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Important Warning On Meds and friends

RickilalasRRickilalas Posts: 559
edited 03/14/2013 - 10:20 PM in Pain Medications
First off I hate to say anything about this subject because I felt most people know this already but then there is always a exception. The several months I have been on this forum I have found help and given help to others.
Along the way I have made a few good friends who have been members here longer then myself.

Well one of our members was in contact with me for some issues they were going through. Then I received a frantic email for help and suggestions that I did not see for a few days. By using searches of the members name and finding a few news paper articles and the last email it appears that the member gave two norcos to a friend who needed them. I do not know if they had there own script or not but anyways got stopped by the police. Now to save their own but they told the police where they came from. Now it appears from a report I found the police sent the person back to see if they could get a few more.
Our member gave a few more. I do not know how many.

Our member was sent to a grand jury and a charge of trafficking of hydrocodone ( two counts) was sent down.
There has been no contact since then with the member. It looks like it was two pills both times and no sales.
I wont know for sure until probably a much later date..

This is just a warning to do things right as I know most on here do. I was surprised to see in a few post another member talked about getting a families members scripts and using them. This would be a felony for each the user and the donor.
I feel I knew this member good enough to know they thought they were helping a friend in need. The needy friend is out but the member is not.

Keep in mind I have a neighbor that makes some of the meds that are being misused and every pill made can be traced back to the person that made it. Some kind of marker is in the mix so unless your meds come from the same batch and you even just trade the same amount with a friend its possible that it could be traced to see that it is not your prescription
Its getting tough out there and even this small variance that was done hurts us all and makes the whole system we need to use to get our meds harder.

Just a warning be careful and in no way do I condone what happened but jail time seams stiff in this case but the facts may change later. Plus it just makes it harder for us to get what we need.

Be smart and protect your meds even from theft.


  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,859
    I am glad you posted this. It shows how much of a serious offense giving pain medications to others can be.

    There are a number of threads on the forums that re-enforce this. The stress that under no circumstances should you give any of your medications to others, even those in your family. The prescripts are written to a given name, that is the ONLY name that should medically use them and legally, the only ones that can.

    So, read the above thread again to see just what can happen
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • Rick and Dilauro are exactly right, giving your meds to anyone , no matter how close they are to you, no matter if they are friends or family members can result in both of you being charged in trafficking- prison time and a record that will impact you for the rest of your life....if you are asked for meds, tell the person asking that you are no longer taking them or whatever you need to, and make sure if you have visitors to your home, that you don't leave any meds in cabinets, nightstand drawers, or medicine cabinets because those are the first places that someone who is desperate will look.....
  • I dont know what is is with putting posts on SH but more times than not when I write out a post which I had a long heartfelt post it went blip and was gone, grrrrrr

    Anyway, this post really hit home with me. I have an older brother who is totally disabled with back disease and COPD and takes heavy duty pain meds. Once when I had back surgery I got a call about 3 weeks after surgery and he was wanting to borrow some of my mds which was just Hydrocodone. I felt terrible but since working in a doctors office I knew that I culd not do that. He has been on meds for yrs. and he did not know why he suddenly started running low. Come to find out that my precious sis-in-law was taking some after loss of baby daughter 2 weeks before due date. They both wound up in ER with withdrawal. She almost lost her job and he almost lost his PM doc. You do not know how many times at work I would hear especailly elderly patients say that they shared meds with their spouses and no matter how many times we would tell them you can't they did not understand.
    Don't ever think that is can't happen to you or your loved ones. My husband of 29 yrs. became addicted to my pain meds after I had an elbow surgery in 2006. He was in charge so I never questioned. I got a call from surgeons office one day saying my Rx was ready to pick up when it had only been 10 days since last refill and I was not taking them all. Then same thing during my 2 back surgeries in 2008. When I had my thoracic surgery last May we had to travel to Duke and stayed in hotel for a couple of days after surgery. I sent him for my Dilaudid and even though I was not feeling well I counted them when he got back and there were 30 missing. I pitched a fit and he put them back and as soon as we got home I sent my daughter for a safe where I have kept my meds since. No more losing meds and he has since started getting help. I also lost some to a niece who came to visit after surgery once and when she left I noticed bottle was not in same place and there were some missing.
    I also learned working that when you go to pharmacy dont talk out loud about what meds you need to pick up. We had a patient who went to big pharmacy in middle of busy large store and he came home the next day and his house was broken into and meds were gone. This happened 3 times and finally they found that it was a person waiting at pharmacy and would take picture of address and when he heard pain meds he would go to their house. That is a scary situation. I know keep them locked up and hidden from view. Hard to learn the hard way :(

