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New to Upper Back Issues

Hi Everyone, I am glad that I recommended this part of the forum. I have been experiencing Upper Back issues and still learning to cope on dealing with them. I am going to spend some time looking at the posts to find anything I can relate to involving the upper back. I have never had back issues before til recently, so I've been nervous and scared in dealing with it. It's such a huge departure from my usual self, so adjusting has been hard.

Talking about the symptoms has been difficult as well, because I'm not that educated about the upperback, and still have yet to see a specialist (currently working on that). In the meantime, I don't want to stress myself out more trying to diagnose myself, but also feel it is important to articulate things the best I can. So far I have felt the type of emotions anyone with new undiagnosed issues feels, so I have been mostly working on a lot of that -- pacing myself each day, as I learn more straight facts and adjust to the discomfort. I'm new here, so I will be trying to learn as much as possible without wigging myself out.

As I get more comfortable in talking about these new symptoms I have been having, hopefully I will find someone with similar issues and not feel as embarrassed talking about it. I know I shouldn't, but because this is new to me, I am sorting through the difficulty and everything at a pace that is comfortable for me. It's difficult to talk about, but am sure that I will have something to learn/share with others. The support from this site will be helpful for me to articulate what's been going on, and give me the headspace to learn and articulate all this upper-back/nerve/skeletal/muscle stuff.

My situation doesn't seem that bad right now compared to some major things others may be dealing with, but I currently feel like it could lead to something or get worse over time, if I am unable to address it properly. My threshold for the nerve issues in my upperback isn't very high, though I am usually tough when it comes to other sorts of things.

Right now I am mostly just trying to learn how to articulate my symptoms, work on feeling more open about talking about them, coping with reality that it may be awhile before I find out what is going on, not trying to catastrophize my issues, and be rational in coping. Thanks for everyone's support, I'm in a chatty phase about what is going on because it's so new to me, frustrating, and uncomfortable. I'm getting stronger each day, so far at least, and getting on this site is a great step for me.


  • Hello! I have suffered mid to upper back pain for 5 years now. I understand how difficult it is to describe. Friends and doctors often try to blame stress and tension, yet you know there is more to it! I have 11 levels fused from T4-L3 with a cage at T10. It took me several years to get the proper diagnosis as scoliosis and kyphosis causing the discs to bulge and suffer chronic muscle pain. Please feel free to visit with me. It helps to find someone with similar issues. You can become very isolated and depressed, otherwise.
  • Hello! I have suffered mid to upper back pain for 5 years now. I understand how difficult it is to describe. Friends and doctors often try to blame stress and tension, yet you know there is more to it! I have 11 levels fused from T4-L3 with a cage at T10. It took me several years to get the proper diagnosis as scoliosis and kyphosis causing the discs to bulge and suffer chronic muscle pain. Please feel free to visit with me. It helps to find someone with similar issues. You can become very isolated and depressed, otherwise.
  • Wow thank you so much for your words. I'm finding a great deal of comfort in what you have described, and you sound very knowledgeable and helpful. I am grateful that you have given permission to reach out to you. I will try to process my thoughts and describe things in the coming days as I feel more comfortable. Thank you very much, the things you are saying make complete sense to me. I am glad that you were able to find a diagnosis, and that you are able to pass on your knowledge to me! It's very kind and I know it will be helpful chatting with you some more. I especially agree with you about the isolated and depressed feelings, and am trying to be as pre-emptive about that as possible by reaching out as soon as possible. Anyway, thanks again, and will be writing more in the coming days. : )
  • I just remembered recently when I was at the doctor when I was younger -- she had me me perform the motions of a "back check" -- and I remember her saying that I had "Minute Scoliosis". She said it in an unurgent way, and it never has effected me much. Never ever been to a back doctor before, and have only ever had minor aches and pains in the T1 area. It has been my trouble area over the years, the spot where you are like "hey will you rub that spot for me" and getting massages in that area has always been a nice way to relieve stress. Never has it ever felt anything but common tension and aches and pains, especially during the cold months. I've always been really athletic, especially in jobs, performing heavy lifting time to time, by bending at the knees, have always put a huge emphasis on stretching/yoga for stress, and have never performed exercises if they felt too demanding etc.
  • I'm an overly cautious person as well, but have had a few accidents over the years -- sprained ankles a few times, had a major accident involving a golf club to the jaw full blast, and got through that years ago, was fortunate that it chipped a back molar due to blunt force, and had to get stitches beneath the jaw. Anyway, the was probably the most major accident i had when I was very young. Over the years, have gone to dentist and they always comment on my great teeth, never commented on any TMJ issues or anything.

