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T Spine causing major chest pain.

hisbeauty4asheshhisbeauty4ashes Posts: 182
edited 06/11/2012 - 9:02 AM in Upper Back Pain, Thoracic
HI all

I can not tell you the frustration I am having. I am in more constant pain in the T 7.8.9. area. It causes massive chest pain all the time and it makes me so immobile. The spine doc who is a Orthopedic spine doc seems to not be worried about it and in the mean time I have shallow breathing and constant chest pain.I have dizziness, headaches, neck, shoulder and burning down my arms and hands. Often I experience my hand getting numb cold and tingly.I have allot of blurred vision.I had multiple neck surgeries that has left me in even more pain that I am sure is also causing the above to occur.

I finally see a neurosurgeon next week.How in the heck do I get his attention about my thoracic chest pain? I feel like i am not heard and I have had injections so now they no longer work. I have had PT that does not work I even had chiropractor work done and that was the worst decision I had ever made. It popped out as soon as it popped in and I had bad headaches.

Any advice would be appreciated.




  • I have the same exact issues that you are having! I have quite a few bad disc in the thoracic area my self. My rib cage hurts do bad I can't sleep at night. I can't lay on either side and I have bad disc and pinched nerves in my neck and it hurts to sleep on my back. I have the same dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, it always feels like something is in my eyes! I went to the emergency room 2 times because I couldn't breathe and was having chest pains. They did X-ray of my lungs and said they were clear and diagnosed me with bronchitis . Haha! Well I have this problem all the time now and I know it's from my thoracic disc! Who would ever have thought a spinal problem would cause all this? I sure sympathize with you! They say the thoracic area is the area where the least amount of people have problems. I also read where it's so close to the spinal cord that doctors don't wanna mess with it. They say you could be paralized with a slight mistake. Mate that's why people are saying their doctors act like they don't want to discuss it. I wish I knew of something to help. I know first hand how painful it is. I have problems with my neck ,mid and in my lower back but the thoracic I would say is the worst! God help these physicians to help us get some relief. I requested to add you to my buddy list. If I find anything that's helpful I will let you know and you do likewise please. I know when I wake in the mornings I feel like I'm ready to go to bed like I've had no sleep! When I go to bed I know I'm gonna face the same thing when I wake and it's very disheartening . I know it can be very depressing. I can't even make a grocery store trip and walk that much without being in terrible pain! I'm 37 and have to ride in a motorized cart to shop! I was wondering if anyone else had breathing problems and chest pains with this! It's an awful feeling!
  • P.s. When I went to the er both times I thought I was dying with a heart attack!
  • Hi Kristy I so feel your pain hon. I am so sorry to hear what you are dealing with. Yes I feel he same thing with the breathing. I feel like something is crushing my chest with the chest pain and feel like I have lack of oxygen. It is just horrible.

    I would be glad to fill you in on anything that might be helpful. I see a neuro this Wednesday man I hope he can suggest something that will help.I am getting a stem if my insurance will pass it through. I was told that wont work for the T spine man I am wondering because they are afraid to mess with anything there and they is why they are afraid to put a stem there. So I will bring this all up to the doc.

    I will add you to my list.

    Hugs to you

  • Hi Jeanie ! Nice to hear from you. I really hope that your dr can offer you some kind of relief. I've never heard of a stem so I don't know what that is but hopefully it will help you. I am so scared of having anymore surgeries. I have only had the 1 surgery 3 years ago when I was 34 and my back has gotten so much worse.Everyone keeps telling me to hold back on surgery as long as possible. You really just don't know what to do sometimes. I only know that it's very painful and depressing to always wake up feeling so tired and crummy. People talk about exercise and I try to but it honestly hurts so much. I can barely bend and I can't walk far at all. I just hope to God as far as we've gone in technology in this world they will come up with a miracle something to help! I hope your appointment goes well and you get some good news leading to some relief for you !
  • Hey Ladies,

    I am a multiple spinal fusion ( neck & lumbar) with an auto accident ( t-boned 7 weeks after my ACDF). I have almost every level of thoracic spine herniatedmin some way or form, some with tears. My NS finally listened to me when I had my first thoracic injection esi ( fluoroscopic pics were sent so he could see some damage). I begged for the nerve block referral at that point and he finally decided it want in my head or neck.

