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Sharp Pain in my spine

lets start this from the beginning. about 2 months ago, i started getting this popping in my chest where my sturnem is. it didnt really bother me much, didnt hurt or anything, just popped loudly, and we lost our insurance (my father lost his job) so i wasnt going to pay out the money to go to the doctor atm since im a college student. but last week, i was messing around with my brother, and we were wrestling, and i swung around him, and he didnt hold on to me, and i fell about 4 foot on the top of my head and i remember when i fell, hearing my back pop from the top of my neck, down to the middle of my back, and getting the breath knocked out of me...ever since then, i have been having a sharp pain in my spine (its even with my shoulder blade in case you needed to know where exactly it is) when i make a wrong move, pick something up, or turn my head to the right, it doest bother me at all to look left, only right. when i bend down to pick something up, i also get this sharp pain to the right of my spine, almost under my shoulder blade, but it isnt, its between there and my spine. i was wondering what it could be, i finally went to the doctor today at the health department so it wouldnt break me but all she said was that it was only a brused bone, she didnt take any MRI/X-Rays just poked around and asked if it hurt, which it didnt. I also have a hard time sitting up after sleeping on my back all night, and its hurting me laying down and i cant sleep which is why im posting this late. Thank you for everyone who takes the time to read this, and Thank you again for anyone who replys/helps!
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