  • laneygirlllaneygirl Posts: 31
    edited 12/28/2012 - 5:50 PM
    I've played a lot of sports over the years, and was doing pilates and my back was in great shape, albeit the common aches and pains in the T1 area (i think thats what its called --still trying to learn). I was in one car accident with another driver, and may have had whiplash, but didn't feel sore or anything at the time, and cant remember if i went to the emergency room or not, but it never was an issue.
  • Anyway, rambling on here, but am trying to recall things that may be relevant. Anyway, very recently was the first time I felt the burning and pain in the T1 area, and more recently involuntary cracking popping in spine neck and head. Ugh, I don't feel good saying that out loud at all.
  • I have had the regular ear popping, things cracking, cracked a few things over the years, but not to this degree. My bones feel really fragile in these areas, and i have been only performing the lightest of activities, in order to try and not do more damage. But things have just been cracking and popping like it has a mind of its own, and its hard to expess, because you hear it louder within yourself, than others may be able to hear or detect. I think that has been the most frustrating.
  • My muscle feels very tender and the tissue in my back is less muscular because I have been trying not to do any exersizing til I am able to see a specialist, and am unsure what to do. So i have just been using a lot of caution. When I am sitting and breathe deep, the nerve tissue in middle and upper back feels tingly/numb. Otherwise, when I am sitting at rest I feel it a lot more. No shooting pains in the past few days, no pain per se, and no inflammation in the past few days either. I have only been taking a OTC antiflammatory/fever reducer if there has pain or inflammation. When I press in between shoulder blades it feels really good and not painful. The top part of my skin doesn't hurt. It feels really good when I have asked a few people to lightly tickle the skin because it makes that neuron feeling happen and feels really good. It's, like, the middle of of my skin that feels numb and weird and uncomfotable from what i have been used to.
  • laneygirlllaneygirl Posts: 31
    edited 12/28/2012 - 6:05 PM
    and the involuntary cracking in spine, face, and neck is bothersome when I go to fall asleep. Kind of can feel a pull or pressure sensation going on. thats the best way i can describe it, a pressury feeling that is completley new to me.
  • I'm not sure if i describe it the best, but I am trying. It's annoying because everything feels normal when i press the skin and rub my muscles and tissue feels good. it doesnt feel numb or anything, can feel everything to touch and its normal, but when my body is at rest i notice the nerve sensations the most. that's the best i can describe it right now. thank you for listening.
  • laneygirlllaneygirl Posts: 31
    edited 12/28/2012 - 6:27 PM
    one more though: everything feels kind of gumby-ish, and because my neck has just been cracking however it wants, it feels like the relationship between my head, neck, spine and breathing has changed alot. When I go to swallow or move slightly something in my neck or head/jaw/skull pops and cracks and it doesn't hurt but is really super annoying. I have been just sleeping on my back very carefully, and using the pillow properly and everything. Just in general a degenerative feeling that is very unlike what I am used to. I think because its such a huge departure from what i am used to is giving me the most upset feelings -- adjusting to what makes me feel like i am 20 years older than what i am, love being active, and am frustrated by all this, because i like the confidence that exersize gives me! i love doing yoga, and i don't want this stuff to be going on at all. because its such a huge departure from what i am used to, its disproportional and alarming to me by comparison. that's the part that bothers me the most -- that and the feeling of wanted it to get addressed as soon as possible by a knowledgable professional, and not be scoffed because of my history of anxiety/stress or otherwise fit looking appearance! Again, thank you for letting me share and for listening.
  • Peter BPPeter B Posts: 511
    edited 12/29/2012 - 12:49 AM
    Mine was a mess for years, and still gets bad from time to time. Caused the most awful headaches too by pulling the scalp down.

