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Does Anyone Have Constant Pain At The Bottom Of Their Buttocks?

jayciejcjjayciejc Posts: 59
edited 06/11/2012 - 9:01 AM in Chronic Pain
Hi Everyone,
It has been a long time since I posted. I had my 5th spinal surgery on 2/22/11. I had a lot of complications and it has taken me quite a while to get back into doing things. I still have pain through out my spine (I have had surgery on C2 through C7, L1 through L5 and S1 and S2). I have a constant burning, aching feeling in the lower half of my rear end. It really hurts to sit still; I also have pain in my tailbone. Does anyone else have this type of pain? My heating pad helps it some, but as soon as it is off for a little while, the pain is just as intense. I keep hoping someday something will work. This is different than my tailbone pain. It spreads all the way across my bottom.
Thanks guys!


  • Hi, Jan.

    This pain sounds somewhat like what I experience when I have episodes of sciatica.

    The thing that helps me with it is taking gabapentin which is generic for neurontin.

    You might want to check with your doctor to see if you are having sciatica. If you do get diagnosed with sciatica, something else that I have found helpful is an lumbar epidural steroid injection.
  • Thanks! I do have sciatica, but this is a little different. When my sciatica flares up, I have sharp pain running downwards. This goes from side to side and is constant. I also tried taking nuerontin, but I had too many side effects. One of them that drove me crazy was my right eye lid constantly twitching. So I had to go off of it. I have had more lumbar epidural injections than I can count. I won't have anymore as I had a reaction to them 2 different times where I swelled up like a balloon. They also weren't very effective.
    Another way I can try to describe the pain is that it almost feels like my skin is raw, with aching beneath it. I haven't gone around scooting on my bottom, so there is no reason for that! I live in Vegas, which is very dry, so I keep body cream on all the time. If I didn't have the ache with it, I would think it is just a skin issue. I don't see my doctor again until July, so I guess I will wait until then. I don't have insurance anymore, so can't go too often.
    Thanks again for your response!
  • It's been just over 18 months since I had fusion surgery and, apart from ongoing back pain issues, I also have pain in my buttock (right side mainly). If I sit for too long, the very base of my spine goes completely numb, yet it is very painful at the same time. I have to get up and walk around quite a bit.

    Anyway, I told my surgeon a while back about this 'different' pain in my buttock and he did a diagnostic anaesthetic injection into my sacro-iliac joint. The pain completely went away for 24 hours.

    After a couple of other tests and pressure point manipulation, he has confirmed it's the S.I. joint and has put me on the waiting list for another injection, which will hopefully be more longer lasting this time.

    I wonder if your pain symptoms are coming from your S.I. joint. My surgeon said it is quite common for this to happen after fusion surgery because the discs are not weightbearing any more, therefore, it gets transferred to the next available joint, i.e. S.I.

    Obviously I'm not a doctor and can only speak from my own experience, but when you see your doctor in July maybe a couple more tests can be done to identify the source and hopefully rectify it.

    Will you please let us all know if they find the reason for this ongoing pain.
    2 x Microdiscectomy 2005 / PLIFusion 2-level 2010 / revision surgery 2011 / NEVRO Senza spinal cord stimulator implanted February 2013. I WILL NOT GIVE IN / UP !!
  • YES
    i do have pain .all the time .i did not have this before the operation !
    1997 laminectomy
    2007 repeat laminectomy and discectomy L4/L5
    2011 ALIF {L4/L5/S1}
    2012 ? bowel problems .still under investigation
    2014 bladder operation may 19th 2014
  • Thank you so much for your info! I will definitely talk to my doctor about it. My other problem is I have no insurance and still can't get SSDI, medicaid, or any other help, even though I am disabled. It has to do with I was "just" a mommy for 38 years and that doesn't count for anything. I was married for over 25 years and thought I could get it through his, just like I will for social security when he starts getting it. But NO, that isn't good enough. Talk about discrimination. Because I decided to stay home and raise my own children, plus had 77 medically fragile drug and alcohol foster babies, I am a nobody. I would be better off if I were here illegally. Makes me sick thinking about it.
    Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience. I hadn't heard of anyone else having this type of pain before.
  • I experience most of my pain in the lower part of my buttocks and it hurts all the time.Before my adr surgery I also had pain in my hips but that has improved since surgery.