    It has been 2 years since the MVA and I turned down thoracic fusion, I had 2 referrals last summer. Tomorrow I am trying a SCS at t4 ( they think they can cover my ever increasing arm pain and my rib, nipple, chest, upper back pain). I was referred to another NS in my current NS practice who is doing a study with an excellent reputation who believes he can help me.

    I too was told for a year by my pm that a SCS would not work, my NS said how would he know until he tries it? We did a final esi/ nerve block at t4 and hit the sweet spot so we are giving it a go.

    If it doesn't work I will go back to looking at fusion. I was recommended a XLIF by one NS and another older procedure (deflate lung remove rib use hardware type procedure by my NS). Either way it is not pleasant. Ultimately my NS did not think it would help my pain at this time and I agreed Since they were looking at t6/7 because it looks much worse. However I know know though t6 hurts t4 hurts much worse.

    The SCS they think can cover from my lower cervical and upper thoracic. Maybe it is something to think about. I have heard of them with mixed results. Have you been through any nerve blocks. Definitely want to ask about a nerve block before you go through the expense of a SCS trial.

    Feel better and good luck yourselves,
  • Hi Kristy Dye I am so sorry you are going through it too. I have done all the above the blocks no longer work I did them for about two years. Along with PT and Chiropractic that left me much worse.I pray this all works for you my heart goes out to anyone in so much pain.


    I went to the new NS. Talk about a jerk! He really was he would throw pens around and I told him about my issues, and he just said, "Well I am not here for that I am here to look at your ears." I was like what! I have dizziness and blurred vision along with headaches, I figured that would be the first place her would want to look you know at my neck,and T spine. Noooo He just wanted to look at my ears and test me for the dizziness there. I was real upset when I left like what was the point. Then He wanted to start me on an anti depressant medication saying it would cause my ear drums to tone down. I tell you in this small city I live in has real crappy doc's. I am not a depressed person but man these doctors are driving me there.

    So I made an appointment with my doctor again asking for a NS referral in a bigger city near by. I cannot deal with the Tspine pain and neck pain. I am so over whelmed.

    Thanks for the support.

  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 5,422
    ...that it is unbelievable that a doctor would behave that way, but I think we've all had a doc or two like that.

    I had an appointment with a doc for a consult and if he said it once he said it 15 times during our appointment, "You are too complicated. I don't have enough time. I can't figure this out."


    Fortunately that is not the majority, and I wish you the best of luck with your next referral.

    Hopefully, you will not have to wait too long for an appointment. Please keep us posted.
    Spine-Health Moderator
    Please read my medical history at: Medical History

  • Hi everyone,
    I currently have level 10 chest pain due to 3 herniated disks in the thoracic area.
    All the tests I had to see why I had chest pain that were negative, and I ended up running across something online that said it could be the thoracic disks. A few specialists and surgeons later, and sure enough, they confirmed it. The CT Mylogram was especially helpful.
    Finding out and then doing something about it are 2 different things though. I started with physical therapy which made it much worse. Then several epidurals which did not help at all. 5 in all in less than 1 year. My back surgeon really does not want to operate. 3 level fusion and decompression with instrumentation, and no guarantee it would stop the chest pain. A very difficult and risky operation.
    My pcp referred me to a pain specialist, and so far I've been able to put a handle on the pain a bit at least. Taking Exalgo twice daily and Norco for break through (which is constant). Exalgo really works for me. It's a narcotic, time released, but doesn't stone me out like others did. Bad constipation though...
    So I've been doing this for the past 3 months and don't know where to go next. I've had shallow breathing since this started a year ago and got pneumonia from that last week. Very depressing, lots of anxiety, and relying on all this serious medication is dis-heartening. It's got to end some way, I just don't know how yet. Hope everyone that has this can somehow live pain free again. Sure hope I can.
    Oh, and to Kristy: I was in the er a couple months ago because I thought it was a heart attack too! Scared the heck out of my family (and me)! Also, Exalgo finally got me back to some normal sleep.
  • Hi Wolf, I have never heard of Exalgo. I too experienced being Hospitalized in 2009 thinking I was having a heart attack and they told me it was herniated disc's that is how I found out. Man it is not easy dealing with this kind of pain as you read in my earlier posts no doc even wants to talk about it. They all avoid it and it bothers me.

