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Good Day everyone,

I am a new member here, and in need of some advice from people that actually listen. Im sure most of you know where im coming from on that comment. I was diagnosed 1.5 yrs ago with a disc herniation between t11-t12 also come to find out my t12 is fractured. My t10-tll has an annular tear in it as well. Also bulged is l5-l4. I am a 29 yr old male with the symptoms of: mid-back pain, rib and chest pain, left lower abdominal pain, left testicle pain usually puts me on my knees at times, and left thigh pain, also i get a warm sensation in my left leg like I just got done wetting my pants. Im sure if I did some research I could find a multitude of info on this site, but being a new member I wanted to introduce myself and give my 411 on my situation. I have done the PT for 9 months and made things worse, I have to the chiro and that didn't help. I also received 7 cortisone shots and 1 nerve branch block during this time. And my PMR doc i think dosn't understand jackcrap! He told me the next time I went in we would refer me to a neuro. I have done research on surgery to the thorasic region of the spine and Im coming up with nothing possitive. Thank you to all. Cheers!



  • Could-be-worse, Hi and welcome.
    Weird, seemingly unrelated sensations and deficits (muscles not working) in the lower abdomen and limbs were a feature of my story. I used to get warm sensations on the front of the thigh, hot and sometimes cold senations in my feet. My left hamstring muscles would tense up so much it was sore to the touch. if you do get to see a neuro make sure to tell him about any sensory sensations, numbness, weakness or pain.
    In fact if you experience leg weakness, or bladder/ bowel incontinence ( which you can't blame on the 10 pints of beer you drank and the hot curry you had to follow :sick: :barf: ) then take yourself round to the hospital without delay.

    I'm not young enough to know everything - Oscar Wilde
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