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Please read before getting shots

Amanda langdeauAAmanda langdeau Posts: 1
edited 12/05/2012 - 4:48 AM in Spinal Injections
Sorry this is pretty long but worth it

Started with a car accident in Jan 2011. Up untill then VERY active VERY healthy Like never had the flu & got the perfect attendence award thro middle & high School healthy.
*General Dr refers me to a Surgeon who then referred me to Dr.#1.
*Dr.1 Sends me for an MRI.
*MRI Shows L3-4, L4-5 & L5-S Disc all bulging & showing degeneration
(degeneration is Tiny tears or cracks in the outer layer of the disc. The jellylike material inside the
disc may be forced out through the tears or cracks in the capsule, which causes the disc to bulge,
rupture, or break into fragments leading to bone spurs! = lots of pain & BS) awesome rite?!?
Any way
*Dr.1 (Interventional sport & spinal specialist meaning no crazy strong pain killers that you will start to depend on) Gave me 3 Cortisone steroid injections for lower back & siatic pain in my left leg. All injections in different locations over the period of 2.5 months. They were not working for me. He then tells me

"YOU SHOULD REALLY ONLY HAVE 3 STEROID INJECTIONS IN A YEAR I'm not giving you any more because that could HURT YOU MORE THEN HELP YOU" I took his words seriously.

He sends me back to see the Surgeon. (Who is away, so i saw a partnen) complete Jerk didnt look at me once (busy on his computer) tells me that where & how i'm describing my pain doesn't match up with where he "thinks" my pain should be from "according to my MRI."
By the way he was treating me, I assumed he thought I was looking for pain meds. So I let him know (in a strong manner, so he would maybe look up at me) that "I'm NOT here for pain medication, I'm here because I want to find what is causing my pain and fix it so I can walk my dog around the block again" in thoes exact words. Some Doctors will think this about you..they think they are better then you and not worth thier time. All you can do is not go back to them because it will happen & theres nothing else you can do. He then referred me to DR.#2.
*Dr#2.(he was a Nureo & Spinal specialist, well known from a large & well known Corp. not some back door pain guy) The first meeting he walks in. Soo happy "I have reviewed your charts & please don't worry any longer I am going to give you your life back" hearing that I was exstatic!! He tells me he is going to give me nerve blocking shots "no they are not steroids" and this will eliminate your pain. I said ok and 2days later I was on his table.
But something felt very firmiliar. But i got the shots as I went back out to get changed, the nurse came up to me & gave me the "rest all day, no baths,hot tubes" speech, the one you get afte getting a steroid shot. so I told her im sorry i didnt get a cortisone shot today i just i got the nerve blocking shot. She proceded to tell me that it was the same. Instently in tears of fear. She went & got the Dr. Who pretty much told her to shut up then continued to tell me that I was correct & this was an epidual shot not cortisone steroid.
Needless to say i went home and my good friend google backed up what i thought was going on. He lied, Epidural is the location of the shot. He gave me more steroids. After a few phone calls to his office I finally got him on the phone and asked him why he did this after i had told him i did not want any more roids because of what dr#1 had said. He told me that Dr#1 was not correct in telling me that and he wanted to try some places Dr.1 did not try that could stop all of my pain with 1 follow up shot once a year. So i went back. He said one more i said ok. Then again he said I just want to try one more place I said ok. None of them worked. I just recently went back to Dr1.(the good Dr.) after telling him all of this he looked into his records & Dr2. NEVER was sent or REQUESTED his notes stating WHERE & WHAT my first 3 injections were. He could have killed me... He pretty much did.
6 steroid injections in 5 months. Its been almost 1 yr since the 6th shot & EVERYTHING has gotten 100% WORSE. All this weird stuff started happening to me abd up untill 1 mo ago I didnt connect them all untill i founf out that 3 IS all you should get in 1 year. So back to my bff google all that weird stuff makes alot of since now.
Mood swings, anxiety, thinning of the skin which makes very easy brusing, ( i now get abuse size welts when I scratch a simple itch any where on my body.) also effects joints of injection site. I now have disabling pain in both of my knees I'm 26 and cant get down or off the toilet with out help or a handy cap bar. Which is now wearing away at my elbows & sholders. Just found out this morning that i now have a tunor in one of my knees. All because of too many too frequent Epidural Steroid Injections. Completly ruined my life. All because Dr.# 2 Lied. Im guessing so he could collect my insurance money for getting the shots

Im not saying dont try the shots because for some people it works miricals but you will know if your one of those people after the 2nd shot.


Now@ 26 my only option is surgery for my back & now my knees.

The Doctor doesn't always know Best.
Trust yourself & what you feel.
If you don't know what a word or term means look it up or ask. If i had known Epidual was a generalized are where a shot is given. Then i could have asked what is in the epidural shot you want to give me. He wouldnt have known what to say.

