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pain after cervical fusion

I have progressing pain in my neck arm shoulder and fingers,since my surgery!
Renee Elbel


  • I have had 3 Cervical operations, 1 being ACDF 2/3/4 in September 2010 and 2 being Posterior Fusion to 5/6/7 in December 2011 also plates to Facet Joints in December 2011. Also had PLIF + rebuild in December 2008 which was lengthy operation. You will have neck pain for some time in the neck muscle area but with exercise it does get easier. I had after 3 operations in such a short period very bad shoulder pain but extensive physio/massage really helped alleviate this pain and numbness to fingers will eventually go away like mine did. I am still suffering neck pain so when I see my Spinal Surgeon on 27 July I am going to ask for an injection if possible. Was your operation an ACDF? You can send me a private message and I shall be delighted to answer it.
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