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Back, shoulder, neck pain that switches sides

I have had a torn labrum in my hip since 12-25-2011 and had surgery 4 weeks ago. An MRI also showed mild degenerative disc in the lower back.
For about 3 or 4 months I have had bad neck pain and back pain that makes me grab my traps and try to crack my back. It used to cause terrible headaches as well, until I got deep tissue therapy. The pain is still there, though, and switches from right to left sides. Whichever side it is on, i feel like my lower back on that side is out of place, that trap is sore, and that shoulder grinds and cracks when I rotate it.
What can I do about this? (other than talk to my doctor)


  • You can trying stretching, there are some articles here on the website which discuss appropriate stretches. Also try not sitting in front of computer monitor or anything to long. Be sure the thing you are doing that you are maintaining proper posture. The other major thing that can help is ice and heat. Massages are great thing and can help work out the trigger points. Also if your doctor has prescribed you any muscle relaxers that might help. Now of course if all else fails talk to your doctor.
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