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Neck brace after SCS implant

My neuro told me that I will be in a neck brace/collar for a month after the implant surgery. I know it is kind of controversial, as far as whether or not to put a patient in a brace afterwards or not, but my surgeon prefers it.

So, any of you out there that have had a cervical SCS that had to wear a neck brace? If so, what type were you in, hard/soft? I totally forgot to ask him when I was at my consult last week, and I hate to call just to ask that because it's more out of curiosity on my part :-)

I have only been in a soft collar before, after my C5/6 ACDF, and it was only for the first week, and only when I was in a car or up doing thing's.

I am down for the count! Ten more days!!!!!

Any info/tips/etc., are greatly appreciated!
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