for your time and concern! I look forward to chatting again, and hope you have a great night!

  • Wait till you see it just after the 1st of the new year - it will have a flat bed with screws! (G)

    Not to take from your thread, I posted what the results were with my new surgeon today. No surprises, and all validated.

    Try and rest and give your body a bit of 'nice' time woman!! *HUGZ*

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • It's taking me a while to get back to this and share a laugh or two. With my shoulder/arm/hand issues in my right arm, I type a little and stop for a few minute (especially since the PMC has cut my pain medicine back), so this will be an all day task. I love that the forum doesn't time out! * Update, this was written yesterday, but as my luck would have it this week, a storm blew in before I finished and I had to copy and paste to note, shut down, and am just getting back here to paste here….

    My head was spinning like a top with my original post, and I failed to mention, I was in a more recent MVA, 2/16/11. A deer fell from the sky and landed on the bumper/hood of my SUV! Two back teeth, right side were broken. I already had a bridge since I was missing a permanent tooth from birth, so this would be a 5 tooth bridge. I've been seeing my dentist for several months trying to get the bridge right. In the meantime, I'm chewing, chewing, chewing with my right side. I get my third permanent bridge today (Thursday). Fingers crossed it's right!

    Fast forward to Sunday night. Dealing with Dr. issues and the brand spanking new numb bum symptom, (another funny/not funny), has me stressed to my max. So, I'm on my porch, trying to relax away pain, and eating ice cream, then start feeling a tightening in my left jaw. The more ice cream I eat the tighter it gets! I go inside, ask my husband if my face looks funny, and he screams, OMG! I look and the left side of my face had swollen and taken the shape of a football! I have never experienced anything like this! Anyone? Long story short, PCP said to reschedule my MRI, and see an Oral Surgeon Monday. I go to the Oral Surgeon, thinking, oh no, he is going to think I'm a pill seeker, please God, don't let it be anything requiring pain meds! Turns out, I had over chewed and over clenched my teeth and my jaw muscle was cramping and sprained! No TMJ no pain meds needed...whew! Should I tell the Dr. at the PMC, he stressed me into the Oral Surgeons office? LMBO!!!

    Between this madness, I called the PMC to schedule too, since they called in just enough pain pills, and I was instructed to schedule Monday for a new prescription. When I called, they said they didn't say that! OK?, what did you say? They would call me later. They called back that evening, and very rudely told to come in Tuesday, bring my yellow pills and I would be given enough pills to last until my appointment next week. I enter Tuesday afternoon, and on my own since DH had arranged time off Monday for this, reach the counter, they ask for my pills, and while I'm getting them from my purse, she tells me (rudely) to move out of the way so she can get a clip board, this backs me into the wall behind some chairs and my walker get stuck, GREAT! She then tells me to sit down and they will call me. Twenty minutes later, she yells my name, and before I can stand, she yells it again, even louder! I took my prescription and told her how sorry I was it took me so long to reach the counter, but my legs were weak and every step I take hurts from a torn spinal cord, and to have a nice day! She had a blank look on her face, hehehe!!! The new Dr. I saw there the week before, started off saying to me, if you were my Mother or my Sister I would not… I bet he would NOT have a medical staff or professionals talk to his Mother or Sister like that, have them in constant pain, or go without medication! I debating revisiting his Mother/Sister comment with him next week. Any thought on this? I get the feeling they have me by the unmentionables and they are in control of my pain meds...ugg!

    Next, leave the clinic mad as a hornet headed to a Medical Supplier with a prescription for an upstairs walker. It's taken a month of calls to get the prescription and determine the insurance will pay 100%. Walk inside, everyone behind the counter looks at me, rolling their eyes, like oh jeez a customer. After standing there several minutes, a lady with a heavy Greek accent asks what I need. I tell her, and she yells at me, you can't have a second walker, what did you do with the first one (it was in my car and was using my cane)? So I explain AGAIN, this is for my upstairs. She yells back, your insurance will not pay it. I explain again, they will with PA, blah, blah… She continues to getr louder and tells me, if that were the case everyone would have a house full of walkers. I ask to speak with her manager, please and thanks! Manager tells me the same thing, but calmer. I ask her to please call my ins company and double check my benefits, knowing two things, one, it's going to take her 15 - 20 minute to do so and she doesn't want to, and two, I had already decided I would take my insurance $ elsewhere....hehehe!!! She returns, with egg on her face, and tells me I was right, duh… So, I took the moment and explain I have chronic pain, it took every bit of energy to get there, let her know the stress of their treatment had raised my spinal cord pressure, and I would suffer the rest of the day as a consequence, when all they had to do was be nice, OR simply tell me they were not interested in my business! She started telling me she had been doing this 30 years, and I stopped her. I told her I had brought my late Mother and Father there, knew the owner, and that Mr. Late Owner would roll over in his grave if he knew how I had been treated!!! I ask her to return my prescriptions, I told her, BTW, I'm also getting a prescription for a motorized chair soon! I hope this Lady thought about what I said, and the next time someone walks in the door for a small dollar item, she requires her staff to be nice! Ha!

    Yeah, I cried all the way home, but hopefully, I made some peeps think about their behavior!

    FYI, have returned from the dentist, and once again, my bridge has to go back to the lab…. my neck hurts! :( Oh, don't worry, I'll be laughing about this too by tomorrow!

    It's tomorrow, I'm not really laughing, stayed busy researching PMC's in my area! LOL May post some questions regarding in a new post later. Sorry to be so wordy!

    Hope everyone that reads this gets a laugh! Have a great night and wishing you all a low to NO pain night! >:D<
  • OMG- I would like to slap those people across the face for you.............

    I hate to be treated like a theif or a scam artist by some one who is supposed to offer compassion and customer service! I am so glad you stayed calm and set them straight and you let them know they lost your business. Good Job :) I am sorry it came to that though.

    Like "we" don't aready have enough guilt, shame, and pain in our lives these wonderful people feel like they need to dish out a little more.

    I hope you get your teeth straightened out :)

    I am so greatful for my PM clinic- every 3.5 weeks I get my meds refilled my md is so nice(the gal behind the counter gets on my nerves shes like a bulldog about the insurance and money)....

    Feel Better,

  • ...I wish you could slap them too, lol! In retrospect, I wonder if the PMC Gal's, including the MA, got in trouble since I mentioned to the doc that I didn't see anyone last visit due to the fire drill, the reason why I moved my appointment up. I honestly was not thinking about the MA or other staff getting in trouble at the time, I wanted to talk about my condition worsening and the added pain in my shoulders/arms since I had been put on a cane, and by then, a walker and discuss medication options.

    When I found this forum, It was heartbreaking to see so many member's struggling with the same humiliating issues that I've been through.

    Thanks for the well wishes! So happy you have a great Dr. too, it makes a big difference!

    Wishing you a restful night! O:)
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