    From my experience, I'd strongly suggest a proper examination by a physiotherapist, and then a back/ neck remedial/ sports massage.
    I have these regularly now, so every 2 weeks I have one or the other.

    Just regular maintenance.

    We tend to ignore our muscles and they eventually can't cope, and boy do they complain!
  • I also had a school nurse mention scoliosis very mildly when a was a young girl. After my initial thoracic back surgery, I visited a chiropractor for the first time. He took plain X-rays and spoke of the scoliosis. After I found no real relief from his services and visiting another spinal surgeon who really did not want to touch it, I began to seek the best scoliosis surgeon around. The chiropractor had even told me that as long as my back was crooked, repair surgeries would not hold up. You will find that your best spinal surgeons still do not want to touch the thoracic spine. Scoliosis surgeons mostly operate on that area, so it does not intimidate them. However, I'm not pushing for the surgery unless you have reached that point. You will know. The recovery was overwhelming and like nothing I can describe. However, my back is completely straight now and I can tell what will aggravate the problem nerve in advance. Seeing a chiro is worth a try. It is usually a cheaper way to get an overall glance of your spine and any slight curves. My curve was only 21 degrees, but people say that the degree doesn't really determine your amount of pain.
  • Yes, see a chiro. I didn't mention that as it often results in a rash of scaremongering anti chiro posts.

    My chiro is the only one who can fix me when a SI joint locks up. that seems to be once a month lately.
    Quite a bit of force is needed, and it's not one a physio will tackle.
    So without a chiro many of us would be permanently crippled by such things.

    I visit mine on a 3 monthly cycle for maintenance, but in reality it is about once a month.
    Been going to him for over 20 years. He never advertises yet is always busy in 2 practises. Luckily I can usually get in quickly if I'm in trouble.