    Well thanks for the insight..

  • I too went to the emergency room twice. They chalked everything up to anxiety! 3 weeks ago I was perfectly normal then on Tuesday June 6th I woke up with pins and needles in my left arm I had been getting them off and on for few weeks so I thought nothing of it and went about my day. That night after I put my 3 kids to bed I decided to go to the ER with what I presumed to be a pinched nerve they threw me right onto an EKG and then a ct of my head... That made me panic! After all was clear they sent me home clean and clear with anxiety... I woke up the next day with chest pains shoulder blade pain back pain and again constant pins and needles in my left arm... Again EKG neck ct chest X-ray and set home with anxiety and muscle spasm in the neck. I went to my dic who said slipped rib adjusted me and sent me home with anxiety! I know I wasn't anxious but all of this was making me anxious! So about 20 doc visits later I go in today for blood work to test for diabetes because I can't accept that anxiety would cause this! I had hubby massage my back last night and when he would hit certain spots on my spine it would make my stomach spsm. My spine feels bruised but there is no evidence and my feet have been tingling off and on for 2 weeks but today the inside of my left foot is going numb and the needles are traveling up my leg... He finally did an exam of my spine and noticed my stomach would spasm when he touched the sore spot on my spine, he ordered a spine ray which I will have tomorrow. Specifically the t7 t8 area, I am so scared, but happy to finally have an answer to what is hurting me so much! I can't do anything but I have to because I have a 4 month old and a 20 month old and a 7 year old. Now I am scared to pick them up!

