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My sciatica and heel pain story and questions.

SteelpulseSSteelpulse Posts: 5
Hi I want to thank you for taking the time to read about my sciatic condition. I have dend lots and lots of research and now am going to ask for your help and hopefully help you a little. Sorry for the miss spelling for I wrote this on an iPhone. :)

I suffered with sciatic pain for about 4 years now, pulled it out on the dance floor. The very next day I woke up with burning throbing pain in my lower back and all in left butt cheak. Later that night I began to walk and after about 10minites of walking I knew something was really wrong. Not only did I have pain comming from my lower back shooting down into my hip but I also had a foot that felt like it was on fire and it hurt to walk. After going to several doctors, they gave me traction and physical therapy. Wich did nothing for me, I layed in bed for several weeks reading that this would disapesr with time and it's just a short time thing. Worst of all I was living in a third world country at the time and it was hard to cope with the pain. I saw few quack chiropractors out there as well, witch didn't seem to do any either except to empty my wallet. For my foot pain I was able find a guy that made a special cushioned orthtic with seemed to help with the heel pain. I also when to a accpunturist that seemed to help with the pain also.
It got so bad to a point that dreaded to walk long then half a mile, do to
the emence pain I was have in the bottom of my foot. Drinking alchol

when going out was really the only thing that numbed the pain and allowed me to be able to stay out and have a goodtime. I found value was the only thing that would help me to relax and be able to get some sleep.
About 2 years later I have made it back to the states. The sciatic pain is still there and also the foot pain I would say I have learn manage the back pain and the foot pain is what gets me really depressed.
I lost my originally orthotics that was great out in Thailand.
So I was on the hunt again to find a goodinsert. Dreading walking with pain my heel I researched again and found out, the walking store held a really good shoe insert that had memory foam to it.
Still looking though for something that would work I searched again find insert that worked best for me that my cosujn talked about. Was called a good feet insert and they were expiate over 200bucks. I was able to fund this hard platic high arched pretty much indistrctsble insert at footsolutikns store.I have to say the insert has worked wonders for me and it can work wonders for you for actually helped my back and footpain by shifting the load of the weight my body on the arch.
I have tried almost everything that is within a reasonable price range for the average 25 yr old.

I've tried alot of different foot orthotics as far as doctors foot labs on the inter net wich was a rip off and didnt do any but cause more pain.
I even order a pair of htp heel seat off of the Internet also which were not a good product either. The only product thy had worked for me has been the goodfeet insert, wich there is many generic ones that you can buy, but make sure you get fitted.

My foot pain starts like this the more I stand in one place the stronger it starts to hurt. If I do not wear the arch support I find that the pain is debilitating and ruins my day.

After seeing a pain management specialist, I was ordered to have an MRI.
The specialist told me "there was a slight" buldge but tnothjng serious. Soon enough he told me I had fibromyalgia. Wich is complete bullshit if you ask me. I took the MRI to my orthopedic doctor that did an cal for me and he said the MRI looked fine. He then took some x rays. He then told me he wanted me to have another type of bone scan to see if I had a cracked bone. Even if he did did a crack bone what would do? There is nothing that a doctor can do with a crack or fractured verbrea.

I started using an able roller rich at frat made my back sore but after using over and religiously I found that alot of my lower back pain dissipated. Probably and most likey because of the Strengthening of the lower back and abdominal muscles.

Recently I have had meniscus surgery witch has left me pretty sedentary for awhile so the back pain had now returned.

My big question is, how do I differentiate the pain my back from the pain in my foot. There is si many what if's and that could be it or this could be it's.

I know the back pain that I have is causing the burning heel pain that I am having in te same leg. Now I'm sitting here thinking I have had MRI and it came up "okay / fine " and have extreme foot pain that really only wil go away with an arach support, that doesn't always help with the pain only when walking really.

I feel like I'm stuck in ketch 22. I have back pain "sciatica" but my MRI says it's okay. I also have pain in my foot wich a podiatrist will probably miss diagnosis this as plantar fashitis. I have also looked into tarsal tunnel sydrom swell but that would only be a good diagnosis if I didn't had back pain at all.

I am pushing to have another MRI done and also would like to have an emg done aswell to show the doctor/ surgeon that I do have a pinched nerve of some type.

If tour reading this the most likely you are another person that is suffering similar pains like my self.

My next question is. Is there anyone out there that has had lower back pain with sciatic and had pain that also goes down into the bottom if the foot and spreads like fire?