    There are so many chiros around these days that it must be obvious that they are filling a need.
    I know that I would be completely able to function without regular chiropractic treatment.
  • laneygirlllaneygirl Posts: 31
    edited 12/29/2012 - 4:49 PM
    Thank you for your insight! Talking myself outloud here through the vocab: a proper exam from a physiotherapist. Cool. I haven't had headaches or migraines yet, so I have been lucky in that regard. Just the tingly/numb issues/involuntary cracking in spine/neck/face joints -- along with a pressury feeling as I am falling asleep. My breathing seems to be just fine, but the relationship I have with my body is different; not the same autonomy I am used to. I haven't had any pain/inflammation severe enough to take an inflamation reducer -- just twice. The adjustment has been drastic and new for me, so it's hard for me to gauge if I am tougher or not tough enough...I've always been a real champ when it comes to sports injuries etc, only ocd about the germs...haven't had a full-fledged cold in awhile, in part i'm sure to not-being too ocd: taking the bus alot over the years, making sure i'm exposed to a lot of things to build up a tolerance...but also making sure to wash my hands regularly. So I may not even be that OCD about that stuff as I used to be when I was younger / have done alot of self-work in that area. Anyway, I guess what I am trying to say, is that the numb/tingly nerve thing is a completely new experience for me, so I didn't handle it very well at first. I wasn't sure what to do, except go to the ER and make sure nothing serious was going on, and was slightly panicked about! I have anxiety issues that have affected me physically before: rapid heartbeat, sweating, hyperventilating and know those symptoms aside from what I have been recently experiencing. THe ER did bloodwork for a few things that came out fine, told me to discontinue the new anxiety med routine I started, because the side affects of the meds were excaberating the back: at one point it was hot, shooting pain. They told me to call the nurses line of my doctor, and it's been a day and haven't heard back yet. In the meantime, I have been reaching out, learning new things, and trying to find the best rational way about how to efficiently/smartly get it addressed! I don't have insurance but may be able to receive a little help from family. It may seem minor to what other people are experiencing, but whatever it is my instinct is to get on top of it, anticipate, because I don't want it to get worse. I have a fear of pain meds. Only take Tylenol once-4 times a month, if that, for pms, general aches or pains, or the infrequent headache. So yeah, I want to get on top of it. Question: do you think it would be within reason to go to a chiropractor first? I have never been to one ever! I am hesitant about it and am not sure it is the best method for me to take at this point. I believe in Chiropracty for others and truly believe it is the best route for many. However, even if I am reluctant about getting back-work done, they know the back very, very well, so I am wondering if going there will get me the X-ray and intimate look I feel I deserve, despite my otherwise fit and flexible appearance. Let me know what you think -- I have to choose carefully the initial route I take, because it may be a minute before I have insurance and will be borrowing from family during this initial asap phase. I don't regret going to the ER because going greatly reduced many of my symptoms and a little bloodwork etc. However, now I am trying to figure out what is going on asap by the right professionals. Do you think going to the Chiropractor first would be the best route? The nerve issues are frustrating, but I have been getting restorative sleep, and have only absolutley needed to take the anti-inflammatory 2-3 times. Again, thanks for letting me ramble and organize my thoughts : ) Even though my pain isn't that profound, I am going to make a comphrensive pain/symptom log from the things I have written over the past couple of weeks. Still learning the vocabularies relating to the upper-back, neck and head, but doing it at a pace that allows me to stay focused on the moment, rather than ruminating what-ifs before I even see a specialist. Let me know what you think...I know it's only an opinion and you are not a doctor, but I trust your knowledge and experience with these things. You've been really helpful, and I'm really glad that you have found relief with what you have been dealing with and that a chiropractor has been a great option for you. Thanks for your feedback!!!!!! : )
  • To both Peter B and K.Lee, thank you for your viewpoints and for sharing your experiences : )
  • Also, thank you for understanding how chatty/flaky my writing is -- just trying to get things down as quick as I can. It's been a great way to articulate myself and get down all my relevant thoughts. As I become more organized, I can compile the things I have written on the fly in a more organized way. Having this spot to talk puts more pressure on me to write down what I have been experiencing, stay motivated -- instead of writing myself, or avoiding thinking about it : )
  • I need a dummy-proof chart/explanation for how to describe which part of my back is giving me trouble! All the T-number stuff is hurting my brain. I want to be able to go down my neck and upper back and pinpoint with a finger and then align it with a super amazing chart. The vids and everything haven't been that helpful for me yet, because I need something really clear to just stare at and compare with my own body. Kind of slow at first with new things, even though biology/anatomy was my winning subject years ago, I've spent so long using other parts of my brain for other stuff! So, yeah, I'm sure the forum doesn't allow for link sharing, will take a second peep again at the rules. But if you know there is something you can share that's within reason, let me know. I'm still just getting the basic feel for the site, so I may even find something on my own : )
  • I took some time to double check the rules: recommending who I should go see first is a little blurry. I still have yet to learn about Chiropracty, but from your experience, they do offer x-rays and have an intimate look at your back for you, without having to do bodywork at first? That clarifies what I meant to ask a little bit better. Knowing a little bit more of what to expect, will help me make the right decision for myself. Just trying to get a feel from your experience, as I look into things on my own. Thanks again!
  • laneygirlllaneygirl Posts: 31
    edited 12/29/2012 - 6:13 PM
    K.Lee, having a second glance at your post is especially helpful...I have not had my back looked at all (maybe passively without being told by any recent check-ups)...since I was a teenager. Part of my frustation is feeling like it isn't within reason for me to get it looked at further--though I know many people with anxiety who have also gone to the chiropractor for years. So I have a sense of wanting to "justify" being concerned, even though I shouldn't. Because I am fit, trying to do as much preventative care as possible, and just general fee based clinics for docs (doing minimally what i can at my age to progress albeit financial hardship). That is why I would like to get as much insight as I can now -- to anticipate what is going on may lead to. Like I said, I am phobic of pain meds, and feel the need to be as pre-emptive as possible. I am new to this, but don't want myself in a situation later down the road, that could have been intervened better. I don't think it's not without reason to have a specialist give me a opinion on what's going on -- even if I haven't been in a major accident. I know I don't need to seek validation, but the feedback so far hasn't really made me feel good about my spine health. I don't know if I am just getting used to aging -- and that other people are really accustomed to it -- or that the docs have just seen so much worse, that what is going on with me is child's play by comparison. Still glad I went to ER because it has helped, but don't want to have to go back anytime soon. Finding a specialist for now, and keeping in the back of my mind, that a scoliosis surgeon/upper back surgeon may be a reality longer down the road. It's helpful to know this early on.
  • Peter BPPeter B Posts: 511
    edited 12/29/2012 - 10:26 PM
    I'd be inclined to see a physio first as they look into soft tissues-muscles and ligaments-as well. They also can look at other bits and pieces! They have a thorough knowledge of the body, how it works, what goes wrong, and what treatments are needed.