  • Kam,
    I'm sorry that you have had to deal with it first hand. I had a best friend, at one time, who occassionally would call wanting some of mine- I had to tell them no, and eventually it cost my friendship with that person but there was no way that I wanted to be held responsible for someone's death or overdose..
    Just recently, there were two young boys, one who's dad was taking methadone for chronic pain- one of the boys got his hands on his father's meds, and both boys overdosed and died...and of course, the dad is being held accountable for not securing his meds..I can't imagine the guilt that I would feel if that were to happen to one of my kids or someone else's. The second child involved was a nephew of the family. Both were under the ages of 16...
  • Oh Sandi, thats awful. I cant imagine the pain that family is going through especially the man who didn't secure his meds. I don't think I could live knowing I caused that by simply not buying a $100 safe. We had a 92 yr. old pt. who was sick with cancer and his meds kept disappearing. His daughter and grandson were stealing them and selling them. He refused to press charges but the DEA set them up after a call from our office and caught them red-handed picking up his meds even though we told patient and daughter and grandson and pharmacy that they could NOT pick up. I dont understand how any person could do that to anyone let alone their elderly father who suffered so much pain. Just a scary situation anymore :(

  • skyhunter71sskyhunter71 Valparaiso, Indiana, USAPosts: 17
    After reading these I have been reminded how serious this is, and how careless I have been. I just keep all my pain meds on top of the fridge in a basket, and this is blatantly irresponsible of me. I am going to get a small fire safe this weekend. Maybe something portable enough so I can carry meds in the original prescription containers out of the home. I am always leery of putting a pill or two in my pocket if I am going to be away from home for a period of time. Cops don't care. If you don't have the prescription bottle, it's possession of controlled substance, until you go to court and prove your innocence. By that time it is too late. You've already been arrested. Thanks guys for giving me a reality check.
  • I too have been through this with a so called friend always asking for meds from me and eventually just "taking" what she wanted... I also know some people that get pain meds just to sell them on the street for a very large amount of money... I can't imagine paying $40 for one Oxycodone 30 mg. when I get my entire script for $1.15... I guess desperate times and all that...
    Everyone that has pain meds needs to pay the extra money for a safe or a lock box... it will literally save you from some serious withdrawals and having to deal with the police...

    As far as trying to help a friend once in a while with giving them a pain pill... it's just not worth it.
  • DonnabeDDonnabe Posts: 597
    edited 03/27/2013 - 6:29 PM
    A neighbor came over to my house in pain and asked my mom if she had a strong pain pill. My mom said no (even though she does) but offered to take her to urgent care/er. She declined and had her husband drive her. Long story short... She had multiple heart attacks that day and night. Good thing my mom didn't give her a pill. She probably would have died that day.

    I don't tell anyone what pills I take. I have enough pills and COULD share, but I don't for a few reasons. 1.) I appreciate my doctor prescribing me the medications. Misusing them or giving them away would break that trust even if she didn't find out. Guilt. 2.) if someone is in pain they can get their own from a doc. 3.) someone could have a bad reaction or drug interaction and even die.

    As for pill storage, I keep a small bottle with me. Usually containing about 5 norco. If it did get stolen I wouldn't be at a big loss. Plus it's a small bottle and it can be hidden in my pocket or purse. At work I leave that out of site in my car and put a couple in my pocket if necessary. At home I usually keep them out in the open on my nightstand. I live alone. If I have company ill put them somewhere out of sight. My mom keeps her dilaudid and oxy out in the open even if service people or guests come over!! I told her before that people could steal or hurt her for them!!! Grrr
    ACDF C4-5 June 23rd, 2011

    Another surgery in the near future. I am 26 years old.