Was your surgery a success?
Did the doctor tell you that nothing was wrong at first?
Did you have standing heel and foot pain with the sciatica?

For myself I had had to simply live with this problem, and if I can give you any advice it would be to get the hard arch orthotics "alhziner"and a ab roller to strengthen tr core if your body. I also notice the heel pain when stand the in shower in the morning after about 5minutes.

Well I will keep at it everyday fighting to find a cure for my pain. I have ears if this treatment called anti - Tnf, where a doctor administers a medicine into you back wich it seems to be a miracle if some type but they want over 3k for it.

It's hard to get your back into shape when it hurts to walk but you keep a positive out look find the right orthotics and keep up with your back. That's the beat advice I can give to someone that us suffering fro
Back sciatic back pain.

Muscle relaxers can help some like Some or flexeral. I don't recommend taking pain pills for opiates are a bad drug and wil leave you in a worse place wanting more and more pills.

So for now I will live on with this sciatica pain and heel pain.

I would like to discuss this further with some that has had either both or one f these symptoms and what strategies they used. Were you able to differentiate the lower back pain and heel pain or did the two link up?

As soon as my right knee heals better I will discovering new ways to deal with this problem and would like to share with other suffers to help them that are in pain.



  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 5,427
    ...you and in exotic places, also. Nice to travel so good for you!

    Re' your pain..not sure I can address all you say..but I know when my lower back first went out...the only pain I had was left outer calf pain. It was so painful and I was unable to walk upright.

    Chiropractor helped that short time...but eventually I was led to doc and now pain management for messed up spine.. other issues, too.

    The things for shoes or otherwise outer wear have never helped me. The pain is from inside..the nerves..and my case messed up blood flow also..so fix for me needed to come from inside, also. That is like the epidural injections.

    There is a deradome map..which I am probably misspelling :) on this site ..can use "search"..or Google it. That can be somewhat helpful in noticing which part of body hurts and which nerve and route to spine that is effected.

    Mu feet, heels esp get very painful and it is amazing to see the map and notice that it is related to the part of the spine my doc said was messed up.

    For my lower back pain, the injections helped and then a continued life of trying to stay "aligned" at all time with no twisting, bending, lifting, etc...

    Good luck to you as you learn to get a handle on your pain. Keep us posted with how you are doing!

    Spine-Health Moderator
    Please read my medical history at: Medical History

  • that your MRI showed nothing wrong. It sounds like you have plenty going on. I have problems with my feet. Mine starts in lower back travels to side and back of calf then into my feet. They start tingling at first then go competely numb. I have to quickly bend down or sit down or I will not be able to walk and will drop. The worst time was when I was in line at a visitation. My feet started to go numb I tried to shift weight from foot to foot and bent down pretending to tie my shoes (was not wearing shoes that tied)but I had to leave the line and limp to nearest chair and sit down. I almost didn't make it. The pain was shooting down my back, legs and couldn't feel my feet. Really thought I was going to pass out. Was able to cut through line give my friend my condolances and it started again. Made it to the bathroom where there was a bench and had to sit for several minutes. My whole body was shaking and I became really hot and thought for sure I was going down. I regained composure and was able to make to my car. I realized there was something very wrong at that time. I was going to a chiro and he basically told me it was all in my head. Thankfully I changed chiro's and that got me on the right track and finally had an MRI done. It was good to know it wasn't in my head but bad to find out the results.

    Bulging disc L4-5, L5-S1, serve bilateral foraminal stenosis L5-S1, moderate L4-5, DDD

    I am told my only option is surgery but I can't get in to see the surgeon until May 18th.

    Best of luck to you. Keep me posted

  • I wanted to appologise for all the misspelling in my first post. I was even hard for me to understand alot of the things that i was trying to explane last night after writing that post on my Iphone.

    Sciatic pain with heel pain in my foot, the two seem almost to be interconnected but at the same time they are not.

    "There is a deradome map..which I am probably misspelling on this site ..can use "search"..or Google it. That can be somewhat helpful in noticing which part of body hurts and which nerve and route to spine that is effected."

    I looked at the deradome and it is a good way to show where the pain come from thank you. I would say its my L5, pain runs down the out left side of my left leg.

    Savage, as far as your heel pain how does it start? Does it feel seperate to the back pain? Or does it feel as if it connected and the pain runs strait down your leg through the calf to the foot?

    With my back pain it seems to sit right on my lower side. Occasionally pushing into the buttocks, from time to time i can feel it ping down the entire leg, but thats if i really irrate it.