Post edited to remove Frantic Subject Line and first two sentences


  • Ok so let me get this straight , Most of us know what DDD is and its not always as you describe a tear in the disc,
    Many people have DDD and never have any issue in there life time as its sometimes comes with age or some of us as myself seems to be genetic as mom and other family members seem to of had same or similar issues,

    Yes more then 3 injections a year can cause harm and usualy the 3 injections should help find the pain generator to help them adress the level causing the pain so they can adress it with surgery if needed,

    You can have bulging showing at 3 levels and posibly only 1 causing a serious issue if lets say its leaking as it was leaking in my case at l4l5.

    Instead of geting so many injecfions why did they not go for the fixing the issue ? And also some might be against taking medications but in most cases its still safer then geting shot up full of roids multiple times over and beyond what is considered healthy and safe ,

    This is also a good reason to stay with the same pain doctor and not posibly receive 3 injections from 1 dr and posibly switching to another dr who might not be aware what injection another dr has already done,

    Before i switched pain dr,s i stayed on the meds after receiving my max injections and waited to make sure nothing gets mixed up in my treatment before further injections were done in the following year,

    Sorry things went bad for you and hopefully they can reverse the bad affects it caused and get back on the right track of treating the underlying problem,

    Best wishes,
    Flexicore ADR 2004 resulting nerve damage l4l5 Fusion 2006 same level, 2009 hardware removal with lami !
    2012 scs implant ,
  • Hiya,
    Sorry you had to come find us but welcome.
    I didn't do good with the injections. After 2nd one I got so swollen, and found out my pain doc gave me more than discussed.
    I know this because of the RN answered me when I asked why I had 3 bandaids.

    I think as patients we need to read and research all we can, and then ask the docs, if they can't answer easy ?? then I leave and find new one.

    It certainly not fair when docs treat us like junkies. And for the most of us we also (as you) want the cause of our pain.
    I do agree sometimes these injections work for some.

    It is very normal for docs to send you thru the normal pt, injections.
    I hope you find a good doc and that they can help you.
    I don't stay with a doc /Pain doc or not if I am treated badly and if I have a gut bad feeling I'm usually right.

    My last pain doc got an attitude when I said about how much stuff she injected to me, I wanted to see her face to face.I said well I'm not doing more injections so I want to see her plan. I said what about a emg test. Well that set her off big time
    she quickly wrote script...I was speechless when she handed to me(never discussed what was on it) There were 5 meds.
    I called my docs rn my doc got on phone said make him a copy, and then give her script back and tell her your not coming back.

    The meds 2 were same just stronger, my doc said I'd be in a coma taking all that stuff.
    I being the irish lady I am.... got the secretary to make copy...then I walked down hall to were doc was standing and ripped up the script and gave to her and said no thanks I 'd rather live, and you lady need to get a shrink. I will be reporting you.
    Of course I had my records copied first.
    So You are very right to switch docs, and for that other doc not to keep record of your treatment is just sick.
    It took me over yr to get swelling down.
    So no more injections for me.
    For anyone going thru this for first time, please please read up on things, procedures, meds, any treatment doc discusses with you. So this way you can ?? the docs.

    I wish I had proof of what cut backs docs get for referrals to pain mang, then pain mang get from the drug company for doing these injections.

    Again welcome
    neck,bone spurs pain started 04, back issues and fusion l4,l5 06~hardware removed.
    good few yrs. 09 pain sharp, numbness feet,legs, diagnosed fibro, neurop. legs.lung issues.
    daily goal do good thing for someone.
  • lthomas63llthomas63 Posts: 1
    edited 12/08/2012 - 4:32 AM
    Hey everyone,

    I am new to the forum but wanted to add as what my experience is. I currently have two herniated discs, and all the rest that goes with it. I currently see a pain specialist and get 6 shots of cortisone and an epidural in my tailbone monthly ( I have only been there twice).

    The shots are quite painful but last for quite a while but when it wears off I feel like someone drove a truck over my back. I a awaiting an appt with a surgeon to correct these issues. Should I not be getting these shots?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
  • Thats a question you need to ask your doctor about , 6 Shots a month ? But you only been there twise ?
    You must mean he is injecting at diferent levels per visit so its realy 1 injection at multiple levels correct ?
    If thats the case then i have to assume you only had 2 injections he just put the meds in multiple levels to give you the best releif posible,

    Just because needle went in at multiple levels dont always mean you got more roids put in then what you would get from a single injection,

    We all sighn a waiver if you remember before the injection that nurse puts in front of you ! All the information is listed on that form so if anyone has any concern about the injection ask questions before sighning it and having the procedure,

    In most cases we discuss this with the doctor before even going in for the procedure during the previous visit,
    Any concerns should be brought up to the dr so he can explain why he is doing it and you can ask how many times this is ok to do !
    If you forgot to ask something during the previous visit you can always ask the nurse day of the procedure,
    But i find its easier to ask the dr all the questions before the procedure date as they dont have much time on the day of the injection when they treating many other people set up for that day ,

