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3 months after TLIF

I am 14 weeks post TLIF for L5 S1. Recovery was going slow to begin with but recently it has stalled or gotten worse. My abiluty to sit upright on somedays is non existant. At times I can not even manage to sit through a morning cup of coffee. Other days I can make it through a meal without pain. The pain is at the surgery point,through the right hip,down the leg and around to the ankle and foot. My ankle are sore and feel swollen. I am still out of work as I can not string any consecutive days together to attempt a return to work. I walk two miles a day and physical therapy twice a week. PT is a joke..elec stim,stretching message and some excersise....all that I do at home...I start aquatic therapy tomarrow but have little belief that that will do anything. I have no choice but to continue to go to PT and pay $50 a visit or Aetna will cancel my disabilty claim. PS. Aetna suddenly decided my claim was work related and cut my benefits by $800 a week even after I told them it was never work related.

Surgeons office does care and says they cant fit me in even if the doc wanted to see me,PA and doc didnt even bother to call me back to discuss my concerns.

I have to wonder if this is as good as it will ever get and start making plans for my future. I am so tired of hearing that it is early in the recovery process. I WAS ALMOST BETTER THAN THIS BEFORE THE SURGERY.
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