    For me Heel pain it seem to be seperate. Starting in my heel and then spreading across my arch and into the rest of my foot. Like someone is taking a burning torch to it.

    Savage, i had a epidural injection but it didnt seem to do much for me. Have you tried any type of inserts for your feet pain? I would highly recommend you get a good arch support like the "Alznier" wich seem to have put my foot into the right alighnment and the rest of my body.Its helped with the back pain also.

    Klamb - it sounds like you have a serious case there,
    and you have 2 more months untill your able to see a doctor. What your going to do.. im very interested to see what happends with your case.

    I am still interested to see if there is anyone out there that has or had serious sciatic back pain like this that caused pain into the feet aswell. What were your findings, what were your decisions and outcomes.

    Send me a message or Post here! Thanks for your replys! Look forward to more Decussion.


  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 5,427
    My heel pain does not feel connected to the back and does not feel like sciatica in the typical sense that it runs through the buttocks and down through my leg to heel.

    However, the epidurals have helped the heel pain, so I'm sure they are very related.

    Inserts have never helped me, but thanks for the info. I should never say never since I should keep an open mind. Just because it did not work before does not mean I shouldn't give it another try. :)

    Hope your weekend is pain controlled!

    Take care!
    Spine-Health Moderator
    Please read my medical history at: Medical History

  • I took Cymbalta fro the nerve pain in my leg and foot and seemed to help. I also do some stretching exercises same as for piriformis muscle issues sitting and cross my leg over to give it a good stretch.

    Your Dr. could give you a referral to a Neurologist for an EMG to find out where the nerve pain is coming from.

    I got arch supports especially made for a Chiropodist not a shoe-store and they cost $450. and my insurance covered most of it. It helps the foot pain but I still have numb and tingling in one foot and gel ice packs help. Are you taking a nerve pain med? I hope you get some relief soon. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • I had severe case of sciatica in 2005 and spent lot of time to find the best way to treat it, finally I cured myself and I feel fine since 2006.

    Actually this is old method invented in France long time ago using turpentine bath, so called Zalmanov bath method.

    It took me about 2-3 months for full recovery

  • Hi,
    Im a 51 yr old living in the uk and working as a security officer in a job center.
    Back in 2005 woke up with a back ache went to local hospital cut long story short they said i had a mechanical back problem with sciatica so lived with this up till bout 2009 when i had chronic pain in both hips, turned out after all the tests and scans that i had spondylolisthesis l5 s1 chronic bilateral pars defect, impingement of exiting left l5 nerve root l5 s1 spina bifida and L4/5 disc bulge.
    My orthopedic surgeon had asked me to see a spine specialist to have my spine fused to make this stable, But to be honest ive known a few people whom have had this operation done but still have restrictions and pain.
    But the last 6 weeks ive had bad pain in my heel left side same as the sciatica, brought some heel jell type cushions to go in shoe but have no relief.
    This is causing me so much pain and problem along with my other elments. Due to spondylolistis i cannot sit stand or sleep long and being exhusted through lack of sleep, my main comfort is to lean.
    Also to add to the above i have cervical spondylosis in my neck which is also very painfull,
    Thank you for taking time in reading my problems is there any 1 out there who suffers the same.
    many thanks
  • PrazonPPrazon Posts: 1
    edited 02/10/2013 - 4:34 AM
    Well, I have been having heel pain for nearly 3 years, and during that period, I have done 2 MRIs of the Lumbar spine, 2 EMGs of left leg and multiple x-rays, all of which were normal. The last MRI did show Spina bifida of S1 Vertebra (which the doc says isn't a big problem) ... I don't have the back pain per se but heel pain is worse. Walking is painful. Weightbearing or standing for even just a few minutes gives me unbearable pain. I try to avoid pain killers and haven't tried injections. Physical therapy, massage, etc., don't seem to help much...... nerve pills also don't help. Any suggestions??? Please. This has severely affected my daily activies.
  • skillensskillen Posts: 7
    edited 02/10/2013 - 8:26 AM
    Steelpulse, I had symptoms that affected my lower back just briefly. It felt like a pulled muscle. I also had symptoms that I thought was my piriformis muscle (left butt cheek), calf, and heel. All of this pain was due to a piece of my ruptured disc at L5 pressing against my nerve. Once they removed that, these symptoms and pain went away, but it took surgery.
    I hope this is helpful.
  • DaveMurphyDDaveMurphy Posts: 1
    edited 07/11/2013 - 8:40 AM
    Your story is really very interesting. I had also heel pain in my right feel and my friend, jocob suggest me a clinic EDIT for my heel pain treatment. My heel is really in very bad condition and I contact that clinic without wasting time. [EDIT] clinic help me to remove this disease with their effective heel pain treatment.