    After surgery the buttocks pain improved and my pain was worse in my low back. Now the familiar buttock pain is returning.

    I also suffer from cocydinia and cannot really sit. I can recline and this helps somewhat.

    What level was your most recent surgery? If it was a lower lumbar level, could it be the nerves recovering?

    Wishing you all the best!

    >:D< Karen
    >:D< >:-D< : Karen
    L3-S1 herniation and bulges, stenosis, mod facet,ddd,impinged nerves,coccydinia
    discectomy/lami July 2011-unsuccessful
    adr L5-S1 Feb 2012
  • Hi Tony,
    So you have this type of pain too? I didn't have it until my 5th surgery a year ago. That surgery helped many other pain types, but started this one. I like seeing when you post things on facebook; makes me think that maybe you are feeling a tiny bit better. Every little bit of relief we can get is great!
    Thanks Tony!
  • My last surgery was 13 months ago. I keep praying that it is the nerves recovering. The surgery was on levels L3, L2 and L1, I think! I can't find my papers to make sure. I have had my L spine worked on 3 times and tend to forget what was done when. I just put the hospital papers away last week so I would be able to find them, and of course now I can't. Plus bending over looking into the files for any length of time kills me. I suffer from cocydinia also, and sitting is the worst thing I can do. Which pretty much rules out having much of a life. I have thought of inventing a motorized gurney so I could shop all day. I lie in bed the majority of the time when I am home, which is almost always.
    Thank you very much for your reply.
  • These were all to stablize the spine and I was never given any false hopes of pain reduction. I did get a little for a brief period of time but then the scar tissue and osteophytes came back with a vengance. The last surgery was six years ago on three levels... a new discechtomy/laminechtomy and lots of revisions. I have had non stop butt pain since that time. Sometimes it will radiate down to the knee but is usually confined from the surgical site, down to the bottom of the butt. I am on all of the predictable meds. and have had the usual treatments with no relief. I am only comfortable in a hot tub of water or a theraputic pool. After getting out, the pain is back within 30 minutes. Medicaid/Medicare will no longer pay for physical therapy as I am no longer a good investment. Yep, I was told that. Thank heaven for a great pain doc. I grumble a bit but imagine things would be much worse if it weren't for him. Best wishes.
  • Thanks for letting me know that there are a few others out there that are experiencing this. Although it is sad that someone else has to feel this painful, irritating, disgusting pain. Maybe 5 surgeries were just too many. I also had some revision work, and new work done on my 5th surgery. I, too, am so thankful for the wonderful surgeon that I have now that I don't have any insurance. He now checks me every 4 to 6 months to make sure that nothing has gone wrong. Are you having problems with all the weather changes? This year has been horrible for me. We haven't had as much strange weather as some parts of the U.S., but there have been enough changes to make me want to scream sometimes.
  • Don't even want to discuss weather changes. My spineometer is more accurate than the weather man. The flucuations in barometric pressure are something else.
  • I agree; my spineometer is always right. It has been much worse this past year since my 5th surgery. I don't know why; probably because of more hardware, more scar tissue, arthritis, and being older.
  • I had surgery 1 month ago to repair a fragmented and herniated disc at L5 S1. I am much better after the surgery but I still have the buttock that's being described on this thread. In addition, there's swelling where the pain is and I'm interested specifically if anyone else has experienced the swelling part of this pain. As I said, I'm much better now as the excruciating pain all along my left leg has greatly diminished. In addition to the buttocks pain, I still have some occasional pain in my calf area, but the buttock pain is the worst right now.
  • I had surgery 1 month ago to repair a fragmented and herniated disc at L5 S1. I am much better after the surgery but I still have the buttock that's being described on this thread. In addition, there's swelling where the pain is and I'm interested specifically if anyone else has experienced the swelling part of this pain. As I said, I'm much better now as the excruciating pain all along my left leg has greatly diminished. In addition to the buttocks pain, I still have some occasional pain in my calf area, but the buttock pain is the worst right now.
  • i've had tailbone pain from hell, which gradually got better over the course of about 9 months. i hated to sit because getting up was so painful for my tailbone. my doc just said it would get better on its own over time. she was right, and it dang near took a year. good luck
  • babyruth,

