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Can L4,L5 herniation cause genital,rectal pain?

jsouthjjsouth Posts: 17
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:02 AM in Lower Back Pain
In november 2011 I began to feel pain and numbness in my genitals and anus area. I saw a urologist and was diagnosed with an infection. For five weeks I was on three different antibiotics. None worked. I went to emerg and had a cat scan and they found the herniation at L4,L5 L5,L6. I guess I have an extra vertabrae. I then had an mri. Started PT in January 2012 makes things worse. So I had pelvic cat scan with contrast to see if there was something else causing the symptoms. Results came back normal. I have waited until the 10 of may to see a neurosurgeon and he told me that the herniation is not the reason for the pain. I asked where to go from there and he told me "Your asking the wrong guy." The only thing that gives me relief is the pain meds. I don't want to be on pills I want a solution to help the pain go away. If anyone has had similar symptoms could you let me know. Thank you.


  • did they check the prostate gland?
    Live to Pray
  • yes my urologist checked and it was normal.
  • I went to my family doc this morning. He wants me to go back to the urologist so he can refer me to another neurosurgeon. I do not think they realize I have a family to take care of. But hopefully the next docter will at least find out the cause of the pain if it is not the disc.
  • i have had a lot of bladder pain,pain with bowel movements and also a lot of severe pain when i was in physical therapy and they were pushing on my spine all from my belly button down. Its not unusual to have pain in that area with herniations in the lumbar spine.
  • I have had same issue while dealing with back issues, Your neuro dont know what he is talking about, The spinal nerves get inflammed and some of the nerves go to the rectal area and its painfull as hell,

    Its like a bad flare up, I had leaking disc and was the reason for my surgery and i dont get it as often these days but it has come on even after surgery,

    All you can realy do is put heat on it and pain meds untill it lets up, it dont have to be from the herniated disc it can be from any of the spinal nerve issues in the spine,

    Each level of the discs go to some level in the lower part of our body,

    If its the same pain as i had for years as i said i know it is the most painfull thing i ever had cause its where you realy dont want it, It starts burning in the lower spine and slowly goes to the rectum,
    Flexicore ADR 2004 resulting nerve damage l4l5 Fusion 2006 same level, 2009 hardware removal with lami !
    2012 scs implant ,
  • Thankyou all for writing back. At least I am not the only one who has had similar symptoms. I was starting to think I was going crazy.
    I called the urologist and his staff is diffucult to deal with. She quickly told me I will call you as soon as I know anything. She is not the one with pain in her genitals and I do not think they realize what it feels like.
  • The health care in ontario stinks. I just called the urologist again and was told to take some anti-inflammatory pills to help. What do they think I have been on. I asked to be referred to another neuro and they said to go back to family docter. The family doc was the one who sent me back to the urologist. Do docters care about patients or just the paycheck?
  • It is possible it is from your back. When I fell on my tailbone last year it increased my neurological symptoms to my sciatica and caused a annular tear. Well I was also having numbness and electrical shocks to my gential area and I asked my spine specialist if it could be related to my sciatica. She told me yes, it could very well be. It took a couple of weeks to get better, but I have done down hill over the past month and it has returned again. I don't mean to get into your business, are you a male? Are you have ED issues since this occured? (you don't have to answer that on here) If you are, bring this up with the nuero Dr. This points to possible nerve issues.
  • Thankyou for your reply. I am 34 yr. old male. I have not had any ED just pain.