  • I am suffering from painful in my thoracic spine and chest painful, but painful. MRI shows that I have problem's in T- spine, and L5-S1 stenosis. but no any doctor can provide any treatments or any sugestion only doctors are interesting to put me in mental problem's they are priscribing mental pills, instated for my medical condition. now is 4 years whith this problems. no sleeping at all many years, no stand up at all. only in wheelchair. always my spine hurting from begining my back to thoracic are: creamping, burning, electric shoot pain, inflammatory. always my tears are like liver none to help.
    So, any suggestion ?
  • I had the lateral thoracotomy to repair T8-T9 rupture- cord compression-syrinx. The surgery was awful. 3 days in CCU-tubes coming from everywhere- incision 10 inches from back to front- then moved to floor then home on walker with much help from my family. My surgeon told me up front that it would prob not help my pain and may make it worse. He was strictly doing it to prevent me from becoming paralyzed. Its been 4 mo since then, Im still in pain and he was right- he added more. He said it was really too early to tell if it going to help me with my pain. Course- he told me from the start, if it was just the pain, he would just give me pills. I have been in so much pain since the surgery- looking back--if I had to make that decision again-----I dont know which way I would go. So if your just trying to fix your pain- think long and hard about it-----This may not be a rd you wanna go down until you absolutely have to.-----Again, Im just 4 mo post op
  • Ihave had 3 MRI done... first my thoracic. I Have herniated discs at T1-2 3-4 4-5 6-7 AND 8-9... I have herniations at C3-4 4-5 and an osteophyre with left forminal stenosis at C5-6... brain mri shows clear but I have a 7x7mm cyst in my left maxillary sinus... now they have me in PT again because my insurance will not pay for PM until I do it... It is making everything worse! Dizziness is coming and going which is a nice switch from the constant dizziness but the chest pain is so bad! I feel like its being crushed and bruised :( the upper ribs seem swollen and my breasts hurt and one nipple is sensitive :( please tell me I'm not alone because its really freaking me out! I also have awful collar bone pain with the chest pain. I sleep with heating pars on my back because I cannot sleep in any position but on my stomach... one neurologists at the office I go to says "thoracic disc wouldn't cause stomach pain or chest pain" the other wants me to see a spine specialist... they keep throwing pills at me... I don't want them! I want normal! I want someone to listen! I don't want to be a zombie! I have 3 kids and a life! O first posted here about 7 months ago... that is how long it took someone to take my pain seriously... what is the world coming to? Then I keep hearing " the pain is not consistent with this or that" whatever my pain is my pain! I'm not making it up... I'm not fishing for drugs or anything just want to make sure I'm okay... does anyone care anymore?
  • Hi all. This is my first inquiry on here, so please bear with me. After 12 years of back pain I finally found out, what was causing it; a herniated disc between t8 and t9. Like I've seen on many of the previous posts, I too have the constant rib pain right around the diaphragm area. I saw also that some of you have had other symptoms like mine. Often I will feel like I'm having an anxiety attack, which could be the case or it could be my disc acting up. I get very slurred speech and find it difficult to walk without looking drunk. It's been so bad that I've gotten nauseous and vomited. Has anyone else had this problem? It's so frustrating, neurologist said I "seemed" fine, orthopedic surgeon said "you're just fat" so I gotwanting to know if these are all common sy pissed off and lost 100lbs..still having the same issues. I have had injections, nerve burning, no go. I was told to take 2 aleve and 2 tylenol 'very day. Now I'm on 5mg of norco and aleve 2 bid. Can someone just let me know if these are common side effects with this going on? I'm desperate.
  • Hi all,
    This is my first posting. I am a 44 yr old male. I have issue's with bulging discs on my T-spine and issues with my L-spine. The funny thing is I have little pain in my back but a lot of pain in my mid chest area. I have been to my cardiologist and even wore a holter monitor a couple of times and everything is good with the ticker. The stomach is also good. This pain in the chest I've had for about 4 years and is annoying as hell! I tend to get light headed at times and even nauseas at times. It drives my wife crazy when I complain about it. Any one else have this issue?
  • I went to neurosurgeon today, according to mri i have 6 herniated disc, He started by telling us how he would do the surgery, but when we wanted to ask questions, he said I needed to have a myelogram done first. I have had epidural injections that did not work. He preceded to tell me that I might be depressed and should see a therapist and that would make it better. Of course I am depressed, hello, I am in pain, I can't sit or stand for long. I have a scooter. I don't drive anymore because of the pain meds. I think they just use any excuse because they don't want to deal with it. So just tell me, I will be happy to find someone who cares enough to want to help. Sorry for the ranting this evening.
  • So many of us have experienced it and many continue to do so. It is so hard to get a correct diagnosis/treatment where the thoracic spine is involved.

    I was sent from pillar to post before finally being diagnosed and then had to have emergency major surgery as my condition had become critical.

    One minute I was lying in hospital, unable to walk, incontinent, awaiting IV steroid treatment for MS from which I had been suffering for years, a short while later, I didn't have MS at all and I was under the knife for a calcified herniated thoracic disc which had been pressing my spinal cord!

    At least I didn't have time to worry about the surgery and any anxiety I did have was offset by the relief of discovering I didn't have MS after all.

    It seems the thoracic spine keeps even the best doctors guessing.

