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neck and shoulder pain

I suffered from a fall in 2011, I have had several surgeries on my wrist, shoulder and bicep and an ulner nerve transposition.

I have had neck pain since the accident and it has been attributed to the shoulder and trigger points. After a year I have finally convinced the doctors to perform an cervical MRI and I have disc damage to C4 and C5.
The pain now shoots from side of my neck across back of shoulder and arm to thumb,wrist and forefinger.

Any suggestions?


  • suggestions on the pain and treatment
  • It could be pinching a nerve. Have you ever felt a jolt that felt like a shock in your neck? C4-5 C5-6 is where some my trouble is too. If so you need to tell your dr. A lot of people here with that are on flexeril and gabapentin. I'm not giving you medical advice, just telling you that I take those medications for it. You should discuss any symptoms you are having with your dr. He will be able to answer questions for your particular problem. Best of luck.

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  • I had a rhizotomy that did not go well in November. Now I am having the jolt that feels like a shock. Is that what it could be? A pinched nerve? I have had epidurals, rhizotomy's, facet injections....... The last 2 months have been beyond miserable.
  • Depending on the severity of disc damage you have a lot of options open to you if your dr didn't tell you you needed immediate surgery to prevent paralysis. Since you've had the pain for long enough for it to be chronic it may take a whoe to resolve regardless of the option you take. I've had neck shoulder and back pain for years, didn't fall, just fell apart....
    First round I had physical therapy which helped. then back to physical therapy, nerve blocks and eventually I had a laminectomy.
    I still have pain and looking at fusion surgery eventually, but putting it off using traction at night to alleviate the numbness and tingling, pain is a constant.
    Hope you find some relief, let us know what you decide and what your dr says.
    laminectomy c4/c5 2008, ACDF c4-c7 Jan 20 2014 sched
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