    Current Meds- Norco 7.5/325, Cymbalta 60mg, Gabapentin, Adderall 20mg
  • I wish this post was made years ago because I never knew it was illegal to share meds if they were not opened. My story is that i had a lot of unopened Gabapentin bottles. My pain dr at the time kept changing the doses so i had a lot. I was in a forum for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibro sufferers and a woman was upset because she needed gabapentin but her husband had lost his job and their health insurance. Yep, stupid naive me offered her my unopened bottles. I felt bad for her. I never ended up giving them to her but when I told my husband he freaked out,telling me it was illegal. I neverthoughtabout that but i mean it makes sense but i just wanted to help people. I even had offered my Humira injections up in a forum because i wasnt using it anymore and its a $3000 a month prescription that many people couldnt afford. I never thought about it being illegal. It makes sense now of course. So needless to say i have disposed of all my unused meds. Live and learn.
    DDD 2 level ALIF L3-L5 in 2007. 4/11/13 posterior fusion w/decompression on L5-S1.
  • RickilalasRRickilalas Posts: 559
    edited 04/08/2013 - 10:55 PM
    It appears that this person is still gone and has no access to the internet because I am sure they will contact me when possible.
    All the new information I have found is that it looks like a gift of two norcos. The person was caught with them and sold the friend out to get charges dropped for them if they went back and got two more norcos which it looks like they did. Isn't it sad you think your helping a person out and they then use you to save their own but from jail time. I know I am not stupid and the story may change but so far nothing has been said about sales so I think the four pill count may be right. Going to jail for one pill or four pills just doesn't sound right but what if this killed somebody with a combination of something else. Some small jesture of help could very easy turn into a involuntary murder charge. Keep in mind this could be a husband and wife situation that could trigger this.

    At first I was not going to say anything but when my spine problems started I was coaching small kids in soccer and I could not believe how many soccer moms offered money or let's say actions for parts of my prescriptions they even had ways to plan it out like a theft after I said no because I need everything I could get for my pain and there theft plan would according to them take care of us all.
    Drug dealers are pretty looking ladies now. Times are are a changing.
    Be carefully everyone.
    Does anyone know what the sentence is for narcotics trafficking in Kentucky?

  • 2 norcos. Police must be really bored to bother with such stupidity ! You have drug sales out there by the thousands selling script drugs while they can't catch them they pop someone with 2 norcos ,I don't know what town or state this happened that you mention as here in Illinois there is no way in hell states attorney would bother with such stupidity or the judge would toss the case out,

    It's simply a waste of tax payers time and money unless its a big drug bust that they feel will put a dent in the drug dealing,
    Besides if I was to give 2 norcos to my mom which I have done when she first had stenosis and if she was busted and she told the cops I give it to her I would say nope I never give it to her, Sorry mom you going to prison. Lol

    If someone tells the cops you give them the 2 norcos and you helped them out then they need to take the fall for it as I would never tell the cops I give it to that person, I am not that stupid, They might as well charge that person with theft as far as I care if they claim I am a supplier to them dealing drugs,

    My best friend is been in law enforcement for over 20 years and knows full well only a young cop will act on such stupidity when a person is dumb enough to admit they give pills to another person,

    By admitting it forces a young cop to go by the book when normally any other cop would understand and would just say don't do it again as it could be viewed as you being a drug dealer,

    If your friend is in jail my guess would be you might not have the full info as its not that easy to get sent to jail or prison trust me, The worse would be probation at best, So think about it, Person has to have a previous history with drug dealings before they toss the book at you,

    Before I got my mom to the pain dr I give her a few of my pills and even told the pain doctor I did to hold her over until he was able to treat her, He said oh ok and prescribed her same pills I take,

    Does that make me a drug dealer ? I don't think so, When you dealing with drugs only for pain as I seen my mom sciatic pain take her to the ground , You do what you have to do to help until seen by a doctor,
    Now if a judge wants to put me in jail for it, Come and get you some ! Your honor if it was your mother you would of done the same thing !

    And judge I don't even like my mother and I helped her anyways cause she my mom. Lol

    Bottom line is of course it's not ok to hand out your drugs to just anybody and make a habit of it because its for your own personal use for a medical condition, And if you do happen to help out a friend with 2 norcos and cops coming to your door about it, You can't admit breaking the law even if intentions were good, Because a dumb cop will think he will make promotion bringing 2 norcos off the streets !

    My best friend is a family of law enforcement from retired state trooper to secret service and in my 52 years I heard just about everything from the prison systems to corrupt judges and political views of the secret service around the White House ,

    But never heard of prison time for 2 norcos lol, Or even jail time unless he been dealing more then you know about,