    A chiro works only on the spine, but may offer treatments for more serious spinal problems, like scoliosis and misplaced bones. Ask lots of questions about what they see as the problem(s), what they can do, what would the expected result be, what you should do to assist (things to avoid doing, stretches etc). It's important that you take ownership of your situation, and only let them do what sounds reasonable.
    You must accept their knowledge and experience of course, but be a part of the team.

    I don't think a chiro arranges x-rays, but you will need them for first consult.

    Bear in mind too that you probably took quite a while to get to this point, so you won't suddenly get everything fixed quickly. Don't sign any contracts for services though as some have. That's a racket. My chiro told me originally that if I have to keep returning he hasn't done his job.
    Don't think he'd say that now with my known problems! In fact I keep returning because he DOES do his job.
  • My chiro took the X-rays in his office. They were basic, but showed the curves. He doesn't work on you until he reads them. I was very scared to go to him initially because I had a fictitious vision of bones cracking, etc. My chiro provides many services that helped me, such as acupuncture, traction, ultrasonic massage, heat/ice, roller bed??? very similar to physical therapy. I need to look into a physiotherapist. Sounds like it would help my muscles. They are constantly spasming and pinch the nerve. Thanks you guys for the ideas for help and relief!
  • That you again for your in-depth responses, it really helps a lot. I agree, I would like to see a physio first as well (or the term for the back doctor ortho-something or other, don't have some of the terms memorized yet).

    I read some tips about seeing a chiropractor, and if I go to one, I would expect the same behavior from the one you mentioned. A good tip I read is trying to find one that performs a nofee consulatation at your first visit, and to feel out any red-flags like you mentioned. Also, I am trying to figure out what kind of method would suit me best...you mentioned that what helps you is very physical and aggressive (which is awesome that it helps you!) --but i'm not sure if that method (gorshock, i think?) would be the best for me. I'm still learning a little more about the different methods and which one might suit me in theory, though depending on what is going on I might have to accept the harsher method. I'm trying to do as much as I can in advance, because getting to a specialist will be a minute...still waiting to hear back from general doctor, and will try calling again tomorrow.

    I have a good sense of self and instinct about making the right choices for myself, but have not seen a specialist/chiro yet. I respect the knowledge of the two doctors I have seen already, both wonderful in their own way: both have helped in a few ways, but not comprehensive about the back health issues as I would like. I've been lucky to come this far without issues, I feel it is important to intervene with someone who can have a more intimate look at things. I am at an age where bone issues start happening for women anyway. Have never even had a mammogram or any special women's health visits in awhile. So, overall, I just think its important thing to do anyway. It has taken me awhile to get to this point, its been a few weeks, so joining this site preemptively is helping me be more proactive and less isolated feeling. I also think that coming up with good questions is important too, and will try to write them down to make any upcoming visits I have more efficient. Thank you again for your words. I will probably think of a few more things to post in the coming days. Its been helpful getting all this down into words. Thanks Peter B.!
  • laneygirlllaneygirl Posts: 31
    edited 12/30/2012 - 12:07 PM
    I like hearing about your experience with your chiro, that sounds very amazing!!! It's time like these where I wish there were physio/chiro teams, haha. Like, if you see the chiro he knows how to quell his business ego and say "well, I think you would best be served by my friend the physio--after that, he and I can work out a good medical/relief plan for you"--sounds like the perfect world.

    I'm still in the ditzy phase with this stuff, so I have to research a little more about what a physio can help me with, and develop some good questions in that way. I am really glad you have found something meaningful for you K.Lee by these posts!! You've never seen a physio, I've never seen one--so that sounds like commeradie. Feel free to post anything you want to talk about as you consider/find one for yourself. Like what types of questions might be helpful for you etc.