    Link removed, solicitation not permitted.Please read the Forum rules
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  • Interesting. I have heel pain, numbness, tingling on both soles and recently jolts of electric shots thru the top of my right foot. The latter I can't stand and have to drop anything. It hapenned while standing and driving. I can't stand for long periods. The only injury I had for tailbone but nothing fracture and slight lumbar pain. My question to you all: can sciatica manifest these symptoms without sharp pain running thru the legs and buttocks or maybe not yet?
  • Alice39503AAlice39503 Posts: 1
    edited 07/30/2013 - 6:39 AM
    Your condition could be "Piriformis Syndrome" , I am going through this myself. Do your research on this topic. Hope this helps!

    Post Edited by The Spine-Health Moderator Team
  • SteelpulseSSteelpulse Posts: 5
    edited 10/23/2013 - 3:12 AM
    I wanted to first start off by thanking you all for reading story and taking the time to write about your experiences as well.
    As of now I have been to two podiatrist that both have told me that i am suffering of PF plantar fasciitis. one of the docotrs told me the pain im experiencing could be from PF aswell as it could be from lower back pain. I normally wear rainbow sandals wich seems to help with the pain but the next day I wake up and my heel is sore. I am also still dealing with the lower back pain but thank god I have a good bed to sleep in or else I would be dying right now. As far as the back pain have had another MRI wich turned out normal and had a 1mm bulge between one of my discs. So here I am still trying to figure out if this heel pain is comming from my back or if its PF or some other issue. I am quite frankly a little pissed that the MRI says nothing is wrong with my back.just makes me believe ill have to live with this back pain forever.
    Ian going to head back to my general P and get a referal to a spine specialist and see what he thinks after looking at the MRI and to see if he can do a discograph. Wich is a physical way of doctor testing to see if the discs are giving me pain.
    I'm also considering if I am going to need PF surgery but I want to rule out if this heel pain is PF or if its sciatic refered pain.

    I personally don't want to have another surgery after this last meniscus surgey I had but I don't want to have this heel pain my whole life, I can live with the back pain but foot pain is the annoying and it hurts :/

    I'm a little disappointed with this website I thought perhaps a doctor would be able to write to us a swell about are problems but that doesn't seem to be.

    As far as any of you that so suffer from heel or foot pain I can sugest to look into a insert from good feet. You mayfind that style show insert for cheaper then they sell it.

    As far as some of you that post the sciatic pain I deal with is like a dull ache that sits in
    My lower back can radiate into my buttock and cause me some leg pain. Never reall goes into my knee or calf.
    The one thing I have found that had help to elevate of my pain is learn to adjust my lower back while in bed.similar to how a chiropractor does it I just do it my self.

    Sorry for not getting back to you guys sooner I almost forgot about this post that I had left on here and found it again when I was looking up the same topic again.

    You can feel free to send me an email at Drakew39@gmail.com if you would like to discuss some of what your going through in private. It seems that's this forum moves slow and it's hard to get a response and most forget.

    I will check back to see how you guys are doing and also to update you and let you know what happends next.

    Thanks for reading and replying

    Take care

    Ps please exuse the spelling errors I wrote this again on my iphone :)