    But that's just my 2 cents worth,
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  • RickilalasRRickilalas Posts: 559
    edited 04/10/2013 - 10:43 PM
    This was one of my first spine friends on this site and we were able to trade information that did help each other. Then I get a desperate email explaining what they did and wanted ideas as to what to expect. I am not very trusting in people I can't meet face to face so yes I had questions that went unanswered so I started doing surches and found newspaper articles that did back this up. Its a county with high drug use problems and they have a zero tolerence program no matter what. It appears that if you have any meds in your possession without the script or acopy they haul you in and lock you up until your story can be checked. They asked me not to ID them as many people here know them. They are both scared and upset plus major embarrassment be cause it was picked up by a local board and makes everybody look like a mjore drug dealer. There could not be very much norco left because she was already on a small count amount that was not enough for them to get some relife that would last.. what I was able to find that they were listed in a towns crime list and was given a 10,000 bail amount that friends and a church put up for them. On that day several were given 30,000 bail and there's was only one bail set at 10000 for them because of a lessor amount of narcotics... after the bail was set I got a email that they were out on bail with the help of friend, family and a church. They had just got a artical in the press for all the help she did for the church,.
    Then I found the court sent them to a grand jury to see if the charges should progress. Then again I got a email that they we're going to make a example of them and push for the most that they could. The grand jury had the other girl testify and one cop testify who had very little experience. They felt there was enough to lock her up but did not say how long. This was started in February and there has been no con tack and no more asking for help. Many in the town are behind them for all the work. She has done with their church which has stated this is plain just crazy. In addition when they are released they will not be able to get narcotics and is worried about what help they will get. My point is to be carefully and trust nobody it may cost you in a major way. And yes I may find out later the amounts may be wrong but I can not see where they were being anything but honest with me. What I can't find is the sentence that was imposed and I was asking what a trafficking charge has for a sentence with a person with no priors. And yes helping your Mom out is something I would probally do to but keep in mind its a felony.
    I was a general building contractor and did a lot of work for my local cops who do not like people in and out of their house but I heard to make their stats go up really
    Good they pushed cases that should not have been done that worried me. Life is not fair. They made a mistake but I feel jail time was too much and they will pay for this for many years. On the otherwise it did not make me happy because it makes it harder for those of us that really need it.

    Just saying be carefully and do the right thing
  • Wow. This is when a good lawyer is needed if that's the case, Because it's ignorant of the states attorney and the judge knowing this is between 2 chronic pain persons and not a normal case of drug dealing or drug abuse,

    The system is screwed up and I recently found out myself when I stood in front of the judge outraged as I been fighting with states attorney office to file criminal charges on scum bags who scammed almost 2000 dollars from my gf and to my shock states attorney playing it down to a civil mater , Cops were too lazy to even do a full police report they only did what's called contact card ,

    My buddy got out of law enforcement because he seen how screwed up our system is as they convict people who don't deserve it and let the criminals run free, I have not been inside of a court house for over 25 years until this and I was so pissed not to mention nerve pain got the best of me, Judge saying I don't have enough proof this was theft by the con artists I almost went through the roof, I was close to being tossed out of the court room as defendants commit perjury and judge buys it,

    So I would believe anything as our system is very screwed up and guess anything can happen for sure, There are a lot of judges who feel court room is there home and not the tax payers who put him in there to do a job, It's there play ground and sometimes they need to be reminded we paying him the people,

    1 judge was just asked to step down as he was found to watch porn on court computer lol

    Well best of luck to your friend and hopefully some pro Bono lawyer can get there case droped as it should of never been a case to begin with,
    Our court now days are like going to Vegas ! It's a circus for lawyers and judges !

    I myself raised hell complaint to the chief judge over our case and we going back in as we have proof of there perjury and filing sanction as 1 of them is on probation so it's a probation violation. I can play that game if this is how the courts work just so I can look at the judge and say ! Who the man now judge, You old fool. Oops can't say that he is 52 same as me,
    If he blows us off this time I am for sure going to jail ! So if I am gone for more then 3 weeks from spine health, Please send me hack saw blades in the mail to Will County Jail Illinois, I will be cell mate with Drew Peterson ,
    Flexicore ADR 2004 resulting nerve damage l4l5 Fusion 2006 same level, 2009 hardware removal with lami !
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  • RickilalasRRickilalas Posts: 559
    edited 04/12/2013 - 9:24 PM
    Alex I agree the system is a mess but I would be very careful what you do say to a judge because they do have to much authority and power. If you want time with Drew just visit him besides I think they moved him to another place something like Millard or so. Maybe he can play poker now with your governors. Don't you guys have two in jail now.
    Back to don't mess with the judge I worked retail for a few years. When I had time for fun we went for the shoplifters.
    One idiot had a beer and a pack of smokes then fought it. He fired his public defenders three times. Judge went along with it then sent him away for two years on a small petty theft. I felt bad about that but oh well.
    This county where my story is coming from is after everyone with any drugs at all and in the paper they make it sound like they are real proud of it.
    Last info I found a church was trying to get them some legal help. Still no contact.
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