    I'm not young enough to know everything - Oscar Wilde
  • KimmerbeKKimmerbe Posts: 3
    edited 08/12/2014 - 5:49 AM
    I thought I'd jump in and add my story, which is very similar. I am a 56 year old female, 5'10", previously healthy and fit - an avid/competitive tennis player. Three months ago, after a short bout of illness (intestinal), I developed severe chest and upper/mid back pain. I thought I was having a heart attack. Long story short - ambulance to hospital, 3 days of tests, and cardiac problems ruled out. The pain continued, and I went back to the ER twice, with no answers. I was given percocet for pain, and told to come back to the ER if it got worse. Well, I live in Canada - the wait times in the ER are really long, and I just didn't want to do that again. In the meantime, I have had several tests, and I am waiting for more. The pain is excruciating....debilitating. I am so depressed...suicide has entered my mind many times. I just don't want to live with this pain... there has to be an answer! My GP sent me to a specialist for a "second opinion". This doctor calls himself a cardiac/internal medicine doctor. After just a few questions, (seriously - he didn't even examine me!) - he immediately said that I do not have a cardiac issue...that the pain is coming from my thoracic spine. He ordered a CT scan, which confirmed that I have T4-T5 Radiculoathy, caused by "severe right facet degeneration with associated moderate narrowing of the right T4-T5 neural foramen". Layman's terms - a pinched nerve. He said that the only way to treat this is with surgery! So, I went back to my family doctor with this news, and he doesn't feel surgery should be considered! He is confident that he can treat my pain with conservative measures - physiotherapy, medication for nerve pain (Lyrica), to start with. So, we will see how it goes. I'll keep you posted.
  • Hi all I am back! Thoracic pain got worse. Not only chest pain and radiant pain through my shoulder blades and arms with a burning sensation Ect. My bladder had gotten worse as well. I began to experience right hip pain burning down my leg. I was thinking it was my hip. I am scheduled for a hip MRI and I see Ortho next week. I had stopped doing the Epidurals because they stopped working, however after two years I thought I would try them again. Heck the headaches are still here and the frequent dizziness has not left. Well I moved back to my home town and was willing to try anything because the pain had gotten so bad. So yesterday I go in for the Thoracic disc Epidural for T6 T7. I wake up this morning and the bad burning in my hip and leg stopped. You know I had been in bed for almost two months walking with a cane and boom now the pain is gone!!? I was like what the heck. Is the Tspine connected to the burning now I am experiencing with my hip and leg? If it is then I am in serious trouble if it is effecting me like this.

    Anyone have that experience? I am glad the pain is gone like you would not believe.
  • I am experiencing the same burning and tingling in my hands and feet. I have a bulging disc at t7-t8. From my MRI over a year ago the disc had not become fully herniated but it was pressing on my spinal cord. I just had random back tightness throughout my back for the first year. Now in the last 6 months I have sever rib pain that radiates all the way around to my chest. Every rib hurts like hell to touch. My stomach also started hurting. It's like all the muscles are strained in my abdomen and it hurts worse when I bend over. The burning sensations I get started about 3 weeks ago. I feel it in my hands,feet,and legs. I also have pain in my upper back near my shoulders and down to my biceps on both arms. It's so damn annoying. And my orthopedic is constantly trying to treat me for a "strained muscle". It's beyond frustrating. I'm set for an epidural on Dec. 3. I pray that this takes away a lot of the pain I have to deal with everyday,at least in the ribs and stomach.
  • Yea it is no fun. I have another Epidural on December 3 for my neck. I had Thoracic Outlet syndrome trigger point shots today and I am in pain I could cry not to mention a bad headache. Yes this is not an enjoyable time however I know it will all pass. Lord willing. I keep my eyes on the good things.

    I hope you get the relief you need. May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    I will keep you all posted as I go see the doctors and have my MRI's done.
  • hisbeauty4ashes said:
    Yea it is no fun. I have another Epidural on December 3 for my neck. I had Thoracic Outlet syndrome trigger point shots today and I am in pain I could cry not to mention a bad headache. Yes this is not an enjoyable time however I know it will all pass. Lord willing. I keep my eyes on the good things.