    I'm also kind of glad to hear that your chiro gave you xrays--that may sway me to actually see the chiro first, have an in-depth look at the bone situation, and go from there. Very helpful! Thanks K. Lee
  • Diggin' your phraseologies about things, Peter B.! Blunt and straight about things! It can be hard for women (and equally for men), but for me specifically, I have had to work on my assertion skills a little bit. Finding a good balance and being a good advocate for your health can be tricky. Especially, getting the time you need with your doc/getting all your concerns answered etc./but also being effiecient. So I appreciate your straight-talk, which doesn't always come natural for me. : )
  • I have been keeping notes over the days but have yet to compile them. But it's important for me to track my progess in both the physical and also the coping aspect of things. I have looked for a good system to go about this -- i like to be very detailed and have a close relationship with everything I have felt in this first stage of dealing with this new stuff. I will explore this site to see if there is good resources to track what you are going through. I still haven't had much pain, but did have it at a few points, and I think it will be helpful for the docs/therapists. I want to keep a blog, but am not sure how immersive I can be in that way, and don't have the paper to spare in printing out great worksheets. Some of the logs Ive seen even include graphs, but i don't know if i have the energy to make line graphs. So that's in the back of my mind as well.
  • Mentioning that in case it may be helpful for you or someone you know...it goes along with what Peter B. said -- taking ownership and being organized and doing things that can help doctors help you better : )
  • KeeweeKKeewee Posts: 92
    edited 12/30/2012 - 12:45 PM
    I have a very long history with lumbar back problems.
    About 5 years ago I started getting back spasms in the thoracic area during the night, it would cause pain right through to my chest and I would literally feel like I was having a heart attack.
    Nothing would stop the pain and after a long slog I saw a consultant and had a thoracic MRI ( I hate them even though I've had loads!)

    Turns out it was a problem with the ribs. I was SO surprised to see perfectly good thoracic discs! I'm so used to seeing protruding nasty lumbar discs.
    I had set myself up for bad news convinced it would be awful and it wasn't.
    A course of steroid injections actually made it worse, so then I had intense weekly physio working right in to the muscles on special machines. I would also have a good click.

    Ever since my thoracic spine has been fine! It's flat from lumbar issues, but I no longer feel the radiating pain and if it starts to get irritated I can easily click it out myself.

    Good luck!
    2 level Discectomy 2000 open surgery
    L4/5 Discectomy & L5/S1 Laminectomy 2005- (Cauda equina) open surgery
    5 x joint injections 2012
    Discogram Dec 2012
    Dec 2012 - 360 Lumbar Fusion L4 -S1(BMP), Disc replaced L3/4, Bilat trocanter injects
  • K.Lee.W said:
    I need to look into a physiotherapist. Sounds like it would help my muscles. They are constantly spasming and pinch the nerve. Thanks you guys for the ideas for help and relief!
    Sounds like a good chiro. Mine is thinking of adding a massage room.
    For your muscle spasms and associated nerve problems, here are 2 other things that have helped with mine:
    1. Frequent remedial/ sports massage. They can identify the problem areas easily, often by sight, and then work through the various layers of soft tissue to sort things out. Muscles just get into tight knots and shrink, so can no longer stretch to accommodate movement. That's why they HURT!. A massage will gently tease the fibres apart.
    2. Magnesium. A magnesium deficiency is a well known cause of muscle tightness. Remember the old Epsom salts foot baths? Same thing. While massages worked well, they didn't cure me and I needed a massage every 2 or 3 weeks long term. Since taking magnesium-over 2 years now-I no longer get the old headache problems back. I took magnesium chloride-basically condensed sea water-originally, but have changed recently to ReMag. 4 drops twice a day under the tongue. Best thing ever for me.
    You can get magnesium powder from chemists etc, readily available. Ignore tablets as they are too weak. Just start on a light dose and look for any reaction. As it can affect the gut in large doses, spread them out over the day, heavily diluted in water. Simple.
    One your muscles are in a bad way, they need professional treatment. Then, look at a maintenance program.
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