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Iliac crest bone graph

I am 4 weeks post cervical fusion using a donor graph from my hip.I was not prepared for the post op pain and inability to walk.I am using a cane and still having quite a bit of pain.Can anyone give me any experience with this and hope it might get better.i go back in 10 days but am wondering if I can take the pain for that long.I have a hard time believing this is normal.PT just makes it worse.Nothing helps but heat and meds.I still con not walk outside the house for fear of not making it back. Any help would be appreciated



  • I'm 8 weeks post L 4-5 fusion and that iliac bone harvest site is still sore, especially if I roll on it when I'm sleeping. It was pretty tender for up till week six. By the way, outside, and when I'm fatigued inside, I'm still using a cane.

    You have to remember, even though it was done under sterile and controlled conditions, a bone graft harvest site is still---a broken bone. Going from there, if the incision site looks reddened or puffy to you, or if you're running a fever or feel sick, call your surgeon's office. If the site is causing you more pain than where they did the fusion, I'd call, anyways.

    I'm not a spinal diagnosis. I'm a human being with a spinal diagnosis.
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