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Nerve ablation

Good day to everyone

I had a disco-gram a couple of weeks ago and it was very painful in the L5-S1 disc. My PM physician suggested a nerve ablation at the disk site. Has anyone had this done and what was your results. I was also told it could be challenging to get insurance to cover this.

Thanks in advance for the input.



  • Hi Rob, I had an ablation of thoracic spine and nerve pain never went away :( My insurance only required that I have a nerve block and if I did get pain relief from that than insurance would cover the RFA. I heard some patients complaining that a certain insurance made them "blue" by making them try 2 nerve blocks before they would cover the RFA. Just because it didn't work for me doesnt mean it wont for you. The woman sitting next to me had one and it lasted 9 months and she was back for another :)

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