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Car accident after fusion

I had a cervical fusion almost three years ago. I have never been given a straight answer if it fused and still have lots of nerve pain down my left side. I was rear ended last week and now have two more bulged discs above and below the fusion and two more in my lower back. Since the accident I have had constant nerve pain in my arms and legs. :( Im trying therapy and a chiropractor but wonder will I need another surgery one day?


  • Sorry to hear that you now in pain, after the accident.

    As you will remember from the days of your cervical fusion, you should be referred to a spine surgeon for an assessment. Sounds like you have had some diagnostic testing done, since you know about the new bulging discs.

    Whether you have surgery or not, will be a decision you will need to make based on knowing the risks of having or not having the surgery. Additionally, the impact on you quality of life will have to be factored into it as well.

    Hope you get a really good surgeon that will help you understand your new and unfortunate spinal symptoms.
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