    - Drake
  • SteelpulseSSteelpulse Posts: 5
    edited 11/19/2013 - 5:56 PM
    The sciatic nerve is a nerve that is prone to being entrapped as the nerve turns and moves down the leg. There is a condition where the nerve becomes compressed as it passes under a muscle in the hip that results in the nerve sending pain messages to the brain that in many cases are phantom pains. Phantom pains from sciatica will give the impression that the only place where pain is occurring is in the heels of the feet and there is no pain in the knee or lower leg area. Sciatica is associated with a feeling of numbness in the heel and may be associated with a burning pain at night. Getting treatment for the Sciatica in many cases is the cure for the heel pain. Sometimes a herniated disk is the cause of the heel pain but usually there is back pain and muscle spasms from the disk pressing on the root that is exiting the spine. Sciatica in many cases is successfully treated with anti-inflammatory medications such as Celebrex and physical therapy including manipulation of the back and the Illiopsoas muscle that is usually the muscle that is compressing the Sciatic nerve. Prior to any physical therapy, evaluation is essential to insure that the herniation of the disk will not increase with physical therapy.
  • christy75cchristy75 Posts: 3
    edited 11/21/2013 - 10:49 PM
    My sciatic nerve bothered me for years, it got so bad the pain went into my foot. I also have a torn ACL and both my meniscus are almost shredded and i knew the difference before i found out about my knee. My Dr did acupunture on my back and the needles popped rightout. She said the spasms needed to stop in order to help treat the sciatic nerve. She started me on Baclofen 10 mg muscle relaxer, they work great, and Norco 10.325 twice a day. with physical theraphy once a week the foot pain started to go away, and after 5 months it went away altogether. I also have congenital spinal stenosis but at least i dont have to worry about that. Good Luck!!
  • scribbysscribby Posts: 1
    edited 02/06/2014 - 9:38 AM
    Hi, I am an ex construction worker turned firefighter/EMT and long time runner-I have a long hist w/ this and yes its hard to fully explain the pain to someone who had never experienced it, kinda like describing the color blue to a sightless person.I hope this reaches you and others that have the pain from disks-Sciatic....for me there were things that did not help.
    new boots/track shoes-
    all money spent treating symptoms and not the cause- I was fortunate I found a Great Chiropractor-he took an x ray then said " chris , look at this", he took a piece of paper and placed it across the vertebrae on the xray, L-3,was not "lined up" as it should be, a few adjustments and back in shape, but thats the ending, the path to his Office ?.. was a long one and expensive, things I learned along the way-
    * 3/4 inch plywood b/t the mattresses, I laid in bed, on my side and had the wife use a string from my neck to my butt, Sag-then had her lay beside me, as if we were sleeping,even more sag-get Plywood !
    *Showers-never lean backwards to rinse your hair, always stand facing the water spigot and rinse, leaning backwards puts pressure on the lower spine .
    *Kids baths- never sit on the edge of the tub to test the water temp, kneel down in front of it and lean over- by sitting on the edge you twist and lean into the tub, this is very bad.
    *Forget hanging upside down-I swung from the swing set until the wife got home and cut me down ( long story dont ask)-it had no effect other than a headache and a good laugh from the wife and kids.
    *Magnets ?- back in the 80's they came out with wrist magnets- duct taping a magnet to your lower back does not help.
    *Plz never sit with your legs crossed, for any reason, 1 sneeze or cough and you are done for.
    *If you run on an asphalt track, plz only run in the grass, many tracks are poured with a slope for water (rain) to run off of, this slope, over time will hurt your lower back, knees and ankles.
    *Back braces and supports did not help at all, just reminds you that you have back pain.
    *At one time I crawled to the shower, took off the shower head and curled up in a fetal position in the tub , the hot water did nothing but give me a 2nd degree burn, it did not work.
    *Disks- do not "slip"- they bulge, to the front or back is not too bad, however to either side and its a sciatic episode-I found that while in the chiropractors office,its not the adjustment its the pressure just before the adjustment that forces the disk back in place.
    Suggestions are-find a good chiropractor, lose weight, do situps and drink an ocean of water.
    I really hope the above helps,
  • Hello - I was here about 4 years ago. Now that I've returned, I see some very similar scenarios. I'll start with a history.
    Laminectomy L5/S1 in 1980 ... Re-herniated in 1996 and 2nd Laminectomy. In 2011, due to bone on bone, I had an anterior
    fusion at the L5/S1 ... The fusion was successful but the L5/S1 nerve was never addressed as the fusion was anterior.
    6 weeks ago, I had a 4th surgery on 10/13/2014 ... The dr was Fabulous and it was done in NY at Lenox Hill. The MRI showed
    bilateral stenosis ( non arthritic) at L3/L4 & L4/L5 ... The L5/S1 nerve root from all the years of past surgery was imbedded in scar tissue. Most drs wouldn't attempt this. This dr does many revision surgeries.
    He did 2 bilateral laminotomies ( not laminectomies ) to address the stenosis.
    He also did what is called a Neurolysis where he stripped back the scar tissue, wrapped it in a layer of my own body fat around the L5/S1 nerve root that was locked in place causing sciatica, left toe numbness, back pain and left thigh burning and tingling pain above the knee.
    The laminotomy vs laminectomy is a window in the lamina rather than a large removal of lamina which is to avoid a setup for another futurespinal fusion. Confused yet?

    I'm 6 weeks out and totally mobile in every which way. I'm in P/T to keep minimal scarring from returning by keeping the movement of the L5/S1 nerve root free. At this point I feel no sciatica on either side and back pain is gone. I'm already amazed at the results.


