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Swelling around spinal cord????

Hi Everyone,

It been awhile since I have posted here. But after Friday I need to know if anyone else has had surgery or experienced swelling around the spinal cord area in lumbar. I had a cervical and lumbar MRI done friday afternoon. An hour after my MRIs I had an apt with my primary Dr. When I got there he had already had the report for both MRIs. I knew it could not be good because it usually takes a few day for hospital to get the report to the Dr.s office. Mine said there were a few issues but the one that needs medical attention now is the swelling around my spinal cord, probably being a infection since that is usually the cause, its not inflammation there is plenty of that in there too. This makes since because I have been feeling bad and a few weeks ago my incision from 3 years ago was infected and the pain has gotten worse in the last few months. The reason I had the MRI done is I lost feeling in part of my right leg and foot.

But my Dr. told me that I needed to get to my spine surgeons ASAP to get this taken care of. He put a request for the insurance to pay for the care with my current surgeons since they are not contracted with them I was going to wait till Jan. 1st for new ins to start. My Dr. told me it can not wait that long. I want to know if anyone here has had this issue and if so how did you get it treated and what was your overall experience. I am worried because there is stenosis in the same are too, and to top it off I have a softer than normal spinal cord because of a loss of fluid from have it cut by mistake. These are all issues that worry me with them preforming any type of surgery around my spinal cord area. I am very interested in hearing anyone experience with the swelling around the spinal cord. My Dr thinks having so many surgeries may be the cause of it sine that is a common reason for the swelling.

Thank you in advance for your time in reading and commenting back.



  • I am currently dealing with the same thing as you. The swelling around the spinal cord was biopsied and it was discovered to be a staph infection. It seemed forever before the Dr would give me the actual diagnosis of infection. After my MRI showed the swelling I was sent for a bone scan which also showed infection. My Dr then sent me to a neuo-surgeon who sent me immediately to a infectious disease Dr who ordered another MRI. I received a call from the infectious disease Dr on a Friday night who told me my MRI was concerning and to be at the hospital Monday morning for a PICC line placement and biopsy. That Monday I began IV antibiotics twice a day that I gave myself at home. Then the following Friday he calls and says be at my office tomorrow morning we are switching antibiotics to a different kind and you will now be on IV 24hours a day. If you do have a infection things will happen rather quickly before you even have time to think about them. The IV antibiotics are no big deal to take care of, I am able to work while I go thru this. I have been on them 2 weeks now with 4 weeks to go. Plus I can honestly say I dont feel as bad as before and my pain levels have began to ease up . Good luck and keep us posted
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