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Surgery again?

About a year and a half ago I ruptured the all too common L5-S1 disk. The MRI clearly showed this as well as pain and numbness in my right leg and foot. I decided to wait and see if it would get better. 6 weeks ago I got off the couch and my back and leg started hurting again. I was in bed for two weeks uncle to walk. I went back to the Dr. to discuss surgery and did another MRI. This time, it showed no change in the bulge but also showed a dark spot that was not on the first MRI. I had the surgery, all went well. Dr said once he got in there, he discovered a decent size disk fragment which he removed. He did not shave off the bulge as originally discussed. I now feel the same as I did with the original injury. I feel the fragment is what caused the reoccurrence, so I don't think the original issue was addressed. I am wondering if I will have to pay for another surgery if the dr did not do what he said he would do? How does that work? Do Dr's do corrective surgeries? I like him and do not want to cause trouble but I paid $4000 out of pocket...... Just disappointed......:(

Anyone experience this? Thanks!
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