    I have made an appointment with a neuro in detroit. I called a docter in the next big city in ontario and they told me it would be a year before I would get an appointment. I only have to wait ten days to go to detroit. I hope he can give me another avenue of treatment or something. I am tired of the pills and docters that don't care. Sorry to complain.
  • When they try to give me the run around i just tell the head nurse at the office,

    Biiiiaaatch, What we have here is a failure to comunicate ,! You are going to treat me and you going to treat me Nowwwwwww! I am not afraid to go back to prison lady ,

    Try that ! But i am not coming to bail you out you are on your own,, lol
    Flexicore ADR 2004 resulting nerve damage l4l5 Fusion 2006 same level, 2009 hardware removal with lami !
    2012 scs implant ,
  • how I am laughing! I'd bail you out! heehee.
    I dont' have much to add... except I hope you find the right dr. for you to help you soon!!!!!!!!!
    (and back stuff just makes you feel crazy sometimes.. it ain't so!!)
  • I have really never had any health problems. But I have learned that if you aren't loud enough you aren't heard. It is not in my nature to be that way but if I want help I'll have to learn. Thanks to all who have replyed. I will let you know what this next docter in detroit has to say.
  • I went for my second opionion today. He said that it is common for the L5 nerve root to cause genital pain and was very condident that a two level laminectomy would help to relieve the problems. It is nice to know that my back is causing the pain. This docter was completely different than the first neuro I saw. He was patient, anwsered all questions and was overall a nice person, a human being. The first neuro was arrogant and hardly anwsered any questions. So know I have to see if I can get the ontario health to cover the surgery cost.
  • that was the first sign to my doctors that it was the L5 S1 nerve. I lost control of bowl and urination control for a short while. I was told the symptoms alone were the smoking gun but then CAT scan confirmed it. They sent me to Urology too just to ensure that there was nothing else going on. They cath. me for 2 weeks as i could not go the restroom on my own. Any doctor that doesn't listen to what you have to stay or symptoms i suggest getting a second opinion.
  • I understand what your talking about,i have an appointment to see a specialist and it isn't until January 2013 lol. I guess i'm getting used to waiting it really doesn't bother me anymore i just expect it.
  • wait, wait, wait! You have to wait 6 more months to get seen my a specialist?! WTH?! That is complete BS. You know what could go wrong or get worst is 6 months? I would call my health Insurance and complain. I wish someone would tell me i need to wait 6 months or any appointment! I hope and pray that you get seen before 6 months.
  • When you live in ontario it is common to have to what long periods of time to see specialist. I was diagnozed in late december and saw a neurosurgeon in may. Now I need another referal to see another neuro because I doubt that OHIP will pay for the surgery in detroit. I will still apply and see but that takes 8 weeks for a decision. That is government provided health care.
  • please let me know how you make out! i hope that it all works out for you.
  • Just wondering if surgery helped you. I have bulging disc at L5-S1 and also moderate to severe stenosis at L4-5. I also have pain/burning in my genitals that comes and goes. Comes less often now that I am on Gabapentin 2400 mg daily and Savella 100 mg daily. Am considering back surgery to relieve the sciatic pain in my leg but am hopeful it will also relieve the genital pain. Neurologist said pain in genitals is probably pudental neuropathy. He didn't seem very hopeful that back surgery would help the genital pain. Jsouth would love to know how you are. Or comments from anyone else that may be familiar with my symptons. Thanks.
  • I have similar symptoms. I have a slight annular tear and bulge in my L1S5. I have been having aching feeling in my genitals and rectal area for the past 3 years. I also have bilateral hip and glute pain. Lately it has got worse. I have been get sporadic sharp pains deep on the rectal area. It happens maybe once a week and it knocks the wind out of me its so bad. I have seen everyone kind of doctor (urologist, neurologist and hip orthopedist). The urologist could not find anything wrong. All the back surgeons agree that I have a bulge in the L1S5 but only one feels that a surgery could help me. Now here is where the curve ball comes in. The hip surgeons that I seen think I have something called hip impingements (FAI). This also can cause lower back, glute,genital/rectal and hip pain. So I don't know which way to go. So I guess my question is has anyone improved with their symptoms after back surgery.
  • babybioenginebbabybioengine Posts: 1
    edited 07/21/2013 - 11:31 AM
    Look up the "pudendal nerve" pathway. Then you will be able to see the nerve pathway from your spine making it so painful or numb or a combo of both.
    The most common instance of "pudendal nerve entrapment" happens from it getting rubbed the wrong way as it goes through the Alcock canal to travel from the back of your body to the front of your body where the outer portions of the excretory and genital organs are (sort of the same thing as carpal tunnel syndrome, but down-there near your bottom instead).
    I had the same happen as you did, only in reverse. I had genital etc. pain and in some places along the pudendal nerve route numbness instead but no back problems. As time went on I slowly started to notice my sacrum was sore. And it became moreso. Then finally an MRI showing no problems in those down-there areas at all, but deterioration near L4 L5 S1. My gyn has now referred me to see some neuro-people. My back stretches are helping some. I have to gently press trigger points with a tennis ball near these vertebrae, my sacrum, and my hip joints on both sides most mornings, but it gets me going somewhat better.
    My doctor mentioned getting the L5 to S1 surgery to stabilize it (I believe this is so my "tail" no longer wags out of place). I am going to hold off on surgery till I can find a good doctor wherever he/she might be for the procedure (there are not any good ones here that are my insurance anyway).
    But, in short, if you trace back the pudendal nerve route, L5 S1 mobilities can "tug from above" the nerve out of place.
    Wanted to tell you just in case stabilizing your back didn't all-the-way work where they can check next.
  • I began having back pain around Thanksgiving with spasms that sent me to the floor. I had a thoracic MRI which indicated that I had sacral stenosis from several disks that had arthritis etc....then the pain went lower and another MRI in sacral region after I complained of feeling different in my rectal area, like a pressure of something leaning on it and difficulty when doing a BM. I also have numbness in lower region (vaginal) and anal area. I went to physical therapy for my back but they didn't want to address the issue of the numbness because they worried they would make it worse if the wrong exercises were prescribed. I went to a Gyno/Urologist at Yale University but they said they weren't sure where the pain or numbness were coming from and sent me now to the Digestive Diseases area to do a test on the bowel/rectum to detect if it has any strength or feeling. I had a colonoscopy in April which showed only diverticulosis and and they told me to take stool softeners. I am not incontinent but I always feel that I have something in my rectum/colon, almost like someone put a golf ball in there and feel I have no strength when I do have to go. I see many others have similar problems and if there is no answer from the DD people I will go on to the neurologist/spinal specialist. One good thing has come of this, the both departments have asked me if they can present my case to a multi disciplinary meeting so that they can learn from it and to also hopefully get me some help from the right person/department or whatever. I never thought I would be in such a position but I also have fibromyalgia and quite severe arthritis so it complicates the pain issue. I hope I can find the answer and will certainly share mine with you if it may help someone else as well. They said I had a back fracture at some point in my childhood but never knew it, I had fallen off a very high swing at one time and was knocked out but it was 50 years ago so there was no MRI etc. If you got up and walked you were ok I guess.......good luck to everyone in getting answers and feeling well.
  • I am a 30 year old female and I have had horrible shooing pains in my rectum. The doc told me that it is all from the sciatica. I am scheduled for TLIF (fusion) on the 25h of this month. that may be your best option. Ill let you know how it goes.
    Kimberly taylor
  • Your disc herniation can definitely be the problem!!! I have the same issue and after extensive research i have learned that your disc is filled with chemo-toxins that your body is not used to, when your disc tears and leaks in your body (Your case leaks onto the vertebrae below s1 s2 s3) and the s2 s3 s4 have canals witch the pudendal nerve branch through. The pudendal nerve is irritated by this foreign toxin and gives you pain in the genitals. If this isn't what is happening to you then i would ask them to check if your disc tear is affecting your cauda equina nerve. I have seen 22 doctors and specialists and not one can figure out whats wrong with me, Now i have found one doc that listens and is willing to learn, now is taking the correct approach to fixing my problems. Sorry for the grammar I am on a new cell phone but really wanted to leave this info in case it helps someone.
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