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SI Joint Injection tommorrow! Scared might cancel!!

SplendagrrlSplendagrrl Posts: 111
edited 06/11/2012 - 1:59 PM in Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Problems
Hi Everyone,

It's been awhile since I have been on here because I am recovering from a double spine fusion I had in October. Anyway have still been having pain on right side and surgeon is sending me for a SI Joint injection tommorrow! This injection will be with an I'v to help me relax, but right now so scared of the pain I am thinking of canceling. They don't put you to sleep they just give you something to help you relax, which I am not sure if that will even work on me because my body is so used to taking heavy pain medications for years. Anyway please tell me of your experiences and how bad the shot hurts. Would really like some info. Please be honest. Thanks!!


  • Splendagrrl:

    I had my first (and I hope last) ESI on my S1 in October. My fusion was L4-S1 in January of last year.

    Anyway, I was not provided ANY sedative other than that which was injected in my spine immediately prior to injecting the steroids. Call me a sissy, but it hurt like hell for about 90 seconds and then it gradually disipated. The rest of the day's pain was all psychological memory of the event.

    I did not realize any benefit from the procedure. If I had then I might be willing to do it again under the same circumstances - but not now. Again, call me a sissy. If I ever have to do that again then I will pay out of pocket for whatever sedation is available.
  • I've had 2 SI J injections, and RFAs on each side. None with any sedation, just local anesthetic. Yes, it hurts for a few seconds, and goes away once it's done, but I've been in worse pain from the injuries themselves for much longer, so it's nothing in comparison. I'll put up with some very short-term pain to get relief from the chronic, much worse long-term stuff.
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  • I have had four si joint injections, two without IV sedation and two with. With the sedation the injections are fine, without they hurt me quite a bit. My last two worked wonders for me, it has been the difference between struggling to get out of bed and deal with the pain, to now being fairly active again and hopefully progressing with the pt in order to stabilize my back.

    I hope this works for you and gives you the relief you need....Mitch
  • You had double fusion and you afraid of injection? Oh boy, lol.

    Most dont even bother with sedation for the injection because its short, Takes longer to get the sedation iv set up and all then the injection itself,

    If you survived double fusion a simple injection that takes 2 min wont kill ya,

    Good luck,
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  • I have had si joint and facet injections, both without sedation. My doc does give me a shot to "take the edge off". Sorry, I can't remember which med I had. I am going for another round of si injections next week.
    They give a local prior to the shots and yes I did have some pain, but I would agree that it really isn't intolerable. The shots have given me some relief and I am trying my best to avoid having the surgery to fuse my si joints.

    I hope all goes great for you!
  • This is my first time getting this not sure what to expect but very scared! Could anybody tell me if they give u anything to relax u!?
  • Well I've had many injections. My last in my si joint. In my veiw it's more uncomfortable to get an iv. It was a shot of lidocaine that felt like nothing more then a vaccine, then the steroid that didn't hurt but was just some pressure. My injection however made me waaaaay worse for pain and I went from limping from pain to not being able to walk without aides going on a month now.
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