    The problem I've had which is a mystery is severe bilateral radiating heal pain. ( Non Diabetic )... It is not a burning but a radiating pain in both heels when standing and walking. Standing still is the worst, barely tolerable at times. No pain in bed lying down and not bad when awakening ... Plantar F, Peripheral N have both been ruled out. Most think it is back nerve damage related but nothing seems to be finite in any diagnosis.

    I guess what I'm looking for with all this information is someone who have had back problems and surgery who has bilateral
    heal pain and who has been diagnosed. If I could ease the heal pain, life would be so much better, especially after the success of the recent back surgery. My surgeon wants me to give the whole scenario 3-6 months to see if the burning and numbness of the left thigh subsides also and if the feet ease up. I really thing the bilateral heal problem must be back related damage since it has been progressively worse over 20 years after the first back surgery but before the 2nd. Feel like a detective trying to figure this out.
    I've yet to try Neurontin which I'm on the verge of as the pain is at that point. Well if anyone has input to the heal problem, I'd greatly appreciate it. So sorry to give such a long history.
  • This forum goes back years so I'm not sure anyone will get this. This is really for STEELPULSE.
    I've had 3 back surgeries and an Anterior fusion. All at the L5/S1 level. The first back surgery was in 1980.
    The 2nd in '96, 3rd, a fusion at the same level in 2010 and last, 7 weeks ago on 10/13/14, a 2 level
    laminotomy along with a revision of the L5/S1 where a neurolysys was performed. The dr peeled back the scar tissue that locked the nerve in place, wrapped it in fat and I'm now doing p/t to keep that nerve moving freely during the period that scarring builds up. All is good with the back again.
    In any event, after 32 years of back problems, I was skiing, into martial arts, running right up until a few years ago. The heal problem, being 22 years old, never was as bad as now and I was able to do all those things. Now it has gotten progressively worse.
    I went to a neurologist and orthopedist, both stumped ...I found a great foot dr/ foot surgeon. He was awesome,so knowledgable and
    I'm currently seeing him. He is also a researcher and said data is still coming in on this as it isn't common. Similar to Double Crush Syndrome.

    The possible term for this is Double Crush Syndrome and that doesn't necessarily have to be the heals. The back is the spot it emanates from and creates the problem in the heals. He has ruled out everything and has done an injection into the nerve area of one foot as almost, one can say an experiment. We shall see where this takes me when I see him next week. The worst scenario sounds like taking Lyrica or Neurontin should all fail .... The heals in my case are bilateral.
  • Ashley2117AAshley2117 Posts: 1
    edited 12/06/2014 - 12:49 PM
    I am 10 years post discectomy, laminectomy, and laminotomy on 3 discs in my lower back. I have had issues with sciatica before and they have cleared up with steroids for the really bad attacks and NSAIDS for the minor ones. I'm currently having an attack and had a steroid injection about a week ago and have been on oral steroids since. I spent a few half days laying in bed but would get up and go to class (full time student) in the afternoons. I'm still having issues sitting regularly and I have to take finals in 2 days and drive an extremely long distance over 20 hours in a week. I also have a recheck with my doctor on Monday. My biggest concern/question is everything says to try to not lay in bed and rest it for more than a day or two because it can actually make it worse in the long run...well I haven't really done that since I have been moving but it's always late afternoon before I get any relief. Any suggestions on what to do? I've done back stretches that are PT approved and made sure to get up and walk around but it doesn't seem to get any better.
  • I developed bilateral heel pain out of the blue about 6 weeks post L5-S1 ALIF, which was 4 years after a microdiscectomy/llaminectomy same level due to severe disc herniation, resulting in drop foot, loss of motor function. Constant disabling back leg heel pain since, for 3 years now. Recently went to Mayo clinic as a last resort after seeing about 5 different back docs all recommending something different. Finally found out the cause of my sacrum and heel pain is
    perineural fibrosis, scar tissue surrounding the S1 nerve roots. There is a direct correlation between lumbosacral issues and bilateral heel pain. Can' hardly walk after lying or sitting down, and pain when walking much..took 4 MRI's and CT scan to figure it out. Likely caused due to fusion cage and screw misplace net by fusion surgeon, screws poking thru bone, cage into spinal canal. Bilateral heel pain is a lumbosacral issue if it came on about same time. . They first thought I had PF as well. Do not stop going to docs until someone helps you. Neurosurgeons...as yours is a nerve root compression issue,. All nerve related. Try gabapentin.
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