    This way if you dont like his answers and you dont feel he is a good dr you can simply say not interested in the injections,
    But if you dont feel he is a good dr you might as well start looking for another doctor , After all why bother and waste time with a dr you dont trust,

    Do we not ask questions before a surgery just the same ? We all know people have died having surgery its no secret due to some complications , Does that stop us from having surgery when we are suffering and we are willing to take that chance because we want to get beter and sure we know the % is very low of us not making it so we do it,

    Same goes for injections there is of course a low % who might have adverse affects but who is suffering in pain is going to do what they need to do when nothing else is helping,

    Anyone who can get by on low dose of meds injection is probably not recomended, Why take a risk !
    Anyone that can get by without surgery ,= Why take the risk of further damage, infection, blood lose, blood clot,

    Anyone who ever read the risks with any spine surgery list is so long by the time you finish reading it you ask yourself ! Ok wait why am i doing this again ? I must be on a suicide mission going in to this because this list is so long hell i am never going to live through this 1 ,

    Hell i dont need a dr call a priest for christ sake ! And dont none of you pretend you never thought of jumping off the bed before surgery as they rolling you down the hall closer and closer to that operating table !

    I know i thought about it untill finaly me crying like a litle girl ! Me screaming nurse put my ass out now or we aint going to
    make it ZZZZZZZZZZZ
    Flexicore ADR 2004 resulting nerve damage l4l5 Fusion 2006 same level, 2009 hardware removal with lami !
    2012 scs implant ,
  • One thing to keep in mind is there are multiple types of injections, and they don't all contain the same medication. For example to the person above getting 6 shots, are you sure you didn't get trigger point injections, which treat issues such as muscle spasms? Also there is such a injection as a nerve block. They are done to find a pain generator. For example some might have them post surgery to block out hardware, to see if the hardware is the issue. Or another example is to block out a level, if a surgery is on the table. If the block gives no relief the surgeons know that is not the pain generator and no surgery will help. Of course then there is the roid injection typically called a ESI, which both the ESI and block should be done under flourscopic guidance. Your doctor can inject multiple levels at one time using the same amount of medications just spacing it out, hoping that it hits the area causing the pain. Keep in mind it is called medical science as they don't have a crystal ball to see inside you at what is exactly causing your pain. MRI's do help, but everyone in pain or not are going to show issues.

    It is are job as patients to do our research on the doctors and the procedures they are offering up. Only each of us can decide if we are willing to take the risk with each procedure. Sure some doctors have no bedside manners, but I am not there to make a life long friend but rather to get better. Once we get better we don't need them any longer.

    As far as medications go, it is each person decision wether they want to take them or not. However some of us have been through all the surgeries, injections and what not, and if we want any relief the medications are the only source left. Sometimes the medications are meant to be used in the short term to see if they calm the issue down. Then of course the idea is get off of them.

    If a doctor says they can cure you of something and they guarantee it then run, as fast as you can. They don't have you sign all those waivers for nothing. If they tell you that, then ask if you don't need to sign a waiver. I guarantee they will say yes you do. There is no magic pill to cure spine issues, wether it is surgery, injections, medications, therapy or any other treatment plan. Each person is different and will respond to any given treatment plan differently. But at the end of the day the responsibility of what we are willing to risk falls on us, as to what we are willing to try. I mean sure if the doctor cuts of the wrong leg, sure there is a problem. But most things boil down to the level of pain we are in and what we are willing to risk to get better.
  • alexhurtingaalexhurting Posts: 1,991
    edited 12/09/2012 - 8:49 AM
    Doctor cuts off the wrong leg ? Ouch i forgot about that one , It could be worse i guess, You could go in for spine surgery and end up with a sex change surgery ,
    I guess i can just shave my legs and start buying high heels , At least i would never have to ever again pay for my own drinks !

    Flexicore ADR 2004 resulting nerve damage l4l5 Fusion 2006 same level, 2009 hardware removal with lami !
    2012 scs implant ,
  • Last Monday 12/10/2012 I underwent a procudure called a right cervical medial branch block the day after the pain was so intense that I thought I was gonna drop on the floor. But the pain was mid back and my injections where all in my neck, any one care to comment??it is now over a week later. The previouse pain is back (scoliosis pain) but it is alot deeper my neck is also alot stiffer luckily I get to see both doc (spine and pain) this friday I had 4 injection but only 3 holes due to the pm not being able to get through a joint? It was very painful and I still feel tired and worn out and beat up, is this a normal feeling?
    Scoliosis in t-3, t-4, and t-5, degenerative cervical/spine disease, and sensory poluneropathy
  • the spine doc told me to take 2 fifty mg ultram every six hours, but not even helping
    Scoliosis in t-3, t-4, and t-5, degenerative cervical/spine disease, and sensory poluneropathy
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