    I hope you get the relief you need. May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    It's really hard to stay positive through all of this. I know from what I've read a lot of people on here have been through worse than me but pain is pain. I hope everyone is able to find some relief from any pain they are dealing with. Good luck with your MRI's. It's such a mental battle to try and block out the pain every day and go about a normal routine. Hopefully these epidurals help us out

    I will keep you all posted as I go see the doctors and have my MRI's done.
  • Hey all,
    I'm new here, but not new to all your guys and gals struggles. I have both lumbar and spinal fusion and; bulging, herniated and frayed discs on nearly every level. I have narrowing of the foramen on just about every level, osteophytes on every level, endplate changes... & on & on.
    I've also been through the "stubborn arrogant doctor" problems. AND THIS IS IMPORTANT! Never let a doctor rush you out of his/her office. Never let a doctor act as if you are wasting his/her time. Never let him/her use jargon you don't understand. He or she is there to serve you. Help you. Calm you. And fix you. EVERYONE should bring a notebook, because its hard to remember all your symptoms and everything that happened in the week/month/year leading up to an office visit. If it looks like the doctor is annoyed by this: don't care. You just didn't drop off your car to have your muffler fixed. Take your time and never, ever feel inferior to a doctor or let one rush you out or, most importantly, let them play down your pain as insignificant. I've heard doctors tell people "a herniated disc in the thorax is asyptomatic 90% of the time so..." -and when i hear that, I feel like grabbing the doctor by the shirt and yelling - "but I'm in the 10% moron!!!".
    But what I really came on hear to tell every one is that I too have had the sciatica, the numb hands, the tight chest, double vision, dizziness, etc. And every doctor was busy either talking me into surgery or simply passing a prescription across his/her desk. Then finally something showed up on an MRI of mine that tipped the doctors off that I may have MS (Multiple Sclerosis). 6 years of trying to fix my back for really nothing.
    Somethings you all should know. Almost all MS patients have spinal stenosis and herniated discs before diagnosis and more after diagnosis.
    MS is one of the hardest diseases to diagnose. There is no 'one' criteria or symptom that can tell a doctor you have MS. There is no test to find a positive, but there are tests to find a negative, to rule it out, and they can be done quite easily.
    So how do they know you have MS?
    They basically try to rule everything else out. There are dozens of diseases and syndromes that mimic the symptoms of MS, but that are far more prevalent and that are much easier to treat, so many doctors simply play the odds and go with one of the more frequently seen problems, the ones that are easier to pinpoint and easier to treat. Its deduction.
    MS is like HIV in a way, in that both don't really hurt or kill you, they just cause other diseases and problems that do. In the 80s and most of the 90s doctors were treating tons of people for pneumonia, when the real problem was HIV. So they'd fix the pneumonia and send the patient off, not treating the real problem, not testing for HIV, only to see the patient back in the hospital with another symptom. Now, a young person checks into a hospital with pneumonia, first thing a doctor does is test for HIV to either rule it out, or to treat it AND the pneumonia.
    So I was first going in for sciatica and getting opiates. Then a year later I have numbness and pain radiating down my hands... they tell me acupuncture, then disectomies, then traction, then yoga, then fusion and on and on... I went from 220lbs of muscle to a rake thin 180lbs (i'm tall) in less than two years. A doctor should of picked up on that. You're doing your third fusion in 18 months on 35 year old athlete and you don't notice or even check for a 40 lbs weight difference?
    And the sad thing is; catching MS early is key. Wasting six years trying to fix my back when I could of been treating my MS seems very wasteful and I have many regrets on not reading up more on my symptoms. THAT is why I am writing this. Because everyone here is describing symptoms that could be MS. And the reasons you are not seeing the results your doctors expect is because MS will keep on wearing down your body. Fix something here, something over there breaks, fix that... well you get it. I really hope no one here has MS, but it is worth at least reading about what MS does to you, and seeing how many symptoms match yours. Or asking for a CT scan where they actually look for MS symptoms!
    And just so you all know, I always had stenosis and lordosis and a family history of joint disease and a very active (wear & tear) lifestyle, so my back and neck problems are probably 50/50 MS/genetics, and I probably would of had some issues, but MS is definitely exacerbating and speeding up the process.
    I wish everyone better health.
    thanx all.
    joseph taverney
  • I've been cardiac patient since 1997-first heart attach at 43, then had 2 more. 6 stent implants in last 15 yrs-open heart bypass in 2001. Also fibromyalgia and diabetes. Cardiac problems always priority as the rest of me is falling apart. Diagnosed with several herniated discs in c-spine and l-spine-no one cares but to give me pain meds. last Dec started having severe chest pains so they put another stent in heart--continued to have chest pains so they opened new stent even more. Still having chest pains so cardiologist did another angiogram. He said everthing is good with heart. Must be something else. Still sever excruciating chest,back pain radiating down right arm worse than my heart attacks. The only thing that takes the pain away immediately is my nitro pills under the tongue (the ones I take to prevent cardiac angina or heart attack) Now Ive gotten my spine xrays and shows problem of severe degeneration in t spine which I never had before. Ive got to get MRI to see if there's herniation or other problem. I've gone from no problem in 6 months to a sever problem-its been there all along I think but the Drs have one track mind and only looked at my heart. I think the nitro takes pain away because my spine has reducef blood flow and when I take the nitro it increased blood flow not only to heatt muscle but to spine also. I cant keep taking nitro for non cardiac condition but I'll do anything to get rid of that pain
  • brn2bwld1976bbrn2bwld1976 North Kansas City, MOPosts: 1

    HI all

    I can not tell you the frustration I am having. I am in more constant pain in the T 7.8.9. area. It causes massive chest pain all the time and it makes me so immobile. The spine doc who is a Orthopedic spine doc seems to not be worried about it and in the mean time I have shallow breathing and constant chest pain.I have dizziness, headaches, neck, shoulder and burning down my arms and hands. Often I experience my hand getting numb cold and tingly.I have allot of blurred vision.I had multiple neck surgeries that has left me in even more pain that I am sure is also causing the above to occur.

    I finally see a neurosurgeon next week.How in the heck do I get his attention about my thoracic chest pain? I feel like i am not heard and I have had injections so now they no longer work. I have had PT that does not work I even had chiropractor work done and that was the worst decision I had ever made. It popped out as soon as it popped in and I had bad headaches.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


    Hi my name is Travis and I have the same problem with my back and chest pain. I even went to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack. About, a week later a friend said to me maybe you have a pinched never in your back. I said, I do have back pain from a snow skiing accident. Then, I stood up and bent over to touch my toes and my back popped. The pain in my chest was instantly gone in my chest but the pain moved to my abdominal area ( my stomach). It is uncomfortable but it is better than my heart pain. I still need to see a neurologist to see what can be done. You may have to twist left or right as you touch your toes. If that does not work, I would try a chiropractor. I hope this will help you.  

  • I know this post is old but I wonder how things have turned out for you all? 
    I'm going through this as I write .
    Trying to avoid surgery at all costs but I'm getting to a point where I'm tired of feeling so bad all the time .
    The heart attack symptoms are just driving me crazy!
  • I just got home from the ER and many cardiac tests.  Pain is still terrible in left upper chest but dr says its anxiety and to take Motrin.  I've been in constant pain for 4 weeks with no relief and no sleep
  • LizLiz Posts: 7,832
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    Liz, Spine-health Moderator

    Spinal stenosis since 1995
    Lumber decompression surgery S1 L5-L3[1996]
    Cervical stenosis, so far avoided surgery
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