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Sciatica and fatigue?

myharrietmyharriet Posts: 9
I have a herniated disk at the L4-L5 that is putting pressure on the S1 nerve root. It has been 5 months now since the severe sciatica pain began. The pain is some better. I still have pain in my leg when I am on it for an hour or so and my back gets very tired. I have severe fatigue. Is this the normal situation for a healing herniated disk?


  • Hi myharriet,
    I've had sciatica - diagnosed July 2011, got really bad in December when I had a MRI showing a bulging disc at S1, 2 steroid injections 1/6 and 3/30.
    The pain is excruciating often, dealing with the pain saps you of all energy. Everything you have goes into dealing with the pain.
    I use something to help me sleep pretty much every night or I wouldn't sleep. What kind of pain medications are your using?
    I've found Ibuprofen works the best, but I'm also on Neurontin three times a day, and use Ultram and even Oxycodone to help control the pain.
    Days when my pain is under control, I find I have more energy and feel better over all.
    Rest when you can, control the pain and try to get a good nights sleep - even if it means using a sleep aid.
    I think what you are experiencing is normal.
    I hope this helps you. Feel free to message me.
  • pain puts stress on the body....

    and the body`s mechanism to cope with stress is to burn its supply of stress hormones which leads to fatigue....

    take b complex with extra b 5....

    and vitamin c....

    with lots of water...
    Live to Pray
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