    My pain is on the side of my buttocks - kind of in line with areas on my thigh and calf that also hurt. Before microdisectomy surgery, all these areas were extremely painful. Since surgery one month ago, the thigh pain is almost completely gone and the calf pain isn't too bad either, but I am still having quite a bit of pain on my buttock where there is still noticeable swelling. I found it strange that several different doctors have ignored my concern about the swelling and they act as if it's something they know nothing about. My concern early on was that I had a tumor and that was causing all the other pain down my leg. I no longer have that concern but sure wonder how long I'll be dealing with the pain. Anyone else that has had a similar experience, I sure would like to hear from you. Thanks.
  • If you are one month out from the surgery, give yourself some time. They don't tell you but the final step before closing is to drop in a grenade. If this continues, keep telling the doctor and don't worry about his/her response. Best wishes.
  • Pain was right; give yourself some more time to heal. My surgery was 13 1/2 months ago, but I still have that darn low butt pain. It is burning like heck right now. The weather here is still fluctuating like crazy, and that doesn't help any of my pain. I hope the hot summer makes a big difference. I wasn't even able to go to church for Easter; something I really wanted to do. But sitting still for that long would have been unbearable.
  • Same type of pain but mind is cause by never damage

  • Thanks jayciejc and others.

    I know I need to give this more time and I will. Even though surgery was only 5 weeks ago, I was in horrible pain for 2 months before that so it seems so long since I've been myself. I am trying to adjust my thinking to accept I may not be the active, do anything I want, type of guy anymore. I had my 64th birthday just a week after the surgery and I guess thinking about my age has played into my feeling down and wondering what happened to my relatively carefree life. However, I keep telling myself that others - and I have read plenty about them on this forum - have had it a LOT WORSE than me. Thanks again.
  • Butt pain..lol I do have this as I have pain all through my spine all the way down to my tail bone. its very painful . usually carry a cushion around now just in case. Hope you find some relief.

  • My tailbone is involved maybe 50% of the time. Change of season and major barometric fluctuations drive me nuts. You can do a web search and find all sorts of expensive pillows and other items to sit on and relieve spinal pressure. I go to Wal Mart and buy kiddie innertubes to sit on. They are much cheaper to replace when the dog or cat gets a hold of them. I really have little luck in controlling the rest of the sciatica. Lidoderm patches help somewhat, some of the time. I found a cheap muscle rub that reduces the nerve pain shooting down the leg to my foot and big toe. Go figure.........looking at the ingrediants, there is no reason for it to work. The nerves seem to have a mind of their own and pick and chose what they w ill respond to. We are all different and there is no magic silver bullet to fix it. I have been dealing with this since '95 and it isn't going anywhere. You have to keep moving if you want to be able to move. A warm therapy pool is great for that if you have access to one. I no longer do and that has negatively impacted my situation. Hang in there and fight the good fight. Have a great weekend.
  • It seems that some have pain at the bottom of their spine and describe the location as their tailbone. Mine, is not in that location...rather, along the side of my butt and in line with the pain that goes down the side of my leg. Besides the discomfort, I also have swelling in that area which gets worse when the pain does. I see one of my doctor's (pain management) in two days to talk about my lack of progress.
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