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Worsening Severe Pain after diagnostic nerve injection - should I still get RFA?

n8sensen8sense Posts: 2
edited 06/11/2012 - 2:03 PM in Spinal Injections
I went to my pain management doctor on May 21 to have injections in my nerves as a diagnostic tool to see if I got any relief and my doctor told me if I got any relief at all we would go ahead with rfa (radio frequency ablation) to burn the nerves.

I started feeling relief 2 hours after the injections and it lasted for 2 days. I did not have to take any pain medicine at all for those 2 days, it was wonderful. Then my pain returned and now in the past 4 days it is worse than ever! It is in the same place (I have a very specific site of my pain on the left side by the SI joint)

For the last 4 days it feels like I have a fracture or pinched nerve (it's a very sharp stabbing pain) and the pain is very intense if I move, cough, sneeze, walk, put on pants, basically anything that causes it to move. The only way I can get ANY relief is to lay down but the pain comes right back if I move again and my pain medicine is not helping AT ALL. I quit even taking it.

I'm scheduled to do the rfa on 6/18 and I am terrified. I almost feel as if I have no choice, my pain is so bad now that I've gotta get some relief. But right now I can still walk and sit for short periods of time even though it is painful. I am worried if I get the rfa and it makes me even worse than this, I will be so screwed.

Does anyone have experience with this? Does increased pain from the diagnostic shot mean I will have the same with the rfa? I'm wondering if maybe he accidentally hit a nerve (he is a good doctor and a spine specialist - but everyone makes mistakes) and if so, can the rfa relieve that kind of pain? I've never had surgery and I'd like to steer clear of it if I can. I have degenerative disc disease, bulging discs and arthritis in the spine. I'm only 29 years old.


  • TWHladyinLVTWHladyinLV Posts: 48
    edited 08/04/2012 - 8:19 AM
    I hope you are doing much better after the RFA was placed. I'm interested because I've had chronic sciatic pain on both legs for years. My pain management MD says I'm a good candidate for RFA. He says more MD s ought to be doing this instead of surgery. He says it's best for sciatic pain relief
